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Why And How To Make The Most Of Your Commercial Space

COVID19 forced businesses to push the frontiers of what could be done remotely. It also highlighted the limitations of remote interactions. The takeaway point is that there is still a lot to be said for doing at least some of your business in the real world. The key to making this work, however, is to make sure that your place of business is a place people want to be. Here are a few free tips on how to Make The Most Of Your Commercial Space. Enjoy!


Attracting both talent and customers

Your customers are, of course, the lifeblood of your business. You are, however, likely to need some form of help from other people to be able to serve them. Even if you don’t need employees, you may have to depend on freelancers and suppliers. You might not need them on-site all the time but you might like to know that you can bring them on-site occasionally.

Whatever type of talent you need, you’re going to be in competition with other employers for it. In fact, that competition is likely to become even fiercer now that remote working is becoming genuinely mainstream. Being able to offer talents an attractive working location could be essential to getting them interested.

Even if you can work totally on your own, your commercial premises reflect your business. For that reason alone, it’s worth making the time, and the budget, to make them look as good as they can. Fortunately, you don’t need to hire an interior designer or spend a fortune on high-end decor. You just need some common sense and a small budget to spend where it matters most.


Start with the floor

All floors need to be safe. In commercial environments, it’s often very helpful if the floor covering can help with insulation and/or soundproofing. Sometimes presentation can be ignored. For example, production areas tend to be all about utility. If, however, an area is at all customer-facing, then presentation generally ought to be a high priority.


Make the most of your wall space

Your walls are probably the single, biggest space in your commercial premises. It’s therefore obvious that your choice of wall treatments will have a major impact on its appearance. It may be less obvious that your choice of wall treatments will have a major impact on its functionality and even its safety.

There are all kinds of resources that explain the importance of investing in commercial-grade wall coverings. The simple explanation, however, is that using domestic-grade wallcoverings is likely to turn out to be a false economy.  

Firstly, they’re not likely to be robust enough for commercial use, especially not in high-traffic areas. In fact, you’re probably going to have to replace them so often, they’ll actually work out more expensive than proper commercial-grade wall coverings. Secondly, commercial-grade wall-coverings are designed to be easy to clean and fire-retardent.

It is true that commercial-grade wall coverings tend to come in neutral colors and restrained patterns and textures. That said, there are some bolder options available. Since, however, they are intended to be long-term investments, it may, however, be more strategic to go for neutrals. If you want, you can add drama in other ways such as wall art.


Use zoning effectively

Transitioning to a post-COVID19 world gives businesses of all sizes an opportunity to reassess how they use their space. What this is going to mean in practice is going to depend on what kind of business you run and how you run it. There are, however, some general pointers all businesses should consider.

Digitize as much paperwork as you can and try to move what you can’t off-site. Physical paper requires a huge amount of storage space. It’s also a fire hazard. Getting rid of it, or at least moving it offsite, may allow you to downsize your commercial space. Even if it doesn’t, you’ll still have more room to use more productively.

Switch out your phones (and faxes) for VoIP (and fax over IP). This will allow you to get rid of your old phones and the lines they needed. With these gone, you’ll have much more freedom to zone your workspace around your people and processes instead of your infrastructure. This is particularly useful for hot-desking, mobile working, and hybrid working.


Look for office furniture which can be used without walls. Ideally, you want pieces that can be moved fairly easily, for example, pieces on lockable casters. You can then use these as a way to define zones within your work area. If your priorities change, you simply move them to a new configuration. Alternatively, use plants to define work zones (and introduce some greenery).


Make The Most Of Your Commercial Space Summary

So if you have ever looked at your office and wonder how to maximize the space and create the most powerful and inspirational return on investment, feel free to contact us anytime to see how we can transform, upgrade, or simply reorganize your working space to be the most effective, efficient, and high yielding ROI investment as possible by clicking here now to set up your Free 15-minute consult with Ascend.

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