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Gene Valentino | Election 2020, COVID-19, & the 28th Amendment



So what happens when Gene Valentino and David Pasqualone get together to discuss private business? A public podcast is born! 😂 Check out this Remarkable episode where our friend and political expert, Gene Valentino, guides us through Election 2020, COVID-19, the 28th Amendment to the US Constitution, and what it all means to us today, and tomorrow. This is a must listen to episode for every American looking for guidance during such a controversial time in American history. Check it out here, share it with your family & friends, and forward it to your congress people. Time is ticking. Let’s do this now! 💪🗽


Founding president of CellularOne, pioneering visionary of the online payment industry, serial entrepreneur, local government leader, major motion picture award-winning executive producer, race car driver, recreational pilot, and remarkably nice guy, Gene M. Valentino shares some of his life experience and perspective with us. This podcast is filled with sound knowledge, wisdom, and constitutional truths we all need to know for today, and tomorrow. Enjoy!






  • Core Themes: US Constitution, COVID-19, Social Distancing, Coronavirus, COVID-20, Election 2020, 28th Amendment, US Constitution, November 3rd Election, Vote, Constitutional Republic, Socialism, Marxism, Communism
  • Mentions:  President Donald Trump, Joe Biden, Barack Obama, WHO, World Health Organization


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While we are very thankful for our guests, please understand that we do not necessarily endorse all the same beliefs, views, and positions that they may have. We respectfully agree to disagree in some areas and thank God for the blessing and privilege of freewill.😇

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Gene Valentino Election 2020 COVID 19 and the 28th Amendment Remarkable People Podcast


[00:00:00] Host, David Pasqualone: [00:00:00] Hello, my friend, this is David Pasqualone with The Remarkable people podcast. Welcome to season two, episode 42. The bonus episode with our friend Gene Valentino.

Intro/Outro Reel: [00:00:15] The remarkable people podcast. Check it out.

the remarkable people podcast. Listen, do. Repeat …for life!

Host, David Pasqualone: [00:00:37] Hello? Hello. Hello ladies and gentlemen, you are in for a remarkable episode today. Not only do we have our good friend back from season one, gene Valentino, but we’re talking politics action. 2020 COVID-19 amendment 28, a whole bunch more information than not only impacts you and me directly today, but especially generations of our family.

And America itself to come. So stay tuned throughout the episode. Listen, take notes, contact us. If you have any questions at the end, there’s a special offer from one of our partners and friends creation today. So you can continue the conversation and a big shout out and thank you to Pam Heinold Realty in Pensacola, Florida for sponsoring this episode.

And more than anything. I thank God and you for being here today, I am so thankful and blessed that we get to be friends and spend a little bit of your week together each week, listening to the podcast, listening to our guests, seeing how we can grow both personally and professionally alone and together making the world a better place for Christ in one another.

Like the Bible says as iron sharpens iron. So the man accountants of his friend in this case, it means of course mankind, not just men, men, and women. What we’re about to do is spend time with our friend, our brother in Christ, Jean Valentino. And he’s going to sharpen us on what’s going on in America today and how you and me can make a difference.

Thank you for listening. Don’t forget to hang tight till the end. Listen to the special creation today. Offer. Thank you again, Pam vinyl Realty, and most of all, thanks for being my friend. I love you. Listen to this episode and enjoy Hey Dean

Guest, Gene Valentino: [00:02:37] bonus episode. What’s so bonus about it.

Host, David Pasqualone: [00:02:40] What’s bonus about is this we’ve concluded the record of season two, which is just amazing.

We’re in over 70 countries, we’re throughout the United States. And every time I sit with you, it’s just an amazing experience of learning and enjoyment. And for you as a listener now, Jean and I are sitting in his backyard right now, overlooking the Gulf of Mexico, viewed, ruffle full serene on my left. He has a bat cave, man cave.

Amazing structure going up, which we’ll let him tell you a little bit briefly, but because the nucleus of our listeners are in America and I’m talking to Jean about so many things going on in our country right now, we’re going to do a special bonus episode right now, spontaneously of Gene’s opinion. Of what’s going on in our country.

What do we need to be thinking about the direction we need to be moving?

So we don’t have just a secure future, but our children and grandchildren and generations to come do. So Jean, are you ready? My friend?

