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Did you hear the one about the two young teenagers with very dysfunctional family backgrounds who fell in lust, biked all over the California coast together, decided to love, got married at 18, and are still going strong 50 years later? You know, the one where the guy had his mother drive him to Mexico at the age of 15, found this special girl after she moved away only weeks after meeting her, and asked her mother for her hand in marriage while she translated before asking her. Find out how these two crazy kids made it, raised four awesome children, live to serve, are still choosing Love, and how you can too in this episode of The Remarkable People Podcast- The Mike & Maria Dimick story! 





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The Remarkable People Podcast Season 1 Episode 19

The Mike and Maria Dimick Story

[00:00:00] David Pasqualone, Host: [00:00:00] Hello friends. This is Dave Pasqualone with the Remarkable People Podcast, and I am excited to bring you an episode with three really unique hooks. Number one, it’s our first interview with two guests. Number two, it’s the last interview of the season. We’re going to have more episodes and special podcast, but it’s a last episode of season one with guests. And number three. The interview was so good. We actually booked our guests today for season two to continue their story. So ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, friends and foes. It’s my pleasure and honor to bring you season one episode 19 the Mike and Maria Dimmick story.

Intro/Outro Reel: [00:00:48] The remarkable people podcast. Check it out. the remarkable people podcast. Listen, do repeat for life.

David Pasqualone, Host: [00:01:10] Hey guys, thank you so much for being here today.

Mike Dimick, Guest: [00:01:13] Yes. Good to be here.

David Pasqualone, Host: [00:01:16] Oh, having you, man. Thanks for having me. I don’t know if you remember this, and for the listeners, how Mike and Maria and I met is, I was at college completely out of my element.

I’m from the North in the South. so my whole background is Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, you know, everything that made America great and Mexican, Puerto Rican, and I was down in the deep South and we went to Pensacola Christian college. I went there. You were a melting pot with two legs. Yeah, exactly.

Exactly. And when I came down there was formal, like functions. They have their quite regularly, they call them fine art series, and you go usually with a date. And I’m like, man, I need flowers. Where do I go? And the word on the street was mrs Dimmick had the best flowers in town, and sure enough, she did. So do you remember that?

You remember me coming over the first year?

Maria Dimick, Guest: [00:02:07] Do you were the sweetest kid and you stayed here forever. I remember you asking about what the best flowers were and I didn’t know who you were going with. But it sounded to me like you’re very interested.

David Pasqualone, Host: [00:02:24] Yeah. So anyways, and when I say, if you picture a beautiful home and then picture that beautiful home, literally filled with flowers.

And a garage. It was its own greenhouse filled with flowers. That’s what we walked into. It was the most fragrant house I’ve ever smell. And so, but mrs Dimmick, and then I met Mike and they welcomed me into their home. And then you guys came like, really? We became super close, like my campus parents. And you’d invite me over your house for dinner and we’d hang out.

And I had some place to go to keep me sane when I was home sick. So thank you very much. And then it come circle. Yeah, I don’t know if you remember this Mike, but I ended up going a year of engineering. Then I switched my major to marketing and I got married my junior year of college, and because I switched my major, I wanted a five year plan yet I’m not a doctor.

And, I ended up needing a job and I have walked into what was then gateway computers. I didn’t even realize you work there. I thought you were still at a different establishment and you were one of the managers. And I walk in with my resume at a junior in college, and I remember that God has said, I got this guy  I worked out and I ended up being a great career man.

Mike Dimick, Guest: [00:03:38] So yeah, I mean, my, you, speaking about you yesterday, you’re sharing your testimony with a bunch of people that I remember, your sales were off the chart and people were saying, well, how come Dave sales are up so high? I said, well, why don’t you ask him. And they said, why don’t you just tell me? I said, no at the next sales meeting.

Why don’t you just go ahead and ask why his sales are so high? And I,

David Pasqualone, Host: [00:04:02] Hey, just see what you know. As a listener, I don’t know where he’s going with this. We’d have an unscripted, so I’m getting a little blushing and scared.

Mike Dimick, Guest: [00:04:11] This kid is good. I mean, if I can share this story with everybody that I meet, yeah.

Why not? what I didn’t want to say to them, and I wanted to wait until the sales meeting was. Well, what Dave used to do is he would come on in and go into the back by the warehouse and you’d always see day back there praying. Of course, I knew what he was doing. I didn’t even have to ask him, but during a staff meeting when they said, okay, so they, how come your sales are almost twice as much as any other person?

What Dave said was this, this job is so easy. Computers are so easy to sell. And he said, I’m just asking God not to. Let me take advantage. Of, he said the little old ladies had, all they want to do is play solitaire and do back then a little clip art things and send her grandkids a little, little cards.

And he said they just don’t need a $4,000 computer. [00:05:00] Unlike someone at that time, a lot of their military kids coming on in buying these big gaming machines back then. He said, all they need is just these smaller units to meet their needs. And he was just praying that. he would never take advantage.

And, I believe that God honored that and just showed favor by making his sales so incredibly high. Yeah. That came out in the training. And of course I couldn’t say that, but he could. Yeah. And that was a great thing. God, you’re there. Cause I remember there was one specific instance where like the district manager was asking us for how we’re doing it and we were sharing it and we get to like put together promotions.

You and me for the national level. Ted Wade actually likes some of our ideas and invited me to join the corporate office. But I said no, cause I didn’t want to move to the Midwest or California. But it was nice having you there. A buffer. Cause there was one point where, I don’t know if you remember this, but it was the AMD Intel battle, more profit off AMD.

Intel at that point was better unless you a gaming and they said you need to sell Intel. I mean, yeah. They said, you need to sell him D. and I’m like, I’ll sell who needs it, what? And they’re like, no, you’ll sell AMD. And this wasn’t Ted way. It was just the local pressure. Right. And I said. Hey guys, I love you.

Thanks for the job. You have a great day. And I remember you just sat there and smiled, and the other two managers  so whatever you want, have a good day. And, but I mean, I find it, have you, they’re praying and backing me up. That never would’ve happened, so I thank you. So anyways, that’s kind of how mrs DEMEC and I, man at girlish, she with Mike and his kids, they’re going to tell you their story and they have a remarkable story.

So I’m going to kind of just summarize a little bit. Today, Mike and Maria are happily married after all these years, and they have their recent journey. Easy, 47 47 years. Fifties the big one, right? Let’s get some plain Cohen. Good. Go. You earned it too, but no, they have a remarkable story. It goes deep. It goes wide, and it is inspiring.

But Mike, today, he’s a minister at all of Baptist church at the Warrington campus. He’s the military pastor and in charge of pastoral care, and because of their story, what you’re about to hear that he can connect with pretty much anyone. And Maria, likewise. I love mrs Dimmick. You’ll hear me. I might make a mistake.

You’ll hear three different names. I might call her, but it’s all mrs Dimmick, Maria. But she is the sweetest, most inviting woman, and she has full of love and her children. I’m friends with them all. And that’s a blessing. And all other episodes we could do. And, Yeah. So we’re gonna transition into one guys.

Just tell your story. Start wherever you see fit. Go as God leads and the formula, the show is always you. You tell your story, pick out things that you feel led. There are significant challenges you had to work through and how you work through in the practical steps of the listeners can also overcome and achieve.

And then from that point, we’ll transition to where you are today and maybe how we can help you guys. Sound good? Sounds great. All right, Mike. So you’re the man. You start, here we go. If you’re a sexist listening, tough luck. Here we go. Here we may need to be leaders. Men and women are equal. There is no better, no worse.

But as men, our rule is to be a leader. So Mike, take the road. Here we go. Hey, I grew up in Venice beach, California, and I’m a product of the late sixties early seventies it was just fun growing up on the Venice beach boardwalk. It’s not like how it is. Today. when I grew up over there and, I came from a broken home.

My home was a, not a home that, A lot of good things would happen in, there was, drugs in the home. There was a lifestyles in a house. just many, many, many people coming into the home at that time by house with, with various types of dealings going on. And as a kid watching this, sometimes it just didn’t seem like it was a safe place.

Sometimes you’d wake up and just didn’t know who was out in the other room or what they were doing. so hanging out at the beach was just a safe place all the time. And. and then, about 14 years old, somebody really important came into my life. And, my wife Maria and my mom was a patient in a hospital and, she happened to be working there at the hospital and I thought she was a nurse.

I mean, here I was thinking that I was gonna, you know, I mean, I was 14. She looked like she was 18. And so, I thought, look at this. And it was just so funny. Cause I remember I was with my brother when I saw her. I told my younger brother to look at this girl outside by the counter, look at her. Well, as my brother looked for some reason she had to walk away from the counter and there was a.

Another woman’s standing behind the counter looks like me and address. So he looked at her and looked at me and said, are you feeling okay? I go, look at her. I mean, look at this girl, and like a young Sophia Loren, right? And that he looks again, and somehow she bent back down behind the counter to pick up a chart or something like [00:10:00] that.

And there was a, the warden looking at him like, well, who are you looking at? And so that one about three or four times, and I just said, look, she’s right there. And then when he saw her, of course he wished that he was 14 I behaviors he was 10 at the time. But. You know, sometimes a, I mean, it was love at first sight.

At least that’s what she said. And all right, well let’s do this. I want to pause the story for one second, cause that noise, you’re sure. Remind me if you’re listening today, I want to share something about the damage. I told you that they were warm and loving people and that is not an exaggeration. As long as I’ve known them since 1997, 23 years, you guys have always had the most open door policy I’ve ever seen.

