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Whatever line of work you are in, the chances are it’s competitive. It’s rare to be undefeated and unrivaled in your field, and if you are, congratulations! Most of us, however, are competing constantly with others in our field who threaten our business by offering our clients a sweeter deal. Even if you know you are more experienced and more dedicated than your competitors, there’s nothing stopping them from whisking your clients away and fooling into changing businesses. Well, there are ways to keep your clients happy and staying put for good – and it’s more than fancy dinners and gift baskets.

How to Keep Clients Happy Article

Widening Their World

If you work in investment, your clients have approached you for one reason and one reason only: to make more money. Your job, then, is not only how to make money for them, but to widen their horizons and introduce them to your world in an open way. No agenda, no surprises, only one goal: money. For example, an introducing broker might keep a client longer by widening their investment opportunities and connecting them with other professionals within financial services. This seems counter-intuitive but is actually likely to improve your relationship with your client, as they feel that you are 

Similarly, if you work in services which are more direct such as hairdressing or aromatherapy, your job is not only to do what your client asks, but to expand their knowledge and understanding and offer different opportunities for them.


Although sales is all about framing your product or service in the best light possible, honesty is the new black when it comes to keeping clients. Gone are the days when it was acceptable to dupe your clients into blindly following you for fear of losing them to a competitor.

Nowadays, clients appreciate transparency, understanding their risks and making decisions for themselves. If you allow clients to feel respected and included, even if they aren’t experts themselves, they are more likely to stick with you in the long term. Instead of making promises you can’t keep, center transparency and keep your clients in the loop at all times. Trust is the central pillar of keeping your business alive, particularly through the current turbulent times we are all living through.

Loyalty Rewards

This is an age-old concept which is still used today, and the reason it has lasted so long is because it works! Clients who have been with you for a long time deserve to be rewarded for their loyalty, with discounts, special treatment or giveaways. In addition, keeping your personal relationship with your client thriving, even through times where perhaps you do not see them as often, will ensure that they stay loyal to you and your business. If a client has chosen to stay with you for many years, they are likely to have recommended the business to friends and relatives. The importance of maintaining loyalty cannot be overstated, so remember to reward your long-standing clients and make them feel appreciated.


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