Guest, Gene Valentino: [00:03:48] Yeah, we’ve got 30 minutes. Let’s solve the worlds problems L

Host, David Pasqualone: [00:03:51] let’s do it. Let’s do it. So, first off we mentioned your, your bat cave.

Talk about that briefly. What’s going on here?

Guest, Gene Valentino: [00:03:57] The bad cave is the hangar and the hangar is down on ground level in front of us. The airplane lands in the water. The landing gear goes down in the water, connects with the ramp and drives up the ramp and comes to the washdown area. And then taxis into the hanger right here, attached to the house right above it is the, that’s the bat cave, the man cave above it is.

we’re we’re we hope David to do future podcasts with you in a more, more, Professional environment, I guess, I guess this environment serves a good is good enough. Beautiful.

Host, David Pasqualone: [00:04:32] And just so you know, what Gene’s talking about is he’s building a monster structure built to withstand hurricanes

Guest, Gene Valentino: [00:04:41] category five, for sure.

Host, David Pasqualone: [00:04:42] Category five eight is impressive, and we’re going to build him a studio for his future podcast. And then we’re also going to be just trying to help you with everything we can give you information that you can grow with. Okay, but, I’ll put some pictures, all the show notes so they can see the construction where [00:05:00] you’re at.

And maybe even some video.

Guest, Gene Valentino: [00:05:02] Well, for your view, viewer listeners, it’ll be called the gene Valentino’s grassroots truth cast. So when David alone talks up the, the grassroots truth cast, that’ll be me. And we’ll be talking about a variety of things. The beauty of this David is that I get a chance to not be under the gun.

You’re putting me under the gun, but I get a chance to reflect in a very casual way right now. exactly. where we are, we’re recording this. What does October 12th, 2020. And, we’re less than a month away from an election or at the downward slide on something called COVID-19. And, we’re in an economy that is wondering where it’s going and we’re making a midst, a society of people who are confused about what the future of our democracy is going to be.

So this poor country called the United States of America has been whacked with a few things in the year 20, 20, 20, 20 has such a nice ring to it. But boy, have we been whacked this year? Wouldn’t she say?

Host, David Pasqualone: [00:06:08] Oh, absolutely. It’s been back to back nationally, globally. And even here in the panhandle, we’ve even had a couple of

Guest, Gene Valentino: [00:06:16] hurricanes back to back.

Host, David Pasqualone: [00:06:18] Yeah. So it’s been quite the, quite the year. So seeing that let’s, let’s just start at the beginning. COVID. Really quick, how does that play into the election this year? And what do you think is going to happen after the election?

Guest, Gene Valentino: [00:06:31] Is there no small coincidence? The world health organization has just announced that, the social distancing issue is not as material as it was.

They’re talking about the school systems, having no concrete proof. That the close proximity of kids to each other could cause such a problem. And so now they’re revisiting, the notion here in the United States of getting kids back to school. Yes. Being responsible and being cautious with masks in some level is important.

But this crazy distancing thing has just grown out of proportion. All this sits against the backdrop of. the president forcing the FDA and other medical agents, yeah, in the medical arena to accelerate their, and induce them to incentivize them to come through with a cure, hopefully before the end of the year,

Host, David Pasqualone: [00:07:32] taking more of a business approach,

Guest, Gene Valentino: [00:07:34] business approach to a social political issue, a good point, a medical issue that became.

That became political and now social and economic. It was political first when our Chinese friends, stuck it to us. And you know, I’m glad you brought it up that way because before  well, we do, I didn’t ask for this, this came out of a laboratory and Wu Han let no one tell you otherwise. There’s a lot of intelligence behind that, that I happen to know is true.

It’s a fact that China has really stuck it to us. Now. It didn’t happen in 2020. They’ve been doing it for decades. Yes, sir. And now it’s beginning to catch up and hopefully by the grace of God, Americans and America we’ll realize that, if we don’t stand for something we’re going to fall for anything.

That’s right. And that’s what we have to do now, right. Is revisit our principles and our policies and make sure we, get back to the grind of what America used to be. I am, I’m sorry. I said the world health organization moments ago came out with this notion. They didn’t, it kind of bothers me. They should have come out with it in November and December of last year.

