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From growing up a missionary kid, to a growing drug addiction that quickly escalated from recreational “fun” to a life threatening problem (cocaine, methadone, and more), listen to Dominic’s remarkable story of addiction recovery, his restored relationship with God, finding true love, and how he went from living paycheck to paycheck to fully retired in his 30’s from digital currency trading (Bitcoin and other crypto-currencies)- and how you can too! Check it out here on The Remarkable People Podcast Episode 7: The Dominic Tascarella story!


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Husband of one. Father to three sons. Dominic has been working from home for two-and-a-half years now thanks to God and crypto-currency. He loves fishing, hunting, and woodworking.

“God had blessed my life more than I ever imagined, and I owe everything in my life to His abounding grace.” – Dominic Tascarella







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The Remarkable People Podcast with host David Pasqualone Season 1 Episode 7 Dominic Tascarella

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Hello, friends. This is Dave Pasqualone with the Remarkable People Podcast season one, episode seven with our friend Dominic Tascarella.

Intro/Outro Music: [00:02:18] The remarkable people podcast. Check it out.

The Remarkable People Podcast. Listen, do repeat for life.

David Pasqualone: [00:02:41] Welcome Dominic. How are you?

Dominic Tascarella: [00:02:42] Good, man.

David Pasqualone: [00:02:43] It’s good to have you here. So today, so the listeners know me and you have been friends for a couple of years now.

Dominic Tascarella: [00:02:49] Yep. Years. Yeah.

David Pasqualone: [00:02:50] And how we met was we had a mutual friend. He would always come over my house for the fight. And you came along one day. We hit it off. We had a lot in common. And, you had a remarkable story and I really enjoyed hearing it. So I wanted you to maybe share that today with our listeners. Sound good?

Dominic Tascarella: [00:03:06] Yeah. Sounds great.

David Pasqualone: [00:03:07] All right man. So this is gonna be real simple. The format is usually going to tell us your story and they weren’t going to kind of what, what’s going on in your life today, and then kind of the thoughts for the future. No pressure, no stress, just how we can glorify God and help our listeners grow and I hope us grow. So what we’ll do is, Dominic, I’m going to give you a quick snapshot and then Dominic can take this the direction he wants. He grew up in a Christian home on the mission field. He came home from the mission field. He had a part of his life where he. Made some really poor choices and bad decisions that hurt him and his family. But then through Christ, he recovered, came back, he was working a job like many of us hourly pay, and then he discovered Bitcoin and digital currency, and he is in a vastly different financial position today because of it. So I’m not going to steal his thunder. But ladies and gentlemen, the intelligent, the handsome, the remarkable Dominic  Tascarella.

