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Run Your Business Smoothly With The Right Tech

There are lots of different software options for businesses today. Let’s take a look at some below.


B2B Communication Solutions

Do you experience challenges when distributing purchase orders to your product vendors and managing their response? This is a problem a lot of businesses face, which is why B2B communication solutions are advised that make purchase order management easy. They can also connect you with the likes of Cbeuptime.com whenever you need repair or maintenance services.

B2B communication solutions are intuitive cloud-based portals that connect your vendors and plugs into any ERP with ease. Your purchase order contract will be shared instantly, eliminating the need for document couriers, emails, and phone calls.

A PO management solution gives you the capacity to manage all product amendments in one place with complete transparency between you and your vendors so that they are fully aligned with your order plan. This is ideal for connecting consumer products businesses with remote factories, buying agents, and sourcing offices. 

The benefits of implementing a PO Management module:

  • Improve real-time PO management
  • Improve accuracy of PO orders
  • Reduce administration time
  • Automate manual tasks


Active Landed Cost Software

Get a better grip on your costs with an Active Landed Cost solution. Both buyers and supply chain managers can model various cost scenarios so that you have a better understanding of supply chain expenses, and you can make informed decisions to reduce these costs.

Active Landed Cost solutions automate detailed supply chain calculations, such as duty, packing, and logistics costs, warehousing, currency rates of exchange, and overheads like advertising. Costs are automatically calculated as your product moves along the supply chain so you can quickly and accurately estimate your landed cost uplift on initial factory prices for purchase orders. 

Choose a solution that is fully configurable, meaning you can incorporate your business’ specific rules across a wide spectrum of areas, from order level to shipment level data. You can also easily integrate it into your own accounting system with ease.

Benefits of implementing an Active Landed Cost module: 

  • Improve visibility of supply chain costs
  • Faster cost analysis
  • Reduce supply chain costs


Flow Managers

Optimize your product inventory flow against your demand forecast with a Flow Manager solution. Not only does this tool show you the quantities of a product or component you require and where it needs to be at a specified point in time, but you can configure it with your own business rules for effective stock management.

A Flow Manager tool gives you the ability to route plan inventory, from the point of production through to the final delivery. You can also make key decisions along the way, which may lead to you needing to send notifications to the likes of your logistics service providers. This should be done with ease, as Flow Managers are collaborative platforms, allowing for optimal stock management and efficiency. 

The benefits of implementing a Flow Manager solution:

  • Optimize inventory flow
  • Reduce stock holding costs
  • Reduce demurrage costs
  • Improve stock management


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