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3 Top Tips To Improve Your PR Strategy

A top-quality public relations campaign allows you to improve your existing marketing, and create an impressive and strong online reputation. Brands that invest time and money in their PR strategies stand to increase their reach and improve their ROI. PR is all about creating and distributing the correct messages and ensuring the right people experience them. You can use PR to improve your credibility, overcome challenges, and strengthen your brand power. There are many ways to improve your PR strategy, and the following are a great starting point.

3 Top Tips To Improve Your PR Strategy


1. Media Monitoring Software

To improve your 2020 strategy, there are many different types of media monitoring software which are useful for PR professionals. For a few options to start with, considering these tools:


Mention: Mention is a software tool which monitors various business activities across the Internet. Marketing professionals can use Mention to discover which influencers can popularize their brand. You can also use the software to monitor campaigns and seek out new opportunities for coverage. With Mention, you can focus on the important conversations which help to drive business growth.


Newswire: This software enables users to improve their PR efforts by distributing stories that target their audience members. Stories are released in a timely manner, through the most appropriate channels, to maximize success. Further features of Newswire include analytics reports, media outlet distribution, and auto campaigns.

2. Use Storytelling

In the PR and marketing world, storytelling means communicating a message using a special narrative. The concept is that the target audience should feel emotion, identify with the brand, and be encouraged to act. Storytelling can be used in PR and marketing to humanize your company. You can tell stories using a combination of video, text and pictures. Using storytelling in PR has many benefits, including: 

  • Gain an edge in the market: The story of your brand can differentiate you from similar brands, and provide you with a competitive edge.
  • Authenticity: Stories allow us to communicate emotive messages, and doing so can help us to portray our brands as more authentic.
  • Boost engagement: The modern consumer is curious; they like to learn new things and be entertained. Bland branding doesn’t achieve this, but exciting storytelling does!


Storytelling is one of the best ways to boost your business success and improve your PR campaigns.


3. Use Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is a fantastic way to improve your PR efforts and gain a wider appeal. Brands who utilize influencer marketing as part of their PR campaigns can enhance their overall reputation within their market. To understand why influencer marketing is so worthwhile in terms of PR, take a look at these stats.

 The Digital Marketing Institute reported that ‘almost half of consumers depend on influencer recommendations,’ when deciding which products to purchase.

  • According to Oberlo, ‘86% of brands place raising brand awareness as one of their top objectives of influencer marketing.’
  • Awin discovered that ‘Businesses make a 600% return for every £1 spent on influencer marketing.’


To conclude 

To achieve the best PR strategy, it’s advisable to work with a talented PR company who can help you to devise a top-quality PR campaign. When you are searching for a PR company, consider the following: 

  1. Experience: Choose a PR company with plenty of experience.
  2. Industry relevance: To get the best results choose an industry-relevant company. For example, Elite Lawyer Management offers PR services for law firms.
  3. Proven results: Choose a company with proven results, which brands have they represented in the past? What were the campaign goals, and how did they deliver? Did they see the project through? 



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