““Dave, this is incredible! Bo and I are seriously thrilled (with the Sales & Marketing Video Guide). Thank you!” — Christian Helms

“I love this guy and podcast! David changed my life forever with some of the questions asked and the perspectives given and gained.” 🙂 – Jerremy Newsome

“A 5-star value, service, and organization for sure! The fresh perspective and ideas Ascend brought to the table were so powerful and easy to apply, yet they never crossed our minds, or the minds of other agencies we’ve worked with (and paid) for years.” — Barry Lintner

Well, it’s sort of symbolic. The last post I wrote before going on vacation was on a nationally observed day, Columbus Day. Today, we get back on the wagon after some well enjoyed time off and start writing again on another nationally recognized day, Halloween.

So in honor of you, and to keep with the theme of giving away something sweet, we’re offering You a completely FREE, no strings attached, no credit card up front, no buy this to get that, 30-minute coaching session!

Yep, that’s right. One FREE 30-minute coaching session for You when you contact us through our website contact us page (a $100 value). Yes, it’s that simple!

How it works is like this:

  1. You Contact Us through our company page and send me a brief synopsis of what you’d like to discuss (Easy, right? ;0)
  2. I call You back and We agree on a time to meet (via phone or video conference)
  3. We meet on that day and time and Together we help You Grow and Overcome the Challenges before You!

That’s it; simple right?

The call can cover any growth area or concern that you’d like.

Topics such as:

  • Sales
  • Marketing
  • Management
  • Power Tools and Technology
  • Scheduling/Budgeting Time

Questions Such As:

  • Who am I? What’s My Purpose?
  • How do I start a Business?
  • How do I grow my existing business?
  • What’s the best way to approach my target audience?
  • How do I get my team on-board with the Vision?

Pretty much anything you can think of to help you grow is on the table.

So thanks for being a loyal friend of Ascend, reading our blog, and sharing what you learn here with the rest of the world. Together we really can change our communities and make them a better place, one life at a time.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon!

Together We Ascend,
David Pasqualone

Feel free to pass this special offer on to a friend too!


Helpful Resources

Scripture to Consider:

  • Proverbs 27:17
  • Luke 6:38


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