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Recently I read a post on Facebook about God and His righteous anger. How He loves everyone, but hates sin. Then an hour later I felt lead to read Zephaniah, but had no idea why. While this short, 3-page book of the Bible is PACKED with powerful truths, it is deep reading and has to be balanced with info from the Old and New Testament. Not reading for a day you are in a rush or distracted. When I got to chapter 1 verse 12 I saw a word I didn’t know, “lees”, and a phrase I didn’t understand fully, “…men that are settled on their lees…”. What did this mean?

So looking up what “lees” is I found it’s the dead sediment left behind. So as you can see in this photo, the lees is the trash at the bottom of the barrel (hence the phrase, you’re really scraping the bottom of the barrel… aka, the junk).

In this passage it talks about how God will closely examine us all with a bright light even in the dark places we try to hide sin. How some men (mankind, men and women) have settled on their lees (trash and most worthless leftovers) of life and reject the HUGE blessings and love God has for them. How people will be indifferent and complacent in their lives, and more importantly their attitude towards God.

And this is just a small fraction of message in Zephaniah in this one verse. 🤯 Reading all three pages slowly and thinking through what is being said is crazy hard, but worth it. I don’t understand it all, but let’s keep learning and growing together with God, and one another.

Hope this helped you not only learn something today, but encourages you to dig into the hard passages of the Bible. They will unlock our lives and bring us strength, peace, and joy with the power they hold. 💪🏼

Enjoy and let me know what you find in the small book of Zephaniah! 😇 (or any other passage in the Bible 😉). And remember, “Don’t be a person the settled on their lees!”


“…settled on their lees…”

“And it shall come to pass at that time, that I will search Jerusalem with candles, and punish the men that are settled on their lees: that say in their heart, The Lord will not do good, neither will he do evil.” – Zephaniah 1:12


Picture shows the lees (sediment/sludge/waste) in the a cup of coffee courtesy of

Click here for a Google Image search for “wine lees” to see what we’re referring to at the bottom of a wine barrel.


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