Dominic Tascarella: [00:04:13] I appreciate it. So, yeah, like you said, I grew up on the mission field and, you know I got saved at a young age, so I was, I was saved in around third grade. And for the audience, we have audience members of. Every religion. What’s that term mean? Right? So, so I believe the only way to heaven is Jesus Christ again. So I came to that realization about eight or nine years old. So I accepted him as my savior. So punishment for my sin, because I, you know, if someone has to pay for our sin, and if, if you don’t accept Christ payment, then you pay for yourself by spending eternity in hell. So I came to that realization. I got saved at a young age, and I felt God was gonna use my life. so it wasn’t a few years actually. my dad was saved, in the [00:05:00] military, so he was saved over in the Philippines. And, but he had ended up getting backslidden and that’s what brought us to Missouri in the first place. And that’s where I grew up. I grew up in a little town called Neosho, Missouri. He had a friend that he actually was instrumental in. leading to Christ in, into getting saved. And that friend ended up becoming a missionary and my dad ended up back slut, you know, at one point. And his name is gene gene Harmon. And he called my dad and he said, Hey, I’m, I’m coming to a visit. Yeah. And my dad said, Hey Jean, I’m not the same Dominic, you know, you know, gene, your dad’s name’s also Don. My dad’s name. My father’s name is also there. That’s correct. Just to clarify. Yes. I’m sorry. No, no, no. He said, gene, I’m not the same. Dominic, you knew, you know, chain, he’s from Jersey. So he’s really eloquent. And he said, shut up. He said, you’re an idiot. He said, I’m coming to visit you and your, and I’m going to stay with you, you know. And so my dad ended up letting gene come while gene came. He had a meeting at a church close by and he invited my dad along. And, he said, and he gave his testimony of how my dad is the reason he, he got saved and the reason he became a missionary and a man, it really broke my dad’s heart. It, I mean, it really shook him up. He got back in church and then it wasn’t a few months really. And God, he felt God calling him to be a missionary. Wow. Okay. So yeah, that was a big, huge, it was a huge swing, but that was. 1998. And how old were you at this point? Oh, I was 11 or 12. So you had awareness of what was going on? Yeah. It wasn’t what you were little or no, no, no, no. I knew, I was like, Whoa, what happened? You know, all of a sudden we, we didn’t go to church and now we’re in church every Sunday and Wednesday. It was, you know, it, it caused some tension in the family of course. cause not all of our hearts were right. You know, but, no. At this time you were born your mom at this point, we’re, she a Christian? Yes. She was a Christian. She’s actually, she had gotten saved, in her late teens, early twenties, but she had back slid and not enjoying the military. Okay. So, and joining the military as it make you back, like, no, not at all. But she, she backs lid. She ended up joining the military and while she was back sled, she met my dad. Nice. And they ended up getting married. And then that’s when my dad’s story is remarkable. So, but so she ended up deciding to get right with the Lord because she looked at my sister. My sister was an infant, and she realized, she said, my baby has a soul and I’m responsible for her soul. So she decided to go to church, you know, and, and the pastor came in, ended up visiting my father, and my dad ended up getting saved because of that. My dad wanted nothing to do with religion. He grew up in a. He had an awful childhood. Italian background. My grandpa was, not necessarily mafia, but Tasker on basketball, on from Sicily. Don’t tell. But, so like, you know, back to, Jean coming in and my dad getting right. Well, we ended up on the mission field and, and I’d gotten right with the Lord. I was excited. I was, I was the first one actually to, to tell someone about Christ and lead them to the Lord over on the mission field. So, they, what happened was we ended up having to come home. We had to come home, because there was a situation with my mom and dad’s house. They hadn’t sold it here in the States. Well, they ended up having to, to come back to take care of some business. Well, why they were back. I was around 15. I was 15 years old. Well, they put, they put us into a Christian school, but I made, you know, I made friends with the wrong crowd. I had some family members also that, that I got close to. And, It drew me away from the Lord. So, and just the listeners, we all know this, you can call yourself any religion, but to be a Christian is to be Christ like, and we can be anywhere in the world and you can be in a Christian. Quote unquote place, and there’s any kind of person you want, just like you could be in any country where there’s no quote unquote Christians and you can have any kind of person you want, so we’re going to gravitate to good or bad no matter where we’re at. That’s correct. And, I gravitated to bat, I’m not sure why, but, so at 15, you know, I started sneaking around here while I was in the States. smoking, you know, started smoking cigarettes, drinking when I could, you know, 15 year old. And, And then when we got back to the field, while the country we were in, there’s no age limits for anything. They said, if you could see over the counter, they’d serve you. So it’s a worst place in the world for a kid who doesn’t want to do, right. Because I had no, I’ve 15 you could buy cigarettes, buy alcohol, no problem whatsoever. So from 15 to 18 my relationship with my parents was [00:10:00] awful. Sneaking around doing, you know, whatever I could, and, and knowing full, full unwell. As soon as I turned 18, I was headed right back to the States and I was going to live however I wanted. You know, the realization was there for my parents too, and it was heavy on them. and you felt, you knew. You had your life in control, you knew what was best. Your parents are idiots. Yeah. My parents were morons, you know? not that they weren’t they, that was your world view at that time. That’s how most 15 to 20 year olds view view their parents. you’re, you’re thinking. You’re the exception, right? No, the rule. Yeah. Most people will do this and there’ll be ruined, but not me, because I knew, and it was super hypocritical. but I felt like I, you know, I’ll get my life right later. I’m just going to have fun now, you know? So I turned 18. graduate high school and move right back to the States. Well, man, I got off the plane, you know, this was where my heart was. My friends picked me up. We get someone to buy us alcohol and I’m drunk before I get back to my grandparents’ house, which is where I’m staying. It just went downhill from there. I mean, my, they knew right off the bat thing, you could see the apprehension. They’ve heard. They were like, Oh no. He’s going to be living here, you know? So for the next, for the next year, I already did. That’s all we did. I just worked and then I worked to have money to, to party. No more kind of work. Did you do? I was a union carpenter. Okay. Yeah. So I started out at . 15 working summers for a roofing company. So, but th that eventually led into to carpentry. And in the end, my entire family in Missouri, they’re, they’re carpenters, union carpenters. So I ended up, becoming a union carpenter as well. We had a real good group of friends there. There were, there were four of us, me and, and a few, other buddies. Well, when, when, I was 18, so it was just a little later in the, in that same year, our buddy Todd. Ended up in, and Todd was the guy out of the group who was going to be the longest to live. The rest of us were going to kill ourselves cause we were idiots. Todd ended up dying in a car accident, drinking and driving of course. So that was very sobering. And he was the most stable. He was the most stable. He was the he, you know, he, it was very evident. He had control of his drinking, you know? Oh, well, if they hit a patch of gravel, you’re right. I mean it, he obviously was a little too comfortable driving, but I mean, they hit a patch of gravel, slid the Jeep, rolled multiple . Do. There’s like one star rating on, see if it was it. Actually, it was my, my, my other friend, Thomas his vehicle and but it threw them both out and Todd and Thomas were best friends. They were the closest of friends. Todd actually ended up dying in Thomas his arms. It was awful, but it was super, it was, it was, it was really traumatic for me. And even though I was away from God. It shook me up and I said, I got to get outta here. I got to get out. I got to get out of Missouri. So my family came pick me up. I came to Florida and while I was here, I started, talking with a girl from high school back in Missouri. So, you know, it wasn’t three, four months. The shock, the initial shock had wore off. You know, I was ready to go back and be with my friends again, continue partying. So we kinda, if I’m understanding you had that. When the shock happened, Oh, I’ll never do that again. Right. There would be probably like if we had that, we all have had those moments, like, I’m so committed, I’ll never do that again. Right. And then time passes, you’re right back. In the same way. I had no desire to be close with the Lord. I just wanted out of that, out of that situation. So I ended up moving back to Florida. Like I said, three or four months. I got into a relationship. just texting, talking with a girl from high school, back in Missouri. Well, eventually that led to me moving back to Missouri. And, and then, her and I got into a relationship and, ended up even getting engaged. It was, you know, it was a quick relationship. I mean, it was, it was very fast to get engaged. We had known each other for years. We knew each other through high school. And, And ended up getting engaged. Well, our relationship was awful. I mean, really, you know, we both partied way too much. We didn’t treat each other like we should have. And one day I got a call and it, it really was out of the blue, which it shouldn’t have been out of the blue. I get a call and she says, Hey, I can’t marry you. You know, and man, you know, back then it was just the worst. Thing that ever could have happened, you know? It was awful. It was terrible. But the [00:15:00] problem was . You know, that led to drinking, importing for fun into staying drunk and staying stoned. Just so I didn’t have to deal with the emotional side break. Exactly. It was, it was numb. The pain, you know, and you can numb it for a long time. And you were how old at this point? That I was 20 years old. Yeah. So at that point I was, I was 20 and And still working for as a carpenter, still working as a carpenter in Missouri. That’s correct. Yeah. And but that, that shock took my partying from fun to, like I said, just staying drunk or stoned. You know, I went from even, I would go home on lunch and I had lived, I had lived in such a way where I had a fake ID. So I only ever had to use it twice. I looked older because of my sleep habits, because of my partying habits. People thought I was in my late twenties and I was 1920 years old, but good for delinquency. Bad for life. Exactly. Yeah. Great. If you want to, if you want to have. You know, fun. Yeah. And he just said, quote on quote air quotes. Exactly. but you know, and it is fun. People say that lifestyle’s not fun. They’ve never experienced it. It is fun. The Bible even says it’s fun. Oh. But it’s fun for a season. Yup. And it, same thing as happiness for his joy. Right. I can give you a car, I can give you a donut and you can be happy. Right. But that is not the satisfied joy, that longterm peace and happiness. Right. Deep, deep in your soul. Correct. Yeah, and it’s the same with that, that type of fun. It’s only fun for, for a while until something happens and then it becomes. You know, then, then you start, it becomes a crutch. You start to use it to deal with, with pain or, or with any emotion. You don’t want to deal with anything else. The consequences starts setting in. Right. And then it all Corrine and truly grows in a bad way. Right. And so my, my partying went from drinking . Popping pills, too heavy drugs. I started getting into cocaine, started selling cocaine. and then even there, towards the very end, I even started smoking methamphetamine. And, well, I don’t know. That’s, that’s tough to get off of. Well, thank God I never had, I never liked it. I did it just to help numb the pain. But I didn’t, I mean I enjoyed the other drugs, but as far as math is concerned, and that was probably the Lord, I never enjoyed it. And that’s interesting because I’ve heard a lot of people with addictions say that like, cause we think or people will think from the outside won’t, if you don’t like it, why are you doing it?  but what was the mentality in the state? It was truly, it was just, I hate the situation, man. I hate, I hated being a, so I went from being in control of a relationship to having no control whatsoever. You know, and losing control is, it’s scary. I don’t know if it’s more for a man, but I mean. I haven’t read it differently. Some men, yes, I’m not. No. But I think overall every human on the planet, and nobody wants to be out of control, right? Yeah. To have no control over a situation anymore. Plus, you know, I thought I loved the girl, but you know, now I look back and I thank the Lord. So thankful, you know? But back then it was the worst thing ever. But, so we were at a party one time and we’d bought quite a bit of cocaine and, and it was the most that I’d ever done. And, and my heart started to feel like it was going to explode. Like I ached every beat I could feel. It felt like I was getting punched right in the heart. And, and I told, I went to a buddy of mine and I S like, man, my heart feels like it’s going to burst. And he said. Don’t worry, man. He’s like, just do some more. You’ll be all right. Oh, that’s great advice. That’s exactly, and even as stoned in his drugs, I was, I remember specifically thinking, this guy’s not my friend that said, dumbest thing I’ve ever heard. Like I felt like I was going to die. And you were probably very cool. Right. It felt like I was about to have a massive heart attack. I mean, there was so much pain in my chest and pressure and yeah, that was the advice I got from my friends. So, you know, it really, it’s using the accelerated program. Yeah. Right. It really bothered me. So I ended up calling my sister and, and she said, come, come, just come visit, come to Florida. get out of there. And, thankfully I was working for my cousin at the time and he was really, really cool about it. And, our work had actually slowed down. It was probably the Lord, cause we were busy up until that point. And he said, you know what? Go ahead and go to Florida. Don’t worry about it. I’ll pay you while you’re there, you know, or we’ll take care of you while you’re there. And, And so I ended up going to Florida, but my mindset was still, I can’t be sober, and I especially can’t be sober around my family. So I ended up bringing, I ended up bringing a couple of weeks worth of methadone with me, [00:20:00] which is synthetic heroin, with me just to deal with my family. And an hour before I got to Florida, I remember. I, I had stopped now, ma’am, and picked up my little sister, but it was an hour before I got to Florida. I stopped it at rest area so I could take some methadone. She has, so I could deal with being around my parents. And it was because I knew better. I knew, I knew the Bible. Right? And I, and I was a Christian, but, but there’s a point where you can, you can push God away and push God away and push God away for so long that he stops trying to talk to you. So that’s what I’d done. You know, at first I was convicted about what I was doing, but by that point I knew, but I didn’t want to hear it. So, so my thought was, I have to stay. Hi, even in Florida. Hopefully they won’t know. but I’m not going down there sober. Well, while I was there, I, I, I had gotten to my parents’ house. I was there and they’re like, Hey, come to church with us, you know? And, I ended up going to to church with them, and the preacher actually preached on hell and . It really shook me up because I was at a point in, in life where I knew better. I knew I was a Christian, but I was so far from God. And I was such a terrible example to other friends of mine. Cause I was the leader out of some of our friends, you know, and, and I was thinking, and I got really convicted. I’m bringing my friends to hell, you know, and it, and it was sobering. But while I was down in Florida, I actually saw. A, a, a girl there in the church and, and I had a conversation with, with another fellow, his name’s Ben, Ben Hampton. He’s a really great guy. And, that’s, that’s right. That’s crazy. Cause we have another mutual friend. Right. Then he’s an amazing human. Right. Well, Ben. Was, yeah, he was, that’s one thing. he was so good at new people in the church. He would take them home and befriend them and show him that he really loved him and cared about him. Well, we were sitting there and, I’m not sure why I opened up to him cause I didn’t really know him at that time. But, but I told him, you know, there was a girl there in the church, her name’s Katie, Katie Mueller, and, and I said, man, you know, I looked at her, she looks sweet Christian girl. You know, very pretty. And, and I told Ben, I said, man, you know, I, I don’t want to marry someone like the girls I’ve been dating. You know, I knew that even then, I just looked at as temporary fun. I mean, except for the one girl I planned on marrying, which thank the Lord again. so I, I told him, I said, I don’t want to marry girls like I’ve been dating. I’d like to marry someone like Katie. You know, and, and, you know, he agreed. He thought, he thought, obviously that’d be better. But, so anyways, after, after a month, I was ready to get back to Missouri. I was already, Oh my, my methadone supply was non-existent. I got a call from my buddy also, you know, Hey, it’s snowing in, in, in Neosho, which, Hey, we got more Coke. Yes. So, so you’re a functional addict, but you could. Communicate. Nobody even knew, but at all times you were under the influence. Yeah. I tried to be, you know, sometimes you’d run out of money. And I actually, in fact, that’s how bad it got. The one party where I had felt like my heart was going to explode. I actually brought my ex fiance’s engagement ring to a pawn shop to pawn it, and it was a platinum 25, you know, $2,500 ring. And the guy’s like, yo, I’ll give you 80 bucks. So I was like, no thanks. So I ended up borrowing money so I could, you know, party that weekend. And, but anyways, I decided to go back to Missouri, went back to Missouri and. It just wasn’t the same. It wasn’t the same. And I think it was the Lord. Not because I had, because in that, in that one service, when I felt like the Lord was talking to me again, then I got back to Missouri and the partying wasn’t the same. It wasn’t fun anymore and, and I made a conscious decision. I wanted to be done with that lifestyle. It wasn’t really so much a spiritual decision. It was more, I just have to leave because I realized I was smoking meth, you know, and I was in I real, I D I saw, I had family members who were addicted to methamphetamine, and I saw what it did to their lives, and I did not want that. So I made the decision to move to Florida. Well, I moved to Florida. I can’t say enough about my sister, Heather. I’m sorry. No, don’t be sorry.

