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Have you heard the one about the 76-year old man living in overtime, loving life, and never looking back? You know, the one where the guy finished college, joined the Navy, traveled the world, raised an amazing family, fostered over 75 children, started two phenomenal and growing ministries, and is still moving forward at full steam despite two life threatening conditions. Well if you haven’t yet and want to not only hear his story, but see how you can find the same purpose, drive, and fulfillment in your own life, check out this episode of The Remarkable People Podcast- The Jim Porter Story! 


Born in Trenton, New Jersey and raised in Hamilton Square, Jim has lead an interesting and full life. After keeping his word to his mother to finish college, Jim traveled the world as a naval aviator and flight instructor with his wife Janice, built a very successful real estate agency in beautiful Pensacola Florida, started two amazing ministries that are still growing today, and has maintained a steadfast love for God and his family throughout the years. With 5 children, 13 grandchildren, and over 75 foster children, we can all learn a lot from Jim’s leadership, perspective, and focus on what matters- God and family!

“This world is full of people sitting around waiting for God to show them what His will is for their life. It’s more important to be IN His will, then to to know what His ultimate will is for you.” Jerry Falwell Sr.



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Jim Porter

The Remarkable People Podcast Season 1 Episode 15
The Jim Porter Story

[00:00:00] David Pasqualone, Host: [00:00:00] Hello friends. This is Dave Pasqualone and what the remarkable people podcast. Season one episode 15 the Jim Porter story,

RPP Intro/Outro Music: [00:00:10] the remarkable people podcast. Check it out. The remarkable people podcast. Listen, do repeat. For life.

David Pasqualone, Host: [00:00:29] Hey Jim, how are you today?

Jim Porter, Guest: [00:00:34] Good, thank you. Having a great day. Oh, I’m

David Pasqualone, Host: [00:00:36] glad to have you here today. Thank you so much for coming by.

Jim Porter, Guest: [00:00:39] Thanks for inviting me. I appreciate the opportunity to be part of this. Yeah,

David Pasqualone, Host: [00:00:44] and as the listener, just so you know, Jim is a great man. I first was introduced to Jim. I don’t think he knows this about OU 25 years ago when I was in college, maybe 30 years ago.

I think you spoke at the college for a professional assembly. And I remember listening to you speak there. Do you

Jim Porter, Guest: [00:01:02] remember that at Pensacola? Corrosion? Yup. Yup. Pensacola. Christian. I used to speak to the seniors. Yup. How about that? Yeah, so I remember that was a first time ago.

David Pasqualone, Host: [00:01:12] That was the first time I was introduced to you and I was so impressed with your, not just intelligence and professionalism.

But you’re godly character. And then we moved away for years, traveled, and then we came back here and I met your sons and their wives and your grandkids, and you just truly have an amazing family.

Jim Porter, Guest: [00:01:28] Well, thank you.

David Pasqualone, Host: [00:01:29] They, you know, they say, even the Bible, it says you don’t know how you raise your kids until you see your grandkids.

So congrats. You’ve done a great job.

Jim Porter, Guest: [00:01:36] Thank you very much.

David Pasqualone, Host: [00:01:38] Yeah. And so Jim, I’m going to not, I don’t want to take his thunder, but I mean, in a nutshell, Jim was a Naval aviator. He built an impressive real estate business that still continues to this day. He’s been married for over 51 years to his beautiful bride.

They have five children, 13 grandchildren, and they fostered over 70 newborn babies. So that is impressive in itself and the journey to get there. Jim’s going to share with you, but then also he started a tremendous ministry in this area called the men’s barn meeting and trophies of grace. So throughout the episode, Jim’s going to unpack and show you how God led him through this journey.

And what he had to overcome in his side to get there, how he did it. So you can too, before we start with the episode, you want to tell him the story, how we met Jim?

Jim Porter, Guest: [00:02:32] Yes. recently at a morning meeting one of our ministry, up in the, in the woods, David, came up to there to a meeting. Was that when, when Trenton was here?

Yes, sir. Yeah, we had a, I have a son in training in the Navy. My grandson and, we had a welcome home party. He had been gone 18 months and he’s in a very difficult type of training situation. And they had a welcome home party for Trenton. And David came and that’s when I first met him. Well, he was telling me about, we have alligators up up at the, my place.

We have an alligator display and we have several in the barn that are mounted. And David, was telling me about an incident, you were on a kayak, was it? Or so it was on a paddleboard paddleboard, paddleboard in Escambia Bay. And he said that, well, you might want to tell them that.

David Pasqualone, Host: [00:03:23] I’ll tell this part of the story.

So Jim has an alligator farm and he was contacted by who is that? What even board would that be the pest control? I mean, who contacted you?

Jim Porter, Guest: [00:03:35] Well, if the, Florida, fishing game. Okay. Fish and game content calls on nuisance alligators when they pose a threat. Two people. they actually, my son is the alligator trapper for the nuisance trapper for the state of Florida for Santa Rosa and Escambia County.

So when there’s, if someone has a, an alligator and a swimming pool in their backyard or something, or pauses, pauses, a poses, a threat maybe at a dock where they’re fishing or swimming or whatever they call into the state, the state sends a nuisance trapper out. And that’s my son Scott. So, so

David Pasqualone, Host: [00:04:08] Scott came into the picture on a Sunday, let’s back this up to a Thursday or Friday.

So I don’t want to cut you off. I just want to let them know where this is going so we don’t give away too much or what happened. So I was working hard and I had g’day, you know, we all have those days was like, I just need to blow off some steam. So I did everything I tell my kids not to do. I took the day off and didn’t tell anybody.

I went out to the beach, didn’t bring my cell phone. No one was with me, and I just grabbed my lunch and went out on the paddle board and kept going. And when I was out there, I went past, we’re in the panhandle of Florida, beautiful, gorgeous area. And there’s a place called Fort Pickens, and when you paddleboard from the sound side, you all the way to Fort Pickens, it’s, it’s quite the, [00:05:00] I think it’s about a seven mile journey from end to end, correct?

Jim Porter, Guest: [00:05:03] It is.

David Pasqualone, Host: [00:05:03] Yeah. So I went about five miles, and when I was there. I just was like, Oh, I’m going to sit here and I’m going to just eat my lunch. I brought and I had my legs dangle in the water and I’m facing the shore about, Oh, maybe 20 yards away,

Jim Porter, Guest: [00:05:22] and as I’m

David Pasqualone, Host: [00:05:23] enjoying the day, I just hear this wall

Jim Porter, Guest: [00:05:26] like

David Pasqualone, Host: [00:05:27] splashing in the water behind me.

I turn around and no more than 30 feet. I just see some like rustling in the water and it disappears.