When they first knew about this virus, they sat complacent and were impotent in their ability to forecast a project, a national image, or, some sort of response to a, a crisis, which they knew about. And if they didn’t know about the Chinese, certainly did

Host, David Pasqualone: [00:09:21] and refuse to give us data.

Guest, Gene Valentino: [00:09:22] And I don’t care what you think of Trump.

He stopped it from getting worse. If I hear another political person talk about 200,000 plus deaths in the another, in the United States, I don’t know what I’m going to do. Of course that’s egregious, but he prevented millions of people from dying by blocking, the travel plans for many worldwide.

Coming into the United States, Europe fell. Oh, it came along. I mean, my native, my, my ancestors are a lot in our Northern Italy. I’m [00:10:00] concerned about the, the wellness of many of them right now, but they were very late to the table in terms of stopping the influx of, of, Of Chinese into the, into Italy and the same issue occurred throughout the greater Europe.

So the fact that we responded the way we did, we can argue all day long. I mean, some of the viruses and diseases before, mr. Trump came along, were, just as egregious and there was less of a remedy or, or a vaccine or a plan, in those. In that time that preceded Donald Trump. So I guess you think I’m a Donald Trump supporter?

Well, not because I like his twitting Twittering and his manner at times. I like him because to me he’s action Jackson. He knows how to get stuff done. Nope.

Host, David Pasqualone: [00:10:51] I tell her all the time, people may not like his persona, but if you look what he stands for and what he’s voting for and what he’s making happen.

It’s all positive for the country today. Yeah. And tomorrow

Guest, Gene Valentino: [00:11:01] well-stated, you know, I was County commissioner here in Escambia County for two terms. That’s eight years, four years of term. And that was from 2006 to 2014. When I ran for reelection, I used to tell some of those who were on the fence with me.

Look, I have a manner of my own. I mean, by the way, in politics, how do you make a hundred percent of the people happy? A hundred percent of the time. Zero.

Host, David Pasqualone: [00:11:25] Okay. If anybody in management should know that

Guest, Gene Valentino: [00:11:28] well, yeah, but you know, even in management, even at church,

Host, David Pasqualone: [00:11:31] Oh,

Guest, Gene Valentino: [00:11:32] well then I got one boss, but in government, I, excuse me.

In business, you have a board of directors or the officers of the company. There’s a focus of who you’re appealing to in the case of government, you’re appealing to the masses. And in that environment, you’re not going to make everybody happy a hundred percent of the time. So when I ran for reelection, I said to many who didn’t like me.

I said, look, did I get anything done for you? Or you happy with the infrastructure? We improve their sidewalks, roads, bridges, the, recreational parks today.

Host, David Pasqualone: [00:12:03] I’m going after this interview. To the soccer complex that you and that team created. So it left a positive impact in this community. And what Trump is doing is leaving a positive impact in the world.

So one thing that I found that’s really frustrating that you probably, whether it’s local, everything’s scalable or national or international, what was the frustration like when you’re trying to make progress? And these naysayers are constantly blocking you because it’s true. When Cova came out. Nobody knew the facts.

And we were constantly changed. So people would make a statement. This is what we know. And then it would change a day later. And there’s a lot of jokes about that and myself included. But the further we go along, the more we truly learn about the virus. And like you said, the contagious effect. My daughter had it, she lived within our house.

I never got it. My wife had never got it. My son never got it. And

Guest, Gene Valentino: [00:12:59] so the question is, are you a passive carrier? Well tested

Host, David Pasqualone: [00:13:02] twice.

Guest, Gene Valentino: [00:13:03] Zero. Oh, really?

Host, David Pasqualone: [00:13:04] Yep. Tested twice a year. So what I’m saying is that’s

Guest, Gene Valentino: [00:13:06] responsible. That’s being responsive to it, to, to the issue.

Host, David Pasqualone: [00:13:10] Yeah. Well, but go on with that, like when you’re trying to make progress and people are even on your own side, quote, unquote are stonewalling.

You what’s that like, and what kind of just mentality do you need to get through it?

Guest, Gene Valentino: [00:13:24] You know, in the first interview you had with me. season one, episode four, one of the things I recall you asking me was. so what are you gonna do with all this thought? And I said, well, one of these days, I’m going to sit back and write a book entitled, the art of bad behavior.

