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Enhance Your Property Portfolio With These Green Upgrades

Whether you’re trying to create a more efficient home for yourself, or you want to tap into the growing market of homebuyers who are trying to be more cognizant of their effect on the environment, there are plenty of Green Property Portfolio upgrades you can make to most properties. Here, we’re going to look at some that are currently high in demand, as well as some that can have a real impact on the property’s value.


Adding renewable energy

The biggest change you can make to any home, in terms of making it more eco-friendly, is to change where it gets its energy from. Working with solar installation engineers, you can get an idea of the costs of making a home solar-powered, as well as how much of its power it might be able to get from the panels in the first place. You want to make sure that you’re able to make a home truly renewable or else it might not add quite as much value to it.


Improving its energy efficiency

It’s not just about how the home gets energy, you also want to make sure that it is using it as efficiently as possible. There are various ways to do this, such as replacing HVAC with newer components, making sure the insulation works as effectively as possible, and even installing some heat-retaining cladding. However, there are renovation specialists that can help you highlight all the changes you can make to help the home go more energy efficient, both in the little and large ways so you can make sure that you’re able to be thorough.


Water efficiency matters too

Energy isn’t the only utility that we’re trying to be more efficient and mindful of. Water usage has become a major topic as of late and there are plenty of ways you can cut down in water waste. The cheaper ways include installing water-saving appliances in the kitchen and bathroom, as well as installing rainwater retention systems that help homeowners use the water that rains on them. With services like water bore drilling, however, you can change where the home gets its water from. No need to rely on local utility providers, the homeowner can have complete control over their water use.


Going local with landscaping

It might not seem quite as big a change as some of the others, but how you landscape the property can help you give it a specific appeal to “green buyers.” In particular, working with local landscapers to make sure the gardens are using native plants can help keep the home looking gorgeous, but also offer peace of mind that you’re not relying on plants that have to be transported halfway across the world, with all of its implied fossil fuel usages.


It’s important to know who your audience is when making any investment. You have to consider if it’s a priority for the type of buyer you’re looking to target, as well as how much they can budget for a greener home.



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