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Svetlana Newsome | Surviving Sudden Loss, Experiencing Abundant Miracles, & Living in the Light Freedom



Have you heard the one about the young girl from Kazakhstan that use to sell vegetables and pickled foods at the age of 6 to help pay the bills? You know, the one where she always seemed to be guided by the Light and drawn to the American dream?

In this week’s episode, learn how our guest immigrated to America, found love, was living her dream within only 5 short years, and then her whole life turned upside down after the sudden loss of her husband. See how she escaped the darkness of despair, found the Light and healing, met and married her true love, and is now teaching us how we can do it all too. Ladies & Gentlemen, welcome to the Svetlana Newsome story!



Svetlana Newsome is a Divine Energy Healer and a founder of The Light Freedom. Once a widow that was lost in grief today she is living and teaching the way of Light. Through her healing practices, forgiveness work, and transformational courses she helps people to create a beautiful life. A life that they love living.



  • “The hardest thing about losing someone you love, is losing all your dreams (with them).” – Svetlana Newsome



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  • Link to the High vibrational mantra Svetlana was referring to in this episode: https://open.spotify.com/track/7tcas5SzlIDMgTepFemx9e?si=LfSTwtfmQZGE16ioyLD1ZQ



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While we are very thankful for all of our guests, please understand that we do not necessarily hold, or endorse the same beliefs, views, and positions that they may have. We respectfully agree to disagree in some areas and thank God for the blessing and privilege of free will.

Full Episode Transcript

Svetlana Newsome | Surviving Sudden Loss, Experiencing Abundant Miracles, & Living in the Light Freedom

RPP E75 Svetlana Newsome: Hello friends. I’m David Pasqualone and welcome to this week’s episode of the Remarkable People Podcast, the Svetlana Newsome story!

Svetlana, Thank you for being here today!

It’s so good to be here today, which was you today. Thank you for having me any time and to our community around the world, you are going to love . We met through her husband, who you probably heard in a former epic. Jeremy Newsome. He is the investor that went from broke to woke, overcame alcoholism, figured out how [00:01:00] to invest by a catalyst of watching forest Gump.

And now we have his lovely bride, which they had their first child together. And she’ll be telling you all about that, but is a life coach and energy healer. She teaches classes. I don’t want to take away her thunder. I’m going to let her share this, but I’ve personally been spending time with her and she’s been coaching me.

And I’ve got tons of benefit, which I’ll tell you about in a different episode, but Svetlana is a real deal. She’s kind compassionate, loving, and really knows her stuff. So what are you going to be able to learn in this episode? You’re going to be learned how to basically channel your energy, right?

Spelling. Yes, you’re going to be able to learn how to take your dreams and make them a reality. And you’re going to learn a ton more, but to get to that point, just like all our episodes, we’re going to go through the past what path that God takes. FedLine on to make her who [00:02:00] she is today. Then we’ll transition into where she is today and where she’s going.

So after she helps us for an hour, we’ll be able to help her get there. So that’s it on at this time, can you please start with your story? Where are you from? How did your life begin and just bring us through what you think we want it. We need to know. Well originally I am from Kazakhstan. It’s a very big country, right in the middle of the map.

I know when I met my husband, he wasn’t really sure where the country was or even if it was real, he thought that it was a made up country that he saw in the movie. So I recognize that a lot of people don’t really know about it, but yeah, so I’m from Kazakhstan was born there and my life was very different than life might be in United States.

And so we grew up quite, quite [00:03:00] poor, but it was a lot of love and it is a freezing, freezing weather in the winter is you don’t want to go there. No winter summers are wonderful. So I started working when I was six years old, to help out my mom and to help out my grandma. And I would sell the seeds and in this soundbite would be fruits, fruits, and vegetable that will grow in our garden flowers.

And in the spring it would be seeds to grow those fruits and vegetables. So I load of that throughout my childhood, just to help out family. I love, and I still don’t eat pickled food Pico food for me, it’s a food of power too, because we will pick up everything and then get it in a winter time. And then in this soundbite, it will be all the [00:04:00] fresh fruits and vegetables.

But anyway, I remember a beautiful divine moment. When I was 13 years old, I was in a bus and. There was not much opportunity for me in my life at that time. And I really was a dreamer. I wanted more for my life. I would watch movies. I would watch documentaries. I remember watching this show every Sunday morning at 10:15 AM.

That would show different countries and places. And I would just look at it was admiration. And one time I was just bawling, crying because I was aware that that could never be me. I can never possibly go to those beautiful places that they were showing. And [00:05:00] I asked my mom how much it would be a plane ticket and it was her two year annual salary.

So it was absolutely. Impossible in that little brain of mine, but I so deeply wanted, I wanted a chance. I wanted an opportunity and I’ll while I was on that bus drive, I got quiet and still, and I had always a very deep spiritual connection was divine and I would speak with angels. And since I was little, I closed my eyes, my eyes, and I asked God, what can I do?

What should I do an audit to have an opportunity in life? And the wives came so strongly and it’s sad. [00:06:00] Learn English, learn English. I thought, okay. Okay, fine. All right. I was thinking to myself, of course, I had to make kind of sense out of it. Like, well, I can be a teacher of English. I can’t have interpreter, interpreter.

I can have more possibilities for job, and that will provide more income for me. Great. So I started my journey, learning English and looking back, I could never, ever in my wildest dreams, so recognize and see through fully the Divine’s plan for me with learn English. So I continued with my English and I enrolled.

I finished high school and I went into the university and the second year of university, there was a [00:07:00] program. Called work and travel where you could come to America and work for a summer and sees the culture and practice your English, which is by the way, what we’ll learn back home and what it is in states is VA VA different?

When I first came, I couldn’t understand much. It felt all like a lot of slang took me a while, but anyway, that opportunity came into my life and I was just, so I was so inspired and I so wanted to come to states. The only problem was that it was $1,800. That was gigantic amount of money that I’ve never, ever seen in my life before.

So I worked three jobs and I was full-time in school. My mom worked full-time and we [00:08:00] saved up everything we could. And, and about a year we were able to able to save up $600. Roughly. How old were you at this time? At that time I was 17. 17. Okay. So, so there we are. We’re short, but my desire was so big and again, I needed and as a miracle, I decided that, well, I know a few people that do okay.

Maybe in life. So I will go and ask them. I got a few nos and then my friend’s father, he had his own business. He borrowed me $1,200. And I’m eternally grateful for him because it absolutely changed the direction of my life. It gave [00:09:00] me, it gave me the lie that I have right now, just his belief in me, and that I will pay back and, you know, borrowing into this child who just has such a passion in his heart.

And so I came to states and I had an amazing time and I worked so hard and I still live in America. My biggest takeaways that some are worm, how men treat women and how equally it was and how much opportunity women had here. I also was just amused by older people because. At 50 back home, people will prepare him to die at 55 was the retirement and they were planning and saving money for their funeral.

And here it’s six, a years old, everyone is excited about their golden age and go travel. And [00:10:00] I remember seeing this older woman, she was probably in her late sixties, it was like low pink nails and short hair. And she was so just reigned in and alive. I was like, wow, there is so much alive and so much more life here.

So I was, I was determined that that is where I want to be. That that is where I want to build my life. So I made $5,000 at seven. It was enough to pay back and enough to, you know, pay for the program again and figure things out. And yes, just a little after a year, went back home and then I came, moved to me.

Okay. Now, when you came with the program, did you stay stationary at one part of America or did you travel throughout the country? I was in New Hampshire. Oh, I’m from outside of Boston, Milford, mass, [00:11:00] New Hampshire is gorgeous. And you went, I was at doing the sound right. Exactly. I didn’t want to be there during the winter time.