I’ve never once been to your home where people weren’t here. Not once. I’ve never not been to your home when people weren’t staying with you. They are loving people that care for people and true charity, loving action. And right now as we’re speaking, there will be noise and there will probably be phone calls and people walking in and we’re going to adapt and overcome.

But that’s just the kind of home they have. And as we’re speaking, they’re building. Another addition to their home in the back so they can house more people and give people who need a break. A place to be, a place to be, still in a place to be cared for. And that’s just the heart. So I’ll let them again, we’re gonna go through the past, the present and the future, but that was one, a public service announcement or make number two.

Mike, you brought us up to this point. I want you, Maria, now to bring us your side, how you got to that hospital, and then we’ll go back to Mike discussing where he’s at. And again, just so the listeners know, if you’ve listened to the other 18 episodes. This is our first group podcast. So this if there’s any flaw, my fault, 100% not there.

So I apologize, but mrs Demmick, please take it away. Well, what he has said, was pretty much the same for me. came from a very dysfunctional home. my mom literally stole her children from our father who really didn’t, didn’t care, for the children. He just wanted her. And so she took us, when I was very young and, there were nine of us in as a single mother.

She was the greatest example of a sacrificial, a woman, and she raced us, all of us. all her children, have never been in jail. Never, drugs, no, stealing all businesses and just a wonderful woman. but there was no father there. And, yes, a 13 year old, I. How to be, sent to the United States from Mexico.

and I came to California, where, a nurse pretty much adopted me and, trained me to be a nurses, say in this private hospital. I learned English and began to translate for doctors and patients. And, as Michael said. his mother was my patient. And so she kept telling me she had this great son that was dying to meet me, which she was just playing matchmaker.

And, she ended up staying there for quite awhile. And so one day Michael came in. I did not see him. But I could see he shoes behind a curtain. And I said, Anna, I said, you don’t have a son. I think you’re just teasing me. So he pulled the curtain back and he just waved a little wave. And well he had Indian shot.

He had just had his hair cut and he had a beanie on it because he was into all the sports at that time in high school. And the coach. For the football team said, you have to cut your hair. And so he was a little shy about how he looked that day. But no, he does not have a shy bone in his body. That’s why I was shocked.

It was, it was, it’s true. I don’t know that I believe that phrase about love at first sight. I don’t think there is such thing, but there is lust at first sight, and I think that’s really what it was at that time. But, you know, I believe that God can use that attraction, to give us time to build love between each other.

And so basically that’s what happened. I was 15 years old. I’m eight months older than him. He always tells people I robbed the cradle. and, he was 14 years old. he, he asked me, to go bowling with him that first day, and I said, yes. So what does a 14 year old boy have for transportation? Yeah, he had a bike.

I did. [00:15:00] And so he took a pillow from his mother and, we went to the bowling alley, but the bowling alley was close for remodeling. I had little 12 speeds, so I just turned the handlebars up and put a little, a pillow. Yeah, a little couch on there. Sat her on that header, lean back in my arms. And, I mean, we traveled from Santa Monica to Malibu Pacific Palisades.

Yeah, we Culver city and we traveled all of LA. You on that pillow, on that bike. I mean, I was putting in 50 miles a day just driving you around because I didn’t have any money. Probably the best ride of your life. It was just great, man. I mean, I had a great view of the beach and if you haven’t been to California, I mean, you’re talking like you got the ocean, you got some sand, and then you have the path.

Yeah. And you can just go literally town to town on that. It’s just great. I mean, it just, that was my only mode of transportation. It was a great time. Yeah. And you can drive extra between having a beautiful woman with you and being on that sunset’s trip. Whoo. I actually am a fat old guy, and when I run, I run an extra mile when I’m out there.

It’s just gorgeous. Yeah. So, okay. I mean, this is back in the days when you could take fine bottles and Cashman at the store and as a runner on the bike, I go, there’s a bottle, there’s another bottle. This is, we’re good. So we could buy a Drake and share a Coke. But back in the day, it was like, I didn’t, you know, at 13, 14, 15 I didn’t really have a job.

And, Yeah, it was. I was living off of bottles, picking up trash, doing an environmental beautification. We were helping the environment. That’s right. I remember me and my kid, me and my kids, me and my friends when we were growing up, if we want to do to the pool. Yeah, 50 cents a person. Okay, that’s 10 cans.

That’s right. If we want to buy an Alexander the great, that’s 25 more. So we’re doing the math. Right. We had to walk around and pick up all the trash until we get that many cans for each of us. And then we cash it in and go to the pool, if not in the pool. When you got the union swim, you stood in water, but, but yeah, so that’s awesome.

That’s so cool. All right, so you’re in the hospital, you meet this beautiful woman and girl at that point, 14 and 15 I mean, I walk her out and just accidentally as we’re walking out of the hospital. My hand hits her hand and I’m thinking, Oh, sure. I never had a girl from the Rand meeting. Once I grabbed her hand, I just said, okay, you know, you got to pull away and go, you or you’re going to hold.

And, I just said, well, I’m going in, you know, so I held her hand and we’ve been holding it ever since. He actually asked me if I minded and no, I didn’t. But, you know, one thing for sure, and not a joke at all, is, the first day. We went out on the soul bike ride, we went to a park and I told her, I just said, listen, I don’t know what this looks like.

I don’t know how this works or whatnot. But, one day I’m going to marry you. And I said, nod. I’m not sure how this is going to happen, but one day you’re going to be my wife and a look at God did. And how long was that into your relationship? That was the first day. First day. That was the first day. Oh, he talked to his brother.

He said when he was trying to get him to look at me, he told him, I’m going to marry that girl. Sure did. Now you see why this can be a great episode, friends, you got single minded and that’s a good thing. Well, as 16 years old. She had to go back home to Mexico. Your mom got sick and I’d never thought I was going to see her again.

I do want clarification. When you moved here, how old were you? I was 13 you were 13 when you moved here. And then when you came to America at 13 did your brothers and sisters come or just you alone? And do you mind me asking why did they send just you? Well, when my mother was 13 years old. she was raped by a pedophile and she got pregnant.

And her first son, who was my half brother, was also a pedophile. And so he molested me and my mother trying to keep me from him. Sent me to her friends in the United States. Wow. So is the true love to sacrifice the relationship to protect you? Absolutely. Absolutely. Absolutely. Now you go with this story how you want, but we have people from all walks of life, all places, all situations, all countries.

Right? You can talk about. How you felt coming to America. Cause this country is built on immigration. My family is from Italy. All my friends are from Italy or Portugal back home. And the thing is like at the same time you were raped. So how did you deal with that? Like you talk about whatever you want, but people listening may be in the same situation.

They haven’t recovered. and you know, this is, this is something that happens. On a daily basis to people everywhere. Sadly. Yes, it’s, it’s, it’s a painful thing that happens, but, somehow God was always there when I was a child, when I was molested at first, I remember having dreams [00:20:00] of Jesus Christ and he was protecting me.

And, and so as, as I got sent to the United States, I was. A kid. I was scared. I was lonely. You know, I cried every night for my mom. I wanted my mom, you know, as most children do, they want this safety of a loving parent. And, and that’s what I wanted. I, I toughened up, I, you know, I, I figured I can’t have her, I can’t go home.

And, and I’m going to be here by myself. So through a few, experiences with different people that I worked for, it didn’t turn out good. I guess, you know, youth is its own beauty. It’s not that I’m a beautiful person, but as a child that I was

you know. It’s, it’s hard as a child, when, when you’re looked at as an object. And so that’s what it was. But I didn’t understand that I was a child. And so eventually I ended up working for this hospital through a friend of a friend. And, ended up, making enough money, not much, but enough to have my own apartment.

And so within a few months, about five months of coming to the United States, I ended up in my own apartment and a job at this hospital where I met Michael. but at first I worked in the laundry room. Folding linens and, the nurse that used to train all the nurses AIDS, she saw something in me. I know that it was God leading her.

And so she said, you’re too good for the laundry room. I’m going to train you and you are going to be a nurses aid. And so she did. And I, and your teens. I was still 13 and OSHA wasn’t involved back then. Oh no. It wasn’t like fun conditions, everyone, if you don’t, if you’ve never worked hard labor, that’s not fun.

That’s hot. Hard labor, long hours. I made a dollar in 65 cents. an hour, but this girl has an exceptionally high IQ. I couldn’t even spell like you

so I’ll be, but so people saw more than in her then what she saw in herself and, yeah. Well, I’m just thankful, you know, that God was there to protect and to guide and to bless me. Because that’s what he did. Even when I didn’t know him as my savior and you know, he was there. And so, I, I worked there, met Michael, and then, and then when P came to Mexico, I’ll hand that over to him because he remembers that more than I do.

I mean, she left. What you were 16. I never thought I was going to see her again. And so about three weeks after she had left, I told my mom, I said, I’m going to Mexico. And she goes, Mike, you’re not going to Mexico. And my relationship back then, with my parents was, I wasn’t asking for permission. I used to hitchhike all over California, all over California.

Summertimes and I mean, my thumb got me all over the world, I think. And I’m a different world now. Different world, different world. But man, Oh man, you know, it was just a see the world with your thumb. And so, but it was to get out of my house, you know, to get away from the environment that I was in. But my mom said, how are you going to find her?

And I had these five letters from her. And, I said, well, what I’m going to do is I’m going to cross the border and I’m going to find people that can speak English. And I’m going to show them these five letters, the grand plan, a grand plan as 16 right? And I said, I want to cross the border and just get, do you speak English?

