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This episode is packed with life changing truths, motivation to get you off your behind, and the “No Excuses” mindset you need to change your life. Listen to Steve’s remarkable journey from lost to found, frustrated to fun, and poor to rich. How a welfare kid from the projects did it, and you can too! 


Steve Wilmer grew up in the projects of Pensacola, Florida. Upon his graduation, he enlisted in the United States Marine Corps. After 8 years of honorable service, he returned home and spent the next 10 years as a law enforcement officer. He was later recruited by a State Farm agent and quickly became one of the top producers in the state of Florida. Steve is now a renowned speaker, sales coach and has authored three books and one training manual. He travels the country bringing Marine Corps motivation to those whom he encounters. He is a Rotarian and Elder at Pensacola Life Church.

“You are not a product of your circumstances, you are a product of your decisions. So start making better decisions.” – Steve Wilmer


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Steve’s 50th Birthday bash. Steve’s T-shirt. Dave’s NE Patriots Championship ring:

Steve Wilmer and David Pasqualone at Steves 50th birthday party

David Pasqualone and Steve Wilmer





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The-Remarkable-People-Podcast-S1-E11-Steve-Wilmer-with your Host David Pasqualone

Steve Wilmer, Pensacola, FL

The Remarkable People Podcast Season 1 Episode #11 Steve Wilmer | Making Strong Decisions & Not Weak Excuses

[00:00:00] David Pasqualone (Host): [00:00:00] Hello friends. This is  Dave Pasqualone with the Remarkable People Podcast.  Season 1, episode 11, the Steve Wilmer story,

Intro/Outro Reel: [00:00:10] the remarkable people podcast. Check it out. the remarkable people podcast. Listen, do repeat.for life

David Pasqualone (Host): [00:00:33] Before we get started, I just want to give you a heads up that this episode is packed with life truths that you can apply. Don’t let the intro fool you. We’re fooling around. We’re kidding. We’re sarcastic. But that’s just the beginning that normally gets cut out, but we left it in there for you to enjoy.

So even though it starts with joking, it’s filled with inspiring and real life tips for you to run with and be successful. And with that said, remember we love you. Go enjoy the episode and do what you hear.

All right,  let’s do this. We got this. Make sure everything’s in place. Steve, thanks for being here today, brother.

Steve Wilmer (Guest): [00:01:17] Glad to be here. Glad to be here. I think, that’s the one that I, it looks nice. It looks nice

David Pasqualone (Host): [00:01:25] for those, I don’t know how I’m gonna put this in the podcast or the food 

Steve Wilmer (Guest): [00:01:28] podcast.

David Pasqualone (Host): [00:01:29] Steve went to a charity auction and bought me a beautiful Patriots ring, a

Steve Wilmer (Guest): [00:01:36] super bowl championship, ring

David Pasqualone (Host): [00:01:38] the championship ring, and I put it on this, start our interview surprised them

Steve Wilmer (Guest): [00:01:42] because I’m a big dolphins fan.

David Pasqualone (Host): [00:01:45] Be perfect. He can’t be perfect.

Steve Wilmer (Guest): [00:01:46] So here’s what I’ll say, and it’s on the podcast. Tom Brady is the goat. I have to admit. Thank you. We’re done. That’s it. Thank you.

David Pasqualone (Host): [00:01:56] Well, actually before we go on, the show is called the remarkable people podcast, and you’re my friend, and I truly do count. You’re remarkable.

It’s a pleasure having you here today. But, with that interlude, let’s start off with how we met. Do you remember how we met.

Steve Wilmer (Guest): [00:02:09] A father son camp a trip, I believe, right?

David Pasqualone (Host): [00:02:11] Yeah. Father son. Camp trips

Steve Wilmer (Guest): [00:02:13] on camera trip. Yeah.

David Pasqualone (Host): [00:02:14] And we were sitting there and we were talking with some other guys and me and you are looking at each other like, are we in a

Steve Wilmer (Guest): [00:02:20] Twilight zone?

David Pasqualone (Host): [00:02:22] Like good men. But they were talking about some wacky stuff. She was the only other person that seemed to be in reality

Steve Wilmer (Guest): [00:02:27] with me. Yup,

David Pasqualone (Host): [00:02:33] no problem. And then the other thing was, I remember Steve and I found out that we were very similar. Yeah, very similar. Got along great. He just has one huge character flaw.


Steve Wilmer (Guest): [00:02:42] a dolphin,

David Pasqualone (Host): [00:02:44] but he is a closet Patriot because I woke up the next

Steve Wilmer (Guest): [00:02:47] morning, the whole

David Pasqualone (Host): [00:02:49] story. I see him commodities and he’s wearing my Patriots t-shirt. He’s got a Teddy bear and some nap. Jerusalem. You tell him, tell your version of it.

Steve Wilmer (Guest): [00:03:00] We were doing something. It was a father son, camera trick, which I absolutely love.

Time to bond with other fathers, time to bond with your sons, which I think is so important. And you know, I’ve got two teenage boys, Judah and Josiah. And here’s what I love. At age 18 and 17, they still love spending time with dad. You know, I think that’s awesome. So things like the father, son camping trip.

No really helped with that, but we were, we were doing some kind of exercise or something where I got my shirt dirty. I didn’t break an extra shirt. And so you, so gladly after knowing that I was a dolphin fan, so I got a shirt, you’re going away. And so I put the Patriot’s shirt on. So, so that’s how I, that’s how we, that’s how we met that.

And I don’t know how long

David Pasqualone (Host): [00:03:38] ago  days.

Steve Wilmer (Guest): [00:03:40] At least 12, at least, you know, and and still and still friends today, even after the kid, cause you guys went to a different school, you know, later that’s still stayed in contact. So that’s right. How they highly respect you. That’s why I’m here today. I love you so much.

Thank you my friend.

David Pasqualone (Host): [00:03:55] Oh yeah, no problem. So for the listeners, Steve has an amazing story and I’m very excited to be here myself because I’ve heard bits and pieces at different times. We’ll hang out and watch the fights come over and play poker together, do family events together. But I’ve never heard your whole story.

So what today’s format is, you’re going to tell your story as you see fit to share with the audience. What were the  excuse me? What were the real obstacles and struggles you had to face? How you got over them? So hopefully the listening audience can figure out, wow, I can do this in my life, and then bring you up to the present.

Where are you today? Where are you going, and how can we help you get there?

Steve Wilmer (Guest): [00:04:31] Absolutely.

David Pasqualone (Host): [00:04:32] So go ahead and let’s talk about the past. What made Steve warmer, the man he is today?

Steve Wilmer (Guest): [00:04:36] Man, you know, you say an amazing story, and I don’t know how amazing it is. I could say, and I hate to sound like a cliche. You know, but it’s the story that we hear.

The problem is, is we hear this story all too often over and over and over again. You know, where the, the young kid, in my case, you know, the little black boy who grows up in the projects, you know, we’re just as mom would know, no father inside. [00:05:00] But again, you, you hear that story all too often. Different scenario, different situations.

You know, it could be a girl who grows up in an abusive. You know, a molestation. It can be all kinds of things like that. So to where I am today to the thing I would tell my listeners when you’re listening right now is always remember that where you start has nothing to do with where you finish, where you start has nothing to do with where you finished.

No matter where you are right now. I am telling you. God has a purpose for your life. He has a plan for your life. even before we started this, you know, you and I were talking about, you know, a, just God and you know, and family and faith and the things that he has for us and you know, in store for us. So

So starting from there, grew up right-handed project to Pensacola, Florida, just me and my mom, a welfare recipient. And a. It was not, and I mean, this truly was not a great student in school. It’s Christmas time. And so I had some of my, relatives over and they’re going to college. My son Joe Tsai, he’s a Magna Coon Lottie, you know, recipient and everything.

And, and I was sitting around joke with them going, you know what? Well, I’m a business owner and I graduated with a 1.9. You know, GPA, and they started laughing just like you’re laughing at me right now. Right? 1.9 GPA and a instill to be able to be, you know, a successful, you know, business owner, owner today, because it’s not where I started.

It’s what God has. You know, what God has for me. Yes. So again, I’m not a great student in school. Fast forward graduate from high school, barely. And I enlist any United States Marine Corps. So a lot of times people will ask me. What changed in your life? What was that one thing that changed in your life?

And if I had to pick one thing, a lot of few, a few different things. If I had to pick one thing, it’s absolutely being a Marine. And so when I joined the Marine Corps, because I wasn’t smart enough, I scored really low on as bad. So the only thing I qualified for was the infantry. That was, it had to go into infantry.

But think about this. Even as a Marine going in and being in the infantry, I still was not a good person. I had a bad attitude. I got recycled for the Marines out there. You know what I’m talking about? That’s where you get held back two weeks. If you’re not doing, you’re supposed to do they, they hold you back.

So most people spend 13 weeks in Marine Corps bootcamp. I got the lucky pleasure spending 15 weeks and Marine Corp boot camp. Because I still took those same bad habits that I had in life and to the core, bad attitude, laziness, smart mouth, didn’t want anything out of life and took that into the Marine Corps, got in trouble in the Marine Corps.

My first year, I had office hours twice. I was UAA twice, just was not doing what I was supposed to do. And then I met an individual by the name. Of Sergeant Kenny green. That’s why it’s so important to have a mentor in your life. Somebody who sees something in you that you may not see in yourself. And from the time I met Sergeant green, he saw something to me I did not see.

And it totally changed my mindset about myself. I think it’s so important for other people to see something in you, you know, at times. And from there. Went on to have a stellar career, a meritorious promotion, you know, in the Marine Corps. And when I left the Marine Corps, my whole mindset then was, if I can be a United States Marine, I can do anything I want.

So for the Marine Corps to leaving the Marine Corps to spending 10 years in law enforcement, excelling and law enforcement, if the 10 years, getting married, meeting my wife, having a couple of kids. And then going right from there. I spent a couple of years working at the post office, promoted the supervisor.

My first eight months, you know, a band with the post office. From there I go into sales, boom, become like one of the top salespeople, with state farm insurance and the whole state of Florida and the top three to 4% in the entire country, which led to me owning my own business. That is really prospering today.

David Pasqualone (Host): [00:09:19] And man, man, that’s a great journey. So. On that journey when you were taking it, it was all Rose. It’s right. No front,

Steve Wilmer (Guest): [00:09:30] easy handmade. No, no, no. Anything in life worth having, it’s, it’s worth working for him right. I do a talk, it’s called struggle, makes you stronger. And I truly believe that if it does not challenge you, it will not change you.

And like a lot of our listeners, if you’re listening right now and you think to yourself, you want to have something in life, but you want it to be easy, I’m telling you right now, it’s not going to happen if you live. An easy life, you know? And it’s all [00:10:00] easy than what is really going to happen is you’re going to have a hard life.

And here’s what I mean. If you do things that are easy, you don’t get paid well for doing things that are easy. You get paid well for doing things that are hard, things that other people can do or things other people aren’t willing to do. So you’ve got to have struggle and overcome something. Because when something bad happens later on, if you haven’t overcome the smaller things, you’re not going to be able to overcome the larger things.

So I don’t, I don’t curse the struggle. I actually embrace the struggle and I understand this. I didn’t say I liked the struggle. I didn’t say I welcomed the struggle. I didn’t say I look for struggle. I just recognize that it’s going to come. And one of the things that when struggle comes is knowing we talk about our faith.

For me, it’s my faith that holds me through that. When you look in the Bible, there are people in the Bible who absolutely struggled. You know, they struggled before they overcame something, and so Christians in this respect, I don’t believe are different than everybody else. Sometimes people think that Christians don’t go through anything.

My mindset is we’d go through the same things that everybody else, but we realized that we’re not going through those things by ourselves. The word of God says, I will never leave you nor forsake you. So what I invite you to do is look up the word for sake and see what that really means. That’s a Bible word for sake, when you look up the word for sake days, it means I will never quit you.

I will never leave you high and dry. I would never abandon you. You know? And so when you realize that, that you know that no matter what I’m going through. God’s never going to abandon me. He’s never going to quit me. He’s never gonna leave me high and dry. So when I’m going through things, I realize I’m not going through those things by myself.

I’m not going through those things, you know, alone. So was it easy? Absolutely not. But it doesn’t. It’s not supposed to be easy, you know?

David Pasqualone (Host): [00:11:52] Now when I read your book that tend to, when I actually buy books and read them, and yours was awesome. Definitely. If you are listening now, it’s a small book. It’s not like a Warren’s an

Steve Wilmer (Guest): [00:12:05] easy read.