Jim Porter, Guest: [00:05:37] So I’m like, huh.

David Pasqualone, Host: [00:05:38] I thought maybe a bird like swooped down and grabbed the fish and I missed it, right? So I go back and I’m sitting there, my feet are dangling in the water, and then I hear 

Jim Porter, Guest: [00:05:47] again

David Pasqualone, Host: [00:05:48] and I turn quickly and I just see something black about six to eight feet long.

And I thought, Whoa, is that like a like a stingray? I never, never once considered anything else. I thought that was weird. Right? So I felt really uncomfortable and I’m thinking, dude, you’re such a sissy. What are you doing? So at this point, I just, something inside me was like, you need to get up and go. So I get up and I stand up on my paddleboard, and I know this is hard to believe, but I wasn’t panicky.

I just started paddling. But a current came, Jim. And it was, I actually thought, wow, I’ve never moved this fast, and my paddleboard like, this is awesome. It was just taking me like I was being towed on a jet ski

Jim Porter, Guest: [00:06:29] just

David Pasqualone, Host: [00:06:30] right down the shoreline and I thought, this is awesome. I wonder if there was really like something to worry about.

Not then I blew it out of my mind. Didn’t think about it again. I get to the shore, I load up my paddleboard, one of my buddies calls me, makes a joke. Do you see any sharks? I’m like, I didn’t see any sharks, but I think I saw a really cool sting rate. You know, fish. I don’t even know if stingrays eat fish.

Jim Porter, Guest: [00:06:50] Right? I’m from the city,

David Pasqualone, Host: [00:06:51] so he’s, we’re joking about that. Don’t think about it. Saturday comes, my buddy is another buddies that the soccer game with me. We’re watching our kids. And I’m telling him about how he asked me what I did and I said, I went paddleboard and I told him about this weird six to eight foot black thing I saw, I think it was a giant stingray.

It’s like, I don’t think that’s a sting. Right? And then we both just moved on. Two days later he sends me a photo of your son for other people and an alligator. And he’s like, good thing. This doesn’t like Italian

Jim Porter, Guest: [00:07:23] food cause you should be dead right now. And that’s where you pick up. Yeah. So when, when you’re telling me this story, we’re standing in the edge of the barn where we’re having this party and that alligator is mounted and on the wall, and Scott had made it into a rug and I said, you’re not going to believe this, David.

I said. I’m sure that’s the alligator. That’s my son. Scott. Got a call on and when he gets a call, it’s called an E call sometimes, because that means it’s an emergency. Get out there quickly and get it. Like, you know, he got one one time there was an alligator in a retention pond. At side North view high school right before a football game.

Oh, why? They wanted it out of there before the game. So they sent him an email message or one time a guy had a huge Gator in his, I’m about a foot from his garage door in Perdido and they called Scott, go get it now he has to drop what he’s doing and go right then. Well, he got an a call on your, on that Gator turned out there wasn’t a.

stinger eight. And the fish that was, that was, a huge alligator.

David Pasqualone, Host: [00:08:24] Yeah. And I saw it was in the newspaper. He sent, like, I found an article that said it was like chasing people and like, was really upset. Like it was, I guess

Jim Porter, Guest: [00:08:30] it was starving. Well, it was in salt water, which you don’t normally have a freshwater, a alligator in salt water.

They do occasionally, and usually it’s brackish, but if they get into pure salt water, apparently they can get cataracts in her eyes over a long period of time. And this Gator had been seen a lot. over a long period of time. So he’d been in salt water a long time and they, he basically was blind and he was starving.

So whenever he heard a splash, he would go for it. Well, that’s why he got a knee call on that one. And, and that’s why. So this passion paddleboard was not a good thing to do.

David Pasqualone, Host: [00:09:04] God, I mean, honestly, if looking back, God protected me, that thing was maybe. At the most 30 feet away

Jim Porter, Guest: [00:09:11] came along unbelief we live in.


David Pasqualone, Host: [00:09:14] Yeah. And didn’t she say also when they went to spirit, it actually bent the steel? It was so mad.

Jim Porter, Guest: [00:09:20] Well, Scott, when he got, when he got the call, he went out. It was now in very shallow water. It was up in about three feet of water and he thought it was right before dark and he thought it was a log. He was looking for it because he knew the Anik Gator a call or call it something and people had been calling about this Gator being real close and chasing their dogs, chasing people when they get in the water.

And so he was looking for it and he was buying, he, he had, we had a guy with him, Chad cherry, who helps him occasionally. And, but it was too big for the two of them to getting into, into his truck. But in any case, he went, waiting out to [00:10:00] see, look at that log. He didn’t realize it was a Gator. And, he, he, it was right at dark and it was long and black and much like what you saw.

And. He waited out and he realized that’s the Gator I got to call on. So he was already out in the water, up to his knees, and it’s crazy. They made a really fortunate decision. He decided to, to try to sneak up on it from behind. Well, you don’t sneak up on an alligator in the water that’s like suicide.

But he did manage to get right up to it and was able to, to hit it, with a harpoon. And when he, and this harpoon is about. Two and a half inches in diameter. It’s like a pole. It’s not metal, it’s wood, but it has a harpoon head on it. Well, he, he hit it on the good shot with a harpoon and it has a warm rope with a buoy on it, so he can follow that and get it.

And I said, what happened when you did that, Scott? He said, dad, it was like an explosion for twice. He said, it happened so fast. He said that big looking Gator. He spun around in one swoop and he bet my, my spear, all the way up to harpoon, I, he has it at home. It’s all chewed up like a dog chewed on it.

Stick. Yeah. Teeth marks all the way up. I said, what were you doing? He said, walking on water. He was getting, he was running. Yeah. So

David Pasqualone, Host: [00:11:20] on it for me in 

Jim Porter, Guest: [00:11:21] skater story. Yeah,

David Pasqualone, Host: [00:11:22] and we’ll, we’ll put it, I took a picture with it dead.

Jim Porter, Guest: [00:11:26] We had you stand by it and took your pictures.

David Pasqualone, Host: [00:11:28] So I’ll put that in the aisle. I don’t think I can put in the show notes, but I’ll put a link to my website.

So if you want to see what we’re talking about, you can check it out. But

Jim Porter, Guest: [00:11:35] that shows be 11 feet. That was vague.

David Pasqualone, Host: [00:11:37] 11 feet. So shows you how stupid I am and how good God is. All right, so let’s get back to the real story. Why you’re listening today. We love you listeners. Thanks for, entertaining me, right?

But, so let’s do this, Jim, wherever you want to start from your past. Let’s bring us up to today and however you see fit and whatever you feel led to share.