Do you speak English? Can you tell me how to get here? And how do I get here? How do I get here? And I figured in my mind, if I, people told me the same thing, that I wasn’t going to be knocked in my head. And what are you going to take from me. You know, I’m 16 years old looking for bottles of Cashin, right?

So, so my mom was, are you really gonna do this? I said, mom, I would just want you to know, I don’t know what I’m going to be back, but I got to find her. And so my mom just goes, I’ll leave them on by as she goes, I’ll take you like, I’ll take you. So off we went. Well, we went down into Mexico and I crossed the border and I started finding people that could speak English.

I showed them the letters and one thing led to another. And I remember her telling stories about. The colonias where she lived and all of a sudden. Off. I went and I said, wait a minute, there’s the school that she was talking about, the squealer, and then I said, Oh, there’s the biennials. You know the, [00:25:00] the, like the public showers out there, and there’s a little tortilla factory that she said, it’s right next to the bind news.

And I said. Oh, I got to be getting closer. And I kind of felt like Clint Eastwood and one of those little spaghetti westerns, you know what I mean? I was the only gringo walking up this, you know, dirt road, all these potholes in there were in shorts on what you just didn’t do back then and living over there.

And, but I just have to find her. I’m looking at these landmarks and she used to tell me about as a kid and, and all of a sudden I said. Well, there’s the house, because you said right across the street from her house, there was a lady that had all these bird cages, and I saw it. I said, mom, that’s got to be the place I, we pull up in the car and there she is standing with her mom and just bare dirt, dusty dirt, no grass, no nothing.

But they each had this little pan of water and they’re just sewing water on the dirt. And I said, what are they growing rocks? I mean, what are they, what’s out here? There’s nothing out outta here. And, But what they were doing is they were just taking water from dishes and things like that, and they were just sprinkling the water on the dirt to keep the dustbin blown inside the house.

Ah, kind of like when you go to a rodeo, they went  stays pack wet in the dirt. And so she looked at me, she goes, what are you doing here? And I said, come here for a second, come here. And I said, look at your mom. And I turned her around and she goes, well, what do you do? I said, just look at your mom. Okay. And I had met her mom about two times I when she visited out in California, and I said, I want you to look at your mom and just tell your mom this.

Don’t change a word. Look at your mom. And then I said, Mrs. Lopez. I said, if I was 18 I graduated from high school. I said, I had a good job with good benefits, benefits, could I marry your daughter? So she looked at me, she goes, why? I said, I’m not asking you. I’m asking you mom. So she looked at her mom, and you know, I didn’t speak Spanish and I barely speak it now, but it was, all I heard was a little bit, a little bit about, a little bit, a little bit of, a little bit, a little bit, but I remember her mom pausing and looking at me and I heard those famous words, you’ll Cleo Casey.

And I didn’t know what that meant, but I saw her, the nod of the yes. Yeah, I believe I would. And so I looked at her and I said, okay. I’ll see you in two years. And I turned 18 on July 28th we got married July 30th and I wanted to air force basic training on August 2nd and we’ve been together ever since.

That’s right. And while he was gone, he was gone for three months, came back for a little while and went back for another three months. During that time. I believe love had grown and I was so depressed. All I wanted to do was fall asleep and not wake up until he came home. And you know, I just didn’t want to be without him.

And you know, love does grow if you give it a chance. And if you consider each other, because we are all selfish. But when we love, we must love the other person more than ourselves. So we get married and we joined the air force and I whisker away from all the family and everything that we’ve ever known to be kind of home and off.

We go to Germany. We lived there for about five years, but it was a great make or break time for us because we had no friends. We had no family. by the time we were 20, we had two kids, and it was just, it was, there’s nothing else to do in Germany at that time.  so, but we had two kids, and it was nobody to tell us how to be parents.

We had no parental supervision. And we just figured it out. And it was just a, I mean, hard to believe this was the day before, all the electronics, all this other stuff. We had TV that was only on six hours a day. Yeah. She had to write a letter with a pen and maybe even a pencil. Right.

but yeah, we just figured it out and we just learned to grow and trust each other on that. And, And it was super easy, right? No, absolutely. How do you do this? How do you do that? And to actually really, I think it’s great to get married and to be away from family because, it bonds you closer together.

Being overseas really is a special, experience. Because you don’t have even neighbors that you can trust or that you are familiar with, and so you become a lot closer to one another because you’re dependent. On each other for everything. So any kind of problem you have to solve it. You don’t go without communication because you’re it.

You know, you learn how to deal with conflict cause you have to, you can’t run to mommy or daddy. Exactly. [00:30:00] Exactly. And so, when we lived there, it was a great time. It really was. But you know, looking back, I also believe that. When people ask us, how have you made it for 47 years? Well, it’s actually already a 50, because we’ve known each other since 1969, you know, so in bend together since 22nd.

But, but I think, you know, that the, the important part really is a matter of, helping each other. I think when people get married, they have a lot of expectations. but we were children. So really we had no expectations. We didn’t really understand what a marriage was. It was just being friends living together.

And so you basically benefit  benefit. And so, you know, that was, I think that the key. To having a great relationship is not to have expectations because we’re not entitled to them. You know, we really learn to get to know each other. And then again, you know, to sacrifice self for another. So what was really funny, some of you will laugh at this, those of you that are a little bit older, you know, my job was, sometimes you fly away in a helicopter and carried a gun every day and.

doing some fun stuff, wild, crazy stuff in a LG. But, you know, so the people I had influence on me weren’t really guys that I really put a lot of value in. Yeah. I’d go to war with him. I, I absolutely, but probably not the guys that I wanted hanging around and be around my kids. And, and mind you, this is way before, you know, God ever came into my life.

And so, No, we didn’t become Christians until we were 36 years old. So, so in his formative years, at 20 years old, just wasn’t sure how to do all this. But, here comes the big laugh factor. It was a TV show on, and we would watch this TV show and used to come on Friday nights in Germany. And it was just a perfect show about a family, a husband and wife, and they had four kids and, three daughters and a boy.

And. And I used to watch that show every day because just to watch the dad, and because the dad loved his country, he loved his wife and his kids, and he loved his community, and he loved church and all. And in his TV show, you could see all of that. in every episode there was a moral value in there. And if any of you guys are scratching your heads thinking, what TV show show could that be?

When I say it, some of you, are going to go, Oh yeah. That show was little house in a Prairie . There was no cussing, no drinking, no this, no that. And it was just a great show for a husband’s relationship. I mean, I looked at it for me and my personal life where here’s the guy that just loved every aspect of being, you know, the husband, the dad, involved in the community and everything that I long to do.

Cause I never had it growing up. And. So I would just watch it and watch it. But the important thing to me was it was actually based off the memoirs, a diary of a daughter that really loved her dad. And I just thought, you know, that’s what I would have wanted my kids, to do for me, would have, something like that, that they would love their parents like that.

So that was the show that really got us through those five years over there, I think helped us put things in perspective. And it wasn’t Hollywood, it wasn’t, you know, Michael Landon, but it was just. The premise of it, of could I do this and apply it to my life when my eyes only be for her, my, my, you know, just the things that I do.

Could I be involved and let it have purpose and meaning? And again, there was no, religious value to it at all. It was just, you know, default to be good, look good, act good. That’s what you default to. It’s funny you say that because a lot of people. We get in these boxes and we say, Oh, you can do this, or this is right and this is wrong.

And I think everybody would agree there’s good TV in this battle, quote, good TV, and show that to me. The internet can be good or bad, you know? And I think that’s even safe to say. There’s majority of it can be negative and cause problems. So, but I’m like you, there was TV shows or just secular TV shows. I don’t know who the dad unit grew up with functioning families right.

And that wholesome television that used to be on literally helped to say, Oh, this is how you interact, or this is how you handle things. So it really did help form us. And as the generations are changing, it’s forming us. Poorly now, but back then I think we can both say that we had good media to help form us.

I remember learning to shave off of TV. Sure. Oh yeah. Cause I had no dad. And I remember watching him [00:35:00] saying, I’m like, Oh, that’s how you do it. And the weird stuff and how to be a husband and a father. So. Little house on the Prairie. Thank you. Thank you.  I waved the flag all the time thinking, I mean, you got me through my beginning years until I settled down being me.

You know, I didn’t have to read a diary of anybody else. I remember there was a, I don’t know if you guys remember, there’s a TV show and all I remember is a guy who had adopted a kid and he just loved that kid who was an American guy who adopted an Asian kid. Oh yeah, I can help you with it. Do you remember the name?

Yes, I do. Cause I used to watch it. The courtship of Eddie’s father. Yes, I know my date and myself. That’s okay. But I remember watching, show me, I wish I had a dad who loved me as a kid. I will say yeah and I, but it made me think. Well, I can be that dad, and I hope my kids think that about me, you know? But the thing is, yeah, it’s crazy how much generation.

Yeah. Yeah. I mean, we went from no TV to black and white to UHF, to VHF, while our remote control goes up or down before, you know, we were the remote control, get up, get down and go get it. And then now we have 382 channels, 24 hours a day, seven 15 full run rabbit ears to get better reception. One of you would take turns pulling in the game, right?

You want to watch something and you have to hold it outside the windows, right? I remember climbing on the roof. Actually, the old antenna is  again.  stay right there. It’s lightning out. I don’t care. We need to launch this. We can move you, but don’t, don’t let us miss this episode. Do they have DVR back then in streaming?