Sauer was a wonderful and I mad there were so many international students. We had so much fun on our days off, we would travel around the east coast. And then of course, when I was returned into states, I wanted to visit west coast because I saw all the different Palm trees and ocean and all this magnificent.

I’m like, I want to see that, that America, not just pine trees. I want to see Palm tree. Yeah. And that’s the beauty of every country. It’s so different wherever you go, but there’s a dramatic difference within America. Each state has just such different landscapes and scenery and culture. So that’s awesome.

You’ve got to see that. Go back, pay the money back and then have more to come back again. So let me ask you a question. What did you do to earn that money while you were here? Was that part of the internship or did you get into. [00:12:00] It was, it was what can travel provided a job? So my job was in New Hampshire.

So I flew to New York, took a Greyhound and ended up in New Hampshire and then someone picked it up, picked me up, and then it was another two hour drive to this hotel. And I worked in the hotel. I, I think they already built in it now was called Balsam resort and hotel. And it was a wonderful, wonderful place.

Very beautiful. And they had a dorm for people like me to stay there through the summer and work there. So at first I was doing room service and it wasn’t my two money in it. And I, you know, asked my way through to become a server. And then I waitressed for four good two months. Nice. [00:13:00] And for our listeners, you guys know the show we take, not just vetline a story, but then we’ll break it down to practical steps.

So you can’t too. So if you’re listening to Svetlana and sweat on you, correct me if I’m wrong, or if you want to add to this, what I’m hearing is first you had a vision you wanted to come to America, then you’re praying about it. And then you hear God say, learn English. You don’t understand why, but you will be you follow that next step.

So to all our listeners out there, you know, you have your vision, but then you just got to take action. Even if you don’t always understand it, you take action. And then the next thing is she got the next directive. Hey, go to this exchange school program. Boom. Is that correct line? Is that what I’m hearing this all accurate to teach?

Very mind. So, but it was even just a little bit different. The message for us came. And I had no idea. I was [00:14:00] 13 when I send the message to learn English, the opportunity came so much later. So sometimes we know in our hearts, what is that we’re being told to do in our mind? Doesn’t recognize it or understand it, why it doesn’t make sense?

What should I do? What is it for? But just being that voice within, I been that, that knowing that there is something bigger for me, maybe I don’t see it right now. It will unfold in time and really trusting that intuition and trusting. That was as what? That is. One thing that I relied on my whole life and made my life what it is right now.

Yeah. And then for the listeners, we have people of all different worldviews. We have people who have different religious beliefs, but for whoever you are, all truth [00:15:00] is foundational. It all comes from God. We may use different terms. Some of you might’ve heard the introduction be like, oh, like Dave use words that are taboo in our circle.

Hang on. Cause we’re probably using different words for the same meaning. So you, as a Christian, you might say, I have an unction from the holy one. I know all things are, I heard a still small voice of God. So Svetlana heard that as a child, she looked for the opportunity and she seized it. So for all of us, God’s there and how she describes it.

She may use a little bit different vernacular, but God has God. So Svetlana, I didn’t mean to interrupt, but I definitely want to make sure we’ve got steps that people can follow. So keep going, please. Absolutely. And they’ve also. When I was coming to states and I knew that I I’m, I’m moving that, this, that was it sitting down and having that quiet moment and asking, should I write?

Because it [00:16:00] was scary. I was living everything behind my family. I was going by myself into the new world that I knew very little about. And it was, it was, it was a little scary. I always also love and say, it’s beautiful to be young and delusional and thinking nothing can ever happen to you.

Yeah. So during that time, you quite invincible and it is a great time to take a big leaps of faith. And, but the colon was so strong on my life and I recognized that I would not be able to shine light into the capacities that I do now back home. And I wouldn’t be able to truly to unfold into the person, into my purpose, into my Dharma if I was leaving still there.

So it was just another step [00:17:00] in this big, beautiful painting that is called life. Yeah. Now, so you take this trip, you come back. What happened from the point you came back to America, was your family for it? Were they against it? Did they think you were crazy? Were they jealous? What was going on back home?

Everyone was freaking out because I and said, Hey, I’m, I’m going, I’m moving. And that’s it. And I’m gone. My mother is an incredible support in my life and she always has been, and she did. She supported the decision because she wanted what would be the best for me. And I think it was extremely difficult on her because a lot of people were criticizing her and asking her how she was letting me go.

But in her heart, she just had to trust that everything would be [00:18:00] okay. And again, when you are younger, you just, well, of course my mom loved me and she wanted the best for me and that’s so I came she supported that decision and it was only me and my mother. So everyone else that But it’s a much outside family and they didn’t have much, much impact.

Of course they weren’t for it, but they couldn’t prevent me, I’d say. But I remember when my first son was born and I’m holding my newborn and I’m looking at him with tears just in shock, recognize like, oh my God, I don’t think I could ever let him go. I remember calling my mom on Skype at that time. I’m like, mom, how did you let me go?

Like, how could you? And she said, I cried every night for four years, but I knew that I [00:19:00] wanted something better for you. That’s beautiful. And before we get too far ahead, cause having your son and you know, you’re, you’re married, it’s beautiful. And there’s a twist that the listeners are about to hear, but let’s get to that.

You leave America, you leave your country and forgive me cause ACA, Stan, am I saying it correctly? Okay. I want to make sure I say it correct. We actually have a lot of lists first in Kazakhstan, so I don’t want to offend anybody. When you came to America, it was easy, right? American dream, instant wealth and fame, right.

To talk to everybody, get from where you come to America, where you landed and take us through. So again, I wanted to come to the west coast and I ended up in Las Vegas. Didn’t even research much about it. It just seemed like a great, fabulous idea. Mild Las Vegas. I mean, everyone’s talks about Las Vegas.

Why not to go there, that Palm trees [00:20:00] there and it’s nice and warm. What, I didn’t recognize that it wasn’t just the more of it was extremely hot. And I remember getting out from the plane and in a turtle neck and a jeans was my luggage and it’s like, end of may coming out and I’m like, I cannot even breathe.

It was just so hot and dry. It was it was a shock to my, to my system and for our listeners too. What’s Lana saying she’s not she, if anything, she’s underplaying it. Cause she’s talking about may. If you’re from anywhere in the world and you haven’t been. It’s so hot that I’ve been there during the summer and you open the door at 5:30 AM.

The sun’s barely out and it burns your eyes. If you take an egg and drop it on the concrete, it physically fries. So she went from cold weather to [00:21:00] hot weather. So I just want to make sure everybody has that picture. So that’s just alone on the geography. You’ve got a huge culture shock. Yes. And then it’s all sparkly and beautiful and just, and real and ever since painted.

And anyway I had to find a job, but you fast. So I’m walking in. In a hundred plus degree weather, it’s challenging and it’s own and looking for a job. But I do that lended the job and forum shops to be a sales person there. And then I met some other girls and got to be a roommate with them. So we were in a one bedroom, five of us for a year and a half.

Well, that sounds like fun. Yes, everyone was sleeping. Who knows what, but it was a wonderful time. And the, we made the best out of it. It was very [00:22:00] uncomfortable. I am still grateful for my bad veer myself, but very slowly things started picking up. And first two years is the immigrant a very, very difficult and all immigrants know that it is.

If you live the first two year, that had very hard. And then I went to another job interview and Mandela bay, and I remember being interviewed by this tall, handsome, just mesmerizing man. And I got the job when I started working. I would tell myself, do not. You look at him, don’t you look at him. We don’t do any Senate work.