Jim Porter, Guest: [00:11:57] Well, I was born in Trenton, New Jersey, Hamilton square, have a little town near Trenton. And, I was born in a family that was not a Christian family as far as, my mom and dad did not raise us, children as Christians.

they did not go to church, but they sent us kids. I have an older brother and younger sister, so we had, we were very, very faithful in attending a little church in our town. And we did that for many years.

David Pasqualone, Host: [00:12:23] Do you want me to ask what was it, a bus ministry

Jim Porter, Guest: [00:12:24] back then? No, actually we walked up there. It was there.

It was only about two miles from her house. So back then, this was, this is in the 1950s 43 actually when I was born. But, we did this as young kids. you know, all through our, our elementary school and, mom and dad taught us good Christian values. they taught us to respect authority. They taught us to respect our country, to be obedient, to honor and respect police and first responders.

And that was just part of it back then. And, never talked back. it was, it was something we didn’t do in our house. And so that was really good. Basic training and all. And then we grew up hunting and fishing, laid hands on a dead end street at the end of the, the last house on the street surrounded by woods and fields.

And a pawn and a Creek. So we used to hunt and fish and trap also Muskrat’s that when we spent all our time, in fact, all the neighbors, all our friends in school caught at Porter’s woods. But we didn’t own it. We just had a little house down there.

David Pasqualone, Host: [00:13:29] And before you go onto, I give New Jersey a hard time cause I grew up in Boston outside of Boston and Milford, mass.

But, New Jersey has some beautiful areas. And do they, like you grew up in an, obviously more of a beautiful or not the inner city, correct.

Jim Porter, Guest: [00:13:42] Well, we were about six miles out of Trenton. Trenton’s a pretty big city and, and the capital of course. But, yes, Jersey has a, it’s known as the garden state.

That’s the nickname part as the sunshine state. New Jersey is the garden state and a tremendous, vegetable gardens. They’re known for corn. And tomatoes and peaches and a South Jersey. Now is, is, More pine Baron, pine forest, and they’re known for us baggers, big time and tomatoes down there. And, but so it is really some pretty areas.

And, back then it wasn’t as populated as it is now. Now the main purpose of New Jersey is to connects New York to Philly. Yeah.

David Pasqualone, Host: [00:14:20] I just want to show him some love, cause I’m not going to lie. I give New Jersey, my friends from Jersey, I give such a hard time too. So for once I want to show him some love.

This a beautiful area.

Jim Porter, Guest: [00:14:29] Yeah. Well, I enjoyed it. We had, we had a great, great, very close family, very family oriented, and we went camping together as a family. as kids were in four H I was in boy Scouts and, played a little midget league football and I played football in high school and also a couple of two years in college.

And, played little league baseball. I wasn’t very good at it, but I, I enjoyed it. And so, that’s basically, my early growing up until I was nine years old when I was nine years old. One day my dad came [00:15:00] home from work. At that point he worked at a steel mill in Pennsylvania. He commuted over there each day and across the Delaware river.

And, he that had been kind of restless and we could tell that, I was nine years old to time. Dad would’ve been 33, I think, 34. And he came home one day and he said, Hey, kids gather around well in our house. It was like clockwork at five 20 his little red, Henry J Kaiser would 1951 would pull in the driveway and mom would have supper ready and it was just like, we did that five days a week.

Well, this day, dad come home, he said, Hey, gather around before supper. He said, I got to tell you something exciting to happened to me at work today. He said, I’m at work today. During break time, I was reading my Bible. I didn’t even know my dad had a marble. He said, I was reading my Bible and I got into, an area of the Bible that explained the plan of salvation.

And he said by myself, I prayed and asked the Lord to come into my heart. Forgive me my sins. And, make me his child, adopt me into his family.  if I’d have been killed in a car wreck or something on the way to work this morning, I wouldn’t go on the Hill pit to pay for my sins. He said, but, I’m saying now.

And of course, that was the news to us. We were all sitting around kind of in shock, you know. And it turned out that, we later found out my dad’s cousin had witnessed to him about Christ. Actually, 14 years earlier, and my dad told him to NAF hall. I’m not interested in that. I just, you know, don’t, don’t tell me about that.

And, but Paul started praying for my dad and he prayed for him for 14 years, and that came to fruition. And dad got saved to

David Pasqualone, Host: [00:16:43] planted the seed. He watered it and he didn’t quit. Yeah. Just stayed.

Jim Porter, Guest: [00:16:47] And, you know, and what’s interesting is it taught me, as I look back at it that. If you have accepted Christ and you’re saved, you know enough, even as a brand new Christian to lead someone else toward, you don’t need Bible school.

You don’t need, you know, these things are good and all, but it’s not necessarily you just share what the Lord has done in your life. And that’s what my dad did. And I accepted Christ that day a couple of weeks later, and my family, the rest of my family did. And so that began my, my, life as a Christian when in, in high school, my dad passed away.

when I was 17, in fact, all my senior trip, the day I got back from my senior trip, we went to Washington D C, with our senior class, and that had just had surgery and it was doing great and all. Then he took a turn for the worst and, passed away that day. And, so, from that point on, you know, I, I went to college and I promised my mom that I would go to finish college before I did anything.

My brother was in the Navy at the time. And my sister is a couple of years younger still in high school. And so, I w I went to Trenton state college. I was going to become a high school shop teacher. That was my goal. And so I was a couple of years later, now I’m a junior in college. Oh, let me backtrack.

After I got saved, we found a church that freaks the gospel. My dad and I and our family, we went there. And in fact, I went to that church from the time I was nine years old until I went in the Navy at age 21.

David Pasqualone, Host: [00:18:14] And was that the same or a different church and when you’d walk to

Jim Porter, Guest: [00:18:16] it was a different one. Oh, that’s interesting.

We went to, to talk to the pastor of that church. My dad said, I want to go talk to that pastor and get baptized. And pastor, said, well, bill, why do you want to get baptized? He said, you don’t even come to church here. And that’s it. Well, I wasn’t a Christian, but now that I’ve accepted Christ and I’m away to heaven, and I remember the pastor saying, Whoa, Whoa, wait a minute.

He said, you got to wait until your dying. God weighs your good against the bad to see whether you made heaven. This is a Baptist minister and that wasn’t a good sign on the way home. We didn’t let him baptize. But on the way home from, from church, my dad and I talked about that. And that’s an, I don’t know, I’m not sure he’s even saved, you know, because you wouldn’t say that to someone who, who told you I just accepted Christ.

Cause, that’s, you know, the judgment is for those who haven’t accepted Christ that judgment. And, but anyway, so w he dad said, let’s find a church where they, where they preach the Bible. And so we did. And we went there until till, my dad pathway. And then until I went into Navy, actually right out of college.