It’s an Oh my God. It’s an easy read.

David Pasqualone (Host): [00:12:07] It’s fast,

Steve Wilmer (Guest): [00:12:08] it’s enjoyable. 1.9 GPA. It’s a very easy read. We’re going

David Pasqualone (Host): [00:12:13] to get to that. Your GPA does not accurately reflect your intellect. There’s many types of intelligence and Steve’s emotional intelligence is off the chart. So no. What I want to, what you just said is.

When you were a child  obviously the perspective you have now, you know God, you know the comfort, you know he won’t forsake you. But talk about your childhood. Because myself, many of our listeners, we didn’t have a privileged upbringing and neither did you. So talk about your upbringing and talk about how, even though that was a struggle, how did you get through it and what did you learn from it?

Steve Wilmer (Guest): [00:12:53] One of the things I can remember as an adult, as a child. Is being in that situation and not liking the situation, not embracing that situation. So imagine me being a child, man. You want to talk about some things I can remember? So I grew up in a project. Pensacola is called arrogant court. And specifically I can remember the concrete floors.

I can remember the concrete walls. I can remember coming downstairs at night, turning the lights on. I can remember the roaches just going everywhere. I can remember not being able to build a Fort on the, you know, as a kid, you build a Fort with boxes, you know, blankets and, and I can remember not being able to sleep on the floor.

Specific gives my mom saying, no, you know, the, the rats would bite you. You know, so I can remember those things. I can remember standing in the rain, in the welfare line to get the cheese and things like that. I can remember, not getting a brand new bike for Christmas. I can remember my mom having to go to the pawn shop to buy it.

I remember all these things so vividly, and as a child. I can remember saying to myself, I do not want this type of life. I can’t wait to be grown, so I don’t have to have this type of life. I don’t know what I’m going to do. I don’t know how I’m going to do it, but I do not want this type of life. And so as a child, just, just realizing that the situation I was in was not a good situation, and I did not like that situation.

Not knowing how in the world. I was going to get out of it because a lot of my friends around me work total opposite. They embrace that situation. They were okay with that situation. They were the ones who were still and they were out stealing. You know, it’s so easy for them to get a brand new bike because when Christmas came, they would just go steal a bike.

They would get and go steal somebody else’s bike. So they embrace that situation. I did it. I was like, man, I’m not stealing anybody’s bike. I don’t know how I’m going to get a new bike. But one day I’m gonna get a new bike. You know, they wanted something from the store. None of us had money, but they got [00:15:00] what they wanted.

Why? Cause they just simply stole it. And I just refused, you know, to, to do that. So I believe that even then, you know, I, I can’t explain what it is, you know, why was I not willing to do those things? Something inside of me. God really had his hand upon me. I don’t know the answer to that, but I wasn’t willing to embrace that situation.

Like a lot of my friends, you know, were, I didn’t want that situation. They took advantage of it. They loved it. And when you fast forward today, some of them, they’ve been the prison out of prison. One in particular, I know who, who was shot and killed. but the other ones, they either went to prison out of prison and today just kind of have mediocre.

You know, jobs, mediocre live. So,

David Pasqualone (Host): [00:15:44] and let me ask you a question. When you were a child, did your feel as though you were the outsider? Like, what’s wrong with me? Why isn’t anybody else thinking this way? Why is this okay to everybody but not to me,

Steve Wilmer (Guest): [00:15:57] but not to me? Absolutely. I was the outsider and I was treated like the, you know, like the outsider.

The, I can’t remember the word they use. You know the square. You’re so scared. Just go take the bike. Yeah. Hey, we’re going over here and going to the, do you want to go? No, I’m good. You know what I mean? So I kind of Waze the outsider. And here’s the thing. Think about this. That doesn’t change when you become an adult.

you can still be the outsider when you want to do the right things. Unfortunately, sometimes in our society. You’re the outsider. When you want to stay home and read a book, you’re the outsider. You know when you, when you don’t want to go to the party on a Friday night or a Saturday night because you’re trying to build a business, you’re the outsider, so you can’t meet worried about what other people think of you.

When you’re focused, you’ve got a dream and you’re, you’ve got a roadmap in order to get to that. So we talk about kid, man. It happens as well when you’re an adult, so don’t worry about being the outsider.

David Pasqualone (Host): [00:17:02] Yeah. And it’s honestly the most remarkable, the most even oriented people I know. They are different and they’ve been different.

And a lot of people who are listening now, they are different. And God’s given us special gifts and abilities, but they don’t even understand it. They don’t. I thought I was functioning retarded because I was in my thirties I really did not like you. My grades, you kidding me? And the way I thought was so different that I thought I must be wrong.

So if you’re listening to this and you’re hearing Steve story, take hard here. I mean, unless it’s against the Bible, you’re good to go. Follow what God’s put in your heart and don’t quit just because somebody else’s cause you got what? Maybe 5% are doers and the rest are

Steve Wilmer (Guest): [00:17:46] a follower thinking you talking about the Bible.

Think about you’re talking about the outsider, people that went against the norm. People that did, you know, it just did not make any sense. Jesus was the ultimate outsider. He didn’t go along with it. It was like, Nope, that’s wrong. Nope, we’re not doing that. Nope. The word says Nope. You know what I mean? He didn’t follow the crowd.

Yeah. So when you don’t follow the crowd, then you’re going to be the outsider. So everybody gotta be okay with that.

David Pasqualone (Host): [00:18:12] And everybody loved Jesus. He had no conflict in .

Steve Wilmer (Guest): [00:18:16] They love him so much. They crucified him. Right? Am I

David Pasqualone (Host): [00:18:19] trying to say here was my Romans.

Steve Wilmer (Guest): [00:18:22] So you may feel like you’re being crucified sometimes.

So again, it’s not going to, it’s not going to feel good. None of that. David’s been talking about this. It’s not about how you feel. You’re not going to feel good being the outsider. You’re not, but you just got to know that the trajectory or the path, if you will, that God has you on is for a purpose. So you can’t worry about being an outside and what other people think about you.

David Pasqualone (Host): [00:18:47] And two, three, maybe a week, just stay consistent, right? It only takes that much time.

Steve Wilmer (Guest): [00:18:51] I wish, I wish, again, I’m, I’m going to say this and I’m just not meant to, to, to try to deject you, but it does not stop. It does not stop. It is constant, but what happens is you become so immune to it over the times when you stay consistent.

I’m 51 years old and I promise you, even at age 51 and it’s a little better now, but there are still people who I’ve had in my life that are want me to go here, that I want me to do this, that I want me, and I’m like, Nope, I’m going this way over here. You know what? Don’t you want to come, Hank? No, we’re good.

What are you doing for new year’s Eve? We’re going to go? Nope, I’m good. You see what I mean? So it doesn’t, it doesn’t stop. You just got to know who you are in Christ, the plan that he has for you, the path that he has for you. And you’ve got to be able to follow that path.

David Pasqualone (Host): [00:19:47] Amen. And talk about that. So we’re going to jump around like the audience knows.

This is not a scripted interview. It’s just as it leads and as conversation goes, the only outline is the past, present future. But even that, we’re [00:20:00] jumping around. So talk about vision. So you have. An idea. Yeah. It’s crazy. Yeah. I’m going to put that away. Nobody, you know, I can’t do that. Or talk about vision.

How important is vision?

Steve Wilmer (Guest): [00:20:13] Words said that where there is no vision, people perish. Provers baby. Yep. You’ve got to have vision and so you can’t get vision confused with sight. Right. And vision. You’ve got to see it before you see it. So no matter what it is that you want to do in life, and it doesn’t have to be a business, it can be anything.

You got to have a vision for everything in your life that you want to accomplish. You’ve got to have a vision for your faith. You’ve got to have a vision for your family. You got to have a vision for your finances. If you are a business owner, you gotta have a vision for your business. You’ve got a vision for every, if you don’t have a vision, if you can’t see it before you see it, it’s not going to happen.

It’s like working in vain. You’re all over the place because you don’t have a vision. And then you’ve got to write it down. And worst says you’ve got to write the vision and make it plain upon tablets. So those that read it can run with it. So if you want to run with it, you’ve got to write it down.

David Pasqualone (Host): [00:21:12] Okay.

You just said something really important. Steve’s given some great content and he is so well established at this point in his thinking, his fundamentals, like he said, it wasn’t overnight, but he consistently endured and did the right thing and did the right thing and made the right decisions that this is second nature to him now, and I was starting with this with another episode with guy Kawasaki.

I love, you know, I love MMA and I love fighting. Daniel Cormier, great fighter, even a better coach and commentator, and he has a show on ESPN called detail and there’s a lot of detail for different sports. And what happens is they just slow down the fight or they slow down the basketball game, or they slow it down the golf swing and they talk about the thousand intricacies that are fundamental that nobody sees.

But that’s what makes everybody. Incredible. Yeah, the difference. So right there, you just talked about the vision and you talked about the important of seeing it before you see it. Okay. Explain that. Because this, the first few times I heard this concept, it was with people and books and media that I would not necessarily agree with, but the concept is biblical and the concept is real.

But break that down.

Steve Wilmer (Guest): [00:22:34] To see it before you see it,

David Pasqualone (Host): [00:22:35] to break it down to the beginner level, cause you’re so advanced at it now, people aren’t knowing. What does he talk about seeing before he sees it?

Steve Wilmer (Guest): [00:22:40] Right? And so if I give you an example, and remember it can be in any area of your life. So I’ll give you two, just really two quick examples.

I’m going to give you something that everybody can do and let’s say it can be, well, I’ll give you three quick ones. I’m going to go over family, I’m going go over finances, and then I’m gonna go over business.

David Pasqualone (Host): [00:22:57] Those are not important aspects at

Steve Wilmer (Guest): [00:22:59] all. So they are very, all right, so, so family. All right, so, so what is my vision for my family?

So here’s how I do it. I sit down and I get a, a notebook, those pants, those yellow, snow pants. Yeah. Yup. Get one of those yellow signal pads, right? And you really know, here’s the thing. We talk about vision. Nothing is off limits. You cannot be limited by your thinking. You cannot be limited by what’s happened in the past.

You cannot be limited to what you think will work or what you don’t think would work. Okay? There are no limitations. Zero limitations when you’re talking about vision. So what you’ve got to do is sit down talking about family, and you’ve got to write down what you want for your family. What type of relate, if you’re married, what type of relationship do you want to have with your spouse.

Okay. What type of relationship do you want to have with your children? What are some of the things you want to do? not, I don’t want to have a surviving relationship. I want to have a thriving relationship and I want to, I want us to be able to travel and I want us to be able to do this and I want us to be able to do that.

And I wants to be able to go to church and I want us to be able to pray together and I want whatever you, there are no limitations when it comes to vision. You got to cast off the limitations and you have to write every single thing down. Okay? Now, once you write every single thing down, now you’ve got to flip the page, and now you’ve got to start writing down what is it going to take on my part to be able to accomplish that?

David Pasqualone (Host): [00:24:43] Reverse engineering.

Steve Wilmer (Guest): [00:24:44] You right? So, so whatever it is you want to accomplish, okay, what do I have to do on my part to accomplish that? Yeah. All right. Some of the things are going to work out right? Immediately. Some are going to take a little bit longer. Some could be just out there and it may not ever happen, but you got to write it

David Pasqualone (Host): [00:24:59] down.

[00:25:00] And I want to interrupt here because Steve is, I mean, he, you are brilliant and your emotional intelligence is like Einstein. But for those of you who, this is a new concept pitcher you’re building, it doesn’t have to be off to be handy, but pitcher, you’re building a house or a shed. You have an image or you find a picture of what you want,

Steve Wilmer (Guest): [00:25:19] right?

David Pasqualone (Host): [00:25:19] And then you say, okay, in order to build this, what do I need? And you reverse engineer. I need this type of wood. I need this type of land. I need this type of, you know, all the things you need. Paint colors, every part of it. And that’s what Steve’s talking about. He sees that home, that beautiful home. Then he says, here’s what it’s going to take to build it.

Here’s a permits I need to pull. Here’s the materials I need, here’s the paint colors that my wife loves, every part of it. And then your, here’s where we start. So what Steve’s saying, I’m trying to even make dumb it down for myself, but that’s how I have to picture it as a physical image. And then what Steve seen is you break it down to every detail you can so you can realize it.

Is that correct?

Steve Wilmer (Guest): [00:26:01] It is correct. And then let’s take it to the next step. Cause some of you are under thinking, okay, I can do that. But I don’t know what it takes to have that. You won’t know all of it. So what you do is you get help. Like Dave just talked about building, like let’s say building a shed. Now, if I wanted to build my wife a shed and my mind, I can picture that shed.

