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Top Choices For New Investors

Getting started in investment isn’t easy. There’s so much to think about and consider before parting with your hard earned cash. There’s tons of advice out there but the real trick is the ability to apply it to yourself. Apply it to your own personal circumstances. For a beginner, the best investments are those which are self explanatory and already set up to some extent. You’ll learn more as you go on and can take a more nuanced approach but in the first instance, here are some top choices for a beginner. Everyone has to start somewhere after all.


Real Estate

Sounds a bit overwhelming for a beginner, doesn’t it? But in reality it’s as simple as: buy a house, do it up, sell it on. Or even as simply as: buy a house, let it out, then sell it down the line when it has accrued value. There are far more technical points involved. You might be looking to invest in a complete property like the ones offered by Bellriver Homes or you could consider buying land and building the property yourself. It’s great for those with a little industry know-how too because it lets them make even more money by saving on labour costs. So if you’re an electrician looking to invest you can do the electrics yourself, thus saving money. You’ll be better off sticking to buying your first property in a city you know before branching out later on. 


Buy Into Cryptocurrency

Bitcoin has become quite the buzzword but there are other coins available too. A lot of people make the mistake in thinking investing in cryptocurrency is for seasoned veterans. While it does have a learning curve and needs to be respected, crypto investment is open and easy especially if you want to hold long term. Day trading is tough, and turning a profit is really hard. However if you buy to hold long term you can make quite the profit. Especially if you buy in low. The issue here is that you need to make sure you only invest what you know you won’t need immediately down the line. If you have to pull the money out sooner rather than later there are probably other safer investments for you like government bonds, for example. 


Buy A Business

Starting a business is grueling. There’s so much to do and look after. However, if you buy a business that’s already making a profit, you won’t have to do much and it’ll suit you as a beginner. Many businesses make passive income. Examples of these are fulfilment by Amazon based businesses, drop shipping businesses and online content businesses which can make cash via AdSense or another advertising platform. The issue here isn’t in the owning of the business, which will be straightforward, but in the research beforehand. You put in the work before, investigate the business, scrutinize the profit and loss account and ensure it’s all safe and above board before going ahead. You can buy businesses like this, based online, at sites like Empire Builder or Flipa. It really gives you a chance to buy your next job.


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