David Pasqualone, Host: [00:19:20] And let’s pause real quick. I don’t want to keep cutting you off, but we have listeners from all over the world and we have people who have different worldviews. So when Jim and I are talking about saved, what that means in a nutshell is we believe when you die, you either go immediately to heaven or you go into an attorney with God or eternity in hell and punishment.

And when you trust Christ, there’s nothing we have to do. There’s no works we can do. It’s just God loving us. He sent Jesus to die for us, and the Bible says, for whosoever shall call upon the Lord shall be saved. So when you trust God and you say, God, I love you and you’ve died for, you literally sent your son to die for me, there’s nothing I can [00:20:00] do.

It’s impossible for me to get to heaven. But you. Well, take me there cause you love me by me just asking you. Thank you. I mean, literally that’s what Jim’s talking about, that kind of relationship and the workspace. Yeah, we have to do good things, but that there’s no amount of good things that can get us to an attorney with Christ.

Jim Porter, Guest: [00:20:17] Right. It’s a gift of God. He’s not something. I had a friend that told me, he said, well, the God I worship would never send anybody to hell. And that’s true. He wouldn’t. It was true. It’s a choice. It’s like if I have a gift and I give that to you and you don’t want it, or you don’t accept that gift, that’s not my fault.

And so God doesn’t send anybody to hell. Satan is is the enemy. And to be rescued from that so you don’t have to pay for the wrong domes. I think all of us would admit that we’ve made mistakes that we’ve, we’ve said. if I asked you if you ever stolen anything, you, no matter how small, it isn’t the amount it’s, did you take something that somebody, my dad told us, if you, if I ever catch you stealing something, this is how he felt about stealing.

If you ever catch you stealing something from somebody who said, I would rather, and I was the only little way he said this before he was a Christian, he said, I would rather take your arm and break it over my leg and crinkle your hand so you can’t take something that somebody else worked for. And that’s it.

That made a real vivid impression on me as a little kid. And it’s true. It doesn’t matter what it is. If you take something, you’ve broken God’s law, you know you’ve taken from somebody else that you shouldn’t have, and there’s a penalty for that. God cannot accept steps in and, but he, he sent his own son to pay that price.

You can’t buy heaven. You can’t buy an attorney. You can’t join enough churches. You can’t give enough money. You can’t help enough little old ladies across the street to earn heaven. There’s a free gift and rich, poor doesn’t matter. Black, white. what language, nothing matters. along those lines as far as earning eternal life.

David Pasqualone, Host: [00:21:57] Yeah. So it’s kinda like when we borrow money, I can borrow money and then I get in some bad shape financially and I borrow more money and I just keep borrowing money for all these people and I can’t ever pay it. By the time I look back, I’m $50 million in the hole. And gorgeous comes by and says, Hey, I love you so much.

Here you go. Here’s a check. You just have to accept it and that’s Jesus. So, but go on. I didn’t mean to interrupt your story. I just want to make sure people are clear that, yeah, if you try to work yourself to heaven, you’re never going to get there.

Jim Porter, Guest: [00:22:23] Well, that’s true. And 100%, after I became a Christian when I was in high school and we used to go to a Christian camp in the Pocono mountains.

And it was a wonderful week with, speakers and, and, other Christian kids. That was just a great experience. And one day at the last day of camp, we had a campfire. And, they, they, had a message and they said, if you’d like to come forward and by coming forward indicate that. You would like to have.

Whatever God’s will for your life is. You want to follow that. You’re willing to follow that. It doesn’t mean you’re agreeing to become a preacher or a missionary or anything. It just means that if God, what you show me to do as I grow, I’m willing to do no matter what it is. And I went forward and that was a significant, turning point for me.

And then, as they said, when I was in college, I was going to become a high school shop teacher. I was a junior in college and nobody in my family except my cousin had ever gone to college. So I promise mom, I wouldn’t do anything, job-wise or anything like that. I would make, graduating from college a priority.

So I was a junior and I’m going to graduate the following year and become a high school shop teacher. My buddy came up to me and he said, Hey, Jim. the Navy recruiters are on campus. Let’s go talk to him. And I said, are you out of your mind? So there’s a war going on. Vietnam was going on full bore in the mid sixties, and I’ve said, bill, I’m going to be a, I’m going to be a high school shop teacher next year and not fighting for my life. And he said, no man, we can be pilots. And Bob of the Vietcong. And I said, wow, that sounds like fun. Now that’s not smart. That’s the best thing. And say,

David Pasqualone, Host: [00:24:08] and that was before the top could move you to recruit. You

Jim Porter, Guest: [00:24:11] weighed before the top gun.

But you know what? I had never been in an airplane. I had never met a pilot. I didn’t know what a miracle or Rhonda or rudder was. I had no knowledge of aviation. And. I said, man, that sounds kinda cool, bill. I said, let’s, I’ll get down with you. So we went down to the gymnasium and college and, there was the, the Navy and the air force and the Marine, all had a booth set up there.

And I went to the Navy and, cause my brother was in the Navy and my two uncles had been in the Korean war and, and they, and so I, I went to the Navy first and I said, I’m here to, check on becoming a Navy pilot. So they gave me a three hour exam. And I had

David Pasqualone, Host: [00:24:51] right there on the spot

Jim Porter, Guest: [00:24:52] right there. I had no clue.

bill passed it and my buddy and I passed it. and I often tell people when I’m speaking, if [00:25:00] two young people, if you have a multiple choice test and you have no clue what the answer is, just choose C. that’s what I did. And, I got enough right on that. So

David Pasqualone, Host: [00:25:10] don’t see it out.

Jim Porter, Guest: [00:25:12] Yeah. And so the guy, The, the first thing administering the test said, well, congratulations, you passed it. he said, we’re going to send you down there Lakehurst New Jersey, and you can get a, we’ll give you a physical, we’ll give you a ride in an airplane. I said, man, this is sounded really neat, you know, so, so the next week I go down the Lakehurst New Jersey, and, bill and I did.

And. We passed the physical and they put us in an airplane and flew us out over Atlantic city and the steel pier and all, it was really neat. I had never experienced anything so much fun that, that was absolutely neat. And, so that’s how then they said when an ended, he said, okay, raise your hand.

We’ll swear you and we’ll send you to Pensacola, Florida for flight school, which I had never heard of Pensacola, Florida. I had no clue. And, I said, Whoa, wait a minute. I can’t do that. And he said, what do you mean? I mean, isn’t that why you’re here? And I said, yes, sir. But, I promised my mom I’d graduate from college and I’m only a junior.