[00:25:00] Sorry, man. God loves you, and it’s a huge switch and change and it’s emotional. So thank you for sharing your story with us, brother. Yeah, today’s her birthday. Oh, really? Hey man, we’ll send her. She realized what a huge, powerful influence she’s been. Korea, I don’t know. You know, I haven’t, I haven’t been grateful enough to her, but, she was, you know, she made my lunch every day, every single day. just to take care of me when I first moved here. such a good, such a good person. I’m very grateful for her.

But she was instrumental in keeping me here at the beginning because she took care of me. You know, I went from party and drinking. She was rough on me too. If I, if I went out and she thought I was party and she reprimand me like a mom, you know that good tough. It was tough luck. But people need that. Yeah. It really is tough. Love our generation today. They just know this song. Everything’s okay. It’s fine. No, it’s not. I need to be punched in the face sometimes, but Sunni, you actually what a good woman she did, but she didn’t listen to the audience. We’re not advocating domestic violence, but we are advocating reality. Right. You know, you need to be tough on each other. Sometimes she did it because I was drunk. 15 years old and she knew it. And, and she actually ended up saving me from my parents that day, but I cussed her and she decided she’d had enough cause she was saving me then. And, and then you fast forward five, seven years and she saved. And I think she is in this time. It’s for, you know, spiritual reasons. And she was probably smelling your food, but she still made, yeah, she, I mean, she went above and beyond little cups of fruit on the side, you know, salad in a sandwich bag next to my sandwich so I could put salad on my sandwich and it wouldn’t be soggy. I mean, it was the one you love. Exactly. She, and it was, and it was, a year of that probably she ended up getting married.  to who’s now my best friend. And, and, but, but so during that time I was very interested in Katie, the girl from the church I mentioned earlier, but she wouldn’t show me the time of day. And it was driving me nuts because I’m not the best looking guy. But anytime I wanted to date a girl growing up, I dated him. I’m not sure why, but with Katie. I was, I couldn’t understand it. Well, during this whole time I was still smoking cigarettes and I was still just one foot in the door, one foot out and, and, and it came to a point about nine months after nine to 10 months after I moved to, can we pause for a second real quick? This is an issue that comes up with a lot of people and something you just said you had one foot in and one foot out. The cigarettes. Now we all know cigarettes, you know, 220 different chemicals plus per stick. We know they’re bad for you. We’re not seeing if you’re a smoker, you’re not right with God, or you are right with God, but you will. What you’re basically saying is that still part of that carnal world that’s feeding the flesh. It’s still an addiction to fill a need. So for you, that was something that was bond putting you in bondage to being truly free. Correct. That’s exactly right. So I just want the listeners, if you’re listening. And you’re really trying to, I’ve heard so many people who are addicts, like, I’m just thinking of one now. I have a good friend, we’ll get together, we’ll talk, you know, kind of like, you know, those kinds of friends counseling each other almost. Right. And he has someone in his life who was an addict. He’s helping him out and the kid wouldn’t stop smoking. And drinking beer and to most people listening like, Oh, that’s completely innocent, but when you’re an addict, that’s not innocent. That’s just holding the door open, right? It’s like if you have a door that’s locked your front door, I can’t push through that. But if you leave a crack and I can see light through it, man, I can just push it open. And even if you’re trying to hold it shut, eventually you’re going to get tired or not pay attention. I’m going to come through and that’s how these addictions are. But you acknowledge that at that point in your life. So that that’s, that’s wonderful. Right? And that, and, and, and so while I was there too. While I was down here, I’m sorry, in Florida, I had gotten closer to the Lord. I was in church every Sunday and Wednesday, which doesn’t mean anything. The most carnal Christian could still be in church, you know, three times a week. But you’re not going to get fed if you’re not there. That’s true. But, but I mean, I still, I was drawing closer to the Lord, but still holding onto two old addictions and. And the problem. I got to Florida, I walked in the door the [00:30:00] day I got to Florida and Katie, the girl I, I had these feelings for her dad walks right up to me, Hey, I heard you do construction. Said, yeah. He’s like, you want to work for me? I said, sure. And I’m thinking, Oh no, I smoke a pack a day. This girl to dad has no idea that I smoked cigarettes, you know? And he, he didn’t know I liked her at the time, obviously. So the first day of work, man, he said, I said, when do you need me? I just wanted a couple of days off. He said, tomorrow. I was like, Oh, so. So the, the next day I get there and I’m dying cause I was so used to smoking all day long, you know, and, I’d run out to my car and smoke cigarette. Well, within just a couple of weeks, he was like, Hey, we, we live a half mile from each other. You would just want to ride with me. So then I’m thinking, Oh my goodness, now I can’t even smoke in the morning. You know, so. So then I would only pray it wasn’t too terrible. I probably was. Everybody else is like, man, this guy’s a jerk. so it went from smoking, you know, just to lunch, smoking on lunch break when he would leave for lunch. And then I realized, most of the times we’d spend lunch together. So then it went from just smoking after work. You know? And I was like, okay. You know? And in any ways, I was ready to, I told the Lord, I’m done chasing after Katie. I have no clue she’s ever going to like me, you know? but I know. That I personally need to quit smoking if I’m going to draw closer to you, you know? And so I, I quit smoking three days later. It was, it was Sunday, Sunday morning. So that was, I guess a Thursday. So Sunday morning I go to church and they had this fellowship there and Katie sits next to me and I was like. It was what’s up. So, I mean, we’ve been friends, but it was weird for her to go out of her way and sit next to me. And, so I ended up asking her, I said, Hey, can I ask your dad if we can date, you know? And, she said, yeah, I’d like that. So this was three days after. She had no clue. I smoked cigarettes. Yeah. You know, this was three days after I quit and, and, and I was like, Oh man, I was on cloud nine, you know, I went home, I was all happy all day. I get back to church. That night and she said, Hey, I’m not ready for a relationship. It was crushing, right? It’s like, okay. I walked out of church, got in my car, every single gas station I went by on the way home, I was looking and I was like, Oh man, I’m going to buy a pack of cigarettes, but I kept telling myself no. When I stopped, when I decided to stop, I told God I was going to stop, so I be close to him. So I just soaked, you know, hand up. But I ended up not going back to smoking. And it wasn’t even two, two weeks later that she was my girlfriend, and now we’re married. We have three kids. I mean, you know, it’s just, it’s, and, I don’t know why. You know, she didn’t like me for that year, but I personally think God was just like, no, it’s not going to happen until you actually are doing this for me, not for her. And, and so that, excuse me. That’s, yeah, that’s what ended up happening. So did you, so you were going, you got to the point, you know, you’re making a decision on a habitual switch. And then you quit smoking, you’re going to start dating. But then from there, what happens? so we date, we had to date for a little while. She was still in nursing school. Okay. so she, we dated there for two years, roughly before we got married. We ended up, we ended up married. it was amazing. I worked two jobs. For a year. So we took like an eight week honeymoon. It was, it was incredible. Yeah, it was awesome. but ended up married, came back, when I came back. So construction, this is, construction had really slowed down. it’s 2010. You know, just a few years into the recession, but, and then after the housing bubble burst, so you had an industry that was directly effect. Oh, big time. So, I mean, I went, so then I, I, ended up working for DirecTV there for awhile and, and that didn’t end up working out. It was, I was working 70 hours a week and I was, I got burnout, but I went back into construction construction, ended up picking back up and, I went into work. For her dad and I worked for her dad for four years, five years, and and then so in 2011, sorry. Back. Let me backtrack actually, while we’re backing up. I do want to, we kind of skipped things because in the listener’s mind, as we’re talking, I know more of your story. We went from you’re oaking and doing hard drugs. Where did that all stop? That stopped in, I’m sorry. Yeah, that stopped. That’s important. Like, I mean, it wasn’t, you quit smoking and life’s good. No, no. So I, I [00:35:00] quit everything finally in 2000 and, Eight it took a year. I moved to Florida in 2007 okay. And so it took about a year. I quit in 2008 and now. Okay, so that’s a good point. So you made the decision to quit, but it wasn’t an immediate, everything stopped. One day. There was a fight, a struggle, a process. It was, it was definitely a process. Well, when I first moved here, I still, I would drink when I could, which was sporadic. Like I said, my sister was a little, she was tough on me. but, it was not, it was, it was a process. But did you have, if you can, when you’re telling this part of the story for the listeners part of the show, so not only hear your story, but how you got through it so people can do it. What are the things you did. To overcome this? I’m like, did you have an accountability partner or did you just continue to beat yourself in the head? I mean, what did you do to get through this? I continued to just kind of beat myself in the head. I didn’t have an accountability partner, but that is wise accountability partners wise in overcoming many addictions. but, No, I didn’t. I, I really got into the Bible. I, I, I tried to get closer to the Lord. and, and, I, I helped there at the church, and I, and I also saw God do some amazing things too. while I was there, you know, when I. When I first moved here, I took a, a large pay cut, very large fake cut, benefits and everything, including from union works for, not with the union. You can Google it, but they pay well. And then when you leave, not so much. No, no, it’s, there’s PR, there’s Collins with a union too. I’m just saying the pay is definitely higher. It is. It was much higher. And. But I was broke, man, and I saw God take care of me time and again, I mean, just a, for instance, there was a time when, my battery light was coming on. And I did not have money for a battery. I didn’t have 150 bucks, you know, and and I was really sweating it. And well, what happened was the church was putting on a Christmas play and I decided I’d go help build the stage. My battery light had been on, my car had been acting funny, and this was for a couple of days. I was really nervous. Well, I get to the church, we worked there all day and I come out and start my car and my battery lights off. I’m like, no way.

