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As a follow up to this Saturdays blog post, How I Lost 18 lbs in 30 Days for FREE with Zero Effort & Saved Money!, here are some more helpful tips for overall wellness. Remember, if you are physically sick, it effects ALL areas of your life. Stay Healthy!


I am not a medical professional, nor am I giving you medical advice. I’m simply sharing the story of what I did/do and the results based on my experiences and opinions. Please consult your physician before trying anything new- from this article, or elsewhere.


My Opinion on Physical Health & Wellness:

  1. Drink Water! And plenty of it. Read the article mentioned above for detailed info on this topic.
  2. Change Your Lifestyle. Lifestyle changes are good, dieting is bad. Work towards changing your lifestyle, not denying yourself things short-term. If you do that, the weight will come back as soon as stop the diet and you’ll probably be worse off in the end.
  3. Workout. To live a healthy, balanced life we should all workout regularly. Cardio should be the priority, then weights if time in your schedule. While both are valuable, your heart, blood pressure, and entire internal system is far more important than looking cool in the mirror. Not that weights don’t have many other important benefits, I’m simply speaking to the busy people out there who only have the time to pick one.
  4. Workout Smart. In regards to exercise, try to do something you enjoy so it sticks, not something you think you ‘should do’. Find something you ‘want to’ do if possible. If you don’t like anything, try an elliptical machine or swimming; great exercises and low impact on the back and knees. Running can get you ‘high’, but if your body isn’t built for it or ready you’ll have more problems down the road and be low; literally low,  flat on your back in bed.
  5. Eat Smart. Once you start working out, physically and mentally you’ll stop craving a lot of the junk foods because your body is now wanting FUEL not just FOOD. Plus, when you are working hard on the elliptical each day to get fit (or whatever you do/use for cardio), you’ll naturally start making better choices because you will directly relate to the equation ‘eating a donut = 2 more hours of working out on this machine’. Putting a fast end to those temptations aside from maybe an occasional special treat once you hit your goal conditioning. Notice I didn’t say ‘goal weight’? ‘Weight’ is just a symptom of the problem. Inactivity and abuse are the enemies here. Once you start exercising and conditioning your heart and internal systems, weight will be a delightful side item that happens to be lost. Your health and wellness will be found!
  6. Dine out as little as possible!  Too much sugar, fats, preservatives (poisons), and salts in restaurant foods. You blow up like a balloon when eating out regularly. Ask any traveling business person; it’s terrible! The largest I’ve ever been is when I was a territory manager. My advice if that’s you: Eat Smart and use those gyms in the hotels- you need it!


For more tips and advice on a balanced life, call me to set up some coaching sessions. For physical training tips, write me and I’ll send you over some names of personal trainers and coaches that I believe should be able to help you.

God bless and I look forward to hearing about your great results!

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Scripture to Consider:

  • Proverbs 11:1
  • Proverbs 20:23
  • 1 Timothy 4:8
  • John 4:9-14


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