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3 Reasons Why Your Business Needs Outside Guidance

Many business owners balk at the idea of hiring outside consultants when they want to grow their business. They think of the cost involved and don’t go any further than that, feeling that they don’t want to use their hard-earned profits in that way when they can do it all themselves, or at least try to. However, although this might be cost-saving in the short term, it could become expensive in the long term. This is because, as much as you might have good intentions to begin with, trying to cover every aspect of your business, particularly those areas that you’re not familiar with or find uninteresting, you can make mistakes, and that can be costly. 

This is not the only reason why looking for outside guidance can be useful, however. Read on to find out why else you might choose to do this when you run a business, and you might realize that it’s something you need to do sooner rather than later. 

Reasons Why Your Business Needs Outside Guidance


Fresh And Different Perspectives 

When you look for guidance from external sources, from people and companies that are not part of your organization, you will receive a fresh and new perspective on things. When you are a business owner, you will be very much involved and invested in what you are doing, and it can be a challenge to look at things objectively. This is problematic since it means that you might be missing out on opportunities that could boost your business. 

When you speak to an external advisor such as a mentor or a business partner or an outsourcing partner, you can get a different perspective, and they may show you ideas that you had never considered before. In this way, you can make big changes and improve your business which is not something you would ever have done if you worked by yourself


Time Management 

Perhaps you do have a lot of experience in a variety of different business topics, and maybe you are competent enough to run a business all by yourself. However, do you have the time? Your time is so important, and when you run a business, you need to be able to focus on your core product or service. If there are other things that you have to do, no matter how important they are, such as creating a system security plan or making a marketing campaign and more, you are going to either run out of time or not give each element of the business the time it needs to be done well. 

When you find an external helper, you can free up some of your time, which will help you build up the business. Although you’ll need to pay for this help, when you can focus on what you are best at, you should be able to make more profits and therefore paying won’t be an issue. 



Although you might be good at many things, it’s not possible for someone to be an expert in absolutely everything. This is why it can be a good idea to outsource some of your work. If you can find someone who is an expert in marketing, in accounts, or in IT – in other words, in the areas that you might not have much experience in – then you can be assured that these areas of your business will be done well. 


Closing Thoughts

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Barry Lintner
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Barry Lintner Lloyds Glass Florida

Barry Lintner | Owner, Lloyds Glass


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