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Employee Retention: How to Keep your Best Tech Workers

The competition for top employees is a real struggle, and this is even more true in the tech industry. Tech companies came up with incredible strategies to attract the best employees to their payroll. If you want to retain your employees, you should implement your own measures. Here are some tips you can follow.


Give Them a Little Autonomy

Tech professionals like to work on their own. It’s a reality that programmers, designers, data scientists, or other tech workers when they get in the zone, they want to be left alone. It doesn’t mean they cannot work in teams because many tech workers are great working in teams, and they have to in order to complete big projects. 

But saturating them with too many meetings and always looking over their shoulder will be a mistake. You have to give them the autonomy to work on their tasks and maybe try out different ideas. These professionals tend to be creative and excellent at problem-solving, resulting in innovative ideas. 

Also, giving them autonomy can make them feel like you trust their judgment. And they won’t doubt in giving their insight when making decisions in the project development. In the tech industry, there are many possible solutions to a problem, so having all your employees giving ideas is the best methodology for better results. 


Provide the Right Tech

If you choose a tech career, it means that you love technology and gadgets. So, when working in a tech company, you expect to work with the industry’s latest tech. Outdated tech will have many negative consequences in your business; losing top tech talent is only one of them. 

So, offer your team constant updates in software, hardware, and different gadgets that will make their job easier. Many tech companies even give all their employees free smartphones, which is an extra and not necessarily required for their job. For example, if you have a machine learning team, you will need powerful computers or at least software to allow them to do their job right. 


Give Them Projects that Challenge Them

The first step of someone hating their job is to be stuck doing monotonous tasks regularly. Good managers and leaders know how to identify their employees’ strengths. That way, they can take advantage of the full potential of their team. If you have a top UX designer doing mundane tasks, you will be losing money because you can hire someone less qualified for those things. 

Also, most tech employees choose this path because they want to work in projects that matter and impact society. For all these reasons, you should give them projects that will put their skills to the test. It will require their full attention, and they will feel like they are learning and growing in their career. Employees will feel appreciated because you trust them with the more complex problems. 


Reward Them

Rewarding your employees can go farther than just giving them a monetary incentive. Many tech employees care about other things besides money and will appreciate more personal rewards than just financial compensation. 

For example, congratulating them in front of the whole team is something that everyone loves. And other employees will be inspired to follow in their footsteps just to be praised in front of the team too. 

You can do other rewards like t-shirts, dinner for two in the city’s best restaurants, or just a paid weekend away. These rewards also give a sense of competition between coworkers because everyone will want to have this prize. They will increase their productivity for a chance to have one of these rewards. 


Give Tech Training

Technology develops so quickly that we see changes every day. Plus, it feeds on itself; new technologies power other developments. For example, in the last decade, AI technology has reached a new horizon. And now, AI technology is making the process of creating new development faster. That’s why tech professionals have to constantly learn new things to keep up with the pace technology is growing. 

So, all tech employees expect their employers to give them some kind of training. They want to learn new skills, especially the younger workers, around 18 to 24 years old. You can create a learning platform where employees can learn the necessary skills or get special training any time they want. 

Another option is to put in place a mentorship program where they will learn from more experienced professionals. Finally, you can partner with coding bootcamps to give your employees the option of learning a new coding language or specialization. They are affordable, and you will have a more qualified employee in a few months. 


Flexible Culture

Flexible culture has become commonplace in the tech industry. This entails being able to work flexible hours, using informal clothing, and an overall relaxed work environment. Some tech companies have gone as far as creating pet-friendly offices, playrooms with ping pong tables, and even bars. 

With the new normal after the Covid-19 pandemic, employees want the flexibility to continue working from home. Working remotely will continue to be something they want for a while, and some employees may even want to stay in that modality from now on. 


Competitive Benefits 

The tech industry is one of the most competitive when it comes to retaining top talent, so you have to offer competitive benefits beyond a high salary. Google is one of the tech giants who are famous for their employer brand. We know they have offices with nap rooms, different free cafes to choose from, gyms inside the campus, and even a concierge service to run errands for you. 

Google also has a crazy benefit to protect your family in case something happens to you. The company gives the surviving spouse 50 percent of the salary for ten years and $1,000 monthly for every child. Netflix is another tech company with outstanding benefits, especially for new parents. The company gives its employees one year of paid maternity or paternity leave. 


In Summary

Top tech workers are few and far between. So you should use serious strategies to retain them. You should give them autonomy, updated technology, and give them projects that challenge them. These should be non-negotiable if you want your tech workers happy and productive. 

You can do extra things that don’t cost you much to reward them and make them feel appreciated. And you can also offer them learning opportunities, flexible culture, and competitive benefits.


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