He said, okay. we got a pro program for that. I found out since then that recruiters can instantly invent a program to meet the need war was going on. They needed

David Pasqualone, Host: [00:26:20] back then, they had a lot of layered, a lot of wiggle room, let’s

Jim Porter, Guest: [00:26:22] say. Yeah. He said, I’ll swear he entered the Navy right now. And then he said, you go back to school, finish college, and when you graduate, we’ll send you to Pensacola next summer, not, not this summer, next summer.

And I said, okay, I can do that. So I did. I called my mom, say, mama just joined the Navy. She said he did what? I said, yeah, I’m going to be a pilot. And she said, you promised you’d finish college. I said, don’t worry. I’m in the reserves. I don’t have to go to any duty, no weekend training or anything, nothing.

I’m just in the inactive reserves until I go on active duty after I graduate from college. And so that’s what I did. And, an interesting, my buddy bill and I went all through flight school together. We were in advanced training in Texas and he

David Pasqualone, Host: [00:27:06] did the same thing. He finished too. Yeah, he finished it. So you guys both on the same plan?

Jim Porter, Guest: [00:27:10] We did. Five of us from my college graduating class came into the Navy. I’m the only one still living by the way. Wow. But bill, bill funk out of flight school. And so that was sad that he’s, the guy talked me into it and then he, he didn’t, and I didn’t, I joined because I wanted to fly fighter jets. And that wasn’t college.

Well, I had good grades and was doing well, but the Lord saw fit to, to be selected for multi-engine. So I went to a, instead of going to Meridian and learn to fly jets after I ended on the carrier, made my carer Kirk walls. I went to Texas for advanced training and learned to fly patrol planes. Okay.

And so, so I wound up flying patrol planes, and I never did get to my fulfillment of being a jet pilot and, but I did enjoy it. And probably the biggest thrill ever experience of, of a thrill doing something was landing on aircraft carrier. That was really a lot of fun.

David Pasqualone, Host: [00:28:04] I had another guest who was a pilot and he would describe what it’s like to fly in the dark and to land on an aircraft

Jim Porter, Guest: [00:28:12] at night.

David Pasqualone, Host: [00:28:13] But you do it during the day. What was that like? I mean, just the intensity.

Jim Porter, Guest: [00:28:17] It is. Well that’s funny cause it’s the

David Pasqualone, Host: [00:28:20] captain Kevin Miller. Do you know him?

Jim Porter, Guest: [00:28:22] Who is it?

David Pasqualone, Host: [00:28:22] Captain Kevin Miller?

Jim Porter, Guest: [00:28:23] No, I don’t know.

David Pasqualone, Host: [00:28:24] He’s the guest that we had and great guy, and he was telling the stories of what it was

Jim Porter, Guest: [00:28:29] like. That’s the most scary thing you can ever experience this landing on a carrier at night.

David Pasqualone, Host: [00:28:33] He said he could smell the fear on him.

Jim Porter, Guest: [00:28:35] Yeah. Yeah. It’s there. Those guys say no matter how many times you’ve done it, it’s always a sheer panic. I mean, you’re, you’re petrified until you. Do you make the stop on the, on the wire? well, I had never seen an aircraft carrier from the air. I didn’t know how small.

They look from the air and you’re landing on it. And I was venting on it. And, and it’s, it’s the only thing that I did in the Navy that they didn’t have an instructor in the airplane the first time you did it. You’re solo on the first time you make a carrier landing. They probably don’t want to be there with you

David Pasqualone, Host: [00:29:07] and why there’s two soldiers.

Let’s just do this one.

Jim Porter, Guest: [00:29:09] So, so they, So when when you land on a carrier, you, you fly out and the instructors in another airplane, and he said he reports a feet wet when you go over the beach. And then he reports a. See you when, when you have the visual on the carrier. And, we were in the Gulf of Mexico and it was a flight of four of us, or six of us, something like that.

And, so then, when you get down in the pattern, you know, you’re only 400 feet off the water when you come around. To make the landing. And you, you, you fly down a glide slope. When you intercept that, it’s a beam of light coming up and you see that name of light, you call meatball. And and then you’ve, you follow that light down to the ship.

And it’s weird because the angle deck on a carrier is slightly off center and the ship is moving forward, which means your runway is moving off to your right. And that’s a [00:30:00] really difficult transition to make because you line up on the runway, which is very, very, very short. It looks from the air, like it’s way too short.

It’s plenty wide, but way too,

David Pasqualone, Host: [00:30:10] she’s only a couple football fields.

Jim Porter, Guest: [00:30:12] Yeah, it’s a, I mean, that’s not a lot of this exactly how long, you know, but it’s, it’s, it’s long, but there’s no forgiveness. No. Well, yeah, if you missed the wires, you got to go around, you know? That’s why, in the plane, you can tell the first time a guy lands on it, because when he lands on it, you’ve in, in a prop plane like I did, you pull the power off in a jet, you push it for forward.

Because they have to wind up the turban to get there, their thrust. Whereas in a prop, it’s like stepping on the gas in the car, you have instant, instant, forward motion and but it’s a thrill. But when you land the first time and that wire catches you from the time you roll wings level behind the carrier in this type aircraft, by the time you are stopped, it’s nine seconds.

So any adjustments you’re going to make, you have to do very quickly. You have to be within like two, two feet of altitude or, or, and nine feet of center line, something like that.

David Pasqualone, Host: [00:31:06] And you went from never being in a plane to landing on an aircraft carrier in a

Jim Porter, Guest: [00:31:10] couple of years. And it was fun. He made, made eight landings there.

And then I made eight landings in a multi engine airplane in a, in a, in a, a as to tracker, which was the old, submarine warfare plane. It’s kind of the wings fold up on the carrier. You know, the twin engine, I made eight landings on that too. A lot of fun, but I never became a jet jockey, but it wasn’t the words.

Well, he’s, I married Janice. I met her and. When I was in flight school and met her in church, she was playing the piano and I went to visit. And, and we just sort of never dated. We just started gradually liking each other without ever dating. And, months later we started to date. And so I’m glad I stayed around Pensacola longer and was able to date Janice and, and we married and, faculty married just after I made my carrier landings.

And then we went to Texas for advanced training. I think at the end of that, she could’ve found the airplane as well as I could because she knew all the catalysts, because we used to practice the checklist together, starting to emergency procedures and all, she helped me, she, she shouldn’t, they should have put the wings on her instead of me.

I know she could have fun. but it was interesting. So the word was good and, and I never did, you know, drop bombs on the Vietcong or anything like that. I never hurt anybody. But I’m scared a lot of people, but the word was good. And so I did my tours in the Navy and, I was flying patrol planes in Sicily and I was stationed in Puerto Rico and I flew over the Caribbean over the muda triangle, did patrols there, many, many hours there.

