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Just 20 years ago, a persons reputation was still key. If they lied, stole, mislead you, or didn’t keep their word, you (or your parents generation) would never go back to shop there, and neither would anyone else who found out. We had character as a nation.

Now somehow, with the advent of the internet, mass communication means, and an abundance of qualified buyers, the dishonest have not only been able to conduct business everyday, but thrive financially.

They know that with the numbers of buyers out there that are unfamiliar with their reputation, they can abuse and rob many people and still go on to the next innocent victim. It’s a game, and a game of numbers to them.


Just A Few Examples

If you are shopping cell phone plans and a vendor promises you certain rates, package features, and quality service, you want to believe it, but inside you are skeptical if it’s all true. You know that this plan sounds great, but what if it’s not everything it’s cracked up to be? What if you sign that 2-year prison-like agreement and then service stinks?

Answer: You’re stuck, and for the most part and they know it. All we can really do without an obscene amount of time and effort is accept it and blame ourselves for ‘falling for it’ because we don’t have the time and energy to fight. There are other more important things we need to use our time for, right?

I mean, it’s our fault for wanting to believe the lies they told us, right?  Inside we expected the outcome; we should have known better. Did we actually think ‘if’ the promises they made were true, this ‘will be’ a great deal? “How naive I am!”, we tell ourselves.

NO! Stop right there.

Can you see the backwards thinking in all that? What we have been conditioned to believe in recent years- ‘If‘ and ‘will be‘?

If anyone makes a promise to us, then we should have a minimum standard set of this ‘is a great deal’ and expect them, no demand them to deliver in full. And if they don’t, we should stand together and fight! Does anyone even remember what a boycott is? Who has time for that though, right? …


Another Common Example.

What about that car dealership who tells you that you have already won ‘a huge cash prize’. Awesome, right? You can use that money to buy that new car you need?

Well, you figure they are lying in the ad and you know haven’t won anything really, but since they are giving you a $8,000 ‘discount’ it will be a good deal anyways. Plus, there is always that deep inner hope that ‘maybe it’s true and I really did win’, right?

WRONG! Why reward them for deceit? Plus, you are only hurting yourself. If they will lie to you in one area, they will lie to you in all. You’re probably buying a lousy car, above value, at a crazy interest rate, and never receive good service; used parts at best for repairs, if they even happen. Congrats, right? It looks like that $8,000 savings just helped pay off the extra $12,000 they charged the buyer over the course of the ridiculous loan!


One More Example Since We’re on Topic.

What about that furniture store that has been going out of business everyday for 20 years? Yes, their doors are closing everyday, but they reopen again the next morning.

Buyer’s Tip #37: If the ‘Going Out of Business’ sign is aged from the sun and has a layer of dust on it thicker than makeup on Cher’s face, chances are you’re about to get scammed and reward evil doers if you shop there. Turn around and walk out!

Think about it. Why buy furniture there when there’s a family that runs an honest business down the road? Plus, what does a lifetime warranty mean from a business that goes out of business every 3 years by claiming bankruptcy and changing their name so they can rob their vendors, avoid paying debts, and negate their warranties?


The Point.

As a country, we need to raise the bar once again on integrity. Not just the “big” public moments, but the quite, daily, moments in our own lives and those around us.

We need to stop acting dishonest if we are, and stop accepting dishonesty from everyone else.

It’s time to be the “Good Guy” and stand up for what’s right, even when it seems everyone else is accepting it, or worse yet, against us. At first it might seem a little overwhelming or exhausting, but shortly down the road we will walk again with pride, integrity, and a quite spirit knowing that we are no longer part of the problem, but part of the solution to America’s woes.


Small Things We Can Do to Stop This:

  • Stand up boldly and say “This is wrong” when it is.
  • Post bad reviews online.
  • Submit bad reviews in physical publications and industry.
  • Let your friends know using social media- as much as you can, but ONLY use facts- not your opinion.
  • Get the State agencies, industry regulating bodies, BBB, Attorney General, whoever has influence to help you and warn other people, involved. Again, only use facts when conveying your story, not feelings.
  • For the truly immoral who consciously take advantage of people knowingly, do something special like buy a domain and post a website.


Remember, little thieves turn into big thieves. And big thieves turn into the average politician and oil & health industry executive.



Famous Quotes:

  • “We hang the petty thieves and appoint the great ones to public office.” – Aesop


Scripture to Consider:

  • Matthew 14:1-11. Question? If an evil man like Herod was expected to keep his word, even an outrageous promise that he never expected OR waned to keep, how much more should we keep our word as Christians today in a dark world?
  • Galatians 6:7-9
  • Philippians 4:13


Keep smiling and keep looking to God for your strength. You can, and will do this through Him!

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