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Covid Can Refresh Your Company Culture And Talent

It’s hard to put Covid-19 and positive outcomes in the same sentence, let alone the same thought process. However, for many companies, the pandemic has imposed a new way of thinking about the office place. 

For the past few years, the business culture has been relatively stagnant. Companies have used added perks to build a positive environment, from introducing a new coffee machine to the break room to creating gym areas within the workplace. Yet, as the employee turnover rate has shown no signs of slowing down ahead of the pandemic, we can safely note that neither a treadmill nor a Nescafe machine can make your business stand out. The sudden change in the work environment is helping businesses to connect with their employees again. 

Covid Can Refresh Your Company Culture And Talent

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Why hire only locally?

As your team is now working from home, the first and most important budget lesson is how to slim down premises. Do you still need a large office when people can do the same job from their home office? The answer is no. But with this realization comes a new one. Why should you limit yourself to the physical office restrictions? Indeed, when physical location is not a concern anymore, you can reach out to candidates across multiple states to build the perfect team. Ultimately, you can also consider recruiting the best talent for your business, regardless of where they come from and where they are. If you happen to need a specialist software engineer and come across a Greece-based candidate who fits the profile, what’s stopping you from hiring them? 


Take an interest in your employees’ life aspirations

As your employees are staying at home, their everyday life plays a prominent role in their work. Employers have two solutions. They can, of course, ignore personal issues and focus on the professional side of their relationship. However, you can find it tricky to compartmentalize when most employees are already stressed out due to the pandemic. Reaching out to ask them how they are coping and whether they need help with anything, even if it isn’t work-related, can make a big difference. It’s a sign for your team that you care. You can offer individual one-to-one meetings to provide support or guidance in everyday issues. If one of your employees wants to become a US citizen, for instance, you could consider how the company can help with the costs of an immigration lawyer. For parents struggling with homeschooling in self-isolation, you could research online tutoring services that could be booked via the business. As an employer, you can use the pandemic as an opportunity to make people’s lives easier. You may not be able to find a solution to their problem, but you can build a culture of support, solidarity, and selflessness in the process. 


Introduce social events

Is your team bored or isolated at home? A lot of professionals rely on day-to-day work for most of their social interactions. Remote work removes their social circles. Offering social events, preferably online or in safe social distancing situations, can help keep onboard individuals who would otherwise be isolated and lonely. 

In conclusion, businesses are run by people, and people are creatures of habit. When you change the routine, just the pandemic does, you can expect firms to adjust and include new coping elements. From encouraging more versatility in the team to taking personal issues seriously, covid is reshaping business culture. It’s making companies more people-focused, and it is a good thing! 


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