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Have you ever had one of those moments when your body was just so thirsty you could feel the moisture in your mouth evaporating and saliva getting thick? The times when you feel yourself dehydrating slowly, but don’t make the time to stop and find relief because it would slow you down and alter the course of your busy day?

Well, that’s where I was yesterday. Busy running around town tying up several projects for work and too focused on completion that I ignored the warning signals in my own body. As I felt my internal temperature rise, I’d stop every now and then when I saw a water fountain to grab a quick sip. It would satisfy me for a moment, but the relief didn’t last long and the cravings for more clean, cold water just came back stronger as I walked away. As I continued to drive around, I thought about the tight schedule I had to keep and could feel myself getting hotter in the physical sun and heated buildings. My clothes were now getting hot and uncomfortable and little things in life were starting to annoy me. As I drove I kept thinking about how much I needed a bottle of water (actually two), yet I did not make the time to stop and wondered where and when I was going to get it. As my mind started to be consumed with this, every time I took a turn I could hear something my family and I left in the back of our SUV rolling around loudly; it was very annoying.  All I continued to think about was what I needed, when I needed it, and how I was going to get it- water. I started feeling upset that I didn’t have it on hand and frustrated that it was distracting me from my mission and my plan. This went on all day long.

Upon my arrival at home at the end of the day, I was tired, weary, and ready to drink about a gallon of water when I got inside. Before entering the house though, I needed to get my bag from the back of the SUV to take inside. When I opened the hatchback, I couldn’t believe what I saw. Right there in front of me was an open case of water bottles; at least 20 of them. That’s what was rolling around all day and making all that noise. So while I drove around pushing through the thirst and didn’t make the time to stop for the solution, there it was the whole time right there with me. Refreshment- pure, wet, wonderful, and paid for. Then it hit me. This was about more than physical water.

At  that moment I realized, how many times in life am I dry spiritually, know it, desire it, hear it, but ignore it because I’m too consumed in my own little world doing it my own unfulfilling way? How many times do I have the source of true refreshment right there with me, yet never take the time to enjoy it? How so many times have I been so thirsty inside, parched beyond measure in fact, yet I was so focused on finding what I thought I needed to help me, that the real, honest, and refreshing solution right next to me was wasted?

It’s exactly like our relationship with God.

He is the true and eternal source of our refreshment and always there for us. He even tries to get our attention when we are focused on our own way and looking for our own solutions. He patiently waits for us in Love and is so Good. When we go to Him for relief, He is always refreshing and the only true source of satisfaction that lasts. A completely pure, clean, healthy and refreshing solution that solves all of our problems and brings results that last.

So while I am upset with myself for once again being a goofball, I am thankful to God for reminding me of this very important lesson. That He is the source that never runs dry, is always so pure and refreshing, is exactly what we need, and is lovingly there waiting for us always even when we’re goofballs. Plus, He doesn’t cost us a thing at the convenience store!


Scripture to Consider:

  • John 4:14
  • John 7:37-39