Just, just [00:23:00] stay, stay straight and keep working. Well, long story short eight months later, I was married to him

as a best high HIO his life. The romance turned out just was, was the energy was very strong with helpful it, we fell in love very, very deeply. And what was his name? Reggie. Reggie. Now, if some of you’re like, wait a second, Dave, you said Jeremy’s her husband. She’ll get to that. So keep telling us about Reggie and meeting him.

Yeah, so it was a very smart and very charismatic. Everyone liked him. He was a great leader as well. And he was from South Carolina originally. I still remember going there for the first time and visiting his family and not understanding anything they were saying. [00:24:00] Very true. Yes. A Southern accent was some signals and they had a very hard time understanding me as well, but we made it horrific and yes, we get married.

And soon after we bought a home and we get pregnant and life was amazing. Life was incredible. One thing that I missed is when it was happening in my conversation with my mother, before I left, I told her her mom. In America in five years, I can have everything that will take me a lifetime back home in Kazakhstan.

I will be married. I will have a beautiful family. I will have a beautiful car. I will have a beautiful home, a great job, everything, and pretty much that’s how it was. I get married to me. He said, man, we have beautiful baby boy [00:25:00] two BMWs in the garage and nice home. We’d go on vacations and travel and delight became quite amazing.

I remember looking and all my people work and recognizing, wow, like ever since. I thought my life would be, it is. And it was a F that five-year point. Yes. First two years was super hard. And then finally, like I got into groove of it and it was so wonderful and so amazing and translate. We had our own challenges and difficulties, but it wasn’t anything that normal people don’t.

And anyway, five years I am in. And we celebrated our two year anniversary. We were, we were dating for a year. We were married for two years. [00:26:00] Way into Beverly Hills. Stayed in a peninsula hotel. They had a great time, got back, buy tickets to travel to Kazakhstan so he could meet my family. He hasn’t been there yet, or he didn’t go there before.

So I wanted him to visit and we decided that we’ll come back and then we’ll try for a baby girl. Life was planned, right. We kind of knew what it was going on. And months after our wedding anniversary, he died very unexpectedly and very fast.

That was the hardest and darkest time of my life.

[00:27:00] And

ever think I knew was gone. All the dreams that we had together were a gun. I heard the quote much later in my life. It said the hardest thing about losing someone is having funeral for all of your dreams and not having his physical presence, not being a single mom to a beautiful one year old.

You know, I did a contemplate on an everything kind of didn’t want to leave, but I also knew I had to, I knew it would be unfair for Gabriel to lose mom and dad at the same time, because I would, was completely checked out. [00:28:00] But I was escaping, I was sleeping so much. My whole system was shut down and I would sleep for 10, 15 hours.

Hoping that when I wake up, I would recognize it was all just a battery and it never happened. And so remember that new year going into the new year of that tier kind of having that, did you grieve and pain, but also hoping that I would get back. That the here has passed. It is behind me now. And there is a new hope in life.

So during that time is where

it was a, it was a pivotal point on my life where everything changed and why I do the thing that I do now and why I [00:29:00] serve in a way that I serve now. And when I’ve chosen this path of being a spiritual healer and spiritual guide, it is truly because of that moment of the dark night of the soul and of that search.

I was convinced the find out what happens after death. I wanted to know where did he go and what was going on? It was the first time in my life where all of the studies or my religious upbringing or the things that I knew made no sense. They just wasn’t aligned was my experience. I was experienced in a lot of phenomenon in my house.

The light bulbs bursting almost every day. [00:30:00] The bottle, the baby bottle, moving from place to place on a table while three of us watching and just making sure that we are not crazy. There was a lot of presence, a lot of energy, a lot of his presence that was during the time. So I got, I got curious. I just really wanted to know.

And that quest is why. Opened up and new doors and windows in my life. And just to make sure we’re not skipping anything, because a lot of listeners, like you said, and your husband, you’re in love, everything’s going fantastic. And then suddenly he dies. How did you go from the shock, the depression, you know, the loss to getting, okay, I’m going to study this and start moving forward.

And it sounds like that that kind of in trying to find the answers [00:31:00] is what helped you move out of it. But what was the timeframe from his death to this point? And what were the steps to get you back into life? You know, David, honestly, they were, it wasn’t, I am in a grief and then I’m making the transition.

Right. They were very parallel. I was an grief, but I also was curious, I was hurting and I was in pain and I was. Experiencing that dark night of a soul, but I also was craving light and I remember being paranoid and so scared and so afraid of death that someone else might die. And then I was thinking that it probably would be my son and just really being loaded with so much fear that I couldn’t, I needed miracle to pick myself.[00:32:00]

And it did, again, it wasn’t as a miracle that as a miracle came through and said, just ask, how can I fall in love with life again? And I did, and I ask it every single day. How can I fall in love with life again? Because I didn’t love life. I was looking at the people who were just all happy in me going, going with their flow, not recognizing that the person that I love so much isn’t here anymore.

And usually when someone dies for the first couple of months, everyone is there around you and then you’re by yourself. And that’s where the whole show grief starts six months in three months. And so I was, the search started right away and I would go to church and I would go to Buddhist temple, and I would still, I would still grieve and I would still be very sad, but I wanted [00:33:00] to be better.

I wanted to be better. And I wanted to find the answers to those questions that I had. And I wanted, I needed to be better for my, to get better for my son, because I couldn’t just stay depressed for the rest of my life. And I had an amazing friend at the time. I remember, I went there to speak to him and I said, what should I do?

It was three months after the death. And she looked into my eyes and said, so of Atlanta, you have three choices. When someone dies, when you lose someone, you have three choices was your life. The first one is you can stay in this grave for the rest of your life and people would understand, and they will be okay with that and just stay in [00:34:00] the sadness and the depression and allow it to swallow you.

The second choice you have is to take this grief and pain and what happened to you and use it as an excuse. And then when you pure Leishan to get your way in life, And that was a big one. For me. It was kind of a slap in the face. It’s like, yes, people would feel sorry for you. They will understand your pain.

They will support you. And you can get a lot out of people. You will never experience true love, but you will experience a lot of compassion and you can just start your life. And every conversation was a story that you already know that you’re a widow. And he [00:35:00] said, the third choice that you have is to heal, rise up and overcome and empower others.

And he said, I know who you are. And I know the choices that you will make. He just left me. And so at that point, I’m going to kind of great. So I really don’t have the first two choices. Right. He just, maybe it was something in the subconscious, maybe something that I could have been doing, but now all the illusion was gone.

I knew that I had to find a way to heal myself. I knew that I had to get better in some way.

And then, sorry, just so the listeners know who aren’t watching. I had my mic pause, so I don’t interrupt Svetlana. [00:36:00] So you hear this and it’s almost like, like, I guess inside, it’s almost like, like frustrating and anger, but you know, he’s right. And this is helpful. Is that. Exactly. That’s how I felt. I felt who are you to tell me this?

You don’t understand any of it. I want to do whatever I need to do. Yeah, it’s, it’s all kind of angry and pissing his, but then my soul knew that it was true. Yeah. And it reminds me of, you know, you’ve heard this different ways, but a friend tells you what you want to hear a true friend tells you what you need here.

So it sounds like that was a true friend. Yeah. All right. So now the gauntlet’s thrown down here. Challenge. You’re grieving. You have a little baby boy. Who’s beautiful, but you’re on your own. Where do you go from there? Why would it be the biggest blessing that I received at that [00:37:00] time that my mom was able to come?

My mom was able to come to states and be there for me and with me. And I also, because I had no family, I didn’t have any family. It was just me and him had amazing France, a lot of great friends that showed up for me, but having her, there was such a huge relief because I was able to visit church, you know, two, three times a week.

