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If you’re like me, it wasn’t often that we received a compliment when we were growing up. In fact, quite the opposite.

For years we heard about all of the things other people thought were wrong with us,  and because of that, like in all things, we got good at what we practiced- taking shots/insults/criticism to the face.

Looking back now years later, I hope that it’s clear and obvious to you that 98.273% of all that criticism we took was a bunch of hooey.*

Hard part is, sometimes we believed the lie(s) so long, that it is still hard to hear the truth- You are amazing and have HUGE worth! 

Saying that, here’s a great way to take a Compliment to the face:

Say, “Thank You” and Smile 🙂


Yep, that’s it. Simple, right?


Unfortunately most of us will have an incredibly hard time exercising this simple practice after years of mental pollution and conditioning ourselves to expect, and accept verbal injury.

You see  if we believe the lie(s) ourselves, it’s very hard to re-condition our minds to this new truthful way of thinking. Like any other habit in life, positive or negative, remember- you play how you practice. Meaning, if we keep rejecting peoples kindness and praise, we will keep pushing ourselves down and potentially insult the people who care and truly value us.

If we start practicing being graceful compliment takers (??? is that a real phrase?), we will not only start believing the truth once again, but people will enjoy complimenting us so much that they will keep it coming and you will learn to love it.

So next time someone compliments you, don’t fight it off or argue with them how it’s not true or try to convince them it was nothing special or go on to explain how you could have done it better. Simply say, “Thank You” and smile.

Maybe even throw in a little, “That means a lot to me. Thank You” if you feel like it, but leave it there at that. Enough said.

Now go out there and help someone who appreciates you and practice taking your first compliment to the face!



Scripture to Consider:

  • Proverbs 16: 3
  • Isaiah 41:10
  • Proverbs 23:7


*If you are one of the many people out there who believes the negative self-talk you hear is true, please contact me for additional resources to help you overcome and have victory over these lies that are holding you back from fully living and enjoying the life that God has for you. You Can Do It!


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