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What Software is Best for Growing a Small Business?

So while the question, “What software is “the best” for growing a small business?” is a subjective term, for the most part our research has shown the following solutions to be ranked the highest among experts and end users.

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Wave Accounting: Best Accounting Software

Wave accounting was developed over a decade ago to fill the need for user-friendly accounting software that is free and easy to use. Wave software allows you to track income and expenses, send invoices, scan receipts, track sales taxes, and more. It covers the basics of what you need to grow your small business all in one software package, and it’s free. As a small business owner, you don’t want to spend more than you need on software to do the basics; Wave gives you confidence that the basics will be covered without asking for a fee. 

MailChimp: Best Email Marketing Software

Mailchimp is far and away the best email marketing software, particularly for those new to email marketing. The free software makes it simple for small business owners to get started with premade templates, opt-in signup forms, and audience segmentation. Email marketing can be a scary proposition to new business owners not familiar with the pros and cons of marketing in this way, but Mailchimp makes the journey easy and free. Benefit from more traffic to your website, a higher CTR, and more customer engagement with your brand. Don’t get put off by the jargon you read on Internet articles, trust Mailchimp to help you out.

Trello: Best Project Management Software

There’s nothing worse than having a project go off track because of mismanagement or misunderstanding. That was partly why Fog Creek Software developed Trello Project Management Software. Trello uses boards to track projects and tasks, making it easy to manage individual projects and collaborative workflows. The interface is intuitive and straightforward, custom boards can be created with lists and cards, and extras can be added, such as images, files, and checklists. Don’t waste any more time searching for project management software; use Trello, and get your project off the ground in seconds. 

Slack: Best Team Communication Software

If you’re looking for excellent free team communication software, then look no further than Slack. It was first developed as an internal system for a game company but has proven so successful it now has 12 million users worldwide, including Dental IT Support. It was developed to eliminate email inefficiencies but has many more features. Channels can be created around a topic team or project, offering maximum collaboration opportunities. It is not just the format that stands out. Slack allows real-time communication and excellent integration, along with project management, cloud storage, and productivity tools. 

G Suite: Best Document Management Software

G Suite is still the best option for small businesses looking to create a professional collaborative environment without buying expensive software. Within the G Suite dashboard, users can skip easily from app to app, and all changes can be monitored across the cloud and controlled by an administrator. Everything you need to run your business and projects effectively is included in the G Suite dashboard. You have calendars for building schedules, Docs for collaborative sharing, Slides for presentations, Drive for storage, and Chat for live communication. If you want a collaborative non-software solution that’s entirely cross-platform, G Suite is probably the answer.

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