No, they didn’t. All right. We’ve derailed, but in a good way. All right, so you’re bringing it back together. You’re in Germany are growing. Two kids talking about your kids, right? Two daughters, beautiful daughters. Well, just before we go on to talk about them, I want to say, that, Even though Michael was looking at, Charles singles as a model for being a father.

I believe that inside of him was the dad that my children needed. because even just a week ago, my daughter and I were talking about him. And, and I said, yeah, I didn’t tell you this, but she’s my, our oldest daughter, Wendy, Wendy, Robyn, and she is an awesome, awesome, awesome image of her father. she’s beautiful.

She’s beautiful. But, really character wise, they’re both so much alike. Personality wise, they really are so much alike. and we were talking about him as a father, and I said, you know, your daddy was such a good dad. She said, no, mommy. She said he was a great dad. And, I believe that all four of our children would agree with that.

We have three now, two daughters and a son. And our daughter was required of God. So we lost her about 25 years ago. But, I’ll, I’ll, I’ll let him tell about that. why do you always give me the hard part? Because you’re the man and you can’t  they can’t see tears over a microphone, huh? yeah, we just, it was great.

I love being a dad. Still do. Yeah. And what’s better than being a dad, a grandfather, and I’m

grandfather. I don’t want to skip the process, but I am loving the idea of grandkids. You’re just telling me about before this episode, how much you enjoy your goodness. They are the life and in our life. All right. So it’s just fun. I mean, it’s people at the church, they always go, I can’t believe how all these kids run over to you.

And they just, they just, well, that’s cause I run after them first, you know, and I just love kids. And maybe for those of you, and unfortunately, you know, there’s some of you that wear the same t-shirt and you’ve lost the child. And so it just makes life more meaningful when you’re around children, when, when one is.

take in front of you and you just kind of go, okay, you know, I just want to make sure I have real special time with those that are around me. And, and the Bible also says, suffer not the little ones. She’s just said to come to me and if I’m supposed to be modeled myself after him. They’ll let the kids come to me, let the kids come to me, and I just love it.

I absolutely love it. I enjoy it so much. Yeah. But, let’s not get too far ahead because there’s so much that, we must tell because God was present every step of our lives. when, when we came back from Germany having two children, we then had two more, five years after the first two. And so we [00:40:00] had, another girl, a third girl, and then our son, Michael.

and, you know, during, during our time as young parents, It was, it was easy because our children were more like our friends. And so we were kind of children raising children. And, in fact, for a very long time until we actually became Christians, our kids called us by our first name. Yeah. It was never a mommy or daddy.

It was always, Mike. And Maria or Mike and Connie

Well, the reason he calls me Connie is because the first time we met, he asked me what my name was and I said, my name is  Lopez with Sarah. And he said, what? I said,  Lopez. We set up. He said, how about Connie for shower? Well, her conception, I mean, it sounded like conception. I said, I’m not going to call you conception.

I would have gone to Connie and stuck. It stuck his speaking conception. my son was our vasectomy baby. Yeah. So it just goes to show you that you’re not in control. You know, as many people probably can identify. in those days, people wanted two children, a dog in a white picket fence house. The American, the American dream.

And so, you know, I’m coming from a very large family. I didn’t have those ideas, but my husband did. And so because you were from Mexico, he asked for names before you got married. So he actually went and he sought out to get them the sec to me, when, when he was only 24 years old, 25 and this is after three daughters.

No, that was after two show, after two daughters. So, but I was too good looking too. So in, in Europe and especially in our, in our base at the time, the commander had to sign off on that well, on that particular surgery too. And that was, because as a young man. He didn’t really want kids. And so he had a son and he decided to have a vasectomy, and his son was killed by a car accident.

And so he did not allow anyone, you know, under certain age to have to be sterilized. I agree with that personally. So, so we left saying, I’m sorry, we can agree to do that. So we left Germany. And, I went to California to visit family and he went to his next base, which was in Plattsburgh, New York. And so, he called me up, really excited, and he said, guess what?

I just went to the doctors and they’re gonna do the vasectomy. And I said, well, that’s a good thing. I said, because. Today. I went to the doctor

and so we had our third daughter and she was six months along. She was six months old and I was, you know, on a diet, trying to lose weight, getting back in shape and my, I was losing weight, but. My midriff was getting bigger, and so we thought, Oh no, you have cancer. So we went to the doctor and the doctor said, no, you don’t have cancer.

You’re just pregnant. Well, we thought like, well, of course he looked at me like, Hey, you know, I had that surgery a long time ago. I said, well, you better have that thing checked. And the doctor said, yes, sir. You still have fish in your pond. Surgery reversed itself. Yes, yes they did. So the third, we had a son, and your daughter’s name was Cynthia and Cynthia, and your son is Michael.

Really his dad. so we have Wendy, Vanessa. Cynthia and Michael and Wendy is, I said before, you know, when, when we had her, she was just the perfect child, perfect child. Never cried, always laughing, always smiling. Just. A sweet, sweet, sweet baby. Nature’s a lot like me. Beautiful. Whenever you said yeah. And since you can’t see us on TV, his nose is growing as we.

Yes. But, yeah, she was very intelligent and. You know when you have your first child many times, do you have all the time in the world? Yeah, so she was potty trained by the time she was nine months old, and let me tell you, she was just a sweet, sweet baby girl. Then Vanessa came, who’s also a wonderful girl, [00:45:00] but this girl had a mind of her own.

She was not a disobedient child, but she had to have a recent. For everything. Yes. She, she did not do anything until you told her exactly why she must do something. And so she is an awesome, awesome mom too. Wendy has five children. she had her first pregnancy. She lost the baby, then she had twins. So she thought God gave me back one.

They said she had her first, twins and they were boys, identical twins. So they could never even hear the two hearts. They only heard one. And so for five months they didn’t know she had twins. Wow. Because they were. It’s in the same SAC. In about that time it’s separated. And they were identical twins.

Yes. And so then afterwards she had three, three girls. So she, if she hadn’t had two boys. We would have all girls. Oh man. Yeah, and that happens in this generations. My friends, they had all guys, they’re Portuguese, their whole, like the whole family on all sides, all guys, one girl. Then all the guys of my generation, like we’re all friends.

All girls. One boy. Oh boy. Crazy. It was crazy. So yeah. Oh my goodness. Yeah. So now you are in your hair. You guys. Vanessa. She’s like, Whoa, okay. They’re not all like that. I don’t know. Like one day she is, she’s awesome. She’s awesome in their own way. And then you’re raising them in what part of the world now?

Well, when do you send Georgia close, Georgia. Where were you raising them at this point? Are you back in California? You are. Okay. Okay. That’s right. I want to make sure. So you’re in California that time and yeah. we were in Monterey, California, Monterey, California, and we were there for about six years.

And Cynthia and Michael were also there also there. You know, they were just five years apart. The two pairs, two pairs  for head over ones to take care of the younger ones. It was great. But yeah. And then Cynthia, Cynthia was just this sweet, sweet child. actually, you know. We don’t, we never had any problems.

We don’t necessarily identify greatly with parents who have a lot of trouble children because our kids were very, very pliable. And I don’t know if it’s just because, you know, there wasn’t a lot of conflict in the home, and so they always felt secure. We always try to focus on teaching them to be leaders, you know, to make up their own minds and not to follow others.

And, to, to be good enough to be followed. And I have to say, God has really blessed us with some. Great leaders. Yes, absolutely. Yeah. And their spouses. So I mean, you guys are six for six. So, and then go on with the story though. So we, like I said, there’s no time to this, but at the same time, I want to respect your day.

So you’re in California, you got four kids now. And Mike, you’re in and out, like being deployed, correct. Yet? No, I or you stationary and this, I was pretty stationary. I was working with them. We didn’t talk about what your role, but you weren’t counting sheep. Yeah. I was working now kind of with air force recruiting and just had a great time with that in Monterrey.

I remember going to my commander and, you know, after graduating he goes, well, Mike, what do you want to go? And he shows me this map of California. And I remember I asked him, I said, where’s the worst place you have? And he goes, what? And, I did pretty good at the school. And, so I think he saw something higher for me.

And, I said, where’s the worst place you have. And you’re worse in the sense of numbers, enrollment, numbers, the hardest place that cause you are Richard, just for the audience, just to be honest, you know, recruiters have quotas just like everywhere. And this was in the 80s right? So it had top gun come out yet.

Actually it did while I was in my office. That was a pivot point for all recruiters across the coast coming out again. I know, right? Everybody, all the air force recruiters out there. When the first one came out, all the Navy recruiters were told to go stand by the movie theaters and they, they let them all back in and wear bomber jackets.

And so it’s a be ready staying outside because everybody’s gonna want to come up and join the Navy. I can’t tell you. My goal was probably for a month, and at that time I was putting in 12 to 14 people a month because they thought it was an air force movie. Thank you, Tom cruise and viewer ignorance.

Yeah, [00:50:00] it’s, I mean, it was the funniest thing, but the sad thing is I didn’t get a bomber jacket out of it. Yeah. We were down in Monterey, Monterey. Well, I asked him, I said, where’s the worst place you have? And he said, Salinas, California. And he said, that’s the red dot. It’s never made it ever, ever, ever made it.

I said, why not? And he said, well, he said, it’s kind of a migrant farm worker town at that time. A lot of people, large population works out in the fields, and, just a lot of different dynamics around there, back in the early eighties. And he said, it’s just always been a very hard area. And I said, I’ll take it.

And he goes, what? I said, I’ll take it. And he goes, but there’s all these other places that you can go to. And I said, no. I said, because if I can just beat everything by one. By one person, more than one that’s ever done in the last eight years, you will fire me because I’ve done what it’s ever done.