And then, the squadron shut down. They were getting rid of the old patrol planes and they were all shifting to new and so they didn’t want to train anymore pilots in the old kind of airplane. Like I hadn’t learned to fly the PTV Neptune, which has two propellors and two jets. It’s got four inches to her props and to her jets.

They were doing away with that and never going to the P three Orion, which had all four turboprops, much, much nicer airplane and a little bit bigger. And so they would take us, they shut the squadron down, VPA, teen in Puerto Rico, and they put me in a squadron. They still had the old planes and they were going to be three afternoon hold Navy flying the old planes.

So I wound up, flying in VP seven in Jacksonville, Florida. And we went to Sigonella, Sicily, and I flew the appointment in Sicily and then came back from there. We got orders to Vietnam, then they changed the orders, said we’re not sending any of the old planes to Vietnam. So they shut that squadron down.

So they then put me in VP 23 in Brunswick, Maine. So I did patrols in the North Atlantic and then back to Sicily again. So I did two tours and Sicily.

David Pasqualone, Host: [00:33:50] Do you like it out there? Pardon? Do you like it insisted I

Jim Porter, Guest: [00:33:52] liked it. Oh yeah. In fact is when I, when I got, came back the second time, I requested to stay there and become a station pilot, but they didn’t hate us station pilot at that point.

And, and so, so that’s when I became a flight instructor at Whiting field and here in Pensacola, which was ideal because I get the, you know, I did two years, I was a flight instructor here, and that was before I. Ended up getting in real estate.

David Pasqualone, Host: [00:34:17] Yeah. And then your, and your wife’s from here. So

Jim Porter, Guest: [00:34:19] that was home for her.

So, it was great. And her wonderful Christian family that she was, they, they adopted me like a son. My uncle still called me a Yankee, but I said, when will you stop calling that? He said, well, never, but you’re a good Yankee.

David Pasqualone, Host: [00:34:35] So then now you’re in the military, you come to Pensacola, you knew your two years, and then do you leave the military or you stay in reserves?

What goes on there?

Jim Porter, Guest: [00:34:43] Well, I did a little couple of months in reserves, but, actually did a few months in reserves and then went back from that can duty and did two years as a, as a flight instructor. I taught close formation. And then I taught in lifeline also, for the squadron. And,

David Pasqualone, Host: [00:34:57] so now how do you go from being a shop teacher to being a [00:35:00] pilot and now you get in real estate?

How did that happen?

Jim Porter, Guest: [00:35:02] Well, I was getting ready to get out of the Navy and, we, we felt it was the Lord’s, well, when I get out of the Navy, because my next tour, I would have been, and I can, maybe a fuels officer on an aircraft carrier or something. It would have been not a flying Villet, you know, it would be a sea duty tour.

And I didn’t want to go on a sea duty tour away from a wife and a had two kids at the time. And so I really didn’t want to do that. and I said, you know, maybe the Lord’s leading this, this to do something in civilian life. So we were praying about what to do. And, Janice and I were, were, personal workers for Jerry Falwell.

He was having a. A meeting in Pensacola high school and, it was, a meeting that he had down there and we would help when people came forward to consult with them and pray with them at all. Well, after that meeting, I was still in the Navy. I said, I waited and talked to him. I said, dr Falwell, I’m a Christian.

I’ve been in the Navy. I’m getting out in the several months and I’m seeking the Lord’s will for my life. I said, do you have any advice for a young man getting out of the Navy seeking orange? Well, and he said, he looked at me and he said, young man, he said, this world is full of people sitting around waiting for God to show him what his will is for their life.

He said, it’s more important to be in his will then to know what his ultimate will is for you. And he said, and that kind of was something new that I hadn’t heard that concept before. He said, don’t worry about long range. He said, he’s not going to send you a bullet neuro letter or wake you up in the night and say you need to do this.

He said, he gave me no restriction. He said, you remember when the children of Israel after wandering around the wilderness for 40 years, finally they’re getting to the promised land. And he said one obstacle they had to cross was the river, the Jordan, and it was a time of year. They went with flood stage.

It wasn’t like the red sea where he parted the waters and they walked across dry shod. He said when he wanted the people to get into where his will was, they had to step into that water. And that took a lot of courage to step into that water when it wasn’t opening like it did with the red sea with Moses.

And he said, so what you need to do is take a step forward. Be honest with God and say, Lord, I want to do what your will is. Hey, may lead you somewhere that you need to get some training. You need some experience in something else to lead you to something other that he ultimately has for. You said, it’s not important that you know what he ultimately wants you to do, but what you need to do is have the faith.

If you’re honest with them and say, Lord, I’m asking you to show me. I’m going to go this direction. He said, he will open and close doors for you. So he said, do you have any interest in? I said, well, I. I’ve written 57 different airlines we had and we didn’t have computers. Then you had the hand type legal size, six page applications to become a pilot with the airlines.

And I, and I had multi-engine training. I had thousands of hours of flying experience, in heavy airplanes. And I would, and I also had a commercial license and this from that rating, and a multi-engine rating at that time. And so, you know, it would have been a natural, unfortunately, 10,000 pilots were getting out because Vietnam was winding down and you had to be an air force, cargo plane driver to get a job.

I couldn’t get a job as a baggage handler wow. With my experience. And so that door closed on and, and we did not get, even an interview for a job with the airlines. And so. that close, I thought a missionary aviation perhaps. and I wrote a couple of Christian colleges with Turno was one. They had a mission program and all, and I didn’t feel that was the way to go.

Some of my friends told me, you know, you like to meet people, you probably would do well in real estate. And so dr Falwell said, well, do you have an interest in that? And I said, yeah, kind of. He said, well then why don’t you just tell the Lord he’s your father. He, he won’t send you on a wild goose chase if your son came to you and asked you, dad, what?

What should I do in this situation? He’s not going to give you a bum direction to go, just to get you hurt or anything. He may send you somewhere for you to learn a lesson to work your way into something else. But, but he wants to know that you are willing to follow him. So be honest with them. And if a, if you are willing.

Tell him, I’m going to go and start towards real estate and will you pleased either open or close that door? And he will. And so, I called the junior college and, back then there were no private real estate schools. You couldn’t do it online. Back then, you had to go directly, to the, a state school.

Jay college in Florida. You did. And so Pensacola junior college was the only place in our area that offered a real estate course. So I went to PJC and I said, I’d like to sign up for your real estate course. And they said, okay. we, [00:40:00] we only have classes two nights a week from six to 10 on Tuesday and Thursday nights.

And I said, no, no, I can’t do that. I said, I’m a Navy pilot and I’m a night flight instructor and I fly five nights a week and no way I can get off Tuesday and Thursday nights. I said, I need a day class, or maybe a whole week straight. Do you have anything? She said, no. The only way you can get a real estate license in our area is to come to the junior college two nights a week.