I was able to go to Buddhist temple every morning to meditate and connect with amongst monks and ask him questions. I was able to locate a Jewish religion and talk to rabbi. Okay. You are really searching. You’re you’re like, I just want to find truth. I’m trying to figure this out. What is going on?

Exactly, exactly. There would, because it’s the first time in my life. What a hell? And have it didn’t make sense. It just didn’t make sense. [00:38:00] Because it was that simple, everything that I was seeing and experiencing wouldn’t be it. And. I was in a grievement groups and I was an agreement counseling. And I remember asking my counselor would I, she thinks about life after death.

And she told me that in her training classes, she would tell me that, oh, after her training, after she finished to be a counselor for grief, she would tell me that, well, the person is that, that, you know, and now they are in having, or now they in angel. And she said, but it’s very different based on all the experiences of the hears of practice and all the stories that she heard, that there was so much more to it.

She wasn’t willing to discard, but she recommended many books to me at that time. [00:39:00] Yes. And I started reading some of those books and started searching, but also because my mom was there. When someone gifted me a ticket to go to see Tony Robbins life, I was able to do that. And that’s kinda how my self development world started opening up.

And the more I learned, the more I was able to see inexperience, healing and see a bigger picture, a bigger picture of life. And how far, how long was it from when your husband passed away? When you went to see Tony Robbins, it was a year and half later. Someone reached out to me and say, Hey, I have a ticket.

And I would like to gift it to you. Can you make it? They’re like, yes, absolutely. I will be there. He changed my life before. And I was a big fan of, of hairs. [00:40:00] So, okay. Now when you say change your life before, what part? Just so we keep chronological, where, where did you experience Tony Robbins before, and, and he influenced you right before I met my my husband and I went to the interview.

Again, someone I, as a, as an, as a miracle, I feel like that’s my life story when I was so lost, it was a year and a half, as we heard first two years of very difficult and states, I gained incredible amount of me, a weight. I was from size two to size 16. I didn’t love myself. I was punishing myself. I didn’t know what I was doing.

I was a big mass and I didn’t want to continue on that path. And again, on my knees, just asking for a way, for a better way for a miracle and someone next day gave me 20 Robin CDs. So I listened to them [00:41:00] and I dropped all that weight and same. I learned so much greatness from those cities that when I met my husband, I was already a different person.

I was actually able to to see her was this new wisdom and new intelligence and new appreciation where before I was just confused, little girl, trying to find my way. Yeah. And if you don’t mind me asking during the eighties and nineties, there was a set of CDs going around, it was like a box set from Tony Robbins.

Was it the power pack or what, what were the CDs that you got, man? I don’t remember what they were. The reason I bring that up is because I remember watching like his commercials and I’m like, man, I want to buy that. But I was so poor. I didn’t have the money and I didn’t have, you know, at that [00:42:00] point I didn’t have the, I didn’t figure it out.

It’s my own fault. Right. But I just remember thinking, I want that box, if it was something power or power or something. Yes. I feel like it’s power of now, but probably in a personal power. Yes, maybe that was it. But anyways, I was just wondering is the same set. I think it’s unlimited power with it. Yeah, we’ll have to look it up.

We’ll have to look it up. All right. So, but to get back on track, I don’t want to derail your great story. So you go through, you lose your husband, you get a free ticket to the Tony Robbins, same seminar, go from there, pickup. And then it was, you know, just step after step after step. I, I don’t know if, no, it just, I started there’s exponential growth again.

Here. I have Tony Robbins here. I have meditation that I’ve been practicing for so long here. I have some yoga [00:43:00] practice. I am growing more and more and more spiritually. So. I got myself into the find the career of being a financial professional that had to do a lot with the life insurance for obvious reasons.

And I was doing it for two years and everything kind of made sense that I need to be in the life insurance. I have this great story to share. I was really passionate about that. Everyone got to have life insurance. I still have my license, so I’m still battened about it. Like, and I have life insurance.

It’s true. I am a big believer. I mean there’s term and whole, and if people don’t know the difference, one is you just pay as you go. And the other one, you kind of invest ahead. I don’t want to get into that argument of what’s better, but you should have life insurance. You should have a will. You should have a durable power of attorney.

Nobody wants. Yes. Nobody wants it. If you’re listening to me, I don’t [00:44:00] care if you’re in America or another country. If you love your family. Get it done this week because you’re making excuses, you’re dragging your feet and you’re going to cause chaos for your loved ones. If you don’t do it, boom. Sorry.

That was the hard slap in the face. Cause I love you now it’s red line. I’ll be kind again now, but it is, it is such a true booze. And again, I had to learn it not necessarily in a hard way. I was blessed that, you know, we had a little bit of life insurance, so I was able to stay with my son for the first six months and take time from work and really grieve.

And I couldn’t, I cannot, I can imagine the women that have to go to work right away. And the household that it was designed for too now is for one, right. And all the struggles and financial challenges. But anyway, so I was in this financial. Career [00:45:00] and I was doing okay. I was doing okay,

but I was driving in a car one day, listening to this, talk on a YouTube. Like I always would every morning and it down on me, like, who are you lying to? Like who, what, who are you lying to? Why are you lying to yourself during the time that I was a financial professional? I read two financial books. During the time I became a certified life coach and certified relationship coach.

I went through everything that Tony Robbins had. I went through everything as a personal development programs. I went into this. You know, deepest, spiritual [00:46:00] learning as well. Was one of the ladies who was incredible and she was my mentor and she was my coach. And I recognize that if I truly deeply loved financial industry, that’s what I would be studying.

But instead I was studying some severe diff different, but you know what, David and I find it in so many people that I work with, I find this exact pattern and this pattern goes like this. I need to do this and this and this. So I can truly do what my soul and my heart wants. So let me make all this money and what I make all this money.

Then I can go out and be this and do this right. Then I can start this business. Then I can start this charity. Then I can start doing my life purpose. And all of that is just different. You throw there from who you truly, I am, what you meant [00:47:00] to be doing. And actually that’s where you’re going to be successful in.

And that as a staff is become so difficult, but it is that fear that we have inside. Oh, I’m not qualified yet. Or who am I? Oh, how am I going? Just to come, come in and commit to that. So that day I didn’t go into my office. I turned around, I went home, I logged the door. I turned on this beautiful music that I had no idea.

I learned later on that it is the most powerful Munter mantra in a specific yoga practice. That is the only one that comes with a warning that the saw that you are thinking well, could become a reality. So you need to be very high vibrational when you are listening to that mantra and the swords that you are thinking anyway, I wasn’t aware of it at that point, but [00:48:00] I didn’t care.

It just the music that spoke to my soul and I pulled out this giant wide board and I started writing and I came up and I made that commitment that I will find the way that I will be my true and authentic self from that point on. And I will share my light in a spiritual and uplifting way in a world.

And after that I started the light freedom. My company and I started blogging and writing. It was easier for me to express myself, to express my voice. I wasn’t very confident on camera yet. I wasn’t big, confident speaking. I had a lot of concerns and build limiting beliefs about my accent and how people would take me on the stand, me.[00:49:00]

And, but I had that commitment. So I started writing and then they say, when the student is ready, the teacher appears teacher started coming into my life one after another, after another. And I went into spiritual healing. I went to school where actually, I didn’t know that spiritual healing would be my path.

I was, I had something different in mind, but after I took a healing class, it was almost that it was at. Call like champagne bottles popping in my hat. It wasn’t like hallelujah mama, that everything I’ve done up until that point, everything, my, all of my coaching certifications, financial certifications, all of my life journey, everything was just for that one [00:50:00] moment.