Right? So just trying to use my, my logic on that. And he goes, okay. But I mean, you can go to all these other places that are just showing, no, I’ll take that one. And I, that was our home for six years, and, and it was wonderful. I ended up at a place, they had this thing called rookie recruiter the year I made that.

And then, Air force recruiter of the year. I made that. And, of course it wasn’t me. I have to give credit to where it really goes and just how God was there, but still, I didn’t even know how to spell God. And at that point, light wasn’t part of it. So pretty much was me, me, me, I, I, and, I did everything and, I just hadn’t had my eyes opened up yet.

So why don’t we transition to that? How did you guys come? You have a great family growing family. How did you come to know God? Sure. My wife, I was going to one of these air force leadership schools and I went down there just to have fun. It was going to be seven weeks, nine weeks or whatever it was just to have fun.

And, but while I’m down there, one of the, I don’t know what they call it, but one of the seminar leaders said, Hey, we want to start meeting in the morning and praying for our. Folks going through these courses, and I thought, you can’t do that organized religion. You can’t make me do this. You know, the days of before polluted being politically correct, you know?

But I thought, well, Mike, maybe you better attend this. You know? So, I sat there and I’d never been involved in any kind of Bible study or anything. I wasn’t against it, but I just. Felt odd. so I showed up in the room and at that point where you believe in the lie, the church and state separation, it doesn’t mean there’s no religion in the state.

It just means it’s not government control. But our public has been brainwashed. Were you part of that rain washing at that point? Yeah, but the other thing, as far as praying, and the only thing I knew how to say was. You know, rub a dub dub. Thanks for the grub. I just didn’t know there was no prayer or anything in our lives, and that’s absolutely normal.

Most people at this point, so I was afraid someone’s going to ask me a question. You know, who is Moses? I was a Charlton Heston, so yeah. But I showed up and it was just the neatest thing that these people weren’t praying for themselves. But there were actually praying for people who were underneath them, and I had several people underneath me, and I just thought, this isn’t as bad as I thought.

So I’m doing this for seven weeks. And meanwhile, back at the ranch, what was going on with you? Well, I, I was a florist and, I used to set up florists, shops for the supermarkets, and so I had a, a young lady that was, Working with flowers as well. She was from Korea, and, she was a Christian. I didn’t really know what a Christian was.

I just thought I was a Christian because I believed in God. And, and so she invited us to her church and I kept saying yes, but I never said when, so one day she said during this time that Michael was gone. she said, Maria, I’m never going to invite you to church anymore. She said, you’re going to make me loose the contest.

She said, we’re having a contest to see who brings the most visitors to church and the prices of beautiful Bible. And I just looked at her, I said, fine, fine. Welcome to church. So know I gotta ask, I don’t want to interrupt your story, but was her mentality truly, I want to win the contest or was she manipulating the situation to get that emotional appeal?

it was a ball Harvey in here. Alright, go ahead. I just want to make sure I get either way. All things work together for that, let alone God, but I was in Chicago or is she a Cooley? So I agreed to go. So I went home and I told the children that we were going to go to church, [00:55:00] so get ready. And it was a Wednesday.

so the girls were trying to figure out an excuse why they couldn’t go to church. And so I didn’t take any excuses. I said, we’re all going in and get ready now. And so we went to church and it was very different. I mean, the pastor was teaching, but he was allowing the congregation to ask questions and it was very interesting to me.

It was a little church right outside of may, third air force base, which isn’t there anymore. It’s part of a base closure right outside of Sacramento, California. retro Cordova. Oh yeah. Right there. Yep. But to go on, whenever you say the word church, every one of us listening right now, everybody in the world has an instant image and it’s different for everyone.

Yeah. So when you heard church up to this point, guessing you were Mexican. You had a Roman Catholic background, right. So the drills, cathedrals, and very reverent, very like fear of God in kneeling down, you know, any candle. And this was in a strip mall. It was just a flat building, professional building. She was just totally different than yours.

Absolutely. Okay, so pickup. I just want him cause people listening. We have people of all religions with people, fun trees and walks of life, different ages. So if you’re listening, you’re hearing the word church, you have a mental image. So the image that Mike and Marie are describing, they went from a Catholic background to what we call me referred to as what?

Evangelical at this point. Yeah. Okay. So you’re in a strip mall going to church. No stained glass. No million dollar building. Like a doctor’s office. All right. So, So it was really an experience. that day. she won the Bible and she gave it to me. She gave it to me. But the story was so good is when the pastor called her  and her name is young.

Weller is young. Well, you won the Bible. You brought more people, to the church. It was called the Andrew contest. You brought more people than anybody else. If for the whole month. And the pastor gave this beautiful, beautiful Bible leather Bible. And when she grabbed it, she kind of just dearly held her chest for a second.

And then she goes, what do ya, what do ya come up here? What do ya, what do, yeah. And so she walks out there and she goes, I oneness for you. Let’s see. She gave us off to her, so she gave it to me and we continue to go to church while he was gone, you know? So, for graduation, I drove down to come back with him, or I flew down and you, you ended up calling down there, so, yeah.

So graduation is over. he took every, every award that was available, and, and so we started back home, and when we got in the car. He said, I have something to tell you. And I said, yeah. I said, me too. I said, I have something every time you guys have these moments, it’s funny. Hey, I’m having the surgery.

Hey, I’m pregnant again. Alright, go ahead. I gotta go. I gotta. I got our plan for life. I am God’s will. So, so he said. Well, ladies first you, you. I said, no, you, you go first. He said, no, you go, you go. So back and forth. Finally, I started, since he insisted. so I told him, I said, well, Michael, I said, we have been, going to this little church with young Weller.

I sit in, we were just hoping that, that you’d want to come to, so you tell your side of the story. And so she goes, yeah, we just want to know, would you like to come. And I looked at her and then paid attention to the road again, and I think we’re driving through Bakersfield. Had not North toward Sacramento.

Yep. Just on five. And so she goes, we just want to know if you want to go. And I just looked at her with a little smile that turned to a little tight lip grimace. And I said, I’ll think about it. And the actual reason was my pride. I wanted to be the one to say. Look, I’ve been involved with a group of people and they’ve been praying for people, and I’ve never seen anything like this outside a little house that occurred, but all right, this is the real deal.

The real thing, and I mean, they were kind of like kneeling down, taking a knee, praying for people that, that they would make it through the class and marriages stay together and nobody would, no physical harm would come to people. And while they’re going through the courses, and. And I said, I think we need something like this in our life.

I wanted to say all that, but I wanted to be the first one to say it. You know, because I was a recruiter and mr [01:00:00] wonderful and all this stuff that just makes people sick. And but as the only life that I knew, and, I wanted to be the one to lead and be that leader on that, but she beat me to it because.

She was much more spiritual than me instead of me going for it. And so, you know, so we required for the next five hours driving home, but the next day I come home from work and it’s about five o’clock and I, you know, I’m still in my uniform. I kick back, relax a little bit. And now it’s about 6:00 AM this was roast in the oven and the house is exceptionally clean and the kids are all kind of dressed up on my bed.

I just kind of went like, what’s, I need to leave a little bit more often. I mean, check this out. I mean, and whenever she’s cooking was the bomb. I mean, it was just like young and, all of a sudden I just hear this knock on the door and, I opened up the door and here’s just kind of distinguished looking guy.

And, his wife standing in the doorway and I went, okay, this is different. And that, because there’s no door to door solicitation on a base. And we were living on a base. So I thought, and nobody dresses in a suit, you know, on a base, you know, especially my age, nobody’s gonna nobody who was probably my age at that time.

I was seeing somebody as young as we were. I thought, okay, he doesn’t look like a base commander. But, I said, can I help you? And he goes, my name is pastor Dan Rogers from a Bible fellowship Baptist church right outside the gate here, on the base. And, you know, are you Mike gimmick? So immediately I reached for my wallet and I opened up my wallet.

I said, I am, what are we given to? I didn’t know what to do. Yeah, I had no idea what to do. I never heard of visitation. Yeah. What’s that? You know? Yeah. So I thought we were given to a charity for kids or something like that. All right. So I’d go here, how much can I give you? Four so you can get out of here kind of, right?

Like, okay, well, here you go. You know, and do I have to buy a magazine prescription? I think, but, all of a sudden I looked down the hallway and I hear my wife, he’s just got this little, you know, three finger wave, four finger, a little wave, and she goes, hi, pastor. And the pastor goes, I think we’re supposed to be here for dinner.

And I said, you what? And my wife’s just smiling and I kind of look at her and I pointed my two fingers at my eyes and her eyes and said, you and me are going to talk when this is all over. We are going to talk about you set me up. You know, I’m going back South again, eight hours away for another nine weeks.

And so we had a just a great. Time, I guess sitting down and talking a little bit, but as we get a little bit more serious, there was just something that was just crazy in the room in Mmm. We define crazy well, we ate the meal. He’s thinking, you know, okay, it’s time you gotta go. You gotta go. And I said, so what do you do, pastor?

I know. I didn’t even call him pastor. I, I would not give him that respect. Respect of the title. I wouldn’t do it. Not in my house. It’s just pride. Right? But I didn’t know what that was. And, so I said, so what do you do, Dan? And he goes, well, these are the things I do. And he starts naming some things.

And as I’m kind of looking at my watch, say, well, it’s getting late, I guess you’ve got to go do a hospital visit or go tell somebody about the story. Right? And so he stares at me like, is this real? And I don’t normally talk like that. So even my, my controller can actually very kind. Yeah. Yeah. I’m a good guy, folks.

