Everyday Soul Winning and Living the Victorious Christian Life

On Sunday, September 21, 2014, Brother David Pasqualone of Ascend Technologies and Consulting Group gave a practical and inspirational talk on Everyday Soul Winning and Living the Victorious Christian Life. His discussion focused on real life examples of how we can build relationships and share the gospel of Jesus Christ at work, at the grocery, in an airplane or anywhere God places us. He has graciously agreed to allow us to post this video here and on the church website. As a bonus he has given us access to his Sunday School audio lesson Rules of Competition in Business for Christians and the corresponding slideshow notes. Take some time to read both these documents and you will be glad you did.

Your brother in Christ,
Philip Henderson

Truths & Lessons Included in this Presentation

Full Video Presentation

Everyday Soul Winning and Living the Victorious Christian Life

Special Thanks & Resources:

  • Crossroads Baptist Church, Pastor Aaron D. Smith
  • Neighborhood Bible Time (NBT), NBTime.org


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