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Remarkable Season 1 Finale Now Available


Dear Friend,

Thanks for making Season 1 of the Remarkable People Podcast such a Remarkable success!

Here are just some of the Remarkable things that People like you made happen through the Podcast this season: 

  • Listened to in over 48 countries around the globe 
  • Ranked as high as #90 in the Personal Development / Self Help category out of almost 900k active podcasts 🤩
  • Transformed into a weekly show (began as bi-monthly)  
  • Downloaded almost 3,000 times in 90 days
  • Found by listeners through your shares, but also organically (this is HUGE!) 😀
  • Contacted by high-profile guests to be part of Season 2 (they came to us and asked, not us to them. Crazy! 😜)
  • Invited by the podcast directory BuzzSprout to represent them at the international Podfest 2020
  • Contacted by several listeners through various mediums and told how much of an impact the episodes are having on their lives 😇

So, “Thank You So Much!”

Without you and our other Remarkable community members, the podcast would not be near what it has become. And most importantly, it would not have reached as many people looking for help and growth in this crazy world.

We had one objective when we started, To help people grow and glorify God in doing so.  And because of God, You, and other listeners, this happened! 😇


So with all that said, please enjoy the last episode of Season 1 and get ready for some great bonus episodes and a Remarkable Season 2 coming soon! 🥰

To listen to the Season 1 wrap-up finale or share it on your friends and family on social media pages, here’s the link: https://davidpasqualone.com/content-type-media/podcast/rppseason1finale/

Also, here’s the time stamp of when all of our guests appear in the episode:

  • David Pasqualone, 0:00
  • Tabitha Christopher, 8:01
  • James Sisco, 8:55
  • Gene M. Valentino, 9:41
  • April Tribe Giauque, 11:15
  • Chad Williams,  11:52
  • Dominic Tascarella, 12:43
  • Guy Kawasaki, 13:50
  • Jake Jackson, 14:47
  • Kevin Miller, 15:53
  • Steve Wilmer, 16:52
  • Jill Johnson, 18:10
  • Kyle Winkler, 19:00
  • Danny Covey, 20:03
  • Jim Porter, 20:52
  • Kirsten Samuel, 21:56
  • Evan Knox, 22:43
  • Noah Young, 23:46
  • Larry Koontz, 25:00
  • Mike & Maria Dimick, 26:02
  • David Pasqualone, 27:32

David-Pasqualone-Host-of-the-Remarkable-People-Podcast cartoon funny

Thanks again for being part of our Remarkable community!

You truly are a Remarkable person, and I thank God He brought us together in life. 

See you at the top, and please let me know how we can help you get there!

Sincerely in Christ,
David Pasqualone