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Turning The Practical Into Profit

When your business was just a twinkle on the horizon, the chances are that you pictured entrepreneurship as a real adventure. Like Captain Jack on the wild sea, you likely imagined traversing those (business) waves in the face of certain peril. Then, you got started, and realized that, often, running a business is all about practicality.

Practical business considerations such as everything from transportation to business premises can take up a surprising amount of time, money, and effort. Yet, in large part, these practical considerations don’t result in returns themselves.

This can be incredibly frustrating and is far from the heroic image you had of yourself as an entrepreneur. Unfortunately, practicality needs to take precedence sometimes, and there’s nothing we can do to change that. What we can do is help you to find profit even from these practical causes in the following ways.


# 1 – Never overlook a marketing opportunity

Often, practical business focuses open up fantastic marketing opportunities. After all, something as simple as placing a branded wrap on the side of a work vehicle can make a huge difference in the number of leads you can receive. Equally, making the most of standard product or oil storage using plastic drums with own branded labels can increase the chance of people checking your social media tags and more. Even just putting your logo on your bins means that something as simple (and boring) as bin day could end up reaping unexpected results.


# 2 – Get your customers involved

Nowadays, practical focuses like a decent recycling setup is standard, and can go a long way towards improving your PR strategy itself, but it’s unlikely to boost sales as a standalone. What could help in that respect is getting customers involved by providing bins/trolleys from which they can recycle stuff from home, or packaging from your products. This is something big brands like Asda and Sainsburys have been doing with single-use plastic for some time and, as they’ve discovered, when customers come to recycle, they’re far more likely not only to respect you but also to pop in-store afterwards. 


# 3 – Pay-it-forward

No matter your industry, commercial property is pretty much non-negotiable. Even as workplaces switch to largely remote focuses, many employees would still prefer the option of heading into the office sometimes. Unfortunately, organizing this requirement is the most boring/expensive thing most entrepreneurs can do. Which is why our last point of turning practicality towards profit is to pay-it-forward with regards to workspaces. Especially if your team will be out of the office for the large part of the week, renting out office space/meeting rooms means not only extra money but also the potential to benefit from those other company’s audiences. And, that could bring a whole lot more money into the caddy. 

Practicality will always hold a touch of the mundane by proxy but, when you add profit to the mix, you should find that these considerations aren’t such a drag to get to after all. For more information about commercial property in the Pensacola, FL area, check out Pam Heinold of Better Homes & Gardens Pensacola


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