I’m a good guy. But, you know, my kids are looking at me going, dad, why are you being like this? And I wanted, my nonverbal was, I don’t know, he’s just coming out of me. It’s just pretty funny. So Dan looked at his wife and then there was a moment of silence and my wife goes, coffee, anybody. And I looked at it, my wife and I went back to the two fingers of your eyes.

Well, here’s the deal. I went, there was no Starbucks back then, and I went, coffee, you don’t even know how to make coffee. I didn’t, we didn’t forget, we don’t drink coffee. Not that there was anything bad, but it just wasn’t in our life at that time. And I said, what are you going to give him? Sanka I mean, just.

We didn’t even have, there’s listeners now that don’t even know what same thing exactly that was like clubs, an inside joke or some of you, yeah, pour it into hot water and it makes you actually eat the grounds pretty much. That’s pretty much what it was, man. It made good flavor. And for cookies and for GI doctors with cancer, right?

Yes. Yes. And so I just thought, Oh, we didn’t have a coffee. I don’t think I ever had a cup of coffee. And so, but my wife’s eyes were looking at the past like. Please say yes. Please say [01:05:00] yes. My husband’s a good guy and I don’t know what the deal is right here, but please say, yes, don’t give up on him. And it was just a beautiful thing because the pastor said, Maria, I would love a cup of coffee.

And I thought, okay. I got to see this . I got to see that. I mean, you know, we’re going to get some joke on me lot. There’s a lot of chocolate or something. You know what I mean? How are you going to make coffee? But you know what? I think we could have fed the pastor mud and he would have drank it. Yeah. And that’s just how his part was.

And so focus on the important mission. Absolutely. That was my first look of. Ministry, but I wanted to deny it. And so all of a sudden my wife goes, well, let’s just put you guys over here on the couch. Matter of fact, it was this couch, I think, and we were scary. We tell everybody how old these couches are, right?

You know? So, But it’s just, you know, coaches are very personal. My kid, we bought a coach when we were first married and had my son, and he says to this day, he’s like, I don’t care if I’m in college. I don’t care if it’s my first apartment. This is my code, this section. I mean, journey. Most first departments won’t fit this section.

He’s like, it’s my, all my kids learn how to jump and fall off and break your leg. There’s something special about a good coach. All right? But go on. My wife puts us down on the couch. And here I am stuffing pillows between him and me and my kids are sitting like four little Indians, about four feet in front of our knees.

Right. And you’re like, what is going on here? And I’m thinking, what is happening? And this is, I’m kind of looking around like the old days for candid camera. Where’s the camera at? You know, like the days before security systems, like why is everything so. Perfect here. And the wife is sitting down on the love seat with my wife as they bring the little tray in and she’s making this coffee, you know?

And did you make it or did she help you? I’ve got to ask. She helped me  the magic behind the curtain. They were copied, right. So, you know, we sat down and so the pastor said this, he goes, so Mike, tell me about your relationship with God. And I said, Oh. Me and God are like this. And I crossed my fingers and I used to be able to cross him and  but you know, I said, we’re like this.

And and I started telling him, you know, just a, a story or you and just how, you know, only by God that, that I’m still here. And, and so he, he goes, Mike, that’s a real interest in story. Can I ask you a question? And I said, sure. And he goes, do you remember when the Thunderbirds crashed? And I said, the Thunderbirds or the air forces aerodynamic team, like the blue angels, right?

And so, I said, yeah. And, he said, tell me about it. And I said, well, the team was fine information, and the leader made a miscalculation and caused them to cry. And, and I’m kind of doing the hand signal. Yeah, I make you believe are planes. And so I said, what about it, Dan? What about it? And he goes, well, Mike is obviously looking at you.

He said, in your uniform, he said that your leader and your wife and your kids love you and would follow you anywhere. And I said, I believe that to be true. Dan, what about it? And he goes, well, I just have one question to ask you. He goes, which way are you taking your family? And he makes his hands like their airplanes, you know, any points like towards the sun, towards the sky.

He goes, are you taking them this way? And then he takes his hands and points them down towards the floor and he said, or are you taking them this way? Wow. Talking about sober up or dying down. And so before I can say any smart Alec type, reply to him. My nine year old daughter looks at me and goes, which way are you taking us, daddy?

You’re taking us like this. Huh? And she starts pointing towards the ceiling and, and the nine year olds, your oldest at that point. But that was Cynthia. Cynthia, Cynthia. So you’re the third? Yeah. The third. Wow. Which way are you taking this up? Are you taking us like up or down? Right. And so all of a sudden, all the joking.

And everything stops, right. And I’m looking at her and the big lump comes up into my throat and I could have just, just kind of blew her off and just said, don’t worry about it. I’m taking guys like this, and it’s time for these guys to go. But it was very evident to me that there was a spiritual battle right there in my home.

And I didn’t even know what that was. I think of God would allow me to have a spiritual glasses. I would have seen the battle. If I could have had spiritual hearing [01:10:00] AIDS, I would have here, I would have heard the battle for our souls. All that uncharacteristic stuff that’s coming out of you. How was the flesh versus the spirit?

All of that. It was just one of those, you know, and I just say this, you know, guy just reached his hand up through my bowels and working me like a hand puppet work in me, like a hand puppet. And so the things that I was saying, the sarcasm and all that. Yeah. W that was very uncharacteristic of me. It was just kind of a, which I believe being a passion.

Now what was really going on was, you know. Get rid of this guy, get rid of his wife, get him out of your house. Your life is good. You’ve got a beautiful wife, you got four beautiful kids. You’re living right here in a great area. Get rid of this guy. You don’t need him. You don’t need them, and you certainly don’t need him pointing towards Christ.

Right? And so, but I, luckily I, I didn’t see that, but it all came to fruition as I sat there going, I’m taking you guys like this. And just, you know, for the listeners, he’s pointing down, I’m pointing down towards the floor, and I said, and I don’t know what to do. And may I interrupt just for a second because sometimes we say things and we don’t realize it, but you said, God was working you as a puppet.

Absolutely take it. Thank you. Yeah. It’s why I married her. Yes. I caught that too and I didn’t want to interrupt. You. See, and it’s why I married her. For the listeners, if you are listening and you haven’t trusted Christ as your savior and you’re searching for truth, or maybe you didn’t consider it yours listening for a cool story before we trust Christ, God gives us free will and we can make a choice.

Yes, but Satan doesn’t want us. To make the right choice. Misery likes company and he knows his fates and attorney burning. So he was inside of us all at one point, and he’s the one making bad ideas, sound good and short term pleasures, which are longterm disasters seem like the right choice when they’re really ally.

So Mike was saying the control was from C and he just misspoke, which we all do. Thank you. Yeah. Good catch. Thank you. So finish. That’s my wife. She’s over right there. Great catch, good call. And but yeah, it was just Satan working me like a hand puppet and, and so when I said, I don’t know what to do, the pastor got off my couch, he stood up and then he knelt down right in front of me and he goes, Mike Dimmick, before you can go up any points towards the ceiling, he said, you need to come down any points towards the floor.

And he goes, you need to get off your pride. Your arrogance, your ego, and you need to humble yourself. And it was so perfect. I couldn’t argue, even though I wanted to throw him out of my house. your kids are watching. They’re watching me. What’s that going to do on this one? More Sanko please. But it was everything he said.

I couldn’t argue with it. And I just. Like Roger that  that’s, it’s so true. And I knelt down next to him and I said, I don’t know what to do, and I’ll never forget this. He goes, if you are on a ocean liner and you fell overboard, what would you be doing? And I said, I’d be swimming. And he goes, Mike, you’re 500 miles out, so you’re not going to swim that far in a land that no human can, even the greatest

So what would you be doing? And I said, I’d be screaming. And he goes, okay, the captain comes over at, leans over the rail and it says, Mike Dimmick, I see you and I hear you, but what do you really want me to do, Mike? Big pause, right? And I want, and he goes, two words, Mike, what do you really want him to do?

And I’m looking at him, I’m looking at my wife, my kids, I two words. get me outta here. It’s not two words, but it goes two words. Mike and I went, save me. Never heard that before. Never in any kind of religious content, right? And he goes, well, the captain’s right here. Why don’t you ask him to do it? And so I looked at him and then just, I mean, just the heart of a pastor.

He just. I’m a true pastor. Yeah. To not every pastor is a good pastor, but just the heart of a pastor that who, I tried to emulate many times in my ministry now where he could’ve walked out and said, I don’t need this jerk, but he didn’t, he stayed to the stuff and he said, I’m Mike. It was like this. He goes, you’re the type of guy that I need to show you from a book.

If I tell you this is what I [01:15:00] think or whatnot, you’re probably not going to believe. But if I can tell you, show you what it, what God’s word says, you’re going to believe it. And I said, yeah. And you know, it was kind of like, can God lie? I went, no, in these, that’s right. Otherwise, he can’t be Holy. So why didn’t I just stick to this?

And right there he took me through some passages that came out of the book of Romans and, in a started offer a Romans three 10, where he said. As it is written, any points right here and God’s word. It goes, Mike, as it is written, where, where any in the Bible that he pulled out, it was just a little, little jacket pocket, right?

He goes, as it’s written right here in God’s word, it says this, there’s none righteous, no, not one for all, have fallen short of the glory of God. And he goes, you know what that means. And, you know, I thought it was a pretty smart guy. I mean, it’s a fourth grade, and so I would, yeah, nobody’s good enough to go to heaven by themselves, you know?