The art of bad behavior is that people really. Not often it’s and here’s the problem in government. They are not working at what’s in the best interest of the people, as they say, they’re working in the best interest of people they’re actually working to, to, to, nurture their own pockets or their own sense of wealth.

Host, David Pasqualone: [00:14:02] And you have people listening right now from all over the world, mainly America and there’s people who are Trump supporters and those people were buying supporters. And that statement right there. There’s pure going to say, yes, Trump’s in the best interest of the people. And there’s other people are saying Trump’s in the best interest of his own people.

How do you respond?

Guest, Gene Valentino: [00:14:20] When I say, well, they say, and they add to that. They say, you, you sound like you’re a Trump supporter. You’re just like Trump. I says, well, I am like Trump, but not for the reasons you say. Trump. And I both gave up our salaries for the people. We never took a dime. I mean, I had to get paid because the government wouldn’t let me forgo a check, but we through our charities, gave it all back locally, in different ways over the years.

And, and Donald Trump has done the same thing, the art of bad behavior. Is using the same position to nurture your own wellness and pocketbook Hunter Biden under the guise of his father’s [00:15:00] shepherding. Do you mean to tell me the Russians and the Chinese? didn’t tell daddy what was going on with the deal they were striking with their son.

Do you mean to think for a minute that the son was working in a vacuum without, by knowing about it? Yeah. Do you think for a second that Biden, alright. Bettered his own condition. He certainly did. And he did it at the expense of other people and now lies about it and says he didn’t when the facts daily are coming out.

I don’t mind. I, if you’re not going to prosecute him, don’t prosecute Trump. For less

Host, David Pasqualone: [00:15:35] and Trump’s net value is going down. Cause he’s spending his time focusing on the country and you have other people who have had a public office, they go in poor and in debt and they come out hundreds of millions of dollars.

How does that happen?

Guest, Gene Valentino: [00:15:49] Well, he’s, he owns a few hotels like I do. And I’m, I’m not worrying about making money off those hotels right now. I’m worried about what’s in the best interest of our nation, our society and our people. So if you’re asking me, do I want to kill people by putting him back in school and close proximity?

Do I want to kill people by putting them too close in a public setting? No. Do I want to kill people by having them go to a football game or a soccer game? Of course not, but isn’t there a sense of balance? Must be, it must have switched, be just on or off. Can we use a dimmer and bring it up gradually to us and with the disciplines, what we need to, to protect ourselves based on medical advice and counsel, that’s all we need to do.

But to suggest that, but to suggest that we need to walk around, we’re in facemask. Here’s the funniest thing of all. I’ll bet you a million dollars. You’ve seen at least one person driving in their car alone, down the street with a face basket it’s

Host, David Pasqualone: [00:16:55] paranoia and fear that they’re driving to these people.

Guest, Gene Valentino: [00:16:58] There’s a certain Marxist communistic conditioning that goes on. That transforms the thinking of people and it’s scary. And that’s what I fear most about this country that we are falling prey to the, Lennon InStick Mark six Marxist thinking, of, of Russia and the Baltics from days gone by. Or further East to China and thinking that their plan is working, let’s continue scaring the hell out of the Americans.

And when we finally come in and take over their operation, their government, their economy, we will be, they will, they will. It won’t be a, a, a ma they’ll just buckle an equity. Yes. There’s this guy who screwed up that plan and his name’s Trump. If the only the, and again, I wish my fellow Republicans wouldn’t some of them wouldn’t fi be so critical of him when the wrongdoing is right around us.

As we speak, bill BARR is delaying the prosecution of people that go all the way up to Obama for illegally messing with the, this last election. And everyone finds it convenient to look the other way. What are they going to hammer and create a, a, indictments that result in prosecution and conviction of people who have evidence now publicly displayed and what’s with the media that thinks it’s okay to look the other way.

Host, David Pasqualone: [00:18:42] Yeah, it’s wrong. It’s if we, if you were, I worked at a fast food chain. And we got caught lying or stealing, we’d be fired and we could have charges against us, these guys, and ladies or men and women. I don’t want to use gentlemen and ladies they’re committing treason against our nation and getting away with it.

But you and I could talk for hours. Let’s focus in on this. This could be a 27 hour episode and we still want it, but let’s focus this. How do you think COVID as of today, October 12th. Is affecting our election. And what do we need to do, do to get the, I hate this term, but the fairest election possible.