But that one thing for me being a divine energy healer. And so I knew that I would use all of my self and all of my resources in that field. And I never stopped. I got home as I heal and everyone and I never stopped. Yeah. It’s beautiful. And just, you know, if you’re listening, you know, how does this relate directly to you?

It’s because as fat Lorna. Took each opportunity. She wasn’t listening to the radio on her way into work. She was listening to development materials. She was studying, she was putting efforts in she’s putting in all these steps, trying different things. And then like she said, she had that boom champagne moment where everything came together.

So if you haven’t had that, keep doing the daily steps each day and [00:51:00] you’re going to get there and sooner than you think. Right? So the Atlanta exactly sooner than you think, as long as you don’t have to have it all figured out right away. If we would, what would be the fun of life? The when we step into.

This knowing within our soul, that we are meant for something more than these just daily life or daily routine that you might not be very fulfilled or satisfied with. I want you to know that only one step is revealed at a time. God only reveals one step at a time. If you’re really lucky, maybe two that’s eight, you will never see the whole path.

You will never see. You will see, you will know in your soul that most likely you are here to serve. And you are here to express love in some shape or form, whether it is through building [00:52:00] websites, whether it is through doing energy healing work, whether it is being a coach, whether it is cleaning homes, right?

It is service and love. That is deep down within your soul. That wants to be expressed and experience. And you will be given one step at a time, one opportunity to tie one book, one person, one podcast at a time. And then when you, when you embodied, when you step into it, then the next one opens up. The next one opens up, but you have this big vision of big feeling for your life or big desire that is within you.

That I hope my life works out like that. I hope that I impact so many people. Well, I hope that I will be this kind beautiful loving mother or father or combination of those. But so many people just want, which just show me [00:53:00] the path and then I’ll do it. Never happens. It doesn’t, this is not how life works.

This is not how spirit works so operates. Then you will never learn face. You will never learn trust. You will never learn deep in a faith and in a chest and self confidence and all the other incredible, beautiful things that you are man, to discover on this path. So if you are right now contemplated, oh, should I take that step?

If in your heart, in your soul, you know, you should then do it, do it, do not allow your mind to talk you out of it right there. When we have the conversation as a date, we usually know right away or within a few days when we meet someone or when we see something or when we discover something, this is for me, this is who I [00:54:00] want to be.

This is what I want to, to unfold into. And then we spent five years talking ourself into some sooner. Oh, yeah, let me be financial advisor, because guess what? It’s so sexy. And I have a name on my daughter. I’ll make all this money and then it’s so good for my ego. My soul could care less and then I can actually do what my soul truly wants.

Now do what your soul truly wants. You will be so truly deeply successful and you will be able to follow through that path. Yeah. And to give a personal testimony, we’re going to have to back up a little bit to have you describe these things, but we mentioned vibrations and we mentioned in different words, the law of attraction people use all different terms for it.

Quickly gives our listeners a summary of what that is and how important it is. And then I’ll give a [00:55:00] personal testimony of how God used you and all this knowledge to help me in my life. So vibration and law of attraction, you know, I can talk about it.

you can use a different term. I use the law of attraction cause that’s how I was first introduced to it. And some people like that’s great. Some people hate that term, but you know what Svetlana was just talking about how you don’t see all the steps. If you’ve read your Bible, it’s biblical old Testament, new Testament, everything.

God will give the vision and he’ll give the next step. But it’s very rare if ever he lays out for anybody in the Bible. Here’s all the things you’re going to do because honestly, if we saw everything we had to do, we wouldn’t do it. We’d be crippled with fear. So what’s written on the saying is spot on it’s biblically sound, read your Bible.

Don’t just hold it or [00:56:00] put it on a bookshelf. And you’re going to see this stuff happening. The law of attraction. Again, it’s called a bunch of different things, but again, if you take anything way out, yeah, it’s crazy. But that’s a biblically sound concept too. So spending and explain the law of attraction and what these vibrations are.

Okay. Well, my vibration is quite simple. Every, we all our energy, every human being, we all are energy and we are vibrating and going to different different levels. Some of us experiencing and living beautiful, abundant, fulfilling exuberant life. And some of us are having very dense life. And unfortunately, It is what you believe life is, is what your life is.

It’s not another way around. A lot of people think that, well, my life is hard. That’s why I believe it is this and this and that. No, if you believe life is hard, it is [00:57:00] hard. If you believe life is a miracle experience and you experienced in miracles, if you believe that life is a gift from God that you experienced in a gift from God every day.

So vibration is the. The more awake you are, the more spiritual you are, the more godly you are. You know, if you truly know God for yourself, not the idea of God that someone tells you maybe in church, but if you are able to hear God yourself, communicate with God yourself, you know, hear God in a prayer.

You are most likely a very high vibrational being alive, being a kind person, loving person, and therefore it’s through their kindness. And through that love, you attract a lot of beautiful things in your life and law of attraction. [00:58:00] You know, it says that you attract what you w what you bring out.

And I do very deeply believe that you attract not what you want. You will, you attract who you are. So if you are a person of beauty, the person of life, the person of patient, the person of grace, you will attract other people that are graceful and love and unkind. And you are very likely to create this beautiful mastermind with other people, then shift and make a lot of beautiful things in the world and create a beautiful impact in a world as well.

But if you are a person that is, that is leaving in a lot of, you know, grieve and pain and unforgiveness and judgment, a judgment of self and guilt and shame, it [00:59:00] is also more of that, that you experienced in your life. And it is very important just to recognize, wow, I don’t want to, I don’t want this any longer.

And if you don’t want this any longer, then guess what, there is a way for you to elevate into new emotions, elevate into new thoughts, elevate into new beak and into new reality of your life. Because guess what, if you think differently and you feel differently, you experience life very differently. Yes.

And there’s verses all over the Bible that support this. It talks about how, not just humans, but animals and trees and even rocks the heavens declare God’s glory. You know, I, Louie Giglio does this great piece. If you haven’t heard, I’ll put a link in how he’s listening. You know, each thing has a frequency that NASA.

And when you put it all together, it plays a song that [01:00:00] we’re probably familiar with. If you go to a modern Christian Church God gives us these things and it’s, we are energy. And it’s hard to explain in seconds, but you know, if you’re a Christian, you know, we don’t war with the things of the flesh.

It’s a spiritual powers are things we don’t see. Right. And what’s feminine is talking about is we ourselves can kind of sabotage herself or put us in a position based on what we believe we’re stuck there. We’re going to realize what we believe and quickly, you know, there’s a lot that wouldn’t be forced.

Ventline I met there’s a lot going on now and there will be along in the future. Right. But one of the things about liner really helped me with, and I don’t know if she even knows this is man. I worked hard. My whole. I work very hard and I was critically ill twice in my life. Not like sick, like [01:01:00] dude, make out your will and get your affairs in order.

You’re going to die and God fix that. Right. But I would always work and work and work and then get sick. And then funds are gone. It’s not like I did anything wrong, but just life talent went and then like I’d work and work and work and work and then stuff would happen. And I’m like, man, I’m exhausted.

Right. So wins fed mine. And I met. I’m like, I just need to reevaluate life to go back. What’s the Bible say, what is she telling me? Where does it line up? Make sure it lines up. You know, I don’t want to go down a beaten path. That sounds good. And you end up in destruction. So one of the key things that helped me go from just this struggle and this exhaustion to where I am today was she said something.

