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Beyond the Stock: Alternative Investment Ideas

When it comes to investments, most people will go for the big fish, for example, investing in property. But there are other alternative approaches to investment we can all try. The stock market is notoriously volatile, and many people are always looking for safe ways to invest their money. Therefore, alternative investments have become more popular over the years. There are traditional assets like stocks and bonds, but if you are looking to diversify your efforts, here are some approaches to try in today’s article, “Beyond the Stock: Alternative Investment Ideas”.


Venture Capital 

This is a type of private equity. Venture capital will focus on businesses that are just starting out. Venture capital firms provide money for these companies, and see a return when they start to issue stock or if another company purchases it. There are a variety of consumer venture capital companies around. It’s important to note that venture capital funds may require a higher investment than the average fund.


Managed Futures 

Managed futures are similar to hedge funds run by fund managers. They gather investors’ money and invest in various financial practices. While hedge funds collect money from multiple investors, the difference is that managed futures are more regulated than hedge funds. Hedge funds are a way to invest in various financial instruments, but managed futures are more accessible than hedge funds. A typical hedge fund investment can be very steep, approximately in the $500,000 and area, but investing in managed futures can have a lower minimum investment of around $5,000. They are also a great way to keep an investment portfolio diverse. 


Private Equity 

Private equity is what you invest in a company that does not issue public stock. The investor contributes to a company and will receive the returns on their investment when the company reaches a particular stage, usually a merger or an initial public offering of stock. Private equity is similar to venture capital, placing an investment in the hopes of a start-up company. The practice of private equity is always a risky proposition despite the economic environment. However, the benefit of being invested in private equity is that you can have a hands-on role in shaping the company. If you want to mold a business without being involved in the day-to-day aspects, this can be a good option. You can also invest in private equity buy purchase shares in exchange-traded funds. A great way to diversify your portfolio as private equity fund indexes has been better than the stock market over the last decade. 



Commodities consist of resources such as fossil fuels, precious metals, livestock, and crops. As natural disasters can directly impact the prices of these commodities, this can be a volatile investment. But this is why they make better long-term investments. 


There are also other alternative investments Beyond the Stock you may want to consider, such as coins, wine, and art. If you are looking to diversify your portfolio, rest assured, there are many options out there for you to get you on the road to solid investment practices! 


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