And there was no kind of Bible training in me or anything like that, but it was just a common sense thing. What that says, yes, nobody’s good enough to do it by themselves. And then he goes, do you know why? And. There was no more joking. Now this is, this was a very serious for me. So there was no more sarcasm.

That was all gone. Now it was nothing but humility. And I went because of sin, and he goes, do you know where your sin came from? I didn’t. I did not know how to answer that. You know, doing wrong things, you know, but I did not know how to really answer it the way that he was looking for. So he showed me.

and he just says, here’s a verse, Romans five, 12. And he goes, wherefore by one man, sin came into the world and death by sin. And so death has passed upon all of them because all of us are sinners. And he goes, what do you think that one man was? And I looked at him, big pause, and he goes, well, Mike, you don’t look like a monkey to me.

So who do you think you came from? And I went at him. Question Mark. Adam, you know, and he’s saying this in front of my kids, so it’s like the big gulp here. I better get this right. And so he goes, yeah. And then, he said from Adam, and you have what’s called it a Damick sin nature in you that your parents never had to tell you to be bad.

You’re going to be bad. They always have to tell you to be wise, it’d be good. Right. So, and I just loved how he did it. Where. He never put me on the spot. He was just explained to me, took his time with me. And then he goes, okay. And he goes, let me just show you another verse in Romans six 23. And he goes, and the first half of this verse says this, and the wages of sin.

And I’d never heard any of this before, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever was, if it wasn’t in the 10 commandments, I didn’t know it. Yeah. Yeah. We were watching the movie and to the listeners, Mike and Maria Thomas at one specific section of the Bible, and this is how God used that pastor to lead them, but the great thing about the Bible is.

Cover to cover. It’s a same store, so it’s not just one book. It’s different men and women over years speaking different languages and it was brought together. The message is unified and consistent. Hundred percent truth. I put my life on. You can put a gun to my head. No question. It’s real. So what might sound was he used.

The pastor was using the book of Romans, and it’s a great book. It’s actually called the Romans road to salvation. Yup. And it was the rent a horrible people like me because my background, right. It was written to the Romans. That was the most of my lineage. And we have some really good characteristics, but we also crucify Jesus.

So you need that book. Yes. So you know, once he said that, and he goes, well, Mike, let me just show you something. He says, the wages of your sin is what he pointed to. The word went death.  he goes, because you’re assuming you have to die. Do you understand that? It was perfectly clear. Yes. And he goes, but let me just tell you something else.

And it was kinda like the gospel is called the good news, and here’s the good news. He said, but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus. So he goes, Mike, the gift of God is you can live forever with Jesus Christ. And so, you know, do you understand that? I did, you know, it had to be true cause it was written right there.

Right. But I understand that still no like application on it yet. But everything he was saying, I understood it. So he goes, okay. then he just said this, he goes, so you might be asking, so how do I get the life? And I went, yeah. And he goes, well, did he took me to Romans five, eight for God commanded his love for us that even though we’re sinners.

Christ died for us. Do you understand that? And I just loved how he did it, where even though my whole family’s watching, he never embarrassed me, never [01:20:00] put me on a spot. He handled me perfectly, with respect, with dignity, with care. And, so then he goes, let me just show you this. And then he took me towards the end.

Romans 10 verses nine through 13. That it just said, if you believe that Jesus Christ died, Varian was erected, you could be saved. And what the heart man believes on the righteousness and with the mouth confession is may not love what he said with the mouth. Confession is made to who? And I said to salvation, he goes in, who do you think gives you salvation?

God. So he goes, you don’t have to tell me anything with your mouth. Confession is made to him, not to me. And he goes, do you understand that? And I said, I do. And he pointed to verse 13. And what’s that say? And here I am reading it like a second grader, and who shall ever shall believe in him shall be saved.

I want to get every word right. And he goes, that’s it. You got it. So what do you think you need to do? And I looked at him and confessed with my mouth, and I’m looking at him now, if any other person, I just love what he said. He goes. Inclusively, everything you’ve ever done wrong, what would you call it?

And I said, sin. And he goes, let’s just keep it like that. That was so good. Cause what if I had been in this or that or this or that? Vivid, I would’ve thought, I’d have to say it all right in front of, in the room. He goes, let’s just call it that. So good. Absolutely. So good. And so, He kind of put his head on my shoulder and I put my lean that gives it his shoulder.

And he said, if you were on a telephone and talking to him, what would you say? And I just said, I’m sorry. And he goes, sorry for what? And I said my sins. And he just kinda led me that way. And I asked you to forgive my sins. I ask you to save me. And so when it was done that he prayed and I looked at him, I said, did I do it?

I didn’t know how to answer this, right? I mean. So I looked at him as, did I do it? You know, and, and now all the emotions were flying through me because there was just the first time I was ever presented with a true path to heaven and heaven. I’d never heard it before. I thought I could just wear a cross or get a tattoo or carry something to my hand or do whatever.

But here was the path from a book that I’d never heard before. And so, so now my eyes are big and for the first time. I called him pastor man, no more, Dan. It was, and I went like this. I went pastor and I pointed to my wife and was that conscious or is that natural? I’m like, did you consciously think to make the change or did it just come out of it just came right out there.

Change. So pride was broke. Yeah. Yeah. LA Paul said, behold, I become a new creature in Christ Jesus. I became that new creature right on the spot because I called him pastor and you didn’t even know, didn’t consciously. The, the term pastor, the shepherd, no, no background with that term. It was just what God put in your hand.

And it was awesome. Love. And the respect was instantaneous right there. the humility, but I remember I said, pastor, I said, save my wife. Yeah, I didn’t know how that worked. I was just going to say, Connie, pick up there. You’re watching this happen. So you’ve been going to church. You’ve been taking your kids, they’re sitting there like ads on the, probably the edge or their little bottoms leaning forward.

And you hadn’t trust price at this point either, but you’ve been hearing it. So what goes on in your life at this point? Well, you know, watching everything that was going on, of course, you know, I’m not a great smart person, but I’m no dummy. I’m like, wait a minute. You know, I, I have never been saved, you know?

So we got saved there with our four children right in front of us. All of us prayed. As he did. But it was so funny because when I said, pastor saved my wife, right? He said, no, sir. And I went, what? And I started swelling up like, what? And he goes, Mike. And he puts his hand like those airplanes, and he takes his two hands, and he points towards the ceiling, and he goes, lead her, lead her.

And, and so I reached out my hand to her. She knelt down next to me, and it was. Okay. You’re on a ocean liner. You fell overboard. I just said exactly what he told me, and she heard it too. But you know what’s so good about this is that you don’t have to have a Bible degree or anything, because within two minutes of being saved, I was sharing the gospel within two minutes of being saved with no honor.

I have to do is just tell the story that happened to me. And can [01:25:00] I stop you guys? We’ve used this term about 37 times. You keep saying saved. What does that mean? What are you being saved from? Yeah, great question. A saved for my soul going to hell. You know, so that’s what it means. And what say from, you know, there’s heaven and there’s hell and, you know, we’re priced lives and we’re price doesn’t live.

And so that Eternals separation from him. And the eternal life for him. And I’m saved from going to that place of damnation. Likes to talk about that. Jesus talked about hell more than heaven. Absolutely. Talk. So when people are hearing this, nobody wants to hear it because they want to avoid the facts.

It’s like no one, you might have a disease, but you don’t want the doctor to get tested if you’re listening. Now, we’re not seeing this cause we want to convert you to a religion. We want to love you to an attorney of peace and joy. So let’s get the real picture. Describe how. Yeah. It’s a place of suffering.

It’s a place of constant, constant torment. Never stopping, never having a break. You don’t get a day off. You’re, it’s a place of loneliness in bitterness and just constant, pain. Hmm. Because you will burn. You will suffer for ever and ever and ever and never ending. And God does not want this for us. No.

He says in his word that he is not willing, that anybody should perish and go to this place in. That’s why he sent Jesus to save all of us, to give us that choice. That choice to to receive internety and in love. And not go to hell in suffering for eternity. Never forget, I will never forget this. Hey, just so you know, we’re not, we are not laughing at the subject matter or laughing because Mike is thinking he’s rubbing the table.

So if you just heard a weird noise, that was Mike’s or Connie . Stop it. We’re like breaking this intense moment. But it’s, that’s right. But listen, so this is living room talk. So when you have this realistic hell, and it’s forever and ever, God’s the father, and he sent Jesus his son, who’s essentially our brother, and he does not, he did not have to die for us.

Right? But he literally. He could have blinked his eyes and wiped the costumes away. Literally, he has all the power and what we call the universe and beyond. Right. But Jesus came down, loved us, died for us, was humiliated for us, was punished for us. Yes. And if you haven’t read it, we’ll show you in the Bible, right Mike, right calling you right myself.

We’ll show you the scriptures of where this happened. Just like Mike said, don’t believe us. Believe your word of God. You know you want to know what hell is. We can show you out of the Bible. What hell is it describes it where the worm dieth not where the fire is not quenched. Whether you should be tormented day and night forever and ever, and you can taste, you can touch, you can see, you can hear, you can feel, you can remember, yeah, you’re alive, but burning.

And if you’ve ever just burned your hand or burned part of your body and not just stings, can you imagine constant, real flame? So that’s what we’re saying. We’re not putting these episodes together to entertain you. We’re putting them in to love you, to help you know God, to help you grow. And so you can have that joy and peace.

