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Are you a “runner”?  Well, that may change after today. (Trust me. It’s a good thing. Keep reading. You’ll be happy you did.?)

You see, since I was a teenager, I’ve “run” off and on over the years for many reasons. Cutting weight, increasing stamina and endurance, lowering my blood pressure, clearing my mind, blowing off frustration and emotional steam. And while I’ve “run” many, many times, it dawned on me a while back that the term “running” is actually the farthest term from the truth to describe what we are doing. Think about it. Why do you “run”? 

Are you “running” because someone is pursuing you? Are you “running” to try to escape from somewhere? Are you “running” for your life? No!

You “run” because deep inside you know that you are a champion and nothing is going to stop you from achieving your purpose and goals in life. You’re not going to quit!

You “run” because you have goals and are determined to attain them. You “run” to push everything out of your mind and achieve clarity. You “run” because you are steadfast and not going to let the cares of the world weight you down. You “run” to silence to those lying voices in your head. You “run” to prove to yourself and all the haters out there that you are better than they say. You “run” to tell your body to wake up, get in shape, and tow the line. That you’re in charge and nothing or no one can hold you down; not even your own body!

So I ask you, the next time you hit that pavement or trail, would you now say that “running” is the right term to describe what you’re doing?Me neither! That’s why from now on I tell myself,

I don’t run. I Chase!”

And you do too!! You chase your fears. You chase your doubts. You chase your demons. You chase your dreams. You chase your destiny.

Now, some of you may be thinking that the term running isn’t always bad. You are right! The word can thankfully have a positive or negative connotation based on the application. For instance, in the bible Good men and women sometimes ran from danger, the presence of temptation, or even for their lives. The good news is, most of the times running is mentioned in the bible it is used in a context of goal achievement. People who had a clear vision of their mission, purpose, or destiny and single-mindedly, with all of their energy, aggressively and whole-heatedly pursued that goal.   

So I ask you, why would someone as strong and determined as you settle and call this activity something so contrary to reality? We are not “running” away from anything. We’re chasing down our enemies and goals and conquering them. We’re turning into the pain, while most people are running from it. We face difficult problems and steadfastly work through them to a solution. We conquer our goals in order to realize our destiny. We don’t run. We Chase!

So I ask you, are you still a “runner”? 😉

If you’re like me, “runner” is no longer a term I can accept anymore. To help me stay focused and keep in mind what I’m really doing out there, who I am in Christ, I designed a t-shirt that embodies this principle. If you’d like one for yourself, or the “Chaser” you love, they’re available to you today through our website. These “I don’t run. I Chase!” shirts are a limited “run” (pun intended), so order yours now at the link below before they’re gone. 

Thanks for sharing a moment of your day with me. I truly hope this article not only inspired you, but empowers you to be even more passionate the next time you’re out there chasing your destiny. And remember, the only things “running” out there are the things that are afraid of you chasing them!

Your Friend and Fellow Chaser in Christ,

David Pasqualone


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