I mean, it worked. My, my car was, it stopped doing, it’s little like getting ready to die, die thing, you know, it was, kind of bogging down and, I kid you not, my battery light was off. It goes for a couple of weeks. I finally have enough money to do it. Battery light comes on, car dies. So I was able to go out and buy a new battery cause you just what you need. Yes, it got me through, but I thought that was, I just remember thinking, that’s so cool. Yes. You know, it doesn’t have to be $1 million, man. It’s what you need when you need it. God provides Joel Gyra. Right. Well, during that time now, 2011, I’m, I’m online and I was researching, cause the Bible talks about the Mark of the beast, right? So, so some, someone had posted online, it’s either the Saudi Arabian currency or Bitcoin. It is like, what? What is Bitcoin? I’ve never heard of this, you know? So, I started doing some research and they were three bucks a piece, and I was like, that’s the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard. Yeah. I would never spend $3 on septin. That’s not real. That was my exact exact thought. And if you don’t know why we’re laughing as a listener, keep listening. You’ll figure it out fast. So, so it was 2012 this is the next year. You know? so at this point, again about summarize. So you went through, you made a commitment, you had ups and downs, you get off the drugs, you get off the helical haul, you even stopped smoking, you meet this girl, you start dating, you get married, and now you’re working a job. Not a lot of money, struggling to get by. And then on top of it, you’re Rena article. Because you’re in the Bible and you start to earn a moat Mark of the beast, digital currencies, the future, and now this is where we’re at. Correct. Yeah. And so, I mean, not much happened. I mean, we did. We had, we’ve had three sons. I mean, but there, there wasn’t much of like a drastic life change, during, during that time. So I’ll just get more into the currency side of it, I guess. one more thing. I’m sorry, as the audience, we’re going back and forth, but that’s part of the show, not scripted. It’s just life. When you were reading your Bible, cause some people get discouraged when they’re reading their bio. Like, I don’t even understand this. I’m sure you had moments like that. So when you were saying you did on your own, I’m guessing, and I don’t wanna put words on it, but was there someone you went to ask questions? Yes, my dad, you know, there was, there were times I’d go to my dad, but again, I grew up. In a Christian home. So I was very familiar with the Bible. She had more exposure than the average human. Yes, I had a lot [00:40:00] of exposure. But when you did have a question, you went to your dad and I went to my dad or I, I’d go to the pastor of the church I was, I was at, okay. So for the audience listening, if you have questions. When you’re reading your Bible, there’s a story of the Ethiopian Munich and he is sitting there wringing his violin. He doesn’t understand it, but he wants to know God. So God sends someone his way to explain it. So that’s one of the beautiful things about a church environment. If you have a good Bible preaching church, they’re going be able to help you understand God’s word. Because the truth is all truth comes from God. And when we are in our lives. If we just follow the instruction book, man, we have peace and joy doesn’t mean life’s going to be easy, but it means we’re always gonna have that peace and that contentment and that joy throughout the even worse trial. So I just want people, again, I don’t want to keep jumping back and forth, but you did have someone to help you. You did have someone to guide you. Maybe it wasn’t an AA partner to keep you or Hey, you drinking today, but it was someone when you had a question like, man, I’m struggling. Why is God allowing this? Why didn’t God let this happen? Right? And they can answer that question for you. So, all right, so now let’s get to the, a lot of people want to hear this cause it’s about money and wealth and this you, Oh, you went from a. Very low income, struggling to eat to where you are today. So, yes. In 2011, I, I’d found out about Bitcoin $3 ridiculous for air numbers, whatever. Yup. and 2012, I’m, I’m I was working, actually, I remember we were on lunch break. And, and I’m scrolling through, I was a news junkie, so I was scrolling through the news on my phone and I see Bitcoin collapse. And my very, my first thought was, Oh, thank God, I’m so glad I didn’t buy that for three bucks a coin or three bucks, you know, for nothing. And, all of a sudden I open it up. And Bitcoin had collapsed from $250 down to 70. And I’m thinking, Oh, no, this is, I can’t believe it. You know, I’ve passed up on Bitcoin when it was $3 and, and then we. so I finally figured out, back then, it was really, it was difficult to buy Bitcoin. I had to go through an exchange, Mt.