A lot of people try to shape. The Bible to meet their needs and not people. Where’s your home Bible if they have one, why don’t you just rip this page out? Well, why don’t you just rip this page out, redact this section here. Just rip it out. You know? And then you can make them your way, like burger King.

Make them your way, you know? And so, but nobody will rip pages out of the Bible. Why? Because they know there’s truth to this. But I’ll never forget my wife. I will never forget this. She said one of the most. The greatest illustration. About a year ago, we had a young Marine come to the church and we were talking about salvation.

And he said, well, I’m not sure if I want to accept Christ as my savior. And, and what it boiled down to was it was, well, what did you told him? He, he had, prayed the day before to receive Christ, or the Sunday before. To receive Christ and was very excited and very happy. But then he went home and he talked to his parents and his parents told him, well, you know, if, if you’re a Christian, then when we all die, you’re not going to the same place we’re going [01:30:00] to go.

And so when he came back Sunday. He said, I don’t want to be a Christian. And so when we asked why, he said, because I don’t want to go anywhere. My parents will not be . My wife says this, and it was just amazing. She looked at him and just said, do you think for one second, cause he said, I’d rather be in hell with my parents than to be in heaven away from him.

So she said. Do you think for one second that Satan would allow you to have joy in hell if he knew that you spend an eternity in pain and suffering gave you joy because you’re with your mom and dad, he would separate you from that. So you would never even see them. So don’t think it would be the three of you huddling together.

He was separate you because. If he thought that it gave you joy, I’m willing to suffer with you. He was separating you so that you would never even know and never be there with you because that would give you comfort. And that’s proven biblically in our story of rich man and Lazarus. It’s exactly, and his eyes opened up, but I’m just grateful for a wife that knows scripture and could apply it to this young man that completely.

Open his eyes in his heart. He should be with them forever, but all of them with Christ. And that’s just what I said to him. I said, you know, why would you want your parents to go to hell? I said, I can see that you adore them and you want to follow them. You want to be with them, but why in the world would you want them to go there?

I said, but instead, as you have received Christ, they knew have an opportunity. To bring them to heaven with you.  and there you will be together. And right then and there, he changed his mind again and he said, I want to be a Christian. But it was just a biblical truth that you spoke. And you know what else I’m thinking on the sower, the parable of the sower.

It talks about how when people hear the gospel, the good news. It can fall upon Stony ground, it can be accepted. And then birds pluck it up. And you know, people exactly like that. The parents, there’s other people who grow a little bit, then they get choked out by the world. And there’s those who just trust Christ and move forward and during the row.

And we could be any one of those. God gives us free will. But that’s awesome. So let me, let me talk to you guys. I want you to be, to have the ability to finish up any more thoughts you have. But this is the final episode of season one. And I’m not seeing we have to do this, but I’m really feeling led right now to just stop the episode here.

Cause you guys have an amazing story, and this is only the tip of the iceberg, but your life started its salvation. Really. That’s when it started. Yeah. So I’m thinking, would you like to come back on like we ended today? Come back on and season two and then pick up your story there. All right, now. So we’re at the point of salvation.

Mike, you’ve trusted Christ. Your hands going up in the air, your lead, Maria, Connie, mrs Nimic.

by her Mexican. I know, but then your children. Let’s talk about that briefly because that’s, that’s the joy. I mean, I can’t, I don’t want to speak for you or anybody else, but I’d say my biggest, Burt, I’m getting emotional to be careful. My biggest thing is my kids, all my failures and what an idiot I am and how much my kids absorb that instead of the group ship.

Right. And I pray to God that they see God’s love and goodness and not my mistakes. But, your kids are watching you guys. How did that turn out? Well, of course all of our kids got saved, you know, we were all, we were all baptized and go back to that night, like after you led Maria, what happened there? well, all of us actually prayed to receive Christ and we were all just joyous.

You know, we were all so happy. all, all six of us, all six of us were just couldn’t believe it. You know, didn’t really know what happened. He asked scripture right there, says, if you trust crows, you and your home shall be saved. One of our daughters that one that has to know exactly why she, she, the week after, pastor began to preach on hell and the horrors of hell.

And so she was mentally not, not, that was just how his message was, right? No, not at all. Cause we were already. Saved. Right. So, Vanessa said when he preached about how horrible the suffering would be in hell and how [01:35:00] nonstop and eternal suffering it would be a, she said she was convicted in her heart that she had prayed so that she would not be the odd man out, but that she didn’t actually.

Follow what everybody did. She let me use it. She didn’t trust. She didn’t trust. Exactly. So she said, eh, when he was preaching, she was convinced of what he had said prior. And so she said, we got in the car and daddy was driving and I was praying the whole time, Lord, please don’t kill is my accident. You know, let me go home.

And so she said, as soon as he turned the car off. You said the door opened. I ran in my bedroom. I knelt down by my bed and I asked God to save me. So all of us were saved and. And baptized all at once weeks later. What was so funny was, you know, there’s no such thing as group salvation. It’s your own individual decision that you missed.

It sounded like let’s all get saved as a group. It doesn’t happen. It’s not. Yes, but I remember right after being saved, looking at my wife, looking at my kids, looking at the pastor, and I just said this. I said. You know, looking at my family and said, guys, if we’re going to do this, we’re going to do this all the way.

And I said, and I don’t even know what that looks like. I have no idea how to do this or what it looks like. But I pointed my finger at the pastor’s face. I said, but he does. And I said, and we’re just going to follow you. And, you know, and just do whatever you tell us. Yeah. And that’s where we’ll pick up next season.

So it’s a great story and it’s even more intriguing and dynamic. And just to see the hand of God and Mike and Maria’s life and their children. man, I thank you guys so much for this time. It’s good to have. Yeah. Thinking back, like we’ll take a break for a second. Is there anything between birth and this point of life that you want to go back and address.

I would just like to say, you know that every person that was ever born has a choice. We have a choice to, to hear the word of God and in receive it, except the fact that Jesus died for us while we hated him in that he has a perfect plan for us. You know, not a perfect life, but a perfect plan for the future.

And so I would say, remember that he is not willing that any of us should go suffer for it turned witty, but that he would rather, that we came to live with him forever in joy. And then I would like to say that. Oh, all right. The women in the world,

God shows you for me. Hmm. And you were worth going to another country to go find and come back. And God let us take care of four beautiful children and we’ve just made a foul. We’ve stayed together and working, you know. For him. And, I just know that, I know God’s rule because he gave me you and like how you corrected me on that story.

You never let me walk out my fly down. You’re always eyes, ears, and I’m just grateful for that, that, he’s just given me the perfect health meet as they say in the bio. The perfect person. To keep the, always point me to righteousness of all the people it could have been, he chose you and and I didn’t even know who he was, but I could just see his hand in our life.

And so I’m getting to radio, can’t see this or, and a web can see this. You can hear that. And I can attest from the outside watching guys. It’s dead on. And I mean, you’ve always lovingly, it’s never been like that that are to face correction. It’s always been like iron, sharpen, honor, and help me. Proper biblical balance, so thank you for showing that to me and my family.

Yeah, well, we’re certainly not perfect in any way. Oh no. That’ll be episode three. All your failures.

We’re just summarizing bullet points, but God does. bring love into your life and in a, in a way that you can’t deny it. Amen. Yeah. And listen, as a [01:40:00] listener, thank you for being here this season. Thank you for being here this episode. But what’s really cool is we always say the slogan for the remarkable people podcast as listen, do repeat for life.

And I’m getting seriously warm and emotional right now because this episode we didn’t have. Yet in their second part of the survey and have us, but we usually have, what did they face in the practical steps of how they overcame it? So we say, listen to the episode, do and then repeat. So you have life and so you have a good life and do it for life.

But this episode you heard how to trust Christ, how to have joy and peace for Aternity, how to avoid an eternal torment in hell. Listen to that. Do it. Trust Christ. If you have questions, I’m going to put links in the show notes to Mike and Maria for the ladies, me, who we’re going to put links to the plan of salvation through Mike’s church, all of Baptist church, great church, but at the end of the day, we’re all doing here for you.

We love you. God loves you, and if you’re going to listen and do one thing. Man trust Christ is your savior, and you never have to repeat that. That’s the one thing you don’t have. You have to make good choices and we have to keep ourselves clean each day, but that doesn’t change your salvation. So listen, we love you.

Thank you Mike and Maria for being part of this episode. Thank you. As a listener, we love you. Thank you for being part of this episode. it’s been a great first season. We got, you know, at least one episode coming up in season two. Now, can’t wait to have you. Hopefully we’ll have more, changes in the benefit and continuing to make it easier to listen to and more enjoyable.

but thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Contact us if you need anything, you go to David passport on.com. A forward slash RPP for remarkable people podcast. Find this episode 19. There’ll be a contact us in the show notes. If you listen on Apple podcasts, Google podcasts, you can look in those show notes or any of the directories out there.

And, if we can help, let us so. Any final words to the listeners before we go? No. We want to love you if you are in any spiritual need and we are able to, to point you in the right direction. We are here. We are here for you, to share Christ with you, to share the, the reason why we, have a worthwhile life in that is Christ and only Christ.

And she makes some amazing Mexican food. So come on by. That’s true. All right. That is so true. I didn’t even like Mexican till I met you. Not Mexican people. Mexican food. All right, so this is Dave with a remarkable people podcast. Season one, episode 19 the Mike and Maria Dimmick. Story part one.

The remarkable people podcast. Check it out. 

the remarkable people podcast. Listen, do repeat for life.

##### end #####


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