Hmm. I can picture it. I guarantee you I can write down the vision of what I want this shed to look like. But guess what? I’ve never been built a shed before, so I’ve got the vision. I’ve never built it before. So if I don’t know what the first step is, guess what I’m going to do day? I am going to find someone who has built a shed.

And I’m going to say, Hey, what’s the first step to building a shed? So you’ve got to be willing to get help from somebody who was successful and building a shed. But Steve,

David Pasqualone (Host): [00:26:58] I don’t know any shed builders. Oh, can’t move on.

Steve Wilmer (Guest): [00:27:01] Only if, only if there was something where you could type in. Google or we are there to create something, right?

If I exactly a tube right. You know, maybe like a, we can call it a YouTube or something like, Oh man, we’re going to be millionaires. So there is no excuses. There are no excuses. So take the same concept of shed to marriage. Steve, I want to have a great marriage. I know the type of marriage I want to have, but I’ve been screwing it up so far, man, and I don’t know what I’m doing.

My spouse doesn’t know what she’s doing. We want to have it, but we are terrible at it. What do I do? Oh, I don’t know. Maybe find a couple who has a great marriage. Maybe find a couple who has been through something and now they’re having success in their marriage. It’s a perfect marriage. I said, but they’re having success in their marriage.

That’s how you build that shed. That’s how you build that marriage, but it starts with a vision of what you want. Same thing with the finances. That’s the next thing we talked about, the finances, right? Where ever your finances are right now. If you want to take them to the next level, write down what you want the finances to look like.

What is it going to take? Step one to have that. Step two to have that, my wife and I do a free, it is absolutely free. It’s called financial bootcamp. And we talk about the eight rules of money. So there are financial classes that you can take that talk about how to take your finances to the next level.

But again, it starts with the vision. And then of course we talk about the business. What type of business do you want? What do you want it to do? I will tell you to pick a business that is your gift. Pick a business that is your gift that God ordained you to do. Because when you are doing what you are gifted to do, what you love to do, what’s your passion to do?

It’s not like you’re working. Write the vision down and then you figure out what is it gonna take for that to come to pass once to game. If you don’t know how to do it, find somebody who succeeded in that area and get their input. Get help from them. Two points

David Pasqualone (Host): [00:29:14] on this. There’s listeners who truly believe this.

I believed it for years. I bet you did too. I have no worth what Steve Sans. Great, but I don’t have any value. When you say to those listeners,

Steve Wilmer (Guest): [00:29:25] I say, yep, I feel you. I was there, and so what I had to realize is when I was talking about myself like that, it really wasn’t me. It was the enemy that was really speaking.

I have no worth. Let me tell you something right now. God does not create junk. The word of God says that you are fearfully and wonderfully made. The word of God says that you can do all things through Christ who gives you strength. The word of God says that greater is he that is in you than he that is in the world.

David Pasqualone (Host): [00:29:53] Say that again

Steve Wilmer (Guest): [00:29:54] and greater is he that is in you than he that is in the world.

David Pasqualone (Host): [00:29:58] You guys, if you’re listening, who are [00:30:00] those? He’s. Hey, the greater he in his Christ is Christ and there’s more Christ and sign us as believers. Yup. Then there is all evil in the world combined.

Steve Wilmer (Guest): [00:30:09] That’s right. So you’ve got the real, what you gotta understand is who you’re listening to, right?

You gotta understand who you are. That’s when you say things like that. I’ve said things like that. It is nothing but the enemy. So that’s the first thing is who you’re listening to and you gotta listen to Christ. You got to listen to God. Because again, I mean, I get, there’s so many scriptures that talk about the plans that he had.

I know the plans that I have for you. This is Jeremiah 29 11. Everybody should know that we’re right. the plans I have towards you, plan to prosper you, that you may have an expected and plans not to do harm. So God has things in store for you. So stop beating up on yourself. Stop listening to the enemy and start listening to what the word of God says about you.

That’s where I draw my strength from.

David Pasqualone (Host): [00:30:53] And we know that many of you listening today are not Christians. You don’t believe in

Steve Wilmer (Guest): [00:30:59] God. Let me say something real quick. It doesn’t matter if you don’t believe in God because he believes in you.

David Pasqualone (Host): [00:31:05] Amen. And what I was going to say is this. What Steve and I clearly believe is we believe there’s a real God.

And he truly loves us all, and he left us the Bible. Let’s see, instruction book for life. And there’s not one truth in the Bible. There’s not one line of scripture that’s not true, that can’t be learned from an applied. So even if you don’t believe in God right now, what we’re saying is you can look at the principles in the scripture and they always come true.

So what Steve was telling him, where there’s no vision, the people perish. You know, I can do all things through Christ who strengthens with me. We want you to know Christ and to grow and to have that confidence in peace. Cause both Steve and I, we’ve lived through some crappy stuff. I mean, forget,

Steve Wilmer (Guest): [00:31:52] don’t make it seem like we got it all together.

David Pasqualone (Host): [00:31:53] No,

Steve Wilmer (Guest): [00:31:54] no, no,

David Pasqualone (Host): [00:31:54] no, no, no, no, no, no, no. Not at all. But what I’m seeing is the difference is this. I think both of us have lived through some pretty, what most people consider major life events and pain. But when we’re at our worst and everyone else forced, took us. We had Christ and we had a peace that passes all understanding and we had even joy in the places.

You shouldn’t have joy, but God brings it. So that’s what I want to understand. If you don’t trust Christ, if you haven’t trust Christ, if you don’t even believe the Bible, listen to what Steve Sans still vision. Yeah. Backing through reverse engineering the goal and finding the steps. All this stuff is applicable and we want you to be successful.

But the reason we want you to be successful, ultimately, as you can know, joy and peace through Christ,

Steve Wilmer (Guest): [00:32:42] and God wants you to be successful, you know, and just to kind of share, and we talk about beginning where we are then, you know, future. So at age 17, eight, 17, or at age 18, I had my first child, his name was reginal out of wedlock, and, and we had a really, really good relationship together.

And then fast forward when he was. 18 years old, I believe. 18, 19 years, I’m sorry. When he was 19 years old, he passed away unexpectedly. I’m telling you right now as a parent, no parent that I know ever envisions losing a child ever. Okay. So it is absolutely, Christ is absolutely my belief that got me through that situation.

talk about marriage. My wife and I, Aaron and I have been married now for 21 years. We just celebrated 21 years. that’d be 22 years coming up in this April. And during those 21 years, twice, twice, we were on our way to a divorce, during the first two years, which I hear from marriages first two years.

It’s tough for everybody. Just kind of get to know each other. But even after we had been married for 16 years. Boom. I moved out for six months. Oh, I’m getting divorced. I am absolutely out of here, but here we are, guys. 21 years into it, I’m not going anywhere. She’s not going to wear it. So it is, I go, like I said, from the beginning, it’s not that once you become born again, once you start believing in the word of God, once that all the situations just gonna go away and everything’s going to be, you know, peachy King, whatever the case may be.

No. But when you’re going through something and you’ve got Christ at the center, you got God at the center. Now you know how to walk through those things, and then they start to happen less and less as they did before. But you know, like Dave said, we’ve been through some things, and I know for a fact that without God, you know, we wouldn’t have got through them again.

The words, you know, talks about, you know, with God, all things are possible and of God before you who can be against you.

David Pasqualone (Host): [00:34:52] Yeah. And. Whatever we do in life, whoever you are, you know that, you know the same. You play how you [00:35:00] practice or what you do, you get good at. So by walking through hardships, by being a person that instead of going out on a Friday night, you’re building a business, by doing the things that are hard in quote unquote, unusual, they get easier and they get more efficient and effective.

And. You start fueling that success and I don’t know how to explain it, like, yeah, we might get hit in the head with a sledgehammer 89 times. Yeah. But man, when that victory comes, I’ll take three times that.

Steve Wilmer (Guest): [00:35:31] So, so let me challenge your neck. It’s not that it gets easier day if you get better. Yes. You, you know how to get there.

You go buddy. You get stronger. You know how to deal with. So the situation is the exact same situation that happened before. The reason you think it gets easier because you get better, you get stronger, you get the knowledge, you know how to deal with it now, whereas before he didn’t deal with it. You know what I mean?

So when you change. That’s one of the things around you begin to change,

David Pasqualone (Host): [00:35:56] and every one of you is a listener. And myself and Steve get on the ground. Do pushups too. You can’t do anymore

Steve Wilmer (Guest): [00:36:01] right now.

David Pasqualone (Host): [00:36:02] Just do it. Just do five pushups, do three pushups, do 30 and then go back and do it

Steve Wilmer (Guest): [00:36:07] tomorrow and do it

David Pasqualone (Host): [00:36:08] tomorrow and keep doing that.

Steve Wilmer (Guest): [00:36:14] I remember my works.

David Pasqualone (Host): [00:36:15] Yeah. My kids, they were, when they were little, you know, they’re all athletic and have all this energy. I remember seeing some talents in them and some strengths. So I grabbed one of those pullet bars and I threw it in the door of the room and they couldn’t do a pull up. And then you fast forward to now, I’m not kidding.

Now my son and daughter, they’re both physically strong, thankfully, but my son can climb a cargo rope upside down, up and down, flip around, jump off. He can do like car core type stuff. And. When he first started looking at pullet bar, he’s like, I can’t do it. Yeah. Don’t ever say can’t. You can do anything.

That’s right. So it’s as simple as just what Steve’s been saying. Do it. Don’t think about it. Take action. Be doers and not hear his own. Like, there

Steve Wilmer (Guest): [00:37:02] you go.

David Pasqualone (Host): [00:37:03] All right. So let’s continue, Steve. So you are growing up. It’s not ideal. You shared. Thank you for sharing that about your son. Super difficult. Yep. You joined the military at what age?

Steve Wilmer (Guest): [00:37:17] A 1717

David Pasqualone (Host): [00:37:19] so you were in 17 and that is, how did you manage that when parents old signature, are you, are you pulling versus my

Steve Wilmer (Guest): [00:37:27] mom signed the papers is get out of here.

David Pasqualone (Host): [00:37:32] 17 years old goes through bootcamp and you had some attitude problems. You meet a remarkable guy who God used to change your life.

Steve Wilmer (Guest): [00:37:40] And he’s in a book too.

I name him. At the, at the, at the beginning of my first book, tend to, when I named a couple of individuals who are men who had an impact on my life. and so the first one was my uncle, his name is Charles packer. he’s retired army. You know, growing up as a kid, I, I viewed him as at the kid when I would say it’s rich, cause even you live in the projects, you were, you were rich.

And so I hardly knew anybody who actually owned their own home and had a car. So he was rich. Right? So he had a really big impact on my life. you know, and then from there to, you know, Sergeant Kinney green when I joined them, join the Marine Corps. And from there, I mentioned David Alexander, who is the third.

And he was my field training officer and my Sergeant, because I spent 10 years in law enforcement and David went on to actually become the first black chief of police for the Pensacola police department. Fast forward today, he’s running for sheriff plug for days. and then from there, two people who really had an impact on my life as an adult.

Leon C cozy and Anthony McMillan, two of my pastors who I consider it to be, you know, like father figures to me.

David Pasqualone (Host): [00:38:51] Yeah. And it’s huge now, isn’t it crazy how, you know, you didn’t have these maybe when you were a child or back to back to back or they were saying, yeah, we’re going to mentor you.

Steve Wilmer (Guest): [00:39:02] Oh no.

David Pasqualone (Host): [00:39:03] It just, they came when you need them. And you may not even known they were there. But now looking back at 51. It’s huge.

Steve Wilmer (Guest): [00:39:11] It goes, what I said is it’s when somebody else sees something in you. You see what I mean? Yup. Cause we don’t normally see our worth. We don’t even guys, I’m telling you, even today, there are, believe it or not, there are still times that I don’t see my work.

There’s still times that I go and my business that I go, you gotta be kidding me. You know, people are calling me. People want me to speak. People want me to train them. They’re willing to pay this. They’re willing. I’m like, what are you? Are you kidding me? You still don’t see your, you know, your worth. But I promise you there’s so much value in you.

I am my biggest critic. I am my worst and biggest critic. So if you’re listening and you’re thinking to yourself, you don’t see your worth, there’s nothing that you can give them. Guess what? Join the crowd. Join the crowd. We all think that we all [00:40:00] think that same way.

