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What To Do When Your Office Has an Infestation

One of the unfortunate parts of owning a commercial property of any kind is that you have to keep it maintained and deal with anything that goes wrong. This includes an infestation of pests or vermin.

A pest infestation can be a major issue for your business. As well as the general unpleasantness of your employees having to share an office with vermin, you also have to consider the health and safety ramifications of having rats or insects in the buildings. For example, rats and rat droppings are known to carry diseases, and may even contaminate the water supply. 

Also, it doesn’t look professional to any visitors or customers who may see them. They may reason that if you can’t manage a building, you might not be able to manage the product or service that’s on offer. 

However, there are things that you can do to safely and responsibly get rid of any infestations and, hopefully, to keep your office clear of them in the future. 


1. Prevention First

Whether you’ve had a recent infestation that has been dealt with and you’re seeking to prevent it from returning, you’re trying to prevent one from developing, or you are currently experiencing an infestation, it’s often preferable to deal with the root problem behind the infestation. 

Pest infestations usually don’t occur in a vacuum but tend to happen when food and shelter are available. So, ensure that there is no easily accessible food or scraps left in the office. Empty the trash cans each day and hire a cleaner if necessary. This is typically more hygienic anyway, so these are good practices to keep up.

Also, get rid of clutter where rats can nest and hide. Close off any holes or entry points for pests that you can find, and fix any leaky plumbing. Good building maintenance can make it more difficult for pests to find a home in your building.


2. Safe Pesticide Use and Disposal

If you want to try to deal with the infestation yourself, then ensure that you use safe pesticides and that you use them correctly. You should always cover the prevention steps before attempting to eradicate pests, so they don’t come back.

Baits are considered a safe pesticide, as they are targeted to the pests in question. Most offices don’t have children or pets roaming around, which makes them an even safer option than using bait at home. 

If you must use a targeted spray or fogging device, then do so when the office is empty and wear appropriate protective gear. The best time to do this would be just before the weekend, as the spray will have dissipated before your employees get into the office. 


3. Hire a Professional

The safest thing to do is to hire a trained office exterminator. They will have better equipment and will be experienced in eradicating infestations. An exterminator can also give you more information about how you can prevent pests in your specific circumstances and may point out areas of concern that you are unaware of.


If Your Office Has an Infestation Summary

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