And I’m thinking orange clothes in the store. So I signed up for it, paid my tuition. Then I went to my boss and I said, I need off every Tuesday and Thursday night for next, six weeks. And he said, are you out of your mind, Porter? He said, we’re so far behind on pilot production right now. And at that time, there were only six of us that were qualified as night instructors in that squadron.

So virtually every flight student coming through, when they reached that stage in their flight training, that is all night flying. One of we, six we had to do it all.

David Pasqualone, Host: [00:41:02] No. When you say night flying there from land back to land this, cause you said you never did the aircraft carrier correct

Jim Porter, Guest: [00:41:08] at night, right?

Yeah. So

David Pasqualone, Host: [00:41:09] the night flying you’re doing,

Jim Porter, Guest: [00:41:11] you’re laying field here in Milton. Gotcha. And we would take off and then we would fly a low level navigation and that kind of thing. We were teaching and and we would land back at home base.

David Pasqualone, Host: [00:41:23] Gotcha. Okay. I just wanna make sure I was clear

Jim Porter, Guest: [00:41:24] on that. Okay. And so.

My boss said, I said to Porter, there’s no way I can let you off. He said, man, there’s only six of us. We’re doing all the flying for, you know, hundreds of students. He said, we’re booked every night and we’re behind now. Now we’re even flying Saturdays, and some Sunday nights. He said, besides just can’t he’s, I said, well, I’ve already paid my tuition.

He said, well, you just wasted your money. So I went home and I said, honey, I think God’s closing the door. You won’t believe it. The very next week, we had a crash in the squadron and a couple of people got killed. And, they shut down offline for a week to have safety, lecturers. And so I went to Tuesday and Thursday night.

The following week, a Stormfront moved in off the Gulf of Mexico and they shut down flying it. And, it was one thing after another, like one week I got a near block, and the flight surgeon grabbed me. And, and, you know, and so I made all my classes, which is miraculous. Literally miraculous.

David Pasqualone, Host: [00:42:27] Yeah. You don’t tell the military what to do.

They tell you. And

Jim Porter, Guest: [00:42:30] I even asked him if I could take leave. I said, well, how about if I take leave and I just take it like two days a week, you know, he said, no, if you request leave, I’ll turn it down. And, my boss told him, I mean. So it was a God thing.

David Pasqualone, Host: [00:42:42] No day, six weeks, God worked out every

Jim Porter, Guest: [00:42:45] word. You were allowed to miss two classes and still take the final exam.

And I, and I did miss too, but I, but I made all the other classes, that’s all. And then it came time for final exam and I was scheduled to fly, that night. It was a Thursday night, I’ll still remember it. And, and Whiting was about a 45 minute ride, maybe 30 minutes if you speed all the way from Pensacola to waiting.

And I was scheduled to fly that night. In a four plane a night right after dark takeoff. And I’m with a student in the airplane, dual though flights. And I went to, my boss and I said, I gotta have off. I tried to see if they were giving the exam at a different time, early or something. And the, the instructor at the college did.

Jim, I would love to, but he said, you must take the exam with the, with the class or you have to read it. Repeat the whole thing. You can’t just take it later as a makeup. And, I said, Maggie, I can’t believe I said, well, can you come in early? Maybe let me take it early. He said, I’ll tell you what, I’ll come in 15 minutes early instead of six.

If you’re there at quarter to six, you can start taking it for three hours and, and so 15

David Pasqualone, Host: [00:43:53] minutes. Big work. But

Jim Porter, Guest: [00:43:55] yeah, and I, so I, I said, OK, I’ll do that so. I, I got my student ahead of time and I said, you pre-flight the airplane and you go to the briefing and you tell the other instructors and, and students that, there were, there were four instructors, three instructors in three and four students.

And then I said, you told them I’ll be late. but I’ll be there, you know, for takeoff. And so I’ll miss the briefing. So my student pre-flight of the airplane, he got in the airplane, he had the engine running. And I was in Pensacola taking the exam. I and my instructor wasn’t early. He was 15 minutes late.

I was nervous wreck. I thought, this can’t be happening. It can’t be. I ripped through an exam in about a half hour. It was a two hour exam. I think I got it in about a half hour. I ripped through it. Didn’t check anything, go back and look at, I just, I didn’t know it. I guess. And somehow I passed it. And, I got there and the other guys were still in there sitting on the flight line with the engines running and, and I’m not there.

And I [00:45:00] ran out to the flight line, hopped in the airplane. We took off. And that’s how I got in real estate. But it was a word that we, we made a deal with the Lord. We promised the word that I would not Ms. Church on Sunday or Wednesday night to show property. And, and if, and a lot of people in, especially in Pensacola, we have a lot of military.

They’ll fly in on a weekend to look for a house, and, you know, when they have orders to come to Pensacola. And, so, I would just find somebody in my company that did not, go to church and I’d let them work with them. And I would tell the people, I said, you know, I worked with you all day Saturday, but Sunday morning.

No, I have a commitment with my family. And if you’d like to go to church with me, you’re welcome to. But if you need to look for real estate, I understand that. And I would turn them over to someone and I don’t think I ever lost a dime for that. The word, the word. Yeah. Now taught real estate for a private school for 17 years too.

So I would, I would teach in the evenings and the school of I me not to have to teach on Wednesday nights. And, did that for 17 years. And, and same deal there. I told them I wouldn’t, I wouldn’t teach, on Wednesday nights and, and Sundays in the summer, I would teach a class, and I would fly to Tampa and teach a three day class Thursday night after teaching in Pensacola, I’d catch a night flight.

To Tampa and I would teach a Thursday, Friday, I mean a Friday, Saturday, and then, Sunday. And then I would fly home Sunday night. I did do that, you know, but it was a nice throw. Our kids, we have five kids and we would take them to Disney world and, and Bush garden and, you know, and they would play while I’m teaching all day.

But it was a, it was the word blasts. That was good.

David Pasqualone, Host: [00:46:43] So now you get into real estate. You have a wife, you have five children. God’s blessing, your family, like prosperous financially. I talked about the foster kids. When did this start?

Jim Porter, Guest: [00:46:56] Oh, when Mark our, our youngest son, we had a, Scott is our oldest. He was born in Puerto Rico.

And then, three years later, Janice had Kim and then our daughter. And then, then she had. Mark three years later. And, when Mark got to be about seven, Janice said, I miss having a baby around the house. She said, Oh, little babies. And she said, do you mind if we check into being foster parents for newborns until they’re adopted?

