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Procrastinator? Read this Article Tomorrow Today to Help You

Do You know why You Procrastinate?

Don’t listen to the negative self-talk, the people around you growing up, or even your mother on this one. What is the real reason you procrastinate?

If you are telling yourself you are lazy, stupid, have more important things to do, will get to it later, those are either all lies you’ve learned to believe or symptoms of the real problem.

You see, for most of us, procrastination is simply the bi-product of:

  1. Perfectionism, and/or
  2. Low Confidence
  3. Fear

Procrastinator Read this Article Tomorrow Today to Help You

Think About It

That epic struggle inside we face every time a project or task needs to be completed. The internal torment of knowing that this task should be (and is) simple, yet why is it taking us so long? And worse, why are we doing such a “lousy” job at it? Someone else could do it better and faster, right?


These painful, crippling, and destructive untruths are really the only thing holding you back.

You see, you have all of the talent, insight, and ability you need to finish these tasks. And truth be told, you can do it better than the majority of the population on the earth- that’s why you have been tasked to do it!

Truth is, the only reason why you are “taking so long”, exhausted, and unable to complete the project on-time is because you have this unrealistic standard for yourself that no one can obtain, yet you keep trying. Revision after revision after revision you write, but none are ever good enough in your mind, so you feel like a failure, but You are not!


Some Simple Steps to Overcome Perfectionism/Procrastination:

  1. Tell yourself the truth– You Can Do This!
  2. Pray– Ask God for Wisdom and Strength.
  3. Set a Time Limit/Deadline! Don’t let this project linger on and eat up your life, and insides. Set a realistic time frame that fits your schedule, and promise yourself that at the end of that time period- “complete” or not, you’re hitting ‘send’ or ‘publish’ on that project. (I can already see you cringing. ;0) It’s ok though, you will be shocked how much you can get done, and done well, when you put parameters on your work. Plus, this forces your mind to stop focusing on all of the reasons why you “can’t” perform, and forces it to focus on how to get the job done on-time. The first time will always be the hardest, but rest assured, each time thereafter it just gets easier and you get more victory, peace, and freedom than you’ve ever felt before!
  4. Acknowledge it could always be “better”- Remember, as a good friend once told me, “Better is the enemy of good”. Or another way to say it, “A good project done on time is better than a great project late”. These are two great quotes to write down and remind yourself of frequently when working on projects.


To Help You Feel Better

So if you are a real perfectionist, you’re probably already shaking your head (at least on the inside) and saying, “No. I could never do that. Submit a work that’s not ‘complete’. No.”

If that’s you, try this.

Go to the website of your favorite leadership expert or guru. Then look around the site and ask yourself this simple and honest question, “If I were hired by this person to improve their website or writing, what would I recommend that they do?” Then, make a list.

You know what you just found? I person whom you admire, with a site/content that can be improved upon, yet they are still successful. And you know what, you can be too! We can all do things “better”, but the key is getting something done!!

So next time you hear those nagging, lying voices in your head telling you how bad you are, slow, lazy, unqualified, etc.- tell them to shut-up, focus on completing the task at hand, and know that when your time is up, the project is done, and done well.

You can do this. I know you can. You just need to believe it. Now stop thinking about it and start applying these practices to your life today! 


Helpful Resources

Scripture to Help Support and Encourage You in the Steps Above:

  1. Philippians 4:13
  2. James 1:5
  3. Ephesians 5:16
  4. Romans 3:23

Great App: Shut Up Devil!

Amazing Motivation Speech- The Original “Just Do It”- Art Williams

Full Presentation (length 20:51):  http://bit.ly/1jLUB7q
Short, Closing Summary (length 2:41): http://bit.ly/1iYADM0

Parting Thought: If you go through the trouble of actually critiquing someone’s website, don’t stop there. Send them the results!

Who knows, you may be their next, and best hire. Or, maybe you become friends. Either way though, what do you have to lose? 😃


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