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Marketing Tips To Get Your Business Noticed

Competition is fierce across all industries, and it can be difficult to get your business noticed. If you’re on a mission to boost sales and raise brand awareness, here are some tips to turn heads. 


Enhancing online presence

Online sales are booming, and statistics show that we are spending more time on smartphones, laptops and tablets than ever before. As a business owner looking to drive sales and attract new customers, it’s incredibly beneficial to target online buyers and encourage them to learn more about your brand. If you don’t already have a digital marketing strategy in place, investing in a fantastic business website, search engine optimization, paid ads and social media marketing could make all the difference. 

Start by making sure that you have an attractive, functional, mobile-friendly website. Even if you don’t sell products online, you can take advantage of the popularity of search engines and social media to connect with prospective customers and spread the word. Local SEO stats suggest that over 84% of smartphone users will contact or visit a business within 24 hours of performing a local search. Once you are happy with your website, make sure that people can find it and increase traffic through SEO, social media posts and advertising. If you don’t have expertise in this area, it’s wise to consider hiring an agency to take care of marketing for you. Targeted, tailored campaigns can put your brand firmly on the map. 

Marketing Tips To Get Your Business Noticed social media


Signage and billboard advertising

If you own a store, a chain of eateries, a salon or a fitness business, or you offer services in the local area, for example, roofing or construction, you can attract attention and capture passing trade using eye-catching signage and billboard advertising. The signage you use should reflect your brand and appeal to your target customer. You want shop fronts, window displays, signs and posters to encourage people to come and visit, go online and check out the website or make a call. You can use a billboard installation system to draw attention to your brand, raise awareness of new products or promotions, and drive traffic to your website or a physical store. If you haven’t updated your signage for a long time, your storefront is missing letters or you’ve never considered billboard advertising before, it’s worth considering upgrading signage and exploring different techniques to entice customers. 

Marketing Tips To Get Your Business Noticed in store


Online Reviews 

Did you know that over 90% of consumers now read online reviews before making a purchase? Word of mouth remains a very powerful marketing tool, and it has evolved from recommendations from friends and neighbors to reviews and ratings on websites, apps and social media. Positive reviews encourage people to want to find out more about your brand while negative reviews can push consumers towards rivals that have better scores. If you don’t have many reviews online, encourage customers to leave feedback and share testimonials on your website and social platforms. You can incentivize referrals and you can also get ideas and address problems to improve the service you provide by using feedback. 

Marketing Tips To Get Your Business Noticed online reviews


It can be difficult to attract attention and encourage customers to choose your business over competitors. If you’re looking to increase sales and expand your client base, take these tips on board to get your brand noticed. 


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