““Dave, this is incredible! Bo and I are seriously thrilled (with the Sales & Marketing Video Guide). Thank you!” — Christian Helms

“I love this guy and podcast! David changed my life forever with some of the questions asked and the perspectives given and gained.” 🙂 – Jerremy Newsome

“A 5-star value, service, and organization for sure! The fresh perspective and ideas Ascend brought to the table were so powerful and easy to apply, yet they never crossed our minds, or the minds of other agencies we’ve worked with (and paid) for years.” — Barry Lintner


Text message from Bladeswork Unlimited after reviewing their Sales & Marketing Video Guide:

Sales and Marketing Video Guide Client Thank You Text Testimonial Nov 2020

Sales & Marketing Video Guide is a powerful program designed to jump start your business’s heartbeat (sales)- Guaranteed!

Ever wonder how potential customers see you? Do you have a great product or service, but are struggling to close more deals? Questioning whether or not your website, sales literature, and client presentations are hitting the mark and bringing you the most return on investment?

If you find yourself asking these questions, or questions like these, Sales & Marketing Video Guide may be the exact solution you have been waiting for!

The Sales & Marketing Video Guide is Marketing consulting that works! A unique and custom program that looks at your current sales and marketing efforts from a customers vantage point, while keeping within the framework of your organizations specific goals. It incorporates sound marketing tactics, proven sales psychology, years of successful marketing experiences in various industries, and recommendations that will work for you in an easy to follow and entertaining video format.


The Program is Simple, Powerful, & Value-Packed!

While I was very skeptical of the Sales & Marketing Video Guide program at first, I have to say Dave and the team at Ascend really came through and delivered. Not only did the video guide they made for us exceed all of our expectations, but it was simple, clear, and revealed opportunities to us that we never even considered.

The fresh perspective and ideas they brought to the table were so powerful and easy to apply, yet they never crossed our minds, or the minds of other agencies we’ve worked with (and paid) for years.

We substantially found value in this program and will continue to work with Dave at Ascend. A 5-star value, service, and organization for sure!

Barry Lintner

Owner, Lloyd's Glass


The Sales & Marketing Video Guide is a powerful evaluation and recommendation tool that shows you first-hand via a series of video screen-casts specific areas of opportunity for your organization in regards to your existing sales and marketing efforts. The program is a fresh, outside perspective of what you’re currently doing, and what you could be doing better in order to bring more awareness to your brand and win new business within our target audience.

Backed by over 25 years of successful experience in various industries, Ascend’s Sales & Marketing Video Guide program is Marketing consulting that works! It not only helps you to see what you and your team can do better to win more business, but gives you the step-by-step action plan, clarity, and confidence to DO it. 

How the Sales & Marketing Video Guide program works is simple.


It Really is as Easy as 1, 2, 3!

ONE: Click here to order the program, fill out a short questionnaire, and schedule a brief phone call with David to make sure we understand what your goals are, who your ideal client / target market is, and that a relationship between us is the right fit.

TWO: You continue to work on your business, while we’re hard at work evaluating and analyzing all of your current sales and marketing efforts. Everything from your website(s), to your online presence, to the literature you use with clients, to … – anything your customers see or interact with, we evaluate for you!

THREE: Within 15 calendar days we provide you with a concise, no-nonsense, online video guide that illustrates every piece of the puzzle you shared with us included in your plan, the recommendations we are suggesting, and specific ideas on how to enhance your closing rates, hit your organizational goals, and increase your bottom-line!

The Sales & Marketing Video Guide blew me away with value and powerful insights. The commentary on the videos was on point and very engaging! Dave saw areas we could improve on that we would never have thought of. So thankful we discovered this program before our relaunch.

Cary Stephens

Owner, Elevate Waste Solutions


You have access to your custom and comprehensive Sales & Marketing Video Guide on your terms and schedule 24/7/365! 

Better yet? You can right click on any video segment of the report, copy and paste the link URL in your email, and send it to whomever you choose in your organization. Now they can watch and learn from the video segment(s) they need to take action on, and not have access to your entire report or slow you down with a bunch of questions.

Ascend’s Sales & Marketing Video Guide is marketing consulting that works!


A Win-Win for Everyone! 

Hard working, dedicated and loyal are attributes that describe David Pasqualone. I have known David for many years and can attest that you will be pleased with his performance. He completes all the tasks that are before him in a superior manner.

Mike Hill

Member of Florida House of Representatives, 1st District, Florida State House


Watch this short clip to see firsthand what’s included in your Sales & Marketing Video Guide!

See How it Works!

The core Sales & Marketing Video Guide is packed with value! Your program includes:

David Pasqualone is an outstanding guy. He’s moral, ethical and leads by example. Dave is a leader in every sense of the word and I have no problem recommending him. Dave will make any company better, plain and simple.

Nick Villa

Senior Vulnerability and Threat Engineer, Cerner Corporation


Getting started couldn’t be easier. All you have to do is take the first step!

You can benefit from Ascend’s powerful Sales & Marketing Video Guide program for only $1,795 USD. This small, one-time investment could bring you HUGE returns- now, and for years to come! 

Simply click on the link below to start your journey with Ascend. It’s safe, secure, and could easily change your business forever. The Sales & Marketing Video Guide is Marketing consulting that works! 


Click here to order your Sales & Marketing Video Guide and jump start your organization’s sales- Guaranteed!



Remember, thinking about what you need to do is wise, but action is what makes a dream a reality. So stop thinking about what you need to do, and start DO‘ing it with Ascend’s Sales & Marketing Video Guide today!

“You’re right. Let’s do this!”