David Pasqualone (Host): [00:40:01] Well, let’s bring this up and this is a pain point.

Hi. Was told I had no value. I was told kids on a bull you piece of crap. You know, I always told them, a lot of people haven’t  have you ever been told that

Steve Wilmer (Guest): [00:40:17] you, he’s making fun cause this is my book. It’s in my first book. I had a teacher who told me, you’re never going to amount to anything. I had it. And so listen, when I say that.

a lot. A lot believable. Yes. As a child. I mean, I was not a great student. And so you have an adult and adult in a, a a well, what does the authoritative figure sometimes it can be a parent guys. It can be a parent. It could be a spouse. It could be anybody tells you that you, that you’re never gonna amount to anything, that you have nothing.

You know, once again. It’s nothing but the enemy that’s talking God’s has something great for you. And so anything that the enemy can do to, you know, to try to stop that or stunt that or whatever the case may be. That’s why I, like Dave said early, you’ve got to get into the word. You’ve got to get into the word.

If you don’t want to get into the word, get into self-development. Personal development is so huge because this world is so filled with negative people. Right? If they can’t succeed in something that they don’t want you to succeed. So think about this.

David Pasqualone (Host): [00:41:23] What do you think the ratio is? That’s, I wrote that down for every one person.

That’s encouraging. I mean, I’d say at least a hundred.

Steve Wilmer (Guest): [00:41:32] Really? it is, and, and, and you gotta understand the reason why is because. My personal opinion is because they don’t see the value in themselves. So it’s hard for somebody to encourage somebody else if they don’t have value in themselves. That

David Pasqualone (Host): [00:41:46] makes sense.

You can’t give what you don’t have.

Steve Wilmer (Guest): [00:41:48] There you go. If you don’t you, there you go. You can’t give what you don’t have. If it’s not in you, you can’t give it out. So what you’ve got to do is, like we said earlier, you’ve got to get it in you personal development. Oh my gosh. To this day still plays a huge part.

Of my life. So you’ve got to realize who you are through the word of God and through personal development. So just make sure that you’re, you’re filling yourself up. So when somebody comes along and says, you’re never gonna amount to anything, you’re never gonna do, you know, whatever the case may be, that you’re not really paying attention to them because you know who you are.

David Pasqualone (Host): [00:42:23] Yeah. And if you don’t know who you are and you believe it. Stop it. Just stop it cause it’s not true. Listen, everybody has gifts and abilities. You have gifts and abilities. You have things that are unique to you and it’s priced so strong that you don’t realize you have it. You assume everybody thinks the way you do, or you assume everybody processes the way you do when no, they don’t.

They really don’t. You have a gift that no one else has. You just need to learn how to harness it and use it. And, one thing is all truth comes from God. I don’t care if you’re Jack Welch, Donald Trump, if you’re someone we’ve never heard of, all truth comes from God. So if you’re reading a book, I

Steve Wilmer (Guest): [00:43:03] accept it or not, whether you believe it or not, it comes from God.

David Pasqualone (Host): [00:43:06] Exactly. Dale Carnegie, I love this example. You can read his books. He says he doesn’t trust Christ in his writings. But he says how his parents were Christians, but this guy is one of the most influential self-development people of all time. And you can tie every single principle. He says

Steve Wilmer (Guest): [00:43:24] back to the  credits,

David Pasqualone (Host): [00:43:27] multiple one how to win friends and influence people.

He creds multiple times the Bible when Jesus, and he’s like, you know, I’m not going to say he was God, but the dude’s always right, but it’s always works, but try it. So again, you’re being bombarded. Maybe you’re feeling today with Christianity or the Bible or God, but you are, and brace it and take those truths because that’s what works.

Yeah. You can’t take, Hall’s cough syrup and expect to cure cancer. You know what I mean? You, you need to take what you need to cure the disease. So get out there, stop listening to the negative self talk. Keep focusing on the positive. And move forward, but let’s talk about trigger. Steve . You made a great point.

You said, Hey, I’m moving forward and I feel great, but then as I’m feeling great, I get these, Oh, you can’t do it. You’re no good. You’re staying. Talk about triggers. I have a lot of triggers. I mean, I can still, to this day when I smell diesel, I feel sick to my stomach. And I mentally go to a bad place because experiences in my childhood.

So what are triggers that you face and how do you move past those?

Steve Wilmer (Guest): [00:44:38] Man, it took me, I’m, I’m, I’m kinda over this now, but Christmas was a really bad time for me, because as a child growing up, Christmas just was not a good time. You know what I mean? It was, it was me and my mom. You know what? No. with no presence, you know, no, you know, nothing like that.

And so [00:45:00] when I first got a family, Christmas still became to be a bad time. And I can remember Aaron, my wife saying to me, we’re creating happy memories for our children because as children, she didn’t have happy memories, you know, as a child as well, the way she grew up. And so then it became to the point where I was really looking forward to Christmas because I did want my kids to grow up the same way.

You know, that I, you know, that I grew up. so Christmas used to be, it used to be, you know, a trigger. But now, I don’t have a lot. I don’t, I want to say I don’t have any triggers. I don’t have a lot like I used to because I renewed my mind. Okay. How that is so important.

David Pasqualone (Host): [00:45:41] Nobody talked the practical daily.

Okay, you have a bad thought. Come in. How do you do that? Talk.

Steve Wilmer (Guest): [00:45:46] Break it down for us. So you have it. You can’t. So here’s, here’s a quote. Write this down guys. Are you listening? This is, I think this will really help you out here, right? You can’t stop a bird from landing on your head, but you can stop him from building a nest.

David Pasqualone (Host): [00:46:02] Say that again.

Steve Wilmer (Guest): [00:46:03] Sounds so simple, right? You can’t stop a bird from landing on your head, but you can stop him from building a nest. You got to treat thoughts the exact same way. You can’t stop a thought from coming to your mind. But you can stop the thought from taking the next step and the next step and the next step.

So when a thought comes to your mind, I’m no good booth, you got to turn, you got to come around. I said, yes, I am some good. Because like I said, or it, God didn’t make any junk. You know, I’m fearfully and wonderfully made. That’s what the word of God says about me. And again, like Dave says, if the Bible is not your thing, that’s fine.

I’m not gonna. I’m not gonna. I’m not a Bible that I’m not gonna hit you over the head with the Bible. but what personal development book are you reading? What are you reading? They mentioned a book earlier, you know, how to win friends and influence people. There are so many, you know, personal development books that are out there that you can read.

I like John Maxwell books, leadership books, Jim Roan. If reading is not your thing, number one, it should be your thing. But maybe audio books and stuff that you can listen to. Go to YouTube, type in motivation. I mean all kinds of things to be able to build you into grow you. But like, like we said earlier, if it’s not in you, then it’s not going to come out.

So if you’ve got these negative thoughts that constantly come to your mind, you’ve got to have something to come back those thoughts. And if you’re not doing anything at all, that’s the problem. If you’re waking up every single day. Just going through your day and you are not feeding your mind. That is a problem.

That is exactly why you probably are where you are and you can’t get to the next level junk in, junk out. If all you’re doing is going to work, working in a job that you hate or that you’re, that you’re a satisfied with, I always be grateful and never be satisfied. You know, I always want more to life, but if that’s all you’re doing, waking up every day, go to work, come home, turn on the tube, you know, go here and do that.

Have a few drinks or, or, go out to eat. If that’s all you’re doing on your daily life, that is exactly why you cannot go to the next level. So start putting good things in your mind. And what that’ll do is it’ll force you to get to that next level you’re trying to get to.

David Pasqualone (Host): [00:48:23] Okay. I think. There are many types of people, but at the core, there’s people who aren’t doing anything.

They’re binge-watching 37 episodes at a time of Netflix and Amazon prime, and you know, there’s a place for that sometimes. But reading, I think reading is one of the great. Like deceptions. Our society has been told, Oh, you’re a nerd if you read or you shouldn’t read. You know what I mean? And we grew up that like reading, I’m not that kind of guy.

I’m not smart. And you know that you have to be that kind of person. There is a huge power in reading. I mean, when you take any generation from recorded history, what are the bad leaders always do?

Steve Wilmer (Guest): [00:49:10] The bad leaders,

David Pasqualone (Host): [00:49:11] the bad leaders, the evil leaders, they go.

Steve Wilmer (Guest): [00:49:13] I still read. But they 

David Pasqualone (Host): [00:49:15] people. They burned the books

Steve Wilmer (Guest): [00:49:17] or they won’t let them.

They don’t want to get them to education. Exactly. You

David Pasqualone (Host): [00:49:20] never want people to have books. They never want people to learn. They never want people to grow up. Why do you think that is?

Steve Wilmer (Guest): [00:49:25] Because they want to be just the ones they want to. Yeah, they don’t want it. They don’t want the people to rise it. Cause once you get that knowledge, once you really know who you are and once you.

Then you’ll then you’ll, then you’ll rise up.

David Pasqualone (Host): [00:49:36] Okay. And that brings us a second to have a person. There’s some people that buy every book and listen to every audio tape, and they continue to Gorge on it, but then they don’t, they don’t do it. So

Steve Wilmer (Guest): [00:49:47] if you’re the

David Pasqualone (Host): [00:49:48] type of person who doesn’t read, start reading, grab the, and I’d encourage, you know, there’s audio books and do whatever you can to start.

Steve Wilmer (Guest): [00:49:56] Yeah.

David Pasqualone (Host): [00:49:57] But. Build yourself up. We have a [00:50:00] physical book in your hand. I love it. And you’re highlighting and you’re taking physical notes. You’re touching it, you’re reviewing it. But then what Steve keeps saying, you’ve got to apply it. You got to buy it. You got to do it. So if you, you either read a good book, I don’t care if it’s one thing at a time.

Ben Franklin, I think it was, he used to, I forget what he called it, but he’d write down, this is what I’m working on for this time period. And I’m a Marine, his, autobiography and he just worked on that one thing. And then when he felt he had under control, boom, we’d work on the next thing. So there’s all different methods and ways, but Ben Franklin, like him or love Amanda, do to accomplish quite a few things.

I mean, if you got a fire station in your town, Ben Franklin. Okay. Yeah. I mean, if you got many, many inventions that you took for granted, Ben Franklin, founding father of the constitution, framer of America. Ben Franklin. So what I’m seeing is read it and the power of reading, you’ve got to apply it so that, that’s what I wanted to say on that topic.

Steve Wilmer (Guest): [00:51:01] So when it comes to reading, I will tell you that I, to this day, believe it or not, is I do not like to read. Okay. Now I love the information I get when I read. I love what happens when I read, but if you were to ask me, do I like to read? The answer is no, but it goes back to what we talked about earlier.

Do I like the exercise? No. I wish that my arms would just automatically grow. I wished that my chest would just automatically be big and I would have a six pack without having to workout. I wish that I could eat any single thing that I wanted to eat and never have to worry about watching carbs and, and counting calories.

I wish that I didn’t have to do any of those things, but that’s not realistic. It is not realistic. So if you want to take your life to the next level, I am telling you right now, it is not going to happen if you’re not putting something in your mind. So for you to say, I hate to read. I don’t like to read.

So what? Join the crowd. I don’t like to read either, but I do. So to two quotes, I want to give you, it was the first one. Empty your pocket into your mind and your mind will fill your pocket with gold. That’s good. Okay. Here’s the second one. It’s not what the book costs you. It’s what it costs you if you don’t read the book.


David Pasqualone (Host): [00:52:33] And you don’t have to read fast. You can, you can be borderline. I actually know what

Steve Wilmer (Guest): [00:52:39] I do. 10 pages a day.

David Pasqualone (Host): [00:52:41] Yeah. Even in, but even if you read one, but you really processed it, how can I take this and apply it? I mean, there’s times where I’ll read my Bible and we’re going back to the Bible because you have a million, Oh my God, you have a

Steve Wilmer (Guest): [00:52:52] brilliant book.

David Pasqualone (Host): [00:52:53] But all the truth comes to the bow. So let’s go to the source. Right. but I’ll read sometimes, man, I’ll, I’ll get hammered with a couple of verses in, but I’ll meditate on those verses and think, how does this apply to me? And when I do this, then there’s other days where I’ll read. Yeah, pages and pages.

But if you don’t read fast, if you don’t read well, if it’s hard for you to comprehend, go slow. Think about each wine. What is this saying? And it’s just going to get faster and faster and faster. And it’s a process.

Steve Wilmer (Guest): [00:53:21] It’s a building goes broad, pushups, but you were talking about earlier,

David Pasqualone (Host): [00:53:24] it’s mental. Like you might look in the mirror right now and some of you are physically fit.