Guest, Gene Valentino: [00:19:25] Yeah. Well, the fairest election possible is a, is a, is a good question. And is worth a one hour conversation. Yeah. I propose the 28th amendment to the constitution, which I affectionately referred to as the amendment for legitimate citizenship. The city, first of all, before you talk about who votes we have to talk about, who’s a citizen as citizen follows a certain path of entry, as it goes through a certain set of hoops and qualifications, a citizen has to learn [00:20:00] about American history and the, the guiding principles that founded this nation.

an immigrant coming in has to learn it as well, but he, he or she takes a different path. Bottom line is there’s a underwriting criteria in place that qualifies you to become an American citizen. Once you become an American citizen, then you have the greatest entitlement of all the right to vote

Host, David Pasqualone: [00:20:25] constitutional Republic.

Guest, Gene Valentino: [00:20:27] It’s exactly David. It’s a constitutional Republic and that right to vote is sacred. It’s being compromised now. By the manipulation of the system, the system that needs to be in that same constitutional amendment, we need to modify the authority granted to the supervisors of elections and the head of elections at the state level, the supervisor of elections at the city County levels and the head of elections at the state level and create the procedure in place that legitimizes.

The method of voting now, granted, I don’t mind certain voting, moving more electronic and being more, automated, but done. So the same way we use biometrics to pay for something online and to buy things online with a two step security process. After you’ve made an initial visit at the supervisor of elections to confirm and validate.

Your citizenship. The, if we can develop technology that allows people to vote electronically more efficiently, that follows after we agree on the underwriting criteria to determine who’s eligible to vote. And that too can be included. In the, in the 28th amendment, I propose you do that. And you’ve addressed not only this, the citizenship issue, but the you’ve created a, a parody, a sense of balance between the States because of the election process now is controlled at the state level.

Okay. And because it’s controlled at the state level, this is what you’re seeing on the news now about certain States with ballots already out there and say, no, if you and I are, are traveling and we’re going to be in Washington state during election time, we want to vote earlier. We want to vote with an absentee ballot.

There’s no problem with that. There’s a legitimate way of filling it and an absentee ballot. That’s loader initiated. That’s when you, and I asked that supervisor of elections to initiate and send to us that battle a hundred percent that’s yeah. through a secured process, but that’s not what’s happening right now.

What’s happening right now is millions of ballots are going up to people. They never asked for them.

Host, David Pasqualone: [00:22:49] Yep. My friend perfect example. He lives in Arizona. He’s got an uncle in California. He put up, he sent me a picture and it showed him and his wife live in the home and they got six ballots in the mail in California.

So that right there, they could fraudulently submit for more ballots. And that’s

Guest, Gene Valentino: [00:23:10] a huge part to me. That’s the most egregious sin. That to me is worse than COVID-19. Nope. You’re not going to enjoy. I say that with tongue in cheek, you’re not going to enjoy COVID 20, 21. Yeah, because you won’t have a government and you may not be alive to enjoy it.

If some hostile group comes in and seizes control of this country. Through the de legitimization of our voting process. Yes. And that’s the 28th amendment I PR I propose we consider if you know, a Congressman or Senator folks in our listening audience that wants to hear more about this, push them my way, please.

I would love to give them the blueprint. Cause I’ve already written it. And, it really would be a legitimate amendment to the constitution of the United States, the beauty of our constitution, which our country’s outlived any other governance in the nation for several reasons, the founding principles were so solid.

You couldn’t break them. And that’s what we have to fine tune right now because of technology, artificial intelligence, the speed at which we communicate was never understood by James Madison, Thomas Jefferson and George Washington.

Host, David Pasqualone: [00:24:26] And wasn’t even on their radar

Guest, Gene Valentino: [00:24:28] artificial intelligence to them, probably had a different meeting around 1776, but your point is a very good one.

We have to. We have to grow as a community as a society, but we have to do so without losing our principles. And that’s what I fear most.

Host, David Pasqualone: [00:24:47] Well then going off into the next topic, then we have a society right now. That’s in a way crippled by coven. And we have people screaming how dangerous this [00:25:00] virus is.

And again, I hate when people throw the term science out there. Because most people who throw the term science out there, they hear one person who has a degree and everybody has different opinions. There’s there’s medical doctors, there’s biologists, there’s scientists of all different disciplines who disagree in this topic.

