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Could You Be Losing Your Employees’ Respect?

Could you be losing your employees’ respect? This can sometimes be a question worth asking, especially if there are signs of discontentment in your workplace. 

If you suspect your employees are grumbling about you behind your back or if you hear them say things that are derogatory about you, then it might be that you are losing their respect. 

Of course, the fault might not lie with you at all. It’s not uncommon for employees to complain about their boss and in some cases, those complaints can be unnecessary. But in the event that you might be to blame, it’s worth considering the reasons why. You stand a better chance of retaining your employees if you can turn things around, so let’s consider why you might lose your employees’ respect. 


#1: You have done something illegal

You have more than your employees’ respect to worry about if you are doing something illegal, as you will be in trouble with the law if you are found out. Lying about taxes, breaking copyright regulations, and improperly using investor funds are three of the ways business leaders often break the law. 

If your employees find out about your law-breaking, they will quickly lose their trust in you. They might whistleblow to the authorities too, using the laws that are considered here, https://whistleblowerinfocenter.com/whistleblower-protection/ to protect them from your retaliation.

You can avoid any problems by not breaking the law, of course, so don’t be tempted to do something wrong. It’s a good idea to brush up on business laws too so you know what is and isn’t legally acceptable.


#2: You are making false promises

Be mindful of the carrots you dangle in front of your employees to make them work harder. If you fail to deliver on any promise, no matter how large or small it is, you will start to lose your employees’ respect. 

What false promises could you be making? Well, they could be wide and many. You might tell your employees that you will pay them more when profits start to rise. Or you could be promising them promotion opportunities if they regularly work overtime. These promises are acceptable if you can fulfill them, but if you know you can’t or if you have no intention of keeping them, then don’t string your employees along. Only make promises you know you can keep as this way, you will retain your employees’ respect. 


#3: You’re playing favorites

There will be some employees that you like more than others but you shouldn’t demonstrate this in the workplace. If you do, you will lose the respect of others as they will be less than happy if you are overlooking them in any way. You might also face a legal battle if they decide they are being passed over for promotion or other career opportunities if you are giving preferential treatment to your favorite employees. You can learn a little bit about anti-discrimination laws here; https://knowledge.leglobal.org/anti-discrimination-laws-in-usa.

Within your business, you need to treat your employees equally to ensure no accusations of favoritism are fired at you. Discrimination of any kind can lead to a lawsuit or a walkout of your employees so be a fair and honest boss. 


Could You Be Losing Your Employees’ Respect? Summary

It might be that you aren’t losing your employees’ respect at all. The opposite could be true and they might be treating you with the respect that you expect as an employer. But in the event that they are losing respect for you, consider the reasons why. We have only listed three examples but there could be other reasons why they might disrespect you. Ask them for feedback to understand more and speak to other people you know for the advice they may be able to give you. 


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