Good looking people. But as your brain on my 600 pound life, are you fat and out of shape in your head? You know what I mean? We’ve got to make sure that all of our life is in balance, and I personally think that I am never going to be exactly perfect in the sense of, but I’m always striving for perfection and perfection, meaning without sin, that’s impossible for perfection, meaning whole and balanced.

We can be in it. That’s biblical, right? It’d be perfect to be whole. so yeah, so reading is huge. Do it. Listen, they keep working on that reading, and if it’s hard, I know a man who no joke, learn to read from the Bible, and he used a King James Bible, which is old guy, has a successful pastor, and I believe he’s wrote books now, but when he met his.

Wife or back then it was a girl, and then they didn’t became his wife. She’s like, if you’re going to read and we’re going to put time in, you’re going to learn from the Bible. So she taught him how he got saved. His life change, and the dude is one of the most intelligent people I met during the first 20 years of my life.

Steve Wilmer (Guest): [00:54:38] There you go.

David Pasqualone (Host): [00:54:38] So no excuses, no excuses. You just got to do it. All right, so we’ve talked about a lot of good stuff today. And let’s go back to Aragon court. Cause part of life is change and we need to change and we never can quit. And what’s ironic [00:55:00] about the conversation, Steve and I are having, I said I grew up outside of Boston in a town called Milford.

Nice little town. Nothing great. Nothing bad, but it still had more city type problems. You grew up in Pensacola. Aragon today is the most elite all

Steve Wilmer (Guest): [00:55:19] community downtown. Three hundred thousand four hundred thousand dollar houses start to start,

David Pasqualone (Host): [00:55:26] and it’s really 500 square feet. So. Talk about that. Talk about the change you physically saw in the community and how does that affect you?

Cause that was people who live in tents and homes falling apart and they bought up all the property and made it the elite class. So if they can do a physic property, how do we do it with our own lives?

Steve Wilmer (Guest): [00:55:46] So it’s so funny you say that. And so I still drive cause it’s by the water, you know, which today you get in a house by the water, you know, back then it was, it was projects.

It was projects. So think about this. So I’ve got four kids now, and we still will drive downtown. This is in downtown Pensacola. They’ve got nice parks down there, the veteran Memorial park. They have ceremonies down there, all kinds of things. And so we’ll drive down the street and I’ll point over to where the, where I used to live, whether, you know, the, the projects where you should live.

And I’ll say to my kids. I used to live right there. And here’s what’s Dave. Here’s what’s so funny to me now as an adult, it’s so small, and I hope I’m explaining this correctly, so I’ll, I’ll see it. And I said, I cannot believe that I live right. That place right there, just so small, but as a kid, it seemed so big.

You know what I mean? It was like so big. Like I was surrounded. By nothing but red brick building after red brick building after red brick building after red brick building. It seemed like any eternity things like forever. But now, because I’m older now, because I’m wiser now because my mind shift have changed.

It doesn’t seem encompassing as it was before. It is so small in my life right now because my mind has grown to where it was, you know, from when I was, you know, from when I was a child. And to see the, the, there’s a really nice park down there now. And then I, like I said, on the right hand side, it’s all these, you know, big, beautiful homes that you’re building down there right now.

And, to be able to, to, to see that. Now, if you could look, you know, fast forward like, man, if I had known that then when it made a difference, cause we didn’t have any money to buy, to buy any land or anything like that. But what it represents to me, it does growth. I am not, I am not sad that the projects are gone.

You hear me? I am not sad that those projects are gone. I like seeing the nice houses. I like seeing, you know, the, the, you know, the, the nice parks and the Sarah. I like seeing all those things, down there because I don’t want, and I noticed it’s impossible. I don’t want any children to have to be able to grow up the way that I, you know, that I, that I grew up, it’s wonderful if there are children living in those houses and hopefully not just growing up spoiled and feeling like they’re entitled.

You know, but I will love to have children be able to grow up to be able to have a bigger head start than what I have. So for me, I see it as progress. I love the progress. And I am glad that the projects downtown are torn. We still got a couple of projects here in Pensacola. My aunt to this day, still lives in one of the projects, you know, and I go over and, you know, still visit her since my mom has passed away.

She’s all, my mom’s only sister. And I still take care of her. Like, you know, like she’s my mom. but she still lives in, you know, one of the projects. But I don’t want anyone to have to grow up the way that I grew up. So I’m glad they’re gone. They’re tearing them down one by one. In Pensacola,

David Pasqualone (Host): [00:59:04] if you’re not people, I know we have literally international listeners or people from all of America.

I’m so thankful for you. But if you haven’t been to Pensacola come visit, I mean, just in the 20 plus years we’ve been in and out of Pensacola. It’s

Steve Wilmer (Guest): [00:59:19] amazing. Beautiful.

David Pasqualone (Host): [00:59:22] And people like  and they’re just infusing the community with just, it’s, I don’t know, explain it. You have to see it. It’s like a beach community with a small city feel, but still that home feel you got the best of everything.

And I don’t even want to say this public because you might have too

Steve Wilmer (Guest): [00:59:41] many people move here. Yeah. The beach, the widest hands. Look it up online. Look at Pensacola beach, look up Destin, look up Pensacola, look at our beach and see what I’m talking about. And this is where we live.

David Pasqualone (Host): [00:59:53] Yup. It’s gorgeous. So if you haven’t come, come for visit, look us up when you’re in town and, think about moving here [01:00:00] cause it is a great place to raise your kids and

Steve Wilmer (Guest): [01:00:02] family.

Look me up. Look me up

David Pasqualone (Host): [01:00:04] in the show notes in this show notes. We’ll have links to Steve. You can check him out on his website and different. various capacities and formats and social media platforms. On that note, let’s take this opportunity to thank today’s sponsor. Hello ladies and gentlemen. This is Dave Paskal, lone hosted the remarkable people podcast, and I am excited to introduce you to today’s sponsor.

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We have it down here in the beautiful Pensacola Bay area, so check out Pam hahnel.com that’s P a M H E I N O L d.com or call her office at (850) 232-2332. And when you call, make sure you tell her. Dave said, hi. Now let’s get back to the show. When I was a kid, 20 years I spent in my town and I thought the whole world, this was the world.

I never left that place. Yeah. But when I was 17 I took a trip to California, went cross country. That was one of the best experiences in my life because I saw the whole world wasn’t. Milford, mass. Right? So the whole world wasn’t Pensacola, Florida. For the listeners right now, there’s people right now listening who are discouraged, who are thinking about suicide and the thing in permanent permanent action to a temporary problem, and maybe they’ve been in that state for years, but what would you say to those listeners who are in it?

They’re like, I’m in a bad place. I’m never going to get out. This is hopeless. No, me. And you heard what I said. That’s a lie. That’s not true. Not that there are liars, but they’re believing a lie. What would you say to them?

Steve Wilmer (Guest): [01:03:20] Yeah. So

David Pasqualone (Host): [01:03:22] cause it took you, you immediately knew you were born, right? The whole world wasn’t like Pensacola.

Steve Wilmer (Guest): [01:03:27] And so again, guys, I’m going to keep going back to this because it’s true. When I hear people think like that, it is because they’re just not feeding their mind what the right thing. And when, if you’re not feeding your mind, those thoughts come. You’re letting that bird land and you’re letting that bird build a nest that, that, that thought cause it’ll keep coming back over and over.

That’s the thought of hopelessness. So if you continue to meditate on a thought of hopelessness, then that’s how you’re going to feel. Remember what I said as a child living in the projects. I had no idea how I was going to get out, but I knew I was going to get out. I knew it. I kept speaking it. I kept, how are you going to do it?

I have no idea, but it’s going to happen. Right? The bird would land, but I would not let it build on this. You’re going to get out. You’re in the projects. Your daddy ain’t here. Your mine. I don’t know, but I ain’t growing up like this. I’m getting up. I’m getting up out of here. You’re talking about you moving to California,

David Pasqualone (Host): [01:04:30] not moving, just

Steve Wilmer (Guest): [01:04:31] just a trip or just a trip.

Just crossing the street to see something bigger from East coast or West coast, right?

David Pasqualone (Host): [01:04:36] Yeah. I thought the whole world was the same, like escort my cousin so she could get back home safely. And you talk about a life changing experience

Steve Wilmer (Guest): [01:04:45] so that, so you saw something a lot bigger. There’s a whole big world out there.

David Pasqualone (Host): [01:04:50] Wait a second. The way I’m thinking. And everybody else around me is like, that’s wrong. Whoa, Whoa, Whoa, Whoa. Yeah. There’s other people who think like me. There’s regions of the [01:05:00] country that all have different characteristics and be not just physical beauty, but actual social, like social differences. So I, my world was open and I came back from being a shy, if hard to believe, but I was like shy and introverted.

Speak when spoken to, I thought I was a piece of garbage. I came back like, huh, I don’t care what anybody thinks. I’m going to be who God made me to be. And if you don’t like me, that’s fine. There’s 49 other States I can travel to move to,

Steve Wilmer (Guest): [01:05:31] you know, talk about Florida. So of course at 17 joined the Marine Corps.

David Pasqualone (Host): [01:05:36] That’s where I knew that it was that your first time leaving Pensacola,

Steve Wilmer (Guest): [01:05:39] man, that was my first time leaving Pensacola. And Oh my goodness, Dave. Dave day growing up, we don’t have enough time. Let me just say this. I met people in the Marine Corps from, from California, from New York, of course floor, I mean, and everywhere and seeing different people.

Different cultures and becoming friends that I never would have met before and never would’ve talked to to before. And it showed me there was a whole nother world out there. So not just people in the military, but when we went overseas, I’ve been to Japan twice. I’ve been to Korea, I’ve been to Norway. and then of course other different States and things like, I don’t know.

I’m missing some countries. I just can’t, can’t think right now. But it showed me not just other people in other States, but other countries and how people in other countries live. So, I mean, it really is, you know, a big world, you know, that’s out there. So, I mean, those things are really, really important because it lets you know that it’s so much bigger.

one of my most people call it a bucket list. I don’t call it a bucket list. I didn’t set out to do this. It’s just how it’s happened. So you heard mr early. I’m 51 years old and there are only three States out of the 50 that I have not visited

David Pasqualone (Host): [01:07:02] too. That’s crazy. Cause I got three. I’m gonna write them down.

So you don’t think I’m lying.

Steve Wilmer (Guest): [01:07:05] So check this out. The only three States I have not been to are, you’re going to love this, our main, but guess what? I’m booked to speak in Maine on January 17th. Oh

David Pasqualone (Host): [01:07:18] great.

Steve Wilmer (Guest): [01:07:21] But I’m booked to speak in Maine, North Dakota. Okay. And I’m talking with the business owner right now.

She wants me to come to North Dakota in March. And then the other one is Ohio, believe it or not. Right? Cause a lot of people don’t hike. But, I just spoke maybe a week ago, two weeks ago with a business owner who’s looking to have me come to Ohio in April. So if it works out the way that I’m expecting to work out by this year, April.

You know, 20, 20 of April, I will have been to all 50 States.

David Pasqualone (Host): [01:07:52] Isn’t that a cool field?

Steve Wilmer (Guest): [01:07:53] It is crazy.

David Pasqualone (Host): [01:07:55] And we’re kids who grew up poor in projects or in really horrible situation.

Steve Wilmer (Guest): [01:08:00] I’ll do something special. I don’t know. What is going to do is, man, I’ve been all 50. Stay fill like Johnny Cash. I’ve been everywhere, man.

David Pasqualone (Host): [01:08:08] And listen, what Steve and I are saying is exploring, having a paradigm shift. Age X, you know, expanding your horizons. We both, and I don’t want to speak for Steve, but I’ll let him chime in. We encourage that, but we do not encourage running from your problems. There’s a drastic difference between exploring and growing and experiencing new cultures and places, but that is not what you do by running.

Cause some people I want out of Pensacola, I want out of Boston, I want out of Dallas. That’s just running for your problems. They’re going to follow you and get worse. What we’re talking about is experiencing and growing. And enjoying the different cultures and in different places. would you agree with that?

Or maybe expand on the differences? Cause I don’t want people to go from the problems

Steve Wilmer (Guest): [01:09:02] so runny. So I would say running to something versus running from something. Yes. I think it’s okay to remove yourself from a toxic situation, but if you’re not changed, then you’re going to take those same issues to where you go.

