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Post Covid Health Threats | A Feature That Every Business Needs Post-COVID

Throughout the Coronavirus pandemic, some businesses have flourished, whilst others have unfortunately declined. The key advice any business, and industry for that matter, should take on board is that being in line with the latest technological advancements will bring value to your business. Whether it’s your construction model or marketing tools, utilizing new technologies is bound to help your business, and customers, stay satisfied post-COVID and avoid post COVID health threats.


New Technology

A new technology that is proving to be extremely beneficial for all businesses with commercial properties is tankless heating water systems. These are the advanced solutions by Intellihot, which work to reduce energy bills while simultaneously improving energy efficiency. 

Not only do these lower costs, improve water efficiency, and provide more space in the building, but they are also helping to keep diseases at bay, which is crucial during and after the pandemic. Legionnaire’s disease is a common bacteria issue, which is often caused by stagnant lukewarm water from commercial buildings. To prevent this, tankless water heating systems provide constant hot water that eliminates all bacterium. Thus, reducing the risk of diseases caused by poor water from buildings is achievable with a tankless water heating system. 

If you’re interested in this learning more about this issue and how it can benefit your business post-COVID, please take a look at the following infographic. It shows the latest research into infection rates and what you may experience, and the contributing factors as to how and where it grows. The infographic makes it easy to understand this disease and its heightened risk due to Coronavirus. Check it out below.  

Infographic designed by Intellihot Provided by Intellihot

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