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Boost Employee Morale In 3 Easy Steps

If you are an employer struggling with the newfound remote way of working for your team, you might be eager to empower your employees and develop a more pastoral approach to their well being. Working from home may sound like bliss, but it can be a nightmare for those workers who miss their colleagues and the office camaraderie. While unprecedented, flexible working is now the new norm that we all have to get used to for the foreseeable future. Your staff team may find their morale sapped and it is up to you, as their boss, to boost this once again.

Boost Employee Morale In 3 Easy Steps

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The art of business communication has really been tested since the emergence of Covid-19. Almost overnight, companies have had to morph online relying on the virtual meeting places of Microsoft Teams and Zoom to see the faces of their colleagues and to communicate. Ensure that you set up a regular timetable of meetings to add structure to the working day of your staff. Have that Monday morning briefing, albeit virtually, and enjoy listening to the ideas of your staff team and communicating targets and good news success stories to boost morale. Every Friday, send that email to namecheck the individuals who have gone above and beyond that week. And try to implement an after-work drink meet-up that is more social to allow your employees to let off steam. This is crucial to protect the well being of your staff.



As a startup, you may not be able to offer the lucrative wage, but what you lack in salary, you can make up in benefits. Head to a site like https://cjfig.com/employee-benefits/ and look at the sort of packages that you can employ to retain the best staff and to boost your team’s morale. Top quality health insurance is a crucial offering, especially during a global pandemic. Think about other benefits such as extra days off for exceeding targets, social away days, money off local community projects, and cycle to work subsidies. Tap into the psyche of your team and offer benefits to match. When you show that you value your employees they will feel motivated.


Office Space

If you are eager to facilitate a return to work for your staff, you need to consider their worries and anxieties. For months, your team has been at home trying to be as productive as possible. While you might want them back in the office, you need to make sure that your workplace is fit for the coronavirus age as described at https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/. Ensure that you show your staff that you are taking their health concerns seriously by installing hand sanitizer stations, having a one way system in place, eliminating hot seating, and ensuring that face coverings are available should people want them. You may need to have a rota system to ensure social distancing can remain in place. Ensure that this is fair and allow your most vulnerable workers to opt out. By giving them responsibility and freedom to choose their working methods, you can boost morale.

Follow this guide and you will find that your staff team feels positive, happy, and content to continue working for you during this global pandemic.


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