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A Funny, and SOBAR’ing Coronavirus Story

S.ituation: The worldwide pandemic of #Coronavirus / #COVID19 has “non-essential” businesses shut down.

O.pportunity/Need/Problem: I need a haircut

B.rainstorm/Ideas Generated: Wait it out, cut it myself, have wife cut it, have a friend cut it, have one of my teenagers cut it…

A.ction/Decision: Let my daughter cut it; son wasn’t interested… yet

R.esult: Video and pictures say it all. My daughters maniacal laugh before she gave me her “custom design”,


my sons look of shock before he “fixed it”,


and the current outcome.

David Pasqualone after daughter and son cut his hair

ENJOY! 😂 I’m now bald as this emoji and ok with it.

Next time someone says barbers are “non-essential”, refer to this post! 😉

#bald #Barber #HairDresser #TeensWithClippers #GoodMemories #AllGoodAsLongAsIWearAHood #LOL

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