That hit me. And I’ve heard it before and you might’ve heard this, but it just stuck. It’s like, you don’t have to worry about how it’s going to happen. You just have to know. Well, [01:02:00] that’s it just trust it? Well, and so every single time when I set my goal, now I’m not thinking about how it’s going to happen.

I’m just going to live each day. Step-by-step the best I can do, seize opportunity and know I’m going to get there and miracle after miracle like attraction after attraction, everything fall into place for me and fast. And now if you can see if you’re watching this, you know, I’ve always wanted to live in a beachfront condo.

And now I live in a beachfront condo and before it’s like, I kill myself and work huge hours. Well, I was like, you know, I’m going to work hard and I want to help people. So I forgot about the money and just started focusing on what’s depending on I talked about earlier, And now I have not only happy clients, but I’m more business than I know what to do is to be blunt.

I’m actually struggling to figure out how to balance everything. Okay. So you can talk to Chevette lineup privately about that. You can [01:03:00] read the Bible, always start there. Anything I say, anything spending on anything Tony Robins says or any human it’s got to go back and line up with the scripture, but what she’s talking about does, and if you take it with balance and approach it with the desire to learn, I mean, I’m telling you a firsthand experience.

What I thought was unreasonable and not probably going to happen until I retire happened within, was it three months since we started. Yeah. Yeah, it was pretty fast. And I mean, there was other stuff I wasn’t even playing with it. I was like finding money on the road. I was having people walk up to me. I never met before and just give me stuff.

It really works and it’s not voodoo. It’s not crazy magic. It’s just life. It’s energy, how God designed it. And it’s great. And I remember calculus is weird as this sounds. If anybody’s taking calculus, man, I remember studying calculus. I went through calculus 1, 2, 3 differential equations, which is essentially calculus four in college.

And every time I took it, I’m like, how does this work? Drove me [01:04:00] crazy. Spent hours trying to study calculus. How does it work? How does it work? How does it work? All my friends. Like we don’t care. They finished the mechanical engineering program. I dropped out. So the only thing in my adult life, I didn’t finish kind of drives me nuts.

Right. But I obsessed so much with how does the calculus. Then I never got it done where they’re like, I don’t care how it works. I’m just going to do that’s what’s written on this talking about, just do it. It’ll work itself out. You don’t need to know how, and it’s not always based on your job, your career when not always bring the money.

God will. So that’s it. I didn’t mean to tell, but this is a testimony that God used feminine in my life. So I want to make sure you understand that what she’s saying. I’ve seen personally work and you will too. And how much fun it is also when you just let go of that, how then you start living life of miracles, things just start opening up.

So magically and [01:05:00] abundantly, and you’re just like, okay, I’m going to save it. I’m receiving. I am receiving. And it’s ah, I just. I also know what it is like to struggle. I also know what it is like to achieve. Again, the journey, the journey from working little girl when she was six and knowing how to achieve and get there and just dropping all of it and say, no, I don’t want this way any longer.

And then allowing, allowing for beauty, for magic, for goodness, for God, to really show up every single day and, and open up the doors and the windows and meet people and give great opportunities and great clients. And, you know, so my success in so many different ways and really all of that alignment, you can, we cannot push our wasted [01:06:00] away.

I’d like, you can, how yourself through it. You, cause if that’s an accent, it’s just so much more, it always so much more that’s when it’s so much bigger than your own in your head. Yeah. And we’re always trying to understand, well, how how’s it gonna work? How’s it gonna figure it out? Oh, that can’t happen.

That can’t happen. And it’s just John, just let all that go and just trust God and move on. And speaking of moving on, I derailed us a little bit, I think in a good way, but let’s take it. So you’re grown, you’re doing personal development. You’re you saw the Tony Robbins. You’re, you’re getting better. Your find your passion.

You’re having these champagne moments. Where do you go from there to now? And you have a nice husband and a baby. So that added, so, so bring us through this journey to today. So also throw out 11 years of my life. I worked in. I always had the casino job. It was [01:07:00] secure benefits. I could take time off when I needed to they were very flexible.

They were absolutely amazing and great, but I felt like I was selling my soul there. I was selling, I was, I was a cocktail server, so I was given a drink, get in money. And it just felt so out of alignment with who I was. And again, it was okay for me for a little while, but I also knew that I was positioning and while I was transitioning and it was okay, the voice came one day super loud and said, you transitioned like God, please, no, please be transitioning just a little bit longer as sounds familiar.

Can you just be doing this a little bit longer? Because I was so scared now you transition. And so [01:08:00] I went sort of the inner child healing experience myself. It was kind of this like final little element. The practice that I do now, I very deeply love it and I felt very free. And I remember I emailed my manager at the time, think for, have listened.

They’ve done for me. They build nothing but incredible throughout this years, us for two more months off, just in case. And so that, you know, if I need to, I can do turn, which I wasn’t really planning on. And yes, and I left, I quit and fully went into the spiritual healing practice. Ooh, that was a jump also after I did that, I.

Got on my knees and I said, I am [01:09:00] done God, I’m done. I’m done weighed in to be happy. I don’t want to be happy in five years. I don’t want to be happy in a months and a year. I don’t want to be happy tomorrow. I want to be happy. Now I’m done struggling. I want to be happy. Now show me the way I’m done and that conviction.

I’ve got a core, a God across some incredible teachings from beautiful teachers on dreams and how to make your dreams a reality, how to manifest your dreams. I started studying it. I worked through. I do teach now a dream scores which is beautiful, divine, a lot of work. So I did all of that horrific you list my dreams [01:10:00] and things that is shifting.

Anyway, one of those dreams was meeting a man, my dream, man, I didn’t want to just anyone. I want a man of honor and integrity, goodness, a light. I went all the way out and I, I just poured my heart and soul to God. And I said everything that I wanted, I did, I didn’t held back. And it did seem at that time that I was a little.

Maybe delusional, you know, like such as special unicorn doesn’t exist in a world, but I didn’t care if he doesn’t exist, then I don’t want to innocent else. I just want him, I want this special unicorn in my life. I asked for a family, I asked for a home, I asked for a career, you know, for my business to do really well.

I asked for certain income. I asked for all those things. I leave all of those things. Now. [01:11:00] Anyways, six months later, he came into my life, the mom, and I got very clear that this is who I am. And I asked for it from the purity of my heart, from this devotional deep place. Ever since that, it just it’s totally.

I knew a different life that I once was experiencing. And it was a lot of faith that had to take place. And it was very difficult in the beginning because guess what things were ending and things were shifting. And I was like, I’ll be okay. Will I be financial? Okay, can I really support my family and my child?

Because I remember I was a sole provider for a very long time. I have my mom and my son and mortgages were mortgage to pay and bills to pay and to make sure so leaving their job was, was scary. And I didn’t [01:12:00] tell you before that my insurance office closed out. So the other insurance office that was taking me the only one in new full time, and I didn’t want to do it full time because I already knew that I wanted to do something else.

So the doors started closing, right. So that I can truly be who I need to be. And it started, started closing, but being in that quiet time, the devotional time, my David, you talk about read your Bible, how the devotional time, listen to the God, listen to the Bible, whatever your practice is, make sure that you really stay with that practice so that it can fill you up, especially in a time of transition on a time off.

Am I going to be okay? This is so scary so that you can truly feel yourself up and trust God more than you personality, trust God more than you trust yourself. And you can take the [01:13:00] steps even when you feel paralyzed. And so, yeah, six months later, my miracle unicorn. Came into my life. Excellent. Amazing story is I met him first time when my very first Tony Robbins event, that was eight years before.

That’s how we met. Oh, wow. I didn’t know that. Yeah, we did. And, but during that time it was my first big event like that and I was still grieving quite deeply. It was only a year and a half since Reggie died and he had a lot of things that he had to work through. So we didn’t meet romantically. We’re mad as a France.