It’s just like relationships. Right? Sometimes people are in a, in a toxic relationship, and of course, if it’s an abusive relationship, you know, things like that, I definitely don’t recommend staying and, you know, continue to go through that. But if you’ve got an issue, with yourself, you’re going to take that same issue into the next relationship, you know?

So it doesn’t matter if you leave, if you leave Boston area and you move to California and hear what I’m saying? If you’re a jacked up person in Boston, you’re going to be a jacked up person in California, right? If you’re a lazy person in Boston, you’re going to be a lazy person in California. And by the way, it’d be a lot harder for you to survive in California because again, the cost of living out there is just so crazy.

so you have got to work on [01:10:00] yourself. You’ve got to work on yourself, you know, and our financial bootcamp that Aaron and I do, one of the questions we ask people and we love to get feedback when we’re doing those. Room is always packed and we ask the question, does money change people? And we love to hear the feedback.

Some people say yes, some people say no. And so my mindset is this money never changes anyone. All money really does is show you who you really are, reveals people. It reveals who you really are. So if you were a giver before you had money, when you get more money, you got to be a giver. If you are a tightwad before you had money, we get money going to be a tightwad.

If you were a butthole before you had money, we get more money. We’re going to be a bigger butthole. So if you don’t change yourself, it doesn’t matter where you go. Like Dave says, those those things you’re trying to run from, they’re just going to follow you because if you don’t change, then things around you’re not going to change.

David Pasqualone (Host): [01:10:56] Yeah. So just, and just to close that up. So take those opportunities. Go visit different places. Cause there’s one world, there’s one race. There’s just different people and cultures. So explore it all, enjoy it all. Just don’t do it with a heart intent of running because that’s just gonna make your life worse.

But doing it with the opportunity to grow that just makes it better. So do it right now. What are you doing today? What’s going on in Steve warmer’s life? Oh my

Steve Wilmer (Guest): [01:11:24] gosh. Let me just say the three words. Golly, God is good. God is good. If you told me I’m waiting to see a year ago, but definitely five years ago where I would be today again, I don’t know if I would believe it.

So it goes back to what we say before. If you, man, if you’re not, if you’re thinking to yourself that you don’t have what it takes, I had to, I thought the exact same thing, but I’m telling you that God is good. So where am I today? man, it’s, golly, I don’t even want to, if I told you David was sounded like bragging, so let me just say that I am a, a successful business owner and I’m just getting started.

I am traveling around the country speaking, teaching, training, and I’m just getting started. I am a four time author. my first book you referenced tend to win the top 10 ways when in life. In business. My second book was supercharge a multiline agency. My third book, nobody cares. Work harder, but my fourth one is a sales manual called the war room binder.

So I’ve got training programs. I’m training companies, I’m training employers, employees, and sales. I’ve got one, two, three. I’ve got four. Yup. I’ve got four people, four coaches that work for me or say, work with me. We’re building a team. I’ve got two business partners, our company this year. 2019 did over $1 million in sales.

We’re projected to more than double that in 2020. And man, I’m just, I cannot believe, where I am today. Things are just, things are amazing. That’s on the, that’s on the business side. But I don’t want to stop there on the faith side, you know, the God’s side. I told you earlier, I’ve been elevated against my will against my whale, but I’ve been elevated to elder in my church.

I just believe in doing the work versus having a title. So God is really, you know, so I’m, I hate to call it preaching, right? People say, if you’re not, what are you talking about? I said, well, I’m talking at church. You call it, preach it. I call it talking to a church. So I’m talking at church, I’m delivering messages that is setting people free.

my faith in God is, is at a whole nother level. my family, I, my oldest son, Judah, is joining the military next year, and he’s going into the Navy July. My wife has retired Navy. And, my second son, Josiah again, he’s Magnum Coolata. He’s 16. They got two beautiful girls. both of them lash last week, two weeks ago.

They are praising God. Joel was at church. she choreographed at 12 years old. She choreographed her own dance routine that she did at church. You know, praising God. Jayna saying at church. So, my family, my wife, Aaron is my rock. She’s my centerpiece. She’s my biggest fan. I love her because she tells me what I, you know, what I need to hear versus what a lot of times people just tell you what you, what you want to hear.

David Pasqualone (Host): [01:14:47] Yes. A sign of a great wife and a true friend.

Steve Wilmer (Guest): [01:14:49] Oh my goodness. Yes. So she, man, when I’m, when I’m down, she lifts me up. When I’m left, when I’m lifting up too high, she brings me down, you know? and then my [01:15:00] finances, you know? So I talk about the four F’s, faith, family, fitness and finances, and then my finances.

God has blessed me, man, that I’m able to give so much to people, to my church, to strangers. And in order to be able to give, you got to have. And so when I tell you I’m blessed in every area, I mean, good health. My family’s in good health. Man. I just, again, I’m bragging, but I’m bragging on God.

David Pasqualone (Host): [01:15:27] Amen to that.

Yeah. And this isn’t something that, it wasn’t overnight. It wasn’t something that, you know, you just inherited. You’re inherited from God. But I’m saying you didn’t inherit it from like a family member. This is something that you said, you’re 51 years old. Yes. And you’ve worked every step of the way. You know, you went to the service and the post office and Laura enforced me state farm agent, and this has been building and I love it.

You keep saying, I’m just starting, I’m just starting.

Steve Wilmer (Guest): [01:15:55] I’m just starting doing, I am just starting. I’m just starting.

David Pasqualone (Host): [01:15:58] But see, people listening, they’re thinking, no, you’ve been building and doing this and now you’ve arrived. But Steve’s got the right perspective. He’s on the journey

Steve Wilmer (Guest): [01:16:06] or the journey. Nope. I’m never, I had the pleasure of meeting John Maxwell.

I don’t know if you guys know who John Maxwell is, but I had the pleasure of seeing him speak about four different times, and I can remember one of the times I spoke, and I don’t know how old John Maxwell is. golly, I don’t, I just have no idea. I’m going to say 70 something. I don’t have no idea. But even at that age, he was sitting on stage on a chair, a high chair, when a podium would like some notes in front of him, and he’s speaking to this audience of thousands of people.

And I’m like, man, are you kidding me? Because it’s his gift is what he loves to do. And so people say, are you ever going to retire? That’s not even work. I can see myself 20 years from now, 25 is God blessed me that my health is still good for me to be sitting on a stage. You know, on a high chair with a podium, I won’t be running around, you know, doing pushups on stage and yelling at people.

You know, like some of my bootcamps I do right now, but sitting on a stage answering questions like what we’re doing right now, and thank you, Dave, for what you’re doing, man with these podcasts and dive in deep. And you know, it’s all about changing people’s lives. but man, I can see myself doing exactly what we’re doing right now, 25 years from now.

So how can you retire. You know, from that, being able to bless people, encourage people, you know, and be able to, to be able to, to instill in others what God has instilled in me over the years. So, man, I can be doing this. Until the day that he, till the day he brings me home, man,

David Pasqualone (Host): [01:17:42] let me bring this up. The first time you saw John Maxwell was that, that the Pensacola Bay center civic center.

Steve Wilmer (Guest): [01:17:47] Yeah. It was

David Pasqualone (Host): [01:17:48] the first time sitting on stage. I remember that.

Steve Wilmer (Guest): [01:17:51] So I saw him here in Pensacola. He cane. That was once, and then, the second time was in Houston, Texas, at a network, at a network marketing, event. then I saw him, and this was really good. It was a very personal invitation, invitation only.

It was only about 200 of us. And so he was literally so 200 in a room that was kind of like oval shape. So he was literally maybe, I don’t know, 30 feet or so. And because of the way the room was built all around him, and then of course, it’s not me that, you know, had another event where we’re, you know, thousands of people.

But, in each time, just I look at him and the, you know, the information gives, one of my favorite books is the 15 invaluable laws of growth by John Maxwell, the 15 invaluable laws of growth. You’re talking about reading? I’m reading another book by him right now called leader shift, S, H. I F T leader shift by John Maxwell.

I’m reading that book right now. I’m reading another book right now by Frank Bettger, how I raised myself from failure to success in sales. I’ve read that book. You read that book? Great book. I’m reading another book right now. This is a crazy one. It’s really short, really simple. It was recommended me about, you know, someone, it says how to get people to like you in 90 seconds or less.

And so, and so. Now think about this. Dave talked earlier about reading. I hate re, I, I don’t know how you can get this through your head. You say, how are you reading these books or you hate reading? I literally hate to read. Don’t like it, but I like the information that I get, you know, from it. And so when I say I’m reading these books, guys, I will literally leave, sit down, and I would either read 10 pages or I would just read a chapter.

So like there’s a chapter and let’s say the chapter and it has five pages. I’ll just read that chapter today. I’m going to do the whole 10 pages. I read that chapter, I go to the next book. I may read 10 pages, six pages. I’ll make a Martin, and like Dave said, I’m highlighting because I don’t like to read.

[01:20:00] I’m not as quick as other people, you know, with reading, it takes me a while to to understand the information I’m highlighting. I go, Oh my God, that was really, really, really good. And my phone. I’m T and my phone and my notes section on Evernote. I have sections from a through Z and a through Z. And so if I read something that’s really good that starts with an a, a nice quote, a life, nice thought, whatever, I put it in the A’s.

Same thing with the bees, the seat. So it’s all in there. I got a section just called quotes, something hits mango on my kindness. So good. Boom. I throw it right in my phone under, you know, under quotes. Yep. So there are all kinds of little tricks that you can do to make you become a better person because when you become better.

Everything around you becomes better. The reason that my business is grown away that it is, is because I’m growing the way that I am and as soon as I stopped growing, I guarantee you the business will stop growing as well,

David Pasqualone (Host): [01:20:59] and it’s a lot of work. It’s a lot of work. You have to stay consistent, but it’s, the results are amazing.

Yeah. And who was, everybody wants a result, but nobody wants to put in the work. So as the listener be the exceptional one, you can do this. You’re listening now to Steve. We grew up. Stutter and I don’t want us, again, I don’t want to keep speaking for you, but I know you and we’ve talked, but statistically, bro,

Steve Wilmer (Guest): [01:21:23] honestly, that’d be here.

David Pasqualone (Host): [01:21:26] I had a very successful man look at me one day and he’s like, you should be in prison. I’m like, I know, right? If you look at the odds, it’s Steve and I faced and not because we’re great, because God’s good. We just, the decisions we made. Where I’m not going to do this. Steve would not steal. All his friends were stealing.

I would not do certain things while everybody else said it was okay. We made decisions and we live with the consequences of our decisions, but God brought the fruit, and if you’re listening now, please, please, please don’t quit. I love Winston Churchill. Never, never, never quit. You know that guy, everybody hated him and he was allowed to continue as prime minister because one individual hated him, Hitler, Hitler.

Everybody hated Winston Churchill at that time, and Hitler hated him. But Hitler feared him because he knew he wouldn’t quit. He’s like, everybody else is going to cower to me and bow to me, but this crazy cigar smoking Churchill, he’s going to give me problems. And he was a catalyst to change the world.

And so when you’re there, read, and I remember hearing statistics, if you’re comparing yourself to other people, Steve, you can chime in on comparison. That’s the stupidest thing you can do, because when you compare here, either getting a fat head or you’re feeling horrible about yourself. and I go at Steve fee comparison comparison.

I’m going to finish that thought, but I want you to jump in on comparison cause I hate it.

Steve Wilmer (Guest): [01:23:00] So when we talk about comparison, it’s something man is so dangerous and it is something that if we’re not careful, we can all do. So the only person that you should be competing against is yourself. And then, okay, Amina, the only person she could be competing against is yourself.

Whatever you did yesterday to be better today than I was yesterday. So that’s the first thing is do not compare because even though we all have, you know, some of the same, what’s the word I’m looking for? Some we have the same opportunities. we all were built with different gifts. So I give you an example.

Let’s say, so Dave had this amazing podcast. He’s an amazing interviewer. So let’s say if I said, you know what, I think I want to start a podcast. And now start comparing myself today. That’s a mistake. That is absolutely a mistake. I cannot compare myself today. I can learn from Dave. I can get hints from Dave.

I can be mentored by day, but I can’t compare myself today. So when you start comparing yourself to somebody else, I promise you that’s the, that’s the mistake. I want to go back to you. You mentioned Western Churchill, man, you won’t talk about some of the quotes that I love. That came from Winston Churchill.

You talked about circumstances. You are not a product of your circumstances. You are a product of your decisions. Write that down guys. You are not a product of your circumstances. You are a product of your decisions. You’ve heard my circumstance. You’ve had Dave circumstances. Some of you listening right now.

