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Do Investors Think Differently?

Always have such an amazing time speaking with Caroline, Louise, Chris, and Jerremy- they truly are REMARKABLE PEOPLE! 💪😃  In this episode of Talking Trading Australia we cover the question, “Do Investors Think Differently?”
Here’s the link to the interview (audio and YouTube video versions) we recorded recently about what I have observed over the years when I get to spend time with elite and successful investors; traits they all seem to have in common. https://talkingtrading.com.au/remarkable-people/
Hope you enjoy the short interview, and as always, feedback is welcome!



Do Investors Think Differently?
David speaks on what he has observed from big investors and high rollers on his podcast “Remarkable People” and how they play at life. Big investors have these traits in common; they are wired differently, they are risk-friendly and they think differently. Hear some examples from David’s friends and how they play the investing game.


Click on these links to Watch or Listen to these amazing traders and humans Remarkable true life stories and see how they think firsthand! 😃

  • Jerremy Newsome: https://davidpasqualone.com/content-type-media/podcast/remarkable-people-podcast/jerremy-newsome-from-broke-to-woke-learning-to-invest-beating-alcoholism/



    • EPISODE OVERVIEW: So what happens when you introduce a young man to investing, cults, and alcohol all before the age of 18? You get an amazing journey of success, failure, self-sabotage, redemption, and growth. Welcome to this weeks episode of the Remarkable People Podcast, the Jerremy Newsome story!

      In this episode you’ll earn how Jerremy learned to create great wealth through investing and real life trading, how he freed himself from the oppression of a cult and alcoholism, how he came to start the Broke to Woke Podcast, and many more powerful life lessons and stories. Plus, like most of our Remarkable episodes, you’ll not only hear what Jerremy did, but he shares with us HOW he did it so you can beat and overcome these areas of life too


  • Louise Bedford & Chris Tate: https://davidpasqualone.com/content-type-media/podcast/remarkable-people-podcast/lousie-bedford-chris-tate/ 


    • EPISODE OVERVIEW: So what happens when an immovable object meets an unstoppable force? They combine forces and become the top stock traders, trainers, and mentors in Australia!

      In this remarkable episode Chris and Louise share with us their invaluable insights on stock trading, the purpose of life, mid-life crisis’s, their personal stories, mental health during COVID-19, and more. Enjoy this episode of the Remarkable People Podcast- The Chris Tate & Louise Bedford story!

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