I always saw that he was a coal guy. We stayed friends on social media. We would catch up and be once every two years talk about trading. I would message him. Should I buy a Bitcoin? Or [01:14:00] should I do this? Because I knew he was in it. He was doing it anyway. Yeah. And if you’re listening, you can go back and listen to Jeremy’s episode.

He’s an expert trader like massive scale, fantastic guy. Yeah. And he can communicate to the average person. That’s, what’s extra special about Jeremy from a business outsider point. Like he’s not one of those guys that so smart. You want to smack him in the head because he annoys the crap out of you. He’s really fun.

Great human, easy to communicate with. And I’ll explain things at your level. So keep going. I just want them to know how great general. He truly is the most incredible human being I’ve ever met in, in, in my, in the world. And he truly cares and he loves people immensely and he wants to enrich lives of people.

And he, he produces millionaires. Like that is, was what Cole is like, oh yeah, this year, there are so many people who became really nervous because his, his impact in the world of his [01:15:00] life, his desire, he she’s sharing. He shows so much freely. Like his classes are free. He’s like the most generous, beautiful open heart I’ve I have experienced.

So anyway, we had tell them about, like, we never mentioned this in his episode, but like where he just came back from is that public knowledge, can I share that. Yes. Absolutely. Yeah. If you go to the, to the level, we’re talking about Svetlana and Jeremy have their own island in the British version Isles, and it’s three miles away from Richard Branson’s island.

So it’s not like a little place. It’s beautiful. It’s gorgeous. It’s a resort. They put on anti-sex trafficking seminars. They put on financial seminars, they put on light healing seminars. They got a lot going on. So they’re using everything God’s given them for good, not just selfish interests, but we’re not talking about somebody who drives Alexis and says, Hey, do this.

He’s the real deal on a large scale. [01:16:00] We have very, very blessed. We’re very blessed again. I’m just going to do to make a little we do all of those things. Absolutely. We are investors in the island. The island is owned by a Britney Turner who is our DIA Fran. And she’s absolutely incredible. And w you know, Jeremy’s and Wolf VAV deeply in it.

And he owns a tiny part of it, but we are on an island every month, teaching and guiding, and there is so much lightness, so much goodness that is coming from it. And those who are watching again if you ever called for a deep soulful transformational experience, Please come experience, monitor our summits.

So we have dream summit and abundance, summit and love summit. If you really want to elevate and its most magnificent place in the universe, you know, having earth and police come join, we’ll be so, so happy to host you and to [01:17:00] love on you and to work with you. Yes, but I don’t even know what, w w where were we?

We are talking about how you met Jeremy. So you said eight years ago, you meet this guy. You become friends, you check in with them every once in a while, and now bring us to the moment where you met him again and started reconnecting. So, yes we, he scheduled, he reached out to me and said, Hey, I will be in Vegas.

I would love all of my team. To come for healing. I’m like, well, I’d love that. I would love to facilitate a healing experience for all of you. He’s like, and I want to come for like a one-on-one session as well. I’m like, awesome. Great. Well, when you, when you’re ready, just let me know. So I’m sitting on my calendar.

He booked one-on-one session. Awesome. He is, you know, we, I know that he’s coming into town. So [01:18:00] here we are. First. They have COVID ever since sheds down. So my practice, my, the space, my healing space shut down hotels. First them ever casinos, like no one could ever see any, like, there is no way, cause in us was shut out, shut down.

Right? Cause see this shut down hotel, shut down everything. So he calls. And says, Hey, listen my hotel is closed, then I can’t get Airbnb. Can I stay on your couch for a few days?

So he wasn’t really listening. He goes, he thought that I was married. I knew he was engaged. So there, I was like, I hope the [01:19:00] dude isn’t a weirdo. Right? Like I know him, he’s all his school, like on the internet. But when you like invite someone to your house, you don’t really know I have a son and a mom, and then I’m like, well,

Everything is shut down. Maybe it’s time for me to get back into trading lay who is better than Jeremy Newsome to ask all the questions about trading, okay. Come and stay up for a few days, right? There is nothing else going on right now in a world. Anyway. So he came and stayed in my place, I think for a good four days.

And the day to I learned that he wasn’t engaged and then longer. And she learned that I wasn’t married and we, I did healing on him and it was, it was out of worldly experience for me during that healing, [01:20:00] I know that it was life-changing for him and he can share his story. But during that time, his higher self came through and sat and said, I’m not here for the healing.

I am here for you. And I was like a weird, cause I wasn’t looking at him like that. And then God, so loudly and clear said he is the one. If you won it, he is the man that you asked for in your dream. He is it. So of course I didn’t tell any influence to him. I’m like, let me observe. Let me watch. Right?

Because my heart is quite garden and I have a very views, my standards, a big, so I wanted to make sure, and he was just this beautiful light, wonderful being my son, Gabriel, just like fall in love with him. They had this amazing time. He went [01:21:00] back to Nashville and we just stopped every day for a good six weeks.

And I remembered that halfway through, he sent me this beautiful Vidya and he’s like, I know it goes against everything, but I know that I love you. And I was like, oh my God. Like I knew that I loved him so much. It felt this, it was this connection of souls that knew each other lifetimes. It was just so beautiful, but it was also in a physical level.

So scary. I of course I had to work through a lot of personal fears, right? Like, are you sure you’re not going to die anytime soon, those kinds of fears, they, there there’s a lot of things kind of started street or in back. So I had to sit with myself and trust divine trust God that God wants absolutely the most, the highest and the best for me.

And so he w here we are [01:22:00] just a little bit over a year, year and a half later in Nashville married, whether we have a three month old live in this incredibly beautiful lives, serving from our highest and most selves helping so many people around the world and life is truly a miracle telling you all of those dreams that I set out there, I’m leaving them there.

Amen. Now, let me ask you a question from the time you were born to where you are today. Did we miss anything significant that you want to cover or are you ready to go for where you are today to where you’re going? So now we can help you get there and then you can share your special offer for our listeners.

Oh, my goodness. Did I miss something? Of course I did. I’m sure I did. [01:23:00] But if it’s, if it’s not here, then it’s not meant to be here. I, you know, on the listeners, what they needed from this episode, they received it. And if you call Svetlana and do coaching, make sure you get to hear the poker chip story.

She’s not going to share it today. I won’t. No, no, Nope, Nope, Nope. They have to call you to hear it because that’s a great story and that’s something that’ll help change your life because that shows you that God can be delivered and you may not be receiving. So save that for your, save that for your personal politics.

So go on. But where are you? Today’s flatline line. And where are you heading so we can help you get there. So I took this time off with my. Precious newborn. I took a good four months. I’m not working and it has been a beautiful transformational a time because I had to sit in the quiet and really there’s this [01:24:00] new born energy that is coming through for me.

I always had this big vision for my life. And anyone who is willing to help please is I want to have healing temples around the world, the temples of alive, the temples of healing, where anyone can come and receive healing, a place of miracles, a place where disease is elevated, whether it is mental, emotional, or physical, and.

Recognize that for me to bring that through would be to share what I know and train other people in that as well. So next year I am starting divine light healers academy, and I will be [01:25:00] taken mostly women. Some men, mostly women, the light souls, they know, and they are hard in this all the day. I’m meant to share.

They are love through service sort of service of healing and helping. And I will teach them all this modalities that too can be many years over 10 years around the world. I am. I have my master’s degree in metaphysical and spiritual studies. And I guess in my doctorate degree in that, so I’ve been on this path for a very long time, because I really wanted to make sure David that if someone comes into my life, I have tools to help them.

