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In life, there are many times that we see a person in need and want to help them. In those times we are filled with joy, peace, satisfaction, and love in doing so.

Also in life, there are many times we see a person in need and feel like we need to or should help them. Whether it be because we feel obligated to do so, perceive others expect it from us, or guilty if we don’t, these moments are typically ones that we do not enjoy or look forward to. And when we do help in these cases, there is no joy, peace, or contentment in it. And worse yet, afterwards we’re exhausted.

Why is that?


Before we answer that question, think about this one:

What happens if you make $1,000 and spend $1,200 during a given week? 

Or, worse yet,

What happens if you consistently make $1,000/week and spend $1,200/week?



You go into a deficit or debt.

Then, you feel pressure, anxiety, stress, anger, sadness, depression… a whole bunch of negative thoughts and emotions. Plus, you typically have nasty people after you every day looking for more of what you don’t have!


Now, while the illustration above shows the simple life principle of money management, there is a greater principle here that I did not see for years,

“You can’t give what you don’t have.”



  • If you don’t have money, you can’t give it out without being financially exhausted.
  • If you don’t have Love, you can’t give it out without being emotionally exhausted.
  • If you don’t have Peace, you can’t give it out without being spiritually exhausted.
  • And so on, and so on.


Can you see it?

You see in life, “You can’t give (anything) what (that) you don’t have (personally yourself without exhausting your own resources and reserves).”


So how do I fill my reserves?

Well, the simple answer is to make sure you take time each day to feed yourself, and your family. Not just financially, but in all areas of a balanced life.

Another good friend of mine Eddie Hill puts it this way, “You need to focus on the 7 ‘Al’s’ of prosperity”:

  • SpirituAL
  • ProfessionAL
  • MentAL
  • PhysicAL
  • FinanciAL
  • FamiliAL
  • SociAL


So what does that all mean? 

It means take time to feed yourself each day in all of these areas. Then, when you are well fed, rested, and strong, it will be only natural for you to give in joy out the excess. That’s why the Psalmist said in Psalm 23, “My cup runneth over.” He was filled with the Spirit of God to the overflow.

A great quote I printed out and have hanging on my office wall to remind me of this important life principle is,

“Be so filled with the Spirit of God that you give from the overflow. Jesus Did.”


That’s right, Jesus Himself went to God in prayer DAILY!

Throughout the New Testament, wherever Jesus went He prayed to God. When time were tough, He prayed to God. Before he was betrayed and knew the crucifixion was coming, that’s right, He prayed to God.

So the question we all must ask ourselves is this,

If the Son of God needed time in prayer with God for strength and wisdom, how much more do we?


Thanks for reading this article. Hope it helped you in even greater ways than it helped me. And remember, You have been specially and consciously designed by God just the way you are and He loves you.

Work on your weaknesses and strengths each day, but start by going to Him for help, strength, and wisdom.

To God be the Glory and much successful and peace to you my friend!
I almost forgot. Never forget that while Jesus himself went to God daily in prayer, he also Acted.

So after you have spent your time in prayer, make sure to put what He taught you into motion and act!

Or as Art Williams would say, “Just Do it!”


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Scripture to Consider:

  • Jesus prayed often throughout the New Testament
  • Matthew 4: 32-42
  • John 7:37-39
  • Matthew 7:1-5


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