Gox and it took about two weeks, but, so what happened was it was scary to one of my money in the unknown. And it was, yeah, but I mean, it was $500 and I had just lost $500 on a Ponzi scheme. I was an idiot. I knew full well it was a Ponzi scheme. I was just hoping that I was still in the beginning. Oh man, I bought into that thing, crashed the next day. I go, Oh man. So that was stupid on my part. But, so anyways, but after that, I went up to my wife, I said, Hey, I’d like to put 500 bucks in Bitcoin. And she said, eh. I was like, well, we were actually our first year of marriage. and well, actually still at that time, she was an orange. Hmm. So she was making really good money and I wasn’t doing bad. We were doing well together. That was two years into our marriage. Okay. And, and so we had some extra cash and, I told her, yeah, I’d like to put $500 in Bitcoin. She’s like, well, you know, you can if you want. She’s like, hi. I trust you and it wasn’t. And again, just you have a good biblical marriages point. You’re not asking her for permission. She’s not asking you. You’re making equally yoked decision Iraqi. I just don’t want people to think Dominic’s, his wife’s bitch or  or anything like that. She’s his, I mean, they love each other. Talk to her because you know, I had just lost 500 bucks. Yeah. But you’re equal. You’re having respect for each other to balance relationships. I could have said, Hey, I’m taking 500 bucks and doing this. She could’ve said no, and I just tried to show her the audience. We want balance, godly relationships. And you had that at that point, so it was great. Yeah. So. So, anyways, I ended up getting the money. Finally, it was right there on the exchange and I, the reason I wanted it is I didn’t know what Bitcoin was. I still had no idea, but I had watched it go every single day, 70 to 200 and back to, I mean, this is multiple times a day or bounce bounce. A huge balance. We’re talking 200% you know? So I’m thinking, okay, I’m going to take 500 bucks. I’m going to buy it. I’m going to buy it when it’s low, I’m going to sell it high and I’m going to keep doing it over and over and over, you know? Well, I give them money on the exchange. It had leveled out. I missed the initial drop. It had leveled out at about 130 135 so I told her, Hey, look, I’m getting ready to, I’m going to buy Bitcoin. And she says, Oh, why don’t you just wait one day? I said, look, I’m not going to wait a day. Because it was just two 50 now it’s one 30 you know? So I said, I’m going to go ahead and buy it. So I went ahead and bought it. No joke. One 35 it was the last time it saw one 35 and then it dropped to 70 over the next day. I was like, Oh my goodness. If I’d have waited one day. If I just listen to my wife and she has some wisdom. So, but she’s sweet. She didn’t rub it in my face or anything, even though I still told her, Hey, look, you know, dropped. But so you’re doing the dishes for a [00:45:00] month. But yeah, so I ended up getting into Bitcoin. And, during that time, like I said, it was just, there was no, the volatility is evaporated. So I was, I, there was nothing for me to do except watch it. Well, during that time I decided to go ahead and. Research, and so I found out it was a crypto currency. So I’m like, okay, well there’s a crypto currency, right? So I started researching and then I find out that there’s multiple other cryptocurrencies. And, and I, started looking at those and, and you know, it’s still not understanding anything other than this 30 cents. Okay. Bitcoin used to be a fraction of a cent. If this is 30 cents, it can go. Up to, you know, 1000 bucks, not understanding supply and demand, you know, and a market cap and stuff like that at the time. And, so I went ahead and started investing in the other cryptocurrencies, so, but I would trade those against Bitcoin. So just, just, I would use Bitcoin like the dollar and I would buy, you know, light coin and then light coin would go up. And I’d sell it back to Bitcoin. So, you know, I went from, I started with 3.5, roughly Bitcoin and I traded, I lost it all the way down to like 1.7 when I first started trading. And then, I ended up. Doing pretty successful at that time. So Bitcoin also, there was, it had a, he had a black eye. It was used for drugs a lot, a lot on the dark web, you know, so there was a website called the silk road, and everyone said if the silk road shuts down, Bitcoin’s dead. There’s no other purpose for Bitcoin, you know, other than drugs. Well, that just, that happened just three months after I bought. Bitcoin had actually worked its way back up to about where I bought it. Well, we get a notification. dread, pirate Roberts, whatever is, was arrested. I can’t remember his actual name right now. Instead of the dread pirate, they call him the drug Pyre. Sure. But, he, so he was running the, he was running that exchange apparently. Well, they arrested him. Shut the, shut the website down. And Bitcoin dropped from 120 bucks to 60 instantly. Okay. So I’m thinking, Oh no, you know, here it goes. Well, it went from 60 over the next six months to 1200 so, so that disproved the theory that Bitcoin is only there for drugs. And that, that leads me to the few, like looking back five years, it’s pretty much with cryptocurrency. It’s the exact opposite of what you expect. If good news comes out, currency drops, right. If bad news comes out, it shoots up through the roof. Exactly. Yeah. It’s crazy. It is. It’s hard to, it’s hard to predict. Instead, it’s really hard to predict consistently. Yeah. Who are friend who made that public quote. He’s in big trouble if things don’t change soon. Oh yeah, he is. He’s hilarious. He’s hilarious. I don’t want to a shout out to McAfee. You’re one of those geniuses that nobody understands, but man, you better hope Bitcoin goes up. You’re going to have some surgery. I think it’s next year, isn’t it, Tony? but, so yeah, during that, during that time, Bitcoin went from 60 to 1200. So I’m all pumped. You know, I end up celebrating and buying a. Nice tablet for myself and, you know, cashing some Bitcoin out. And then in 2000, well, so I saw it back 2013, 2014 exchanges were lacking. They were awful. There were website, cripsy was one of the websites and it had, It was terrible. If it had volume, it would, it would glitch out. And then you can’t do that in finance. You know, you can’t have your website drop out in the middle of trades. Yeah. And to people who don’t understand trading, you need live active connections. Yes. And you need to be able to wait, wait, wait by, wait, wait, wait. So I mean, it has to be spot on. And that’s what you’re talking about. The instantaneous voltages where you couldn’t access it because in crypto currency we would have. A hundred percent swings sometimes in seconds. Yeah. I remember you told me, sir, you took a shower and lost 30 grand or something. I, you know, it was, it was terrible. There were, there were some times there were some, some trading with awful to go back to your income. At this point, you don’t have to disclose it, but I mean, it was like it was a living income. It was paycheck to paycheck. Paycheck to paycheck was paycheck to paycheck, and then now this is all happening. You’re investing buyer tell paycheck to paycheck. Even. So I wasn’t touching my crypto. So during the day you’re working? Yes. During the day I’m working, and this is still, you know, Robbie, yes, definitely just a hobby, but I saw. The need for a good crypto exchange. So I randomly contacted the developer in California. We ended up becoming friends, and they said, yeah, yeah, well, we’ll build an exchange. Right? So, so that ended up never coming to fruition, right? It was. It just became this long drawn out process, which [00:50:00] development. A lot of times  does become, there’s teams of people, right? Right. And then I didn’t understand it, so I got discouraged. 2000 Bitcoin had dropped also because back, let’s go back to where it was growing in Europe. 1200 let’s push the, so it was growing, went up to 1200 and then the bottom fell out. I mean, it went from 1200 to 200 in minutes, and, and then. It did these crazy swings where it would go 200 to 800 but, you know, then I’m panicky and I’m just, I’m too nervous to buy. I didn’t have the pulleys, you know, and, and so, but I watched it and, and it leveled out about 400 bucks. And actually that was the time we were, we were actually in the hospital. My wife was having our second son, so I was distracted with, I was discouraged at the Bitcoin exchange. Didn’t happen. And, I just stopped trading. Okay. So I, I got out of trading and, I just kind of stopped the whole Bitcoin scene. I think I ended up, after cashing everything out, I was down to two Bitcoin, you know, and they were only worth . 250 bucks a piece. Okay. And so I was just, I moved them over to a different exchange. Forgot about them. She paid for an education. Right. Right. You didn’t really lose, but you know what? I made money. I made a few thousand dollars, you know, nothing to retire on. Nothing. No. Nothing to retire on. And so 2000, that was 2014. so between then in 2016, you know, our family grew from, from four to five. We had another son. We have three boys. Nice. And, one of which you’re gave me these awesome moons. Luke, a shout out to you. I appreciate the balloons and I will be helping my kids with water balloons later this afternoon. Thank you. So, So, but during that time, like I said, it just went back to construction. I was doing construction. Katie had actually gone from working full time after our second child was born to, actually, it was after our first child was born. So money got much tighter after our, after our first son was born because she just went to working, Saturdays. And, after our second child was born, it was every other Saturday. And then when our last child was born, she said, Hey, I think I like my job. You know? And I’m thinking, okay, yeah, we can do this. We can do it. You know? And I still wasn’t making much money, but I had started my own construction company at that time. I was still working for her dad, but I was making a lot more money per hour. It was just enough to support a family. so I was nervous. But God had actually really blessed me on, just, I, I think it’s because I put him first. I continued to faithfully give you, no matter what my financial situation was, he always took care of our parents. He always took care of our family. We never were, what are we going to eat ever? never laid on bills, never. You know, he always took care of us, but I always made sure to give him, you know. I always tied to always gave to nations. but a lot of people don’t understand that. But in my experience. The most wealthy balance people are givers. The people who struggle most with money aren’t, and I’m not a pastor, I’m not going to gain from this in any way, but if you’re out there listening, the biblical standard, and some people say it’s an old Testament standard, but it’s a life standard and it’s, you give 10% of everything you’ve been given back to God, and it’s not a requirement. It’s a thank you. Like, wow, God, you just gave me all this money. Thank you for it. And that’s why he doesn’t ask for a number. He asked for a percentage. It’s just an acknowledgement just to keep us balanced and in check. And you respected that and let’s see, let’s the audience let know how it worked out for you. Right, right. And I mean, and like even in . There. There are a lot of businessmen who aren’t Christians and they still live by the principle. Absolutely. And that’s because it’s a biblical principle. You reap what you sow. They call it karma, but it when it is, it was a thousand names for it, but constantly  you. So you give. I didn’t give to get, but I definitely got absolutely. You know, and that’s like love. You don’t want a husband or wife, boyfriend, or girlfriend, whatever. That’s forced to love us, quote unquote. We want somebody who loves this either heart, right? Unconditional, true love. And that’s where the, I guess, love coming in a piece. The emotion, right? But with money, it’s money is a tool. God doesn’t care what money he has, everything. But when you give and help others, it’s love and action. It’s charity. It’s showing an appreciation. God, thank you for what you’re giving us, and you are faithfully doing that. Whether you made a dollar, whether you made a million. And Don honors that he did. And, and there were times I always made money on the side. there was actually, I have a YouTube channel where I had like five and a half million views on my videos. You still have it? Yeah. I don’t do it anymore, but yeah, I put that in the show called help you win it. It [00:55:00] was, it was video game walk-throughs for like puzzle games on cell phones. Oh wow. Yeah. And so I was making money from that. Well, I went from that. Two, I’m sorry. Before that I was making money flipping PlayStations. I’d buy a PlayStation, a crappy listed PlayStation on Craigslist, and I would wipe it down, clean it up, set the games up, take pictures, and sell it for almost twice what I bought it for. And I was always making money on the side. I was looking for opportunities, always, always looking for opportunities. So it went from PlayStations to, To YouTube where I was making money on YouTube, and then it went, to side jobs for construction. So instead of, you know, God really blessed me. it was 2015 where I had this huge remodel job. So, but it was multiple thousands of dollars that I made, on the side. So I had this big chunk of money. That’s when Katie said, you know, Hey, I think I would like to quit my job. Well, I, the only debt that I had was in my van, our van, our minivan for, for our family. You know, I’m a minivan and dad. But, so we had a minivan and, and I had this chunk of money and I said, you know. Tax time’s coming up. I already know we’re going to get a refund just because the way American taxes are, you know, earned income, credit, child tax credit. So, so I took that money and I paid my van off. It left me with, I don’t know, $1,000 in the bank maybe, but income tax gain. And it was a biggest income tax check we ever got. And I think as because we just had our third son and and shout out to your third. Yeah, thanks Ryan. So, so, but we had this chunk of money sitting in the bank and then I saw another opportunity to make money. I bought this Honda civic.  