And we need to stick with what’s fact. But what do you think about they’re saying stay home so they can send ballots out, which is going to ruin. The integrity of the election, but yet rioters can peacefully protest. And I say that with quotes and complete sarcasm, if you’re listening and they’re screaming in the face of officers, talk about the state of art without

Guest, Gene Valentino: [00:25:48] masks,

Host, David Pasqualone: [00:25:49] without mass on this, what I’m saying, Hey, is that, would that be a what’s the word endangerment, would that be?

You know, I consider that if you’re saying covert is such a threat and you have these protests screaming, the face police officers within six feet, Isn’t that a violation assault

Guest, Gene Valentino: [00:26:05] could that course it is any touching is an assault. If it’s not welcomed the, the fact is that Trump on more than one occasion offered to the governors.

cause we have a division of, of state. We have a division government we’re authority vests to them, the president and the administration differently than at vests too. the governor

Host, David Pasqualone: [00:26:28] and that’s wise, that’s how the petition was written for a reason.

Guest, Gene Valentino: [00:26:31] It’s, it’s also a good way for us to move quickly in times of a crisis, but we’re not, not all singing to the same tune.

When we respond. Look at the way governor DeSantis in Florida handled the covert. Crisis versus governor Como. Yeah. Now the president to your first point, had a ship sitting in the Harbor there to help take care of the COVID victims. He had ventilators coming out of the ying yang form, which they never used any funded, the entire redo of the Javits convention center downtown, literally overnight to house the millions of people that allegedly had.

COVID-19. Because they were screaming bloody murder. It’s a sin that governor Como never took advantage of those resources. To the contrary, Dave, he took elderly people out of the hospitals that current that had COVID-19 and authorize them being re replaced back into. The, nursing homes that they were in, where outbreaks

Host, David Pasqualone: [00:27:42] occurred.

Guest, Gene Valentino: [00:27:43] Okay. We’re not only the outbreaks occurred. They accelerated and many died. It was a, it was a travesty. It was the worst. And no one’s talking about it. That’s what’s driving me paid crazy.

Host, David Pasqualone: [00:27:58] So where do we go from here? There’s such a complex. Complex problem.

Guest, Gene Valentino: [00:28:04] And there has to be to the president’s credit. He was accused.

He was told to stay out of it, let the States handle it, let the state people, administrations handled the problem. Well, those that sought his help, God help Democrat and Republican. Gavin Newsome out of California is a strong Democrat liberal, but complemented the president for being there, not only for COVID-19, but for the fires,

Host, David Pasqualone: [00:28:37] and which I want to throw this in.

Even those fires, you can’t stop an act of God, but a lot of the fires were mismanagement of the California forestry. Because they weren’t taking the precautionary steps to avoid a disaster like

Guest, Gene Valentino: [00:28:53] which president Trump, responded to with an emergency order to pay special attention to the environmental issues related to the accelerants in the ground, from the buildup of the base that became a tinderbox for fires and, to his credit, he’s giving more money to the very people who probably don’t understand.

Him or we’ll vote for him. And it’s a shame because we as a nation have to put Republican and Democrat aside, especially during times of emergency and work together and work together. As one last time, I recall I’ve heard the expression more than once one nation under God, with Liberty and justice for all of us, not for the select few for all of us.

And that’s what he was trying to do to his credit. I take, I I’m saddened by the fact that, some of the people in government who are my son’s age, don’t have an appreciation for that unification of thought. [00:30:00] Because they never learned it or got away from it in college, in high school in terms of the beauty of our government and how we come together and do come together as one nation, God,

Host, David Pasqualone: [00:30:10] a hundred percent even just the concept of checks and balances.

Yeah. Power corrupts, absolute power corrupts. Absolutely. And you need opposing viewpoints to come up to better solutions.

Guest, Gene Valentino: [00:30:22] I just hope, Donald Trump wins. Not because he’s the, he got an, a plus in charm school. I hope he wins because he got an, a plus in protecting this nation from further demise. I think it’s important.

He come into ring our nation back into that theme of one nation under God. He’s the cheerleader who seems to. You like him or hate him? He’s definitely a cheerleader.

