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Landlords: Important Things to Do In Between Tenancies

When you’re a landlord, you never want your property to be empty for too long. That’s why it’s important to have a fast and smooth transition between tenants. However, if you get them in and out too quickly, you can miss out on your chance to check the property over and ensure everything is safe and in good condition. There are lots of things that are much easier to do when the property is empty compared to when it’s tenanted. If you’re switching tenants, here are some of the things that you might want to take the time to do in between.


Inspect and Perform an Inventory

As your current tenants move it, it’s important to inspect the property and carry out an inventory. Hopefully, you did an inventory when they moved in too. This means that you’ll have a record of what was there, what condition everything was in, and whether there was any existing damage. You can then use your records to check any changes and note any damage that goes beyond normal wear and tear. You’ll then have any evidence that you might need if you need to claim some of the tenant’s deposit so that you can make repairs.

Landlords Important Things to Do In Between Tenancies


Ensure the Safety of Your Property

Keeping your tenants safe is one of your duties as landlords. Before the next tenants move in, it’s essential to check that the property is safe. There may be some legal inspections that are due and you might want to go beyond your legal duty too. In some areas, it could be smart to use a service like Stewarts Drug Testing to check for evidence of drugs in the property. If you suspect that the property might have been used to produce drugs, you can carry out tests to detect residue and evidence of manufacturing.


Have Everything Cleaned

Deep cleaning in between tenants will ensure your property is in good condition before you hand it over to your next tenants. You might require your tenants to clean the property before they leave and even use a professional cleaning service. Some landlords may have the professional cleaning carried out and then charge their tenants for doing so. However you clean the property, a deep clean will ensure you don’t miss any hidden corners and everything is in good condition, ready to be handed over to the next tenant.


Carry Out Any Repair Work or Renovations

Sometimes, you might need to do more than clean the property. If there is any evidence of wear and tear or any damage to the property, it’s a good idea to fix it before anyone else moves in. It ensures you start with a clean slate, which makes it easier to tell if any damage is created by the next tenants, as well as giving them a property that’s in good condition so they can immediately settle in. Any repairs or renovations are much easier to carry out when the property is empty.

When it comes to repair work, it might be handy getting in an electrical construction company for bigger projects or for concerns relating to fixtures and fitting. These are the types of repair work and renovations that are worth doing in order to entice new tenants to the property and to help contribute overall satisfaction with the property as a rental.

Take these steps in between tenancies as landlords to ensure your property is ready and remains in good condition.


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