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Why Small Steps Can Transform Your Life after a Big Setback

In life, we all experience certain setbacks, disappointments, trials and tribulations at one point or another.

Some of those negative experiences can be very detrimental, and can require us to do things like contact a drug possession lawyer in order to effectively tackle a legal case.

Whether you’ve been hit hard by a particular negative circumstance, or have just found yourself in a slump for reasons that you can’t quite put your finger on, it is very important to be able to find ways to pick yourself up after straying off the path, or being hit by a big setback.

Perhaps one of the best ways of helping to pick yourself up after this kind of negative situation is by emphasizing small steps in the right direction.

Here are some reasons why small steps can transform your life for the better.


Because positive effects tend to compound, just like negative ones do

It’s probably fair to say that everyone’s heard of a “downward spiral,” or a “vicious circle.”

This phenomenon is devastating but also relatively straightforward: one negative event happens that throws you off track and causes things to unravel in your life, which then makes you more vulnerable to a follow-up negative event, and so on. Before you know it, things are looking dire.

It’s important to realize, however, that the same phenomenon can happen in reverse, too. Positive effects tend to compound, just like negative ones. Partly what this means, is that taking small and reliable steps each day to improve something in your life – even just marginally – can help to create an upward spiral or “virtuous circle” that elevates you instead of bringing you down.


Because small steps are manageable, and can help you to short-circuit the cycle of overthinking and learned helplessness

One great thing about small steps – whether in the form of small habit changes, or small one-off actions that can help to move things in a more positive direction – is that they are manageable, more or less by definition.

When we are caught up in negative spirals, and are trying to pick ourselves up after experiencing major setbacks in life, there is a real risk that we will be afflicted by a sense of learned helplessness and overthinking – in other words, the belief that anything we may try to do will be futile.

It’s much easier to begin challenging that negative sense of things with small actions than with large ones.


Because often, simply generating momentum in a positive direction can carry you a very long way

Success in a wide range of different fields – from creative artistic endeavors, to entrepreneurial ventures – frequently has a lot more to do with persistence and momentum than we tend to assume.

Small actions can really help to generate momentum in a positive direction, and once the ball starts rolling, it’s a lot easier to keep it rolling and to get it to pick up speed.

What you want is to build as much momentum as you can in the right direction, as quickly as you can to Transform Your Life.


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