Host, David Pasqualone: [00:30:52] Now we got a few minutes left in the podcast and I think anyone listening knows that we’re obviously for Trump, I mean, based on the last 30 minutes, but for the citizens of America, listening now, Democrats, Republicans, libertarians, people who never go out to vote.

What message do you have for them? What do they need to be thinking about what direction do they need to be moving? Cause change starts within us. And then within our home, then within our community, then within our cities and our towns and that our States that our nation and the world. So what would your final message be to those listening?

How can we turn this country around for God for a better place? For generations of our children?

Guest, Gene Valentino: [00:31:39] There’s a saying in the AA program, alcoholics anonymous. Except the things you cannot change and change the things you can. What can you and I change you can’t change, man. I don’t plan to change you. So what can I change?

I can change myself. And one of the things I do with a lot of effort is to do a better job at the way. I try to accept things. I don’t understand. Accepting the things I cannot change means that if after November 4th, you don’t like the outcome. Maybe I didn’t like a few outcomes in the past myself, by the way.

But if you don’t like this outcome, except it, he’s still your president. And if the outcome is in the other direction, I’m going to do the same and pray for him and work hard to help be supportive of what he’s doing. But we, as a nation have to come together unified tell your mom and dad, kids would a cut the constitution and the history of America back into the curriculum, an extra dose of it, by the way, wouldn’t hurt so that you understand the principles of this country founded in the constitution, but added to over the years first.

10 amendments to the constitution are the bill of rights. The ones that followed were the additional amendments to the constitution. And this is what we live by. And instead of screaming and yelling and threatening to go to Canada or to Europe, because you don’t like the outcome. As many of the Democrat liberal actors in New York, California did at the end of the last election.

Go. If you don’t like it, here please go. Yup. This is not your country. If you don’t believe in those principles, this is not the United States of the world. This is the United States of America and people are banging down the door to get in here because of something great. We have. Why not protect it, bring them in, let them come in.

After they’ve jumped through the hoops, after all, this is a nation of immigrants. We are nation under God, but we’re a nation of immigrants, that have come here and chosen this way of life. And we need to protect that. And my last thought would be if you’re hearing this before November 3rd and you’re in the United States.

And it presuming you’re voting for Donald Trump, go out and drive 10 others to the polls. And hopefully they feel the same way. That will be the best thing you could have done for this nation.

Host, David Pasqualone: [00:34:32] Well, okay. I couldn’t agree more Jean and I thank you very much for being here today. And even though in our 30 minutes, we’re not going to solve the world’s problems.

Guest, Gene Valentino: [00:34:41] We didn’t sell the world’s problems.

Host, David Pasqualone: [00:34:42] I think if people listen, it will help. We’re

Guest, Gene Valentino: [00:34:44] definitely moving to that. We solved the world’s problems. Well, we’ll bring a few of your friends over to the hangar here when it’s complete in the next two months. And we’ll, we’ll smoke a cigar, pretend more important than go for an airplane ride.

Host, David Pasqualone: [00:34:56] That sounds great. My friend, thank you, Jean, ladies and gentlemen, mr. [00:35:00] Jean Valentino. And like Jean said, no matter what you believe in, go out and vote, but we would encourage you to prayerfully consider the election. And a lot of the saying out there is why just don’t like bad orange man. But if you really look at what’s being said, and what’s being done, actions speak louder than words and what Donald Trump’s doing.

Despite crazy world events, despite opposition from both sides, he’s mad moving America forward for greatness. And, please try to put personal agendas away and look at what’s best for your grandkids. Thank you. This is Dave Pasch. Won’t the remarkable people podcast gene as always. It’s a pleasure. My friend,

Guest, Gene Valentino: [00:35:46] well stated by Fred.

Thank you for having me.

Host, David Pasqualone: [00:35:49] Oh, always ladies and gentlemen, we will catch you in the next bonus episode. And then we’ll see you again with video in season three, have a great day. And like our slogan says, don’t just listen to great material, but do it, repeat it and have a great life. We love you and we’ll see you next time.

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It’s a great video. It talks about where the world is going. If God wasn’t using president Trump to stop the forces of evil. So thank you for listening to this podcast. Check out Trump 2020 film and let us know what you think. We love you. Have a great day and go change the world. Bye.

Guest, Gene Valentino: [00:37:09] The remarkable people podcast.

Check it out.

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