And now I want it to be in a place that if there is a person who is struggling, that is sick, that I [01:26:00] don’t have any tools, I don’t know how to help them. And of course it goes a lot beyond me. A lot of it is just guts work that is done through me. And we all have different gifts and abilities. But before you go on people who aren’t familiar with, what you do, sometimes they’re scared.

Sometimes they think, oh, no way. I don’t want be part of that. That’s crazy. But there’s a lot of good in it. And a lot of truth in it. But just to find two terms, because as soon as you say energy healing, people think. I mean, it’s a lot more than the physical. It could be spiritual, it could be mental, it could be emotional.

So talk a little bit about what you do in regards to healing. So David, the physical is almost never physical, right? It doesn’t start a physical, unless it is a car accident or there is something that happens to your physical body first, and then it goes into emotional and mental body. But most of the times it is [01:27:00] the thoughts that we, I think, and they are pushing on the emotions that we’re feeling.

And if we’re feeling the same emotions and we’re having the same thoughts for a long period of time, they are started pushing on our physical body and in time they will be shown as a disease in a physical. So on a spiritual level, as a, as an energy healer, many times we’ll see the miracles when we are able to see that pattern, right.

Or feel that pattern again, every hill is different. Some see some, some sense, some feel some, no, it’s all different for all of us, but when we’re able to take that energy, the dance energy, and take it out of this, the, this energy body that we all have, right? Our physical bodies, [01:28:00] just in a little tiny part of who we truly are, right.

We all know about electromagnetic field or ORIC field. That is where a lot of our bodies are the body’s lane. And I don’t want to get too technical or too detailed, but many times miracles happen when that thought or the emotion is being released. And then it goes from the physical body and the disease isn’t there.

And that’s how we see this beautiful transformational miraculous healing from, from the disease, right? It happens when a person, right. I tunes themselves to God and they believe in a light of God, more than the belief in the disease and that the transmission, right? That again, vibration shifts because our innate state is wholeness.

How inmates, this light, Evan Hansen [01:29:00] Al’s is thoughts and emotions and density that we become by just being here on earth, life experiences, beliefs. And so yes, healing comes in different ways. It is a spiritual, it is mental. It is emotional. It is physical and it is all encompassing. All encompassing. So yes, I do.

Coaching work, a life relationship, purpose coaching, where we work a lot on a mental and emotional healing. Just through my courses, through the dream scores, there is so much release emotional release that happens that all bag that leaves a person that now they attune into the new reality, a new possibility, a new light.

So miracles happen, healings happen right through the even going, this was a dream scores. There are people who healed [01:30:00] through from some severe diseases. So yeah, it’s been a healer for me, as I heal in different ways and a tool, every person is unique and different. Some people need more spiritual connection and when they get the spiritual connection, They, they, I tune to it and they heal.

Some people are very spiritual, but then they have dance beliefs from the past. They’re just holding them back. Right. And just letting go of those beliefs and bringing in new hope, new beliefs, new ideas, new vision for life. I choose them into that healing.

Yeah. And it’s a beautiful thing. If you’re listening. I want it, you know, you want to talk to us [01:31:00] FET line about coaching. Some of you are like, no, I want to get into her training program and be certified as an energy healer. Talk to her about that. But if this is all new to you and spent on again, correct me if I’m wrong, but this is how I look at it.

If I’m perfectly healthy and well, you know, I’ve heard it said before, that’s very true. The English language is a complex language, but if you study the roots, it comes from other languages, usually Greek and disease. If you’re at ease, everything’s relaxed and flowing, but when you’re dis means not dis ease, you’re not at ease.

You start getting sick. So I always think of it like this, whether it’s spiritual or mental, it’ll turn into physical because if I put a pebble in your shoe and you start walking, it’s no big deal. And it might be a little. But then you keep walking, it’s going to get raw and then you’re going to start compensating.

So you start leaning to the left cause it’s in your right shoe. [01:32:00] And then your knee gets a little tweaked and your hip gets a little tweaking, your back, tweaks, your neck tweaks, and it can cause real problems. The longer you go on what’s Fairlawn is doing is helping you unwind these knots and take the pebbles out of your shoe so you can heal so you can have yeast and all those symptoms go away.

Is that a fair way to describe it? It’s such a beautiful way to describe it such a beautiful way. Yes. And then for you today, where, how can we help you? How can listeners get ahold of you? Where can they go to reach you? Give them all the low down. Well, David, my purpose, my purpose in life is to help people to free their light so they can shine bright and impact many.

So the more people I can touch. And heal. The more people they will go out and touch and heal. I believe healed people, [01:33:00] heal, people hurt people, hurt people. So the more healed people we have in the world, when you do your work, when you work on yourself, you make a world, a better place. And so for me is please connect.

If you are cold, you know, in your heart and in your soul, like this message resonates with you, resonates within you, that you want to be a healer in some way on a south or some kind of capacity. Because what I would like is to help people to really get confident in their gifts. We all have gifts. We all do get really confident so they can free their light, right.

Free themselves from the past, from someone who told them they cannot be this and that [01:34:00] from access and, you know, childhood pin, whatever that is. So they can be free and they can shine bright into the world and build leaders, impactful, beautiful leaders in their communities. No, for a woman, for women, for men, for children, whatever that is in your heart and in your soul, we all have for animals, whatever that mission, that purpose is for you.

And. Also if, you know, in your heart that you just want to be spit out in the new, energetic vibration in your life comes to those of dream scores. We’re starting on January 3rd. You know, you could hear, you know, the miracle that David has three months later now in this stunning, beautiful apartment, overlooking the ocean.

And you heard my [01:35:00] miracles. There are so many stories from so many people. If you’re ready for your, your love for your life to be changed for the better, that is a place that is a place to start, it will change. It will absolutely change. It will realign and become a very different reality.

And just so if you’re listening, don’t get confused by the dates that Lon and I are recording this on December 6th, 2021, but these are evergreen episodes. You may be listening to this in 2020. Wherever you are. However you’re listening. Whenever you’re listening. Svetlana, not only has online classes, not only she has the live zoom classes, but she also has a live in person seminars.

So go, where can they find your websites? Fetlock and what’s the best way to email your contact you that way, no matter what time of the year, even the decade they listen to this, they can reach you. Yeah, [01:36:00] so again, my, my company is the light freedom. So the website is the light freedom that come. You can also message me on Instagram at the light freedom or email Ms.

Svetlana at the light freedom that come. So reach out, please. I will be happy to speak with you. I’ll be happy to guide you, help you, and yes, loving you and help you in any way. Excellent. Excellent. And I’ll put all this in the show notes. So don’t stress. If you’re driving, don’t try to write it down and get in a car accident.

Well, we’ll get in the show notes. You can listen to it again, but Fenton, Lorna, thank you so much for being here. Is there anything we’ve missed or any final thought you want to leave with our community before you go?

Just to remember that you loved

amen to that. And with that, I mean, I just think that’s beautiful, simple, and beautiful. God is love. He loves you. Remember you are loved, so thank you. [01:37:00] to our audience, to you. If you have any questions, reach out to Svetlana. If I can help you in any way, I will. If you haven’t listened to her husband’s episode, go back, listen to the Jeremy nuisance story, but make sure you continue to move forward.

Context, fit Atlanta, check out our website, see what she’s doing and more than anything, dig into your Bible. Start reading, praying, but act don’t just take it in. Do it. So I’m David Pascoe loan. This is fetlock Newsome. Thank you again for being here Svetlana. And we’ll see you and you’ll hear us in the next episode.



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