for three grand. This girl had this 2007 civic with 92,000 miles on it, you know, and the only thing wrong was the AC didn’t work and there was a dent in the bumper. So, but she was told, you know, it was going to cost $1,000 to fix the AC. And I’m thinking, okay, four grand for this vehicle is nothing. I could still turn around and sell it. So I take it, take the gun out of the bumper myself. I spent $13 and 50 cents on fuses. And that fixed the AC. So I’m in this, I’m in this car for $3,500 tax, tag, title, every fix. I turn around and flip that for 67 50 so I made a quick three, three grand, you know, little over 3000 so Katie comes to me and says, you know, Hey, I, I’d like to quit my job. And I said, okay. You know, I know God will take care of us. He always has. She quit her job and in quitting her job, she had her 401k. Well, her 401k was just, you know, $4,000 it wasn’t much, and a couple of years worth of work. And then most of that was weekend work anyways. So I, you know, I get this gut feeling that I can’t explain other than I really feel like it was the Lord. I have never had a gut feeling like that in my life, but I needed to revisit Bitcoin. And I’m thinking. You know, we don’t need her. 401k I’ve got the money from flipping that car, you know, and, and so that was $4,500. No, I’m sorry. It was $4,000 and, and, And Bitcoin was four 50, 450 bucks. It had gone up actually. So Bitcoin dropped all the way from 12 over those two years dropped from 1200 down to 200. I think it actually ended up bottoming out at one 97. So, so, but it had worked its way back up to four 50. But like I said, you know, I had this chunk of, you know, four grand. And I had this gut feeling I had to get into Bitcoin and I had to do it now. So I went to my wife. I said, Hey, I have got to get into Bitcoin. I said, we don’t need this money right now. I’ve just got a gut feeling I need to get back in. This is 2016. Yeah. And your wife’s thinking, I’ve got three kids and I want to leave work. And she’s supporting you. She is. She’s amazing. She really is incredible. I’m so thankful for her. Yeah. Pretty much if I say, Hey, I’d like to do this, she’s go for it. You know? She’s, she’s incredible. so, and we’re coming up on 10 years, actually congratulate. So only 40 more to go. Yeah, right. That’s, that’s awesome. Yeah. You get to do 40 more. Exactly. So, I take the 401k and at this time, my dad actually had some extra money too, and he decided to put it into Bitcoin as well with me. So we both put our money in, man, it wasn’t a week later, it’s five 80. Oh, yes, this is awesome. You know, a couple months later, it’s 900 and we’re like, Oh yeah, we just dealt with our money, and during this time I’m going, I’m back into trading alternate currencies, you know? So, and that’s where. You know? In fact, let me, let me, let me backtrack. When I first got in, I had just a [01:00:00] little under 10 Bitcoin. I remember telling my wife specifically, I just want 10 Bitcoin. That’s all I want. I had made bad trades and I was back down to like eight and I was, I was so discouraged and I had another friend who had watched the Bitcoin go up as I was trying to get all my friends into it. And he watched it go, I wish I knew you then. So, he said, you know, I’ll give you 1000 bucks. And so he gave me $1,000. That’s back when it was before the crash, the initial crash. So, so I had lost his money back then. I lost, but he was. Really, he’s a great, great guy. He didn’t me. He’s an investor. You only invest what you can afford to lose, and that’s essentially how it was. We stayed friends. He didn’t care. He never even mentioned the money. Again. If somebody invested money and then brings it up, they don’t understand investing. Yeah, and I’m sorry, but if you’ve lost money investing. Yeah, I didn’t mean to offend you, but don’t invest in anything that you don’t understand and that you’re not willing to lose. That’s exactly what I told everyone. Anybody who did. I tried to encourage them to get in, but I always, always telling them I was encouraging never to put money in. They couldn’t lose, and that’s with that 401k money. I could have lost it. Yup. You don’t want her, but you could have. Exactly. But I’m like, there’s people burn time. They’re literally mortgaging their house to buy Bitcoin, and that’s insane. Absolutely. I mean, I understand a few people made money. But many more homeless. So I don’t want to be stealing your car, but let’s, let’s do this. Keep going, keep going. So, so we’ve started watching Bitcoin creep up, but all alternate coins, which are everything other than Bitcoin. crypto currency, alternative currency. Yeah. But they all kind of, Bitcoin, even at this point, was emerging as a standard and everything else kind of scent. Turned around correct. When was the center of it still? Yeah. Bitcoin most alternate, most Bitcoin exchanges. other than like dollar  exchanges are still, Bitcoin is the base currency. Yes. You know, so, but during this time I’m trading these other coins. Well, one day there’s, Etherium came out. Right. And, so, but  ended up going through. it’s a very large scale hack. It was the Dao, the Dao, and, and what happened was the founder of Ethiopia and a lot of the other higher ups, any theory, them lost a lot of money in that hack. So it was the consensus quote, unquote, to split the chain off. And they, they would go back before the hack the block before the hack and, and continuing theory him from there on. So what that did was that created Etherium classic and then what was now the newly theorem on a new chain. So the old chain that had been hacked continued as Atherium classic and the new chain was easy. Rum continuing. Gotcha. So what, what, but I had watched, Ethiopian classic after it came out. Went up to about half of  price and then was dropping and dropping and dropping and dropping, and I was, I was so tired of losing money, but I, I had this ridiculously low buy order on Atherium classic. It was literally the second lowest buy order ever to fill. Wow. Yeah. So you’re doing the Warren BARR, the Holy Spirit’s leading you to the Warren buffet when everybody’s running everyone. That’s right. So as Atherium got down, he ether in classic, I’m sorry, got down so low. I decided, you know what? I’m putting everything into this. It was a stupid decision, honestly. So I put eight Bitcoin in it. I went to sleep and woke up and my eight Bitcoin was worth 20. And I was jumping up and down, you know, I’m freaking out telling my wife, Oh my goodness, look at this. Well, by the end of the day, you know, it’s worth 2025 30 you know, because it was literally the second lowest buy order, and then it just bounced like crazy. So I ended up selling it, selling it, getting back into Bitcoin. Call my buddy, Hey man, you know, that thousand dollars gave me, I got it back. You know, now it’s worth 1800. You know, so you feel like, yes, yes. I told him, cause I didn’t, he was a really good friend of mine. Yes. And I could’ve just pretended, you know, Hey, you know, I’m sorry you lost your money at one time. But so I decided to give him back the amount of Bitcoin he had originally bought. at that point, did he cash out or did you keep saying, Hey, keep keeping best on know. And we agreed it would be an 80, 20 type thing. No, I’m sorry. He and I didn’t agree. I just continued with what I did was I gave him a percentage of all of my Bitcoin and as I increased, I gave him that cause see you, that was respect. It wasn’t required or legal. Correct. It was respect. And he helped you with seed money and, right. Yeah. Okay. Yeah. And during this time, that’s an integrity and honor. Well, I try to, I try to be honorable, but so. I, but I continued to invest and continue to invest. Well, I’ll tell you my, one of my [01:05:00] failure stories, my worst investment ever, was a 2017, the beginning of 2017 I had worked my way up to 40 plus Bitcoin. Wow. and you know, 2000 so, so it was worth. 50 60 grand, you know, and I, and by the way, once it got up about that price, I took my original investment back out. So we’re going to sell, play money. This is all, yeah. Play money. But I put almost all of it into ripple and ripple was a fraction of a cent. And that time, I mean, we’re talking, I had 4 million ripple, four and a half million ripple. Oh, wow. and they were, it was worth 40 grand. You know, and, and, but I was impatient. I knew ripple was going to be big just because it’s not technically a decentralized cryptocurrency. And banks don’t, they want nothing to do with decentralized crypto because they can’t control it. So, so this was a company that had its own crypto currency that was going to be used for bank transfers. You know, it’s, much faster. bank transfers make make. I knew it was going to be big. I thought it was going to be later in, you know, so I went ahead and I had decided after holding it there for awhile to sell all of it, sold all of it back into Bitcoin. It went up from a fraction of a CIT. To 20 30 cents. I know. And I’m thinking, Oh man, that’s like 1 million bucks. I just lost. I just missed out on $1 million, you know? And how do you process that? Well, I, you don’t think about it. If you do, you get depressed. You know? So, so then I’m like, okay, it’s going to drop back down and I’ll be back in. Well, it didn’t. You know, it never dropped back down. And by the end of 2017, it was $3 and 75 cents a piece. We’re talking 15, $16 million from, you know, but you get a great story. I’ve got a good story. It’s what makes a good podcast. But, so, but, but through that time, I still, I was, I was, I did very well, you know, in 2017. 2017 I had done well enough, where I had a business partner this, so I can, we decided to try the exchange again. This time we started investing money in it because I had it. and you don’t have to disclose how much. Right, but you went from working and doing this as a hobby. Everything exploded in your unit to see how many coins you had. Just people could do the math. Right. But you kind of skipped a bit. So I’m trying to fill in, and you went from everyday life to now being independently wealthy and probably never have to work again. Yeah. It depends on what Bitcoin does. Yeah, but I mean, you were in a really good situation, and this is the thing, you were talking 10 and 20 coins anymore. It had gone up substantially over a remarkable story. Then. So, but, but, and this is what’s great. That came out of, even though the exchange never worked out, we became friends and he’s very business smart. He’s very wise. but, he, he said, why are you still working? You know, and this is, I had enough money to quit my job. And I said, yeah, well, that’s how I support my family. And he’s like, all right. He’s like, he’s just being nice. They just ask you a couple questions. I said, okay. You said, When do you make the most money? I said, nights and weekends, you know when I’m trading crypto, you said, and when you make the least amount of money. And he and I said, well, when I’m working, and he’s like, okay,

