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Should I Start a Podcast?

Should I start a podcast? A great question we hear almost every day. By reading this 2-minute article the answer should be clear. To start the dialog, my first question to you is this, do you see less qualified individuals and businesses winning new clients that you could serve better? Why? Because someone on the buyer’s side saw them as the expert and chose them over you. Why? Because they presented themselves in a way that impressed the client, won their respect, and positioned them as the authority. So to answer the question, “Should I start a podcast?” the answer is easy and within a simple question. Answer this to yourself and then keep reading, “Would You Rather Compete Against 700 Million People or 700,000 for New Business?” 🤔

Are You Ready to Become Their Expert?

As everyone knows, one of the best ways to build credibility and win new business is through delivering valuable content to potential clients via a blog or mailing list. With over 700 Million+ people doing that though, how do you get your message to stand out? Well, while your trying to unlock that mystery, have you considered podcasting? With only about 700,000 active podcasts in the world (≈ 1.4 million total podcasts), NOW IS THE TIME to start podcasting, position yourself as the expert, and close more deals.

PME Week 6 Podcast hosting websites and YouTube

Does Podcasting Really Work to Grow a Business?

You bet it does! 💪 While I could give you a list of generic stats and reasons why you should consider podcasting, here are real stats and results of how podcasting helped Ascend grow personally. 

    1. A Global Audience: For over 9 years Ascend (aka DavidPasqualone.com) has served customers throughout the US grow their businesses through Sales, Marketing, Websites, and Brand Evangelism. At the end of 2019 we launched The Remarkable People Podcast as a free ministry to help people and organizations grow. We cover all topics, both business and personal. The goal is to feature guests that have truly Remarkable stories that not only inspire our listeners, but show them how to succeed on their own. The results? We are featured in every major podcast directory across the world, have been listened to in over 63 countries and growing, and helped thousands of people move forward in life. 
    2. Relationship Building: Like I tell my teenagers, the more time you spend with someone, it’s only natural that a relationship deepens and a level of intimacy is formed. With podcasting that is never a truer statement. You see, when people listen to your podcast, even though you may never see their face, they feel a bond with you, a personal connection, and trust is formed. They listen to you on their schedule and feel a bond that is almost unexplainable. Over the last 9 months, even despite the limited travel due to the COVID pandemic, every where we’ve gone it seems we run into friends. People we’ve never met, but they heard the podcast and feel like they know us. It’s a fantastic feeling, and breaks down barriers and objections and creates relationships that would have normally taken weeks or months to develop. 
    3. Win New Business: As a great side benefit though that we never strived for or intended, we’ve picked up new clients not only across America, but across the globe. People feel like they know, like, and trust us from the podcast so they reach out to us all the time. Whether it be referrals, partnerships, business opportunities, speaking gigs, sponsorships, or direct sales, the podcast has increased our bottom-line substantially. 

These are just 3 of the positive results we’ve experienced firsthand from launching our own podcast. For more, ask yourself this next question.


“So what am I waiting for?” 🙂

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