I guarantee you your circumstances. We’ll put ours to shame weeding. Go through. 10% of the things you’ve went through or the things you’re going through right now, but we can never use those things as an excuse. two things from Western Churchill that I love that I live by today. One of his quotes says, success is stumbling from failure to failure with no loss of enthusiasm.

I [01:25:00] love that, right? Because I don’t want you for one second to think that I’m successful today without ever failing. I failed over and over and over again. We’ve, you know, there’s a same very cliche. You know, success is, you get knocked down eight times. Right? You get up, you know, but you get up. So it’s not as, so, I don’t want to sound cliche, but that’s really what it is.

It’s not that like I’ve never, ever failed before. It’s just that I continue to move on. I refuse to, I refuse to quit,

David Pasqualone (Host): [01:25:28] and he lives it. He’s sitting here right now with the Miami dolphins shirt and watch on .

Steve Wilmer (Guest): [01:25:36] All right. Four and 11 this year, baby. Four and 11 that’s right. 27 24 but we’re not going to bring that up.

David Pasqualone (Host): [01:25:43] Flags are at half ass.

Steve Wilmer (Guest): [01:25:46] And then the last thing I’ll say from Winston Churchill, I want you to, I want you to really get this, because this is important. He tells a story, right? Where, you know, probably during the same time you’re just talking about, about, you know, the, the war. But he tells a story about how his generalist came and they were having a meeting and he says to his general, is this guys, what’s going on?

He says, you are losing battle after battle, and if you keep this up, we’re going to end up losing the war. And this generals look at him and they say, sir, we’re doing our best. And Winston Churchill looks at his generals and he says, I don’t need you to do your best. I need you to do what’s necessary. So why is that so important?

The reason it’s so important is this. You may be saying to yourself, you know what? I’m doing my best. Doing your best may not be good enough. You’ve got to do what’s necessary. You’ve got to go to the next level. If you know what’s necessary, you may have to read more. Right? What’s necessary math to work out more?

What’s necessary? You may have to do something that’s going to, there’s going to take your family to the next level. What’s necessary with your finances. I dunno, you may have to cut up every last one of your credit cards. What’s necessary? Have to give somebody else access to your finances and make sure you’re not overspending or whatever the case may be.

So life if you want to have a successful life. I know this sounds hard, but when you say I’m doing my best, a lot of people use that as a cop out.

David Pasqualone (Host): [01:27:15] Yeah. Excuses.

Steve Wilmer (Guest): [01:27:16] Excuses. Right? So you doing your best. Listen to me. Don’t, don’t ever say, I’m just doing my best. If you’re not getting the job done, you’ve got to turn that around and you’ve literally got to do what’s necessary.

Excuses are the tools of the incompetent used to be a monuments of nothingness, and those who specialize in the frequent use of them seldom succeed at anything else. Therefore, I have no excuses

David Pasqualone (Host): [01:27:44] and Franklin, those who are good at making excuses are usually getting nothing else.

Steve Wilmer (Guest): [01:27:49] There you go.

David Pasqualone (Host): [01:27:50] And you listen.

That’s one of my major struggles in life, and I don’t go and choose excuses. My mind defaults to excuses

Steve Wilmer (Guest): [01:27:59] and human if you’re human.

David Pasqualone (Host): [01:28:03] So you struggle with that too.

Steve Wilmer (Guest): [01:28:04] Yeah, but you got to wreck it again. It’s the bird. Yup. You’ve got to recognize it for what? You can’t stop the thought from coming. You know how man, you won’t talk about excuses.

Dave, here’s how I get, here’s how I got past excuses. That’s what made me write the book. Nobody cares. Work harder here and I talk about it in the book. Here’s how I got past excuses. You heard me earlier say that I lost my son, Reginald when he was 19 years old, right? So think about it is, at the time I was working for the post office, there was no guys, there was no self development at the time.

I didn’t own my own business. I was living from paycheck to paycheck. I was struggling, okay? I’m at the post office. I get a phone call. Your son’s at the hospital, he’s sick. By the time I go back to the office, drop my mail off, drive to the, and drive to the hospital, he passed away. when I’m talking about no one day, boom, your son’s sick.

Boom, he passed away. So imagine everybody’s devastated every, I mean, I’m devastated. Just lost my son. Needless to say, I did not go to work. For the next two, three weeks.  work was not on my mind, but guess what was still due on the first of the month. Dave, your rent my rent, right? We had a mortgage, we had bills.

I literally remember guys calling the mortgage company saying, you know what, I haven’t worked in the last couple of weeks. You know, I did a, it didn’t have enough leave, you know, so my paycheck was really short and I just lost my son. And I just, you know, want to know if I can maybe have some time to catch up, not pay my, my mortgage.

And the lady said, Oh my goodness, I’m so sorry to hear about your son. We still want our money. Yup. And I was like, people, excuses just don’t work. They don’t work. They don’t mean [01:30:00] anything to anybody else other than yourself. She said she was sorry, but they still wanted their money. So the excuses that you’re making on why you can’t get the job done, it’s not valid unless the people that you owe money to go, you know what?

Don’t worry about paying us our money if everybody says that, and then your excuses valid. If they don’t say it, your excuse is in valid, get your butt to work.

David Pasqualone (Host): [01:30:29] And what’s the military saying? Adapting.

Steve Wilmer (Guest): [01:30:32] Improvise, adapt and overcome.

David Pasqualone (Host): [01:30:34] That’s right. That’s right. You have to, you have to do it. So if you’re discouraged, if you’re in a hole, if you’re in a rut, Hey, congratulations.

You’re human.

Steve Wilmer (Guest): [01:30:43] There you go.

David Pasqualone (Host): [01:30:44] Take those lemons. Make some woman lemonade and we’re talking, me and Steve are still struggling. We all have struggles.

Steve Wilmer (Guest): [01:30:50] It makes you stronger though.

David Pasqualone (Host): [01:30:51] Yeah, absolutely. It makes you stronger, but not if you quit

Steve Wilmer (Guest): [01:30:55] and yeah, if you quit, if

David Pasqualone (Host): [01:30:57] you quit, you’re a statistic. Yup. If you keep moving on, even if it’s, sometimes I have the images in my head, I picture things in visual many times, and there’s times where I’m lying on the ground holding onto a rock.

I’m like climbing a mountain. That’s what I feel like. That’s what I’m visualizing and my job is to get to the top of that mountain, and I’m not walking up the Hill. I’m not running up the Hill. Sometimes I’m just holding on and just pulling myself six inches. He had that much closer and taking the next handhold.

Wow. And that’s all I can do. Yeah, but I’m still moving forward. Yeah. I’m not going to let myself let go. I’m not falling off that mountain. I’m not, and there’s times where we do slide and this sounds where you jump.

Steve Wilmer (Guest): [01:31:35] Yeah. All right.

David Pasqualone (Host): [01:31:36] Crap. I just lost a thousand feet. Yeah. Now I’m going to reclaim it. Plus the rest.

Steve Wilmer (Guest): [01:31:42] Man, you made me think of just about this, and you can go look on YouTube for this, and I don’t understand, I don’t know the name of it, but there is a video of a, a bear at the top of a mountain. like a black bear or grizzly bear at the top of a snow field mountain and the baby bear slips down. And so go to YouTube and just search that.

So what you just said day reminds me of that watch. I mean, it is a long video. Okay. Where the baby bear sliding. I’m the mom is at the top. The baby bear slides down and the baby wears crawling up this snowfield mountain. He gets almost to the top, loses the splitty slides all the way back down again at no time and no time.

Does the baby bear stop sit there and be like, well, somebody’s going to come and get me. As soon as he slides down, he gets, he keeps crawling up. Up up, boom, Laos, and in my mind I’m thinking, dude, take a rest. You just slid off, calm down, take a rest. Nope. He’s frantic. He’s trying to get, he never ever stops.

He doesn’t slow down. He doesn’t take a break. He keeps moving till he gets to the top, and the whole time I’m thinking, okay, mom, he’s, aren’t you going to go down there with them? Aren’t you going to, Nope. Moms at a time like, okay, you better get your butt up here. Tough love template. The baby bear never stopped.

So when I hear you talking about the, the vision, you have the dream you have. The problem is when people slide down, they stop. People are thinking right now, I’m not really giving up. I go to work every single day and I work hard. I hear what you’re saying, but if you’re honest, you’ve probably given up on your dream.

Yep. If you’re honest, you probably given up on your, on your marriage. If you’re honest, you probably given up on a lot of things that you want out of life that you thought to yourself, it’s too hard. It’s too difficult. I don’t know how to do it. I don’t have the money to do it. I’m just gonna I’m just gonna keep doing it.

It’s too late for me. Right? I’m too black. I’m too white. I’m too old. I’m too young. The system is against me. People are against any excuses that you’re making. You’ve probably given up. You don’t have I man in this society, unfortunate today. I really don’t think you have to be that great. I just don’t.

I don’t think you have to be that great. I just think that what the problem is, if a lot of people have just given up. And so the people that don’t give up, the people that who do go after their dreams, then those are the ones who are going to be successful because the average person just kind of throws their hands up and say, I’m destined to do this, and you fill in the blank, whatever this is, right?

I’m destined to do this federal restaurant, my life, and that’s how I believe that I’m being able to do to be successful is because I’m just willing to do a little bit more. I agree

David Pasqualone (Host): [01:34:42] with you 100% and that goes back to that term average. . Some people say what’s average and who want don’t be average. Be exceptional.

Be remarkable. You know, if you want to be average, you’re probably wouldn’t be listening to this podcast.

Steve Wilmer (Guest): [01:34:56] If you’re listening as pause and you go, you’re not average. [01:35:00] The average person does not listen to podcasts.

David Pasqualone (Host): [01:35:02] Exactly. You have that inside of you still have fire burning. Put some, just keep stoking that fire.

Keep putting fuel on it. you know, I remember just reading. We keep telling reading, we keep telling him growing. Why has Steven and I talking about this so much? Cause it’s important, very important. But you know, there’s a quote, not quote statistics that the average person reads one page every 60 seconds.

That crushed me. That kept me from reading for years. Literally years. I didn’t read a book. Even the ones I had to in school, I cheat. I’d skim, I lie. I mean, I just make crap up. I do everything I could not to read until I was out of college and what I learned is who cares if the average person takes 60 seconds?

I take three minutes, three

Steve Wilmer (Guest): [01:35:49] minutes. I felt like, no, I

David Pasqualone (Host): [01:35:52] just physically was so slow. Now I take probably the average. 42 about to be 43 years old. So at 20 years of literal real reading, and I’m finally, to my average . But do you ever have zone reading where you’re just in the zone? It’s like, I don’t know if that’s a real term, but that’s what I,

Steve Wilmer (Guest): [01:36:14] it’s so good.

Oh my God. Yeah. Yeah. When you

David Pasqualone (Host): [01:36:17] find a book, and I’m not, again, I don’t want to speak for Steve, but I’m not reading and Harlequin romance novels. That’s porn. Listen, if you want to watch porn, if you’re judging somebody for watching porn, you’re reading smug books. You’re watching porn too. If you’re reading books about fantasy and adventure, you know that’s, that’s fine.

I’m not saying you shouldn’t do it. But I got maybe statistically on average, 72 years to live. I’m already 43 I’ve had been critically ill three years in my life, and I’m just flat out ugly,

Steve Wilmer (Guest): [01:36:45] so I don’t really agree with, I would agree with Dave on it. Yeah. So

David Pasqualone (Host): [01:36:51] I don’t know what my life expectancy is, but I personally don’t read nonfiction.

Unless it’s a truly exceptional circumstance. And one thing Steve

Steve Wilmer (Guest): [01:37:02] said,

David Pasqualone (Host): [01:37:03] I mean, I don’t read fiction. I’m sorry I read nonfiction, but, I want to read things that are gonna help me grow things to be a better husband, a better father, a better friend, to, okay if I’m going to invest eight hours at work or 12 hours at work or lately with this podcast, 18 hours seriously, 18 hour days.

Steve Wilmer (Guest): [01:37:17] Yeah.

David Pasqualone (Host): [01:37:18] But how can I do it better? How can I be better? How can I grow? And that’s what Steve and I are talking about. but you can get into zone reading, just like you can get in sports. Every shot you take, you make in basketball, or you’re in there and you, you shoot a take down in wrestling and you pin the dude in 13 seconds.