so man, this is cool. This is a Testament to the Lord as well. Yeah. Really. Even him, he’s not a Christian and it blew his mind when I told him. So I had decided to put my two week notice it. My boss thought I was an idiot. Cause at that time I still, you know, I S I still didn’t have enough money to retire on, not even close, but I was making so much money trading. It made no sense for me to work, to work for that kind of job for work. Right. I mean even in  case scenario, I have to go back to work, you know.  but he was smart. He told me, look, how much do you make? It was measly. I’m talking like I figured that I was like 30 grand a year. 35 from your day job. My day job. Yeah. So 35 grand a year. It’s very difficult sport. Family. Absolutely. Especially a family of five. And and so, yeah. What about what I figured was, I could live on, he said, why don’t you just quit your job. Don’t cash out all your Bitcoin. He said, and Bitcoin at this time was $1,700 when Bitcoin was 1700 and he said, worst case scenario, you know, we’ll see how it goes in six months. If you haven’t made enough money to support your family, if you haven’t made your six [01:10:00] months back, go back to work. I was like, yeah, that’s smart. You know? That’s a good idea. So I went ahead call my boss, gave my two week notice. Went on to Coinbase, which is the easiest way. Here’s a plug for Coinbase. I guess if you’re in the U S and you want to buy and sell Bitcoin, use Coinbase. I’m going to take it a step further. If you want to do it in the U S and save money, it used Coinbase pro pro pro.coinbase.com

