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Reducing The Stress Of Running a Business

If you’re going to sign up to start your own business, then you’ll have to agree to some stress. You can’t do anything as energy and time-consuming as running a company without feeling some strain every now and again. However, as with most things, stress exists on a spectrum. While a little bit of stress can be useful when it comes to driving your business forward, if things become too much, then there’ll be a problem. Fortunately, there are plenty of things you can do to reduce the amount of business-related stress, as we’ll see below. We’re not saying that, by taking these tips, you’ll have a blissed existence at all times, but you will find that things feel less chaotic than they could be. 


Launch At the Right Time

If you haven’t yet started your business, then it’s worthwhile thinking about when you’re going to launch. There’ll be times that could be more stressful than others. You might have a good idea and the motivation to get the ball rolling, but if you’re going through a difficult time or you’re busier than usual, then it’ll be better to bide your time. Waiting a month or two can make a big difference!


Slow Growth

For most people that start a company, the idea of having rapid growth is something that sounds like a good thing. However, this can often cause more problems — and a lot more stress — than if you have slow growth. Indeed, if things get out of control too much, then it can even spell the end of the venture. When you’re just getting started, it’s a good idea to keep a tight grip on your growth, and even intentionally slow it down if necessary. You can always scale up later, but it can be difficult/impossible to rein things back once you’ve grown. 


Healthy Routines

You are not a machine. While you’ll want to do your best for your company, always, this won’t be possible if you’re not looking after yourself and have a stable lifestyle. If you don’t, then you’ll find that your stress levels rise all because you’re continually trying to keep up with all the tasks you need to do. On the other hand, if everything’s running smoothly in your personal life, then you’ll find that you’re simply able to accomplish more, without feeling like you’re always trying to juggle more balls than you can usually handle. 


The Working Space

There are some things that feel like they’ll have a big influence on your stress levels, and some that don’t but which can have a subtle impact. When it comes to your business, your working space will be one of those things. Researchers are beginning to understand more and more just how much of an impact our working environment can have on our ability to work. As a new business owner, you might decide to work from, say, the kitchen table. While this can be good, if your home is a chaotic place, then it’s likely that you’ll just be adding to your stress levels for no reason whatsoever. Take a look at renting a desk at a coworking space instead, or even getting your own office if you think you’ll need it in the future.


Personal/Business Finances

Of all the things that can cause stress, in both our business and personal lives, money problems are the most common. You should try to keep your business and personal finances separate, but of course, this won’t always be the case — and anyway, if you have problems with your personal finance, then you’ll be stressed, and that will spill over into your business world, too. While you can’t always magic more money into your life, there are always things you can do to minimize the stress levels related to your finances. If you have several debts that are increasingly difficult to stay on top of, then working with a company that offers debt consolidation loans could be beneficial; this type of loan will allow you to get a better grip on your repayments. For your business finances, it can sometimes be worthwhile taking a beginners’ accounting course, so you have the basics down, or you can outsource the task to a professional accountant. 

Reducing The Stress Of Running a Business


Hiring Staff

Many hands make light work, is what they say! If you’re beginning to feel a little overwhelmed by everything involved in the running of your business, then why not look at hiring some employees? Many entrepreneurs put this off because they think it’s an unnecessary expense, but rather than looking at it as a big hole in your budget, think of it as an investment. You’ll get access to top-quality talent, and you’ll free up the time you need to work on your business. At the moment, it could be that you only have limited time to push your business forward; once you have an employee or two, you’ll find that you have a lot more time.


Improve Your Skills

The more capable you feel, the more confident you’ll be, and the more relaxed you’ll be when you’re running your business. If you know that you have a weakness in one area or another, then look at taking a course, and improving that area of your skill set. No one knows everything; we all need to improve in one area or another. 


Relaxation Techniques 

Finally, why not look at building some relaxation techniques into your work day and in your life in general? Even if you have a well-oiled machine of a business, there’ll always be stressful moments. If you’re taking time throughout the day to relax, then you’ll find that you can keep your stress levels to a minimum. Even just engaging in ten minutes of meditation or going for a walk can be useful.



Don’t settle for a stressful working world. Running a business should be fun! Largely, at least. Take the tips above, and you’ll find that it’s much easier to enjoy all the good things that running a company can bring to your life. 


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