You’ll read and I’ll just click and manual fly through that book, and you’ll read a, a book that the average person should have taken eight, 10 hours and you’ll walk knock it out in three. So just keep going. Don’t quit. And, listen to what we’re saying. The slogan for this podcast is listened to repeat for life.

Steve Wilmer (Guest): [01:37:53] That’s

David Pasqualone (Host): [01:37:54] it. That’s, that’s the thing. Listen to what we’re saying. Do it, apply it repeated over and over again. For your life and for life, Steve, right now, you put a lot of work in baby, but you’re making seven figures. How’s that feel?

Steve Wilmer (Guest): [01:38:07] unreal. Unreal.

David Pasqualone (Host): [01:38:10] Do you have regrets about making seven figures? Nope. By putting all that hard work in?

Steve Wilmer (Guest): [01:38:14] Nope. Nope. Nope. And so then, and so now it’s like, okay, so now, so how do I make multiple? Yup. You know what I mean? How do I, how do I make multiple? So how does the, how does the little Blackboard from the projects. With a 1.9 GPA with no college who

David Pasqualone (Host): [01:38:27] likes dolphins.

Steve Wilmer (Guest): [01:38:29] Right? Right. To be able to go, you know, to be able to go there.

And so that’s why I say, man, you know, I’m a, you know, you and I were talking before we actually started recording where I’m talking about the ideas, you know, that God gives people, you know, and how God told me, you know, it says you’re special, but you’re not exclusive. You know, I give these ideas to people all the time.

They just don’t act on them. So when you said, listen, to repeat, the key is the do part. Lot of people, a lot of people will listen, but they won’t do, you know what I mean? They won’t do. And so these ideas, man, the promotion comes from God. all I did was the do part, you know, do you see what I’m talking about?

Reading the books that Dave was talking about? And I love how you’re talking about the type of bugs. Cause sometimes I’ll ask people, you know, what book are you reading? And I’m not, I got no problem if you want to, I don’t care what kind of books you read. But I, me personally just talking about me now, I only read books that add value, okay?

Not books to entertain. If the book is not going to add value, I don’t have time board. Okay. And I don’t want you guys to also think that I don’t watch television. I watch television. I, but I bet you I don’t watch as much television as the average person. And when I do watch television, it is late at night after I’ve already done everything else I’m supposed to do.

Okay. So I do watch television. There are a couple of shows that I love. You know, but, they’re, they’re recorded. [01:40:00] So once I’m done with my work, boom, I sit down at night and then I’ll watch an hour of the show.

David Pasqualone (Host): [01:40:04] And sometimes your brain needs that.

Steve Wilmer (Guest): [01:40:06] You gotta decompress. Yeah. You gotta you know, you’ve got to be a decompress.

So, but it’s not the average, you know, like the, the average person does. So the type of books that you read, I think are extremely important. You know, if it’s not adding value, I don’t take the time to read it. And then once I do read it, I gotta do the part, what it says that you do, and then that’s how you have success advice life.


David Pasqualone (Host): [01:40:27] And then you, I find enjoyment in reading. I like now, I never did my whole life, but like, I’ll actually laugh and I’ll like be like, Oh, that’s good. Or man, I think I need to work on this. Like you get emotion from reading a good book and I don’t read, I don’t just pick up books. And I, Steve mentioned it, he said his friend recommended a book about 30 minutes ago.

I will only read books. That I have been recommended for I someone I trust or something that I’ve really vetted. Because if you watch the wrong movies or you listen to the wrong music, or if you read the wrong books, that influences your behavior. You know the joke, you are what you eat well. You are what you eat spiritually.

You are what you eat mentally. You are what you eat physically. And mentally. So if you’re reading crap, crap in crap, Oh,

Steve Wilmer (Guest): [01:41:22] right.

David Pasqualone (Host): [01:41:23] If you’re reading good books, good in, good out. There’s a guy I’ve never met and I’d love to meet him. Did you? I am. I don’t want to see his name and butcher it, but I think it’s Steve Schuster.

Have you ever heard of him? He started the rainforest cafes and he wrote the end. He started a bunch of, of businesses. I think it’s Schuessler. I forgive me if I’m pronouncing it wrong, Steve, you ever hear this for giving me a number one?

Steve Wilmer (Guest): [01:41:47] If you want to

David Pasqualone (Host): [01:41:48] come on the

Steve Wilmer (Guest): [01:41:48] podcast or just have dinner, let me know.

David Pasqualone (Host): [01:41:50] But this guy’s book was one of my favorite books of all time. It’s entertaining. It’s motivating. It’s in your face, but you want to talk about an entrepreneur who didn’t take no. I don’t want to even talk about the stories cause it’s that good. I will read that book and audibly laugh out loud and read it to my kids in the car and they didn’t want me to stop because it’s true stories of his life.

And to me, why read fiction? There’s so much truth. It’s so

Steve Wilmer (Guest): [01:42:18] good.

David Pasqualone (Host): [01:42:19] And again, if he’s above fiction, I’m sorry. You’re good. Yeah. I mean you, you do what you’ve got to do, but, and I’d rather you read fiction than nothing cause it’s moving that part of

Steve Wilmer (Guest): [01:42:27] the brain.

David Pasqualone (Host): [01:42:28] But you still got to be careful, you know, if I’m watching movies with a bunch of.

I mean, what do you want to call it? Like violence, like just you’re watching trash movies, you’re going to think like trash.

Steve Wilmer (Guest): [01:42:37] Exactly. Has an influence. It has an influence on you either way. Yep. Right. And either way, so you hear Dave and I talking about the, the, the, the, the set and I called them self development and the book is going to develop you as a self development book.

It is going to have a positive impact on your life. If you read a book that is, that there’s not sub development is going to have an impact on your life. Same thing that you watch. Like he keeps saying junk in, junk out. So. You are what you eat,

David Pasqualone (Host): [01:43:10] and you said you’re not a product to your circumstances, your product, your decisions, you start making better decisions or you

Steve Wilmer (Guest): [01:43:15] go,

David Pasqualone (Host): [01:43:16] that’s the theme that we’re going for and we hit that.

Sorry. Let’s, let’s wrap this up for the listeners. Let’s wrap this up for you. We went through some of your past. Grab Steve’s books, learn more. It’s interesting and life lessons you can learn from your present. You talked about it humbly. You’re going a lot going on. A lot of positive. But I want to throw this one thought for the future civic center, Bay center, wherever you want to call it.

When’s it coming, baby?

Steve Wilmer (Guest): [01:43:43] Man, did you, I told you about this or no, did

David Pasqualone (Host): [01:43:46] I? I read your book and me and you are very similar, bro. I’m telling you, we have a more in common than, you know, aside from sports teams, we’ve got a lot in common.

Steve Wilmer (Guest): [01:43:54] I can’t believe this. I cannot believe you. So listen to this. So what Dave is talking about is, and my first book tend to, when I wrote.

Geez, I dunno, four years ago. And the very first chapter is called scream. The dream when it really talks about is having a dream and then you know, following your dream. So I start them. The whole book starts off with me telling the story of me speaking, you know, of of what it is, like what it be like for me to speak at the Pensacola Bay center and the Pensacola Bay center here in Pensacola is like the.

It’s like the, the biggest, you know, venue is the, it’s where all the concerts are held. like you mentioned John Maxwell’s where we saw John Maxwell. Yup. Okay. And so I start off with that. I’m just starting my speaking business four years ago, and the ultimate is to speak at the Pensacola base center.

And people say, are you going to speak there? I said, yep. When? I don’t know. How’s it going to happen? I don’t know. But I had a vision and I wrote the vision down. So Dave, this is going to blow your mind. Blow [01:45:00] your mind. Here we are four years later, about a month ago, maybe, I don’t know, three weeks ago. So I get a phone call from an individual.

She’s putting on an event. it’s an entrepreneur event and she says to me, we want you to be the keynote speaker. We don’t know if you’re available, but here’s what we’re going to do. We know we’re expecting thousands of people. We, last year we had at the university of West Florida, it was really good.

And, and I, and so I’m looking at my dates and everything and what is it going to be about? Can I add value? And I said, okay, well, it’s going to be held at a university again this year. She says, no, it’s gonna be held at the Pensacola base center. And I’m like, woo. I’m like, whatever. Stop it. And she was like, what are you, what are you talking about?

What do you mean stop it? I said, who puts you up to this? And she begins to tell me, and I began to tell her she hasn’t read the book. She has no idea that I wrote that in my book four years ago. And so come may this year, I am going to be speaking at the Pensacola Bay center,

David Pasqualone (Host): [01:46:10] and as long as I can be, I will

Steve Wilmer (Guest): [01:46:11] be there.

And that’s awesome. And it is,

David Pasqualone (Host): [01:46:17] that didn’t happen by stand still. That happened by moving forward. Right? God will redirect you as you go, and then you hit the goal.

Steve Wilmer (Guest): [01:46:25] And the thing is this, I never. I knew it was going to happen. I didn’t know how it was going to happen. I never called the Pensacola basins and, Hey, what do I need to do to speak?

And I’m not telling you, like if you want to do something like that, not not to do it, but I just did what I was supposed to do today. Today. I just kept doing what I supposed to do. It kept hitting the, somebody reached out to me and said, Hey, we want to have, and I get, I get those calls a lot. You know, God has blessed me to get those calls a lot.

Hey, can you speak here? Are you busy here? Can you do this? Can you do that? What about, you know, how much would you charge them? So I get those calls a lot. And so when I got this call from her, I was like, you gotta be kidding. And so I’m doing it for free. Oh wow. I’m doing it for free. She wrapped her jaw about dropped.

That’s awesome. Yup.

David Pasqualone (Host): [01:47:12] And your kids will be there. And

Steve Wilmer (Guest): [01:47:13] yeah. And so think about me being on stage, being able to, cause I already got my opening. I’m just simply there introduced me and I’m just simply going to read. You know what I, what I wrote in the book, because it’ll be happening live right then.

David Pasqualone (Host): [01:47:31] That’s awesome.

Be a historic moment buddy.

Steve Wilmer (Guest): [01:47:33] It will. It will.

David Pasqualone (Host): [01:47:35] Well, Steve, I appreciate you being here. You’ve covered a lot. Anything else you want to tie up, clarify, add in? Anything we missed that you think the audience and the listeners need to hear?

Steve Wilmer (Guest): [01:47:45] I would say just go to my website. My contact information is on there.

If you want to reach out to me, you can send me an email. You have any questions you want to talk. I want to say my cell phone numbers and I can’t remember.

David Pasqualone (Host): [01:47:57] Well, we’re going to put links in the show notes to your website and information you want. That was my next question. What is the best way to get to reach you?

Steve Wilmer (Guest): [01:48:04] website, Steve wilmer.com. Shoot me an email, steve@stevewilmer.com. Any questions that you have a talk, you know, ask your questions. You know, man, one of the things about owning your own business and having the freedom. Is when I go and I speak, and I do the, I do training, mostly training people right now.

but at the very end, the very last slide, it says that, you know how God loves you. And so I want to leave this podcast with the same message I have at every single time I speak, is that God loves you. You are important. Everything that concerns you, concerns him. And if you would like for me or my wife to pray with you, pray for you.

All you have to do is send us an email and again that Steve at Steve Wilmer, w I L M E r.com, steve@stevewilmer.com. Again, I love you. God loves you. And thank you so much, Dave, for allowing me to be here with you, man. Like I said before, we started so, so, so proud of you simply because God gave you an idea.

Like it gives a lot of people ideas, right? You’re right. You’re, you’re, you’re, you’re special, but you’re not exclusive. The only difference is you have taken this idea. You’ve run with it, and because you’ve done that, man, you’ve been able to bless so many people give out so much information and so many people.

He created you. He’s blessing you for you to be a blessing. So thank you for what you’re doing. I really, really appreciate it. Thanks for having me,

David Pasqualone (Host): [01:49:33] man. Thanks for being our tastes, my joy. And for you as a listener, we love you. We truly do. Even though we may not have ever met you, we love you. We’re here for you.

Check out the show notes. You can get ahold of Steve and get ahold of myself. You can watch that baby, their video. We’ll make sure we get that show note in there. If this podcast helped you, please just give us a like, or read it on Apple podcast or Google podcast. Share it with your friends and family people you think it can help.

And If you can’t give us a five star [01:50:00] view, shoot me an email. Tell me why Dave, you’re ugly and you need to fix it. I mean, no, I want to know how I can be better. I got tough skin. Let it rip it all work through it. But again, thanks for being here today, Steve. Thank you for being here as a listener and we love you and I go do something.

Steve Wilmer (Guest): [01:50:17] Amen.

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