but if I did, hypothetically, that’s what I’d use. Absolutely. Yeah. It makes the most sense for us citizens. In fact, it’s one of the only ones left. We can trade on it. Yeah. And just the audience knows to help you. If you are interested in investing, please seriously pray about it. Do not invest money you’re not willing to lose. And the Coinbase in Coinbase pro, they’re pretty safe platforms. We’re going to give them a plug for this. But, the Coinbase pro, the fees are less, it’s a little more intimidating if you’re new. And it’s a little more techie. Is that how you explain it? It’s more complex. It’s more complex. But if you can take the time to figure it out, you’re going to save a lot of money in fees. And my friend Dominic taught me that because I lost, I wasted a ton of money trading the standard traditional Coinbase map for him. We’re not just Coinbase but other other platforms. And I was like, when you opened my eyes and showed me that. That, was that bold new world. They sing. It was awesome. I made money just on the fees, so saving the fees. So, but at that time I gave my two week notice, I went to cash out, right. And it was going to be 18,000, $37. And but I panicked cause I had two bank accounts attached to it. So I went ahead and went back and checked to make sure I had the right bank account. I was cashing into. And, went back and it was only worth 17,000, $988. And, and, and I was like, Oh man, you know, I just lost, like, I just lost some money, you know? No big deal. Well, I had just got done working the most I ever worked for that company. I was. Driving a delivery truck at that time. Actually, I forgot. So, I had worked 60 plus hours one week, 50 something hours the next week I was exhausted. And Coinbase said, you know, your money will be in your bank in three to five days. And, so I was like, okay, you know, whatever. Well, the next morning was payday from all of that. Overtime I’d worked, well, I wake up and I, I look at my bank account and I had a deposit from HD. S supply was the company I worked for and the deposit from Coinbase, my deposit cleared overnight, which was crazy. But I really think it was the Lord because my paycheck from all of that overtime and all of the work was $1,798 one seven nine eight and my Bitcoin deposit from the dollars from that was one seven nine eight eight from just my site. It was exactly the same first four numbers, right? Yeah, exactly. But I had a fit number, which was again, an eight but I thought it was the Lord is like. I got this, like, you know, look, you worked, you worked 110 hours for that, and you did this in your side time. Yeah. And you just made 10 times the money, 10 times the money and you know, and, so I, I just thought that was awesome. I actually have a screenshot of that. I’ll have to get it to you. But, we’ll put that up there. Encourage the listeners. It’s amazing. It was, it was incredible. And eight, what’s, do you know the biblical significance of a, what is it? It’s a new beginning. Is it? Yup. There’s numbers like six is around, or six, six, six. The market obese. Seven is perfection or the Trinity. Seven, seven, seven and then eight is a new beginning. Yeah. And there’s so many numbers that have significance in, but yeah. Yeah. It was, it was just really, really cool. But, yeah, I remember just, I told, and I told my friend that who wasn’t a Christian, and he’s, he’s a mathematician. And he’s like, eh, it’s pretty crazy. What are the odds that he’s like, yeah, that’s unbelievable. You know, he’s still, he had a hard time not explaining that as God. Yeah. You can’t, you can’t. Yeah. Everybody has a different world view and I get that. But, if we’re, I remember the signing in my life. Is there a God or is there not a God? Is this just BS that people use to control society or is God real? And man, if I’m looking at life at science at any aspect, and I’m looking at impartial, at minimum, you have to see a creator. I mean, there is a creator. And then when you start reading the Bible and seeing that there’s not one line in that book that doesn’t come true and isn’t true and isn’t pertinent, and it’s undeniable God, right? At least to me. So are listeners out there, [01:15:00] but I mean, best book, one of the best books in the world ever in is Dale Carnegie’s how to win friends and influence people. And he and his writing says, I’m not a Christian, but my parents were. But you got this guy who wrote a book. I think it’s one of the greatest selling books of all time, translated more languages than almost any other book. It’s no one is a communication standard, you know? And this gentleman says that whether you believe God or not, man, every principle in the book works in real life, right? And you can take his book and every principle can be translated to scripture in verse, you know what I mean? So, but go on, go on. I didn’t want it. You’re fine. But during that time. Obviously I made more than six months back. It didn’t take, I think it was, man, it was maybe 10 days days, made that money back and I was just, I was jumping for joy and I was so thankful, so thankful. And so I ended up, man, 2007 he was September. Oh, this is a really cool story as well. So the year before, before I got back into Bitcoin, before I had been successful in it, my wife and I had been looking for houses and we’re looking on the $130,000 range, which for this area of the United States, you can find a three bedroom. Yeah, it’s a nice, okay. Yeah. And every single house we looked at. Just didn’t work. I put, we put in the bid for the exact price on the first house. We got out. I didn’t know we got a bid by five grand. The next house we put a, we put, we offer 5,000 more than it was worth, and we got underbid, but it was a cash offer. So they accepted that offer. Gotcha. The next house, we offered 11,000 more than the asking price and got out bed and I was like, all right, Lord. What’s the deal? I’m tired of renting. I’m tired of throwing my money away, you know? And then no joke. I went from getting emails daily to getting one email every two weeks. The housing that that price range evaporated. And, and, and notifications like MLS, MLS patients in the email, I’m sorry, yes. From my realtor. And, that price range, the houses just disappeared. And, it wasn’t, he was buying a time from a rental. Oh, yes, yes. They were just buying them up and, and we couldn’t get anything. So, so I was just discouraged and I was like, I don’t understand, you know, but then my financial situation. Was totally different. So all of a sudden, we’re looking, you know, closer to 200 grand range. and that’s after I quit my job and, and this house is on the market and this house should not be on the market for the price that it’s less. And Katie and I are looking at, we were like, is this legit? This for real? That we’d go and look at it. Fell in love with it. We’re like, Oh man, we got to buy this house, you know, and it was on the market for 74 days under market price, and he hadn’t had an offer on it. And man, we bought it and we were able to buy it. We don’t have a mortgage. It was awesome. Amazing. I was, you know, it was God, it was he here, you know? And I really truly believe he rewarded. He rewarded us for me and faithful, you know? And, it’s, I, I’m so grateful, you know? Yeah. I may have to go back to work someday. You know? Yeah. Fast forward. Keep going. So now you double, triple 10 times. And now after that, what happens? It, so I had gotten really, like it was, I couldn’t believe it. You know, you, we’d look at the portfolio every day and just kind of giggled my wife and I, cause it was, it was getting ridiculous. I mean, from a $4,000 investment, you know, and, Man, I remember I actually, yeah, to paying taxes. It was awful. I remember I was like, Oh my soul. But that’s a good problem to have. Great problem to have. I mean, I remember specifically paying taxes in 2018 and it was twice. Three times. My tax bill was three times my annual income of my best year ever. I was like, Oh, my soul. You know, the Lord blessed like crazy, but that, that allowed us to give, you know, to give more, to give to people, to, to give to more than just the church, to help friends, to help family. you know, and, It. God’s been able to, he’s used us, but we’d been willing to be used. And now that’s brought you to the position where financial independence, correct. You have plans for the future, but you’re still working on the details, so we won’t discuss that in this podcast. We’ll have you back for another one. And then, what else? So we got the passes or anything else from the past that you’d like to discuss or anything you think can help the listener. yeah. If I could speak to maybe if you have some younger listeners, like, you know, teenage, early twenties, if I could just encourage you. For anything, obviously from the spiritual side, if you’re not a Christian, look into it. and how, how could they do that? like what’s a good way to [01:20:00] look into Christianity? A good way to look at just honestly, you can Google search. What is Christianity? Who was Christ? if you’re having a hard time believing it, look up the prophecies. That’s, that’s, that’s one of the things that helps me believe the Bible the most. I mean, other than my personal relationship with God, you can. Once you’re a Christian, you can feel God. You don’t hear him audibly say something. But man, you feel this draw to do, to do things. You feel comfort in awful situations. Awful, terrible situations. you know, the peace that passes all understanding. Like even when things are out of control, right? You just feel steady, calm, right? Yeah. You don’t have to, you don’t have to stay trunk or stay high to get through situations like, like I thought I had to. You know, from the previous relationship, it’s just this, this overwhelming piece. And, I mean you can, like I said, Google it or do ministry like a Nash, cause like there’s people listening this, like we’ve been blessed already. People on Australian Indian, I mean, we’re getting hits from Europe. Asia. It’s has been a huge blessing. I’m so thankful for you as a listener, and I hope we’re going to continue to grow and help, but like in America, Charles Stanley has a great ministry and his son, Andy Stanley, has a great ministry. There’s people like that. Is there a specific organization you can think of or, okay. Yeah. Not, not necessarily. There’s, there is a ton. You don’t want to get involved in a Colt. You want to get involved in someone who’s teaching the Bible. Not taking it out of context. Correct. Yeah. Not making it fit. I think Charles Stanley, if you’re listening for the first time and you’re like, maybe I’ll give this a chance. I think Charles Sam is a great place to start, or Andy Stanley and I don’t know them. I’d love to meet him and hang out with them, but the truth is they’ve helped me a lot. Even as someone I got saved when I was 15 my life changed radically, and that doesn’t mean I haven’t backslidden too and had ups and downs. But I know that some of my darkest days, I listened to Charles Stanley and read some of his material, and God used that mightily to help me. And I mean, when nobody was there for me, God was there. But he used, Charles Stanley’s even. And recently, I remember going to Georgia, and when I was there, I went to visit Charles Stanley’s church and I was so upset he wasn’t there that Sunday. And his son stepped in for the first time. And I’m like, I don’t want to hear a son. I just brought my family five hours to hear his son do good. I audibly wept the entire service and he talked about how God used those men to change my life. So thank you guys. If you ever hear this, thank you. Yeah, but he knows what you need to hear. You thought you needed Charles. And he knew. I’m like, who is this? Andy? Stale. But you know, and that’s another thing. Get in the Bible, get in church, and I mean, because that happens, you’ll go to church sometimes and you’re struggling with something and the pastor will preach. And a message that goes right to help you get through that to help you get through that situation. And you’re like, all right, this guy’s listening to my, you know, how in the world did he know?  right? But it happens time and again, but it also happens when you open the Bible, you’ll, you’ll, you’ll ask God, well, you’ll be going through something. You’ll open the scripture and it’s like. Here’s your answer, and what would you tell? Go back to those? Do you know that the depression rate among teens is higher than depression? Suicide is higher today than ever. There’s more, quote unquote Christian teens who are absolutely just struggling right now. A lot of that, I believe, has to do with social media. Oh, agreed. Entirely agree. Yeah. But if you were talking, and there’s listeners right now, there are listeners right now thinking there’s no hope. I’m a waste. I’m a piece of trash. What does it matter? I’ve already ruined myself. Why don’t I keep going? What would you tell us through it all? And adults, teens and adults, but let’s focus on, you’re never too far away, ever. My grandfather. Was a bad, bad man. I mean, he, you know, he, he didn’t get convicted, murdered people he was arrested for, yeah. I think, I can’t even remember. It was two tons of marijuana. and yeah. You know,  I know. but he got, he ended up getting saved on his death bed. You know, the thief on the cross, you know, Holly said was, remember me? You know, when you enter into your kingdom and God said, well, Teddy, today you’ll be with me in paradise. It’s never too late. You’ve never gone too far. No matter what you’ve done. You know, God can change your life and he will if you let him, you know, it’s, and he changed. He changed my life so drastically. I went from, I went from an alcoholic, you know, drug addict, [01:25:00] to, you know, to being here, having a family in church, a great church, you know, you know, and a lot of that too. And I haven’t, I haven’t given my dad the proper things and my family the proper things. But it, it affected me. And you know, there were times where I felt invincible when I was doing wrong.  Oh, don’t worry. All invincible. There was, there was a time where I got handcuffed from running from the cops on foot. That was because I was an idiot. That was one of my life goals was to run from the cops on foot. That was your bucket list. That was on my bucket list. Yeah, you’re dumb. I know. Trust me. I still am. But, so that was how my bucket, I ran from a mug on foot, got caught, handcuffed. And by the 40 minutes after I had them laughing, we were laughing. They were telling me stories of when they ran from cops, as they, when they were kids, they took me out of the handcuffs, asked me. If I could get a ride cause we were partying and I said sure. And they said, have a good night. Yeah, no record. You know, that was the Lord. But Oh, absolutely. That also helped me. I felt invincible after that. I was like, I can’t get in trouble. I can’t die. I can’t get in trouble. You know? And it was a very dangerous place to be. but in what you at that point recognizes your invincibility was really God’s hand. Absolutely. Absolutely. And and come to find out, I just had a guest on and he had such a similar story. It’s a episode six if you’re listening. Chad Williams, a Navy seal, and he had that same invincibility no matter what he did, he’s thinking, I’m the boss, and he looks back now like. God. Thank you. Right. And that’s what, that’s not everybody has that outcome. Not at all. My friend Todd was going to live forever, you know, and he was the best quote on quote. Absolutely. Yeah, he was. And, but come to find out, you know, my parents were across the world, and my mom would wake up every morning and pray for me, you know, and so her morning was my night. And I was, you know, her through her prayers, I feel like God really watched over me in spite of me, not because of me, but I think my mom waking up in her morning, she’s praying while I’m partying and God kept me safe and, eventually drew me back. You know? And, and I love the story of the prodigal son. It’s so true. You know, when I finally did decide. You know, all right, Lord, I want, I’m done with this life. Like the son, he went out and wasted all of his money, you know, wasted on women and wasted on, on riotous living and drugs. Exactly. Yeah. And, and he’s finally realized that his dad’s servants. Had a better life than him. And he was sleeping with pigs. Right. He was sleeping with the pigs. Eating the trash. Yes, exactly. And, and that’s what I, I finally realized it was like, this is awful, you know. But when I came in the, in that story, when he comes home, his dad sees him afar off. And he comes running to him to meet him, and he comes and he, and he puts on his best robe and he gives him rings and they throw a feast for him. And that’s exactly what God did for me. You know, like I look at my life now, I have a beautiful wife, the girl that I wanted to marry someone like I harried. You know, we have three sons, you know, we’re so close to both sides of our family. We’re in a good church. You know, God’s been so good. He blessed us financially. Like I said, you know, and he’s. So good. And that’s exactly what he did when I finally said, all right, Lord, coming home, man, I didn’t have to come far cause he ran, he ran and he met me and then gave me everything, you know, I’m so grateful. It’s awesome. So for the listeners out there being like, that’ll never happen to me and they’re believing a lie. I can’t have that story or I’m not going to be forgiven, or I don’t, there’s no way I deserve that. I’m a piece of trash. When he told him, you absolutely can. I didn’t deserve it either and I still don’t deserve it. I don’t deserve my life, you know? Not at all. I and I, I’m not perfect by any means. I, you know, I mess up all the time. I fail all the time, but God is gracious and he’s loving. He’s so merciful. And so long suffering and, and no matter what, you come back, if you’ve never been saved, look into it. Look into God because my life is so changed because of it, because of him and, and, and if you are a Christian and you’re away from the Lord. Come back cause cause the story of the prodigal is real. Yeah. It doesn’t matter what you’ve done while you’re away from him. He’ll, he will come running to you and change your life [01:30:00] completely. But you have to really be willing to, to, to have a relationship with him and not just, you know, be tired of your situation. Absolutely. You know? Cause like I said, I was tired of my situation when I moved to Florida. You know, and I’m not saying get close to God. So you get what you want. But, but, but even for that year, when I was chess, half in, half out, I was barely getting by. I was barely, you know, I was still not happy. It wasn’t until I finally was like, all right, Lord, I’m done. You know? And, and that was a year after I came back that day. He’s like, here you go. And he like poured out his blessings on me and it. Since then, he’s been so good to me. So good. And let’s clarify this. This is not. Get right with God so you can be rich. Not at all. I don’t want you as a listener thinking that you might be financially poor or financially wealthy. But we’re talking about a deeper, deeper wealth. It is eternal. And you may come and hopefully come to trust Christ as your savior, and you may struggle financially the rest of your life, but you’re going to have a peace and a joy. And even when things are at the lowest of the low, you always know God’s there. And that’s something that can’t be bought. So whether you’re in a situation where. You’re financially wealthy, you’re poor. You’re somewhere in between. Christ is for everybody, and we don’t want you to think that do this, and you’ll be rich, because that’s not what it’s all about. That just happens to be Dominic story, but you’re in my story. Maybe more. It might be less, but it’s always the same love. That’s right. Yes. Sounds good and I’m so grateful. Thanks for having me on. Oh, no, PR Dominic. It’s a pleasure, man. Thank you for being here and we’re going to break the traditional format because I want to save you for, we’ll come back if you don’t mind when Joey’s come back. Absolutely, yeah. When you’re working on your next project, and we’ll talk about and just catch up a little bit, hang out and to the listeners right now, man, we love you. We’re thankful for you. If you have questions, I’m going to put links in the show notes. You can always reach out to me. You can reach out to Dominic. We’re going to put a link to the plan of salvation. What me and Dominic kept rambling on about, we want you to know exactly what it is cause then what changed our lives. And we’ll also put a link to his old YouTube channel if you want to see him. Pico can hear my voice. You can hear his voice. Dominic have faces for radio. I definitely have a radio face. Yeah. So that’s it. But, please, if you’ve enjoyed this, send it to other people. Share it like it. Give us some positive feedback. And if you can’t give me a five star review for this podcast cause I’m not doing a good job helping you. Man, write me an email right@meatdavidpaskalown.com and be like, Hey, stupid, you need to do this better and show me how. But that’s it. We love you, Dominic. Thanks again for being here. You truly have a remarkable story. I’m proud to be your friend. Thank you. I appreciate it. Can I give one shout out? Absolutely. Happy birthday, Heather. I love you. Oh man, Heather, I love YouTube, but not nearly the same way. All right, man. Thank you guys so much. Have a great day, and we’ll see you tomorrow. The remarkable people podcast. Check it out.

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