And I said, well, honey, I, I love little kids. That’s all right. I didn’t notice it’s going to be life changing. I said, yeah, let’s check into it. So we did. And we, We’re foster parents for a children’s home society of West Florida, and we would get newborns right up. We started visiting and then a hospital and we would bring them home and keep them until they were adopted.

And some we’ve had as long as eight months. and the fact that we’ll grow, Janice just met with her last week and she, she showed Janice her new baby. She’s married now and she’s a Christian girl. And we’ve had about 75. Actually, I think it was, Janice would do a scrapbook. She was wonderful. She would do a scrapbook and take pictures of little kids when they first time they rolled over and that kind of first time they crawled, you know, and then, and we weren’t in any of the pictures cause back then this adoption was very secretive.

You know, you’d never could meet the, adoptive parents and, so, but she made a scrapbook, like a new bomb would. You know, and then she would give that to the, to the family, to the, children’s home society and they would give it to the family. And, but, you know, it’s so nice to have the kids. We had, we’re in, we, we would take the little babies, we had them for awhile and we would take them to a basketball game cause our kids were playing basketball at Pensacola, Christian.

And, some people sitting in the audience there, at the school just fell in love with the little kids. And I don’t know if you know Ruben, Ruffin or not coach Ruffin. Well, Jeremy was one of our foster babies and

David Pasqualone, Host: [00:48:53] Jeremy was my student at the college and he is an incredible human,

Jim Porter, Guest: [00:48:57] wonderful young man.

He started coaching baby. And really we took him through a basketball game and a Darson ribbon, and he’s coaching basketball now. Now he’s the . In fact, I told him the other night, I went to one of the Escambia high school basketball games. He’s the head coach over there and has a great ministry with those kids.

He is super kid.

David Pasqualone, Host: [00:49:16] That’s so funny. You took him to a basketball game. He met his adoptive family, and God’s used basketball his entire life to minister to other men.

Jim Porter, Guest: [00:49:26] Isn’t that amazing?

David Pasqualone, Host: [00:49:27] That, and Jeremy, I’m not just saying this, Jeremy, if you’re listening, I love you buddy. And for all those who know Jeremy, he is a phenomenal

Jim Porter, Guest: [00:49:33] human.

Chester Keith.

David Pasqualone, Host: [00:49:35] Yeah, I know Chester. Keith.

Jim Porter, Guest: [00:49:36] Well, Andrew was our foster baby too. Really? Andrea, that they adopted?

David Pasqualone, Host: [00:49:40] No, I don’t know Andrew, how I know Chester. Keith is, I traveled two summers as an advantage of this neighborhood by all time. And yeah. There was another man, Seth Meyers, who I went to college with.

I don’t know. He’s all man. You tell him what on fire for God, and he loves the Lord. He’s over. Oh, I’m not going to say where he’s at, but he’s a [00:50:00] missionary overseas and just for his safety, and he’s a missionary overseas and he was an intern at Chester passer keys church, and roofing was the associate pastor back then.

And then we went to do a rally and nobody was there. And we prayed, took a bus, went out, came back, had 50 kids, and did Aralee loved on those kids, told them about Jesus and like just book that church all week.

Jim Porter, Guest: [00:50:29] That’s incredible. Yeah, it was, God,

David Pasqualone, Host: [00:50:30] it

Jim Porter, Guest: [00:50:31] was gall world, isn’t it now? I mean, it is. So to have her forced your babies, you know, their parents and the kids, you know, you know Jeremy’s,

David Pasqualone, Host: [00:50:38] I taught him at college, he was in my classes.

Jim Porter, Guest: [00:50:40] Isn’t that something?

David Pasqualone, Host: [00:50:41] He just, I

Jim Porter, Guest: [00:50:42] had no idea. You knew the Ruffins. Yeah. That’s amazing. Well, they were over foot, but it was a real ministry. And we prayed for the kids. And, every night we would pray for these little kids. And. and one day they called me and said, Jim, we got a problem. We have two little girls that need a place to sleep tonight.

Their mom dropped him off. And, and so we’re there. We need a foster home. Can you, can you, you know, make an exception and take somebody older than a newborn? Cause we had only taken newborns. And how can you say no when somebody says little girls, they’re beautiful little bonds and. And one of them’s not quite two one’s not quite four.

And, and they, they have a need a place for tonight. And I said, sure. So we got them and we ended up adopting them. There are our daughters now, and they’re, they both have each have three boys.

David Pasqualone, Host: [00:51:37] So praise is kind of

Jim Porter, Guest: [00:51:38] neat. So the words that was an area over life has been just a tremendous joy. Wonderful, you know, wonderful experiences with, with sweet kids.

And we’re in touch with some of the children that were adopted.

David Pasqualone, Host: [00:51:50] That’s awesome. And then again, I just wanna make sure I’m keeping the timeline clean in my mind. You have, you get out of the military now you’re doing real estate. The business is growing. You’re doing fostering, you ended up adopting two beautiful girls.

Your teaching, you said for 17 years. Also, real estate classes transition into, I mean, if there’s anything else that I’m missing, you want to talk about, by all means talk about it. But transition to, let’s go to today. We are at the men’s barn meeting cause that when if you’ve heard of the men’s barn meeting, you’re probably thinking, okay, it’s a bunch of guys get together.

They eat and they talk about, God, I heard it, I heard about it for four years. And I never went because I already trusted Christ as my savior and I didn’t want to be taken free food and wasting money. Right. Well then one day a good friend of mine who hasn’t trusted Christ as his savior, we were talking and you had a speaker.

It was super like just a perfect fit for my friend, so I invited them. We went. And Jim, when I was there, this, it blew me away. Like to hear about it and to experience it are two separate things now. So you can start at the beginning. But now, I mean, I’m talking about, I went into a pact and this isn’t a little shabby bar.

This is a beautiful, humongous barn with like four or 500 men packed shoulder to shoulder in. Having a great time and hearing somebody love on them, told them about God. So tell me about that. How did this start

Jim Porter, Guest: [00:53:24] know it goes back a ways. let me say this. it has to do with that camp. When I was a teenager, going to a Christian camp and going forward at a campfire and San ward, whatever you want for me, if it’s fulltime Christian work or whatever, I’m willing to do it.

And, all my life I had kind of a void. That I was a witness. I gave out tracks and I invited people to church and, and you know, and I had an, a testimony and, and, and witness to some of my sales agents and their families and things like that. Prayed with them through difficult times. And, but, you know, I always had that aching in my heart.

You haven’t ever gone into full time ministry or even part time ministry. I always was act. I was a daikon and I was in the choir and taught Sunday school and all that. But, I just had a void there. And I wonder, why didn’t you want me to in Christian work? He never led me that. He obviously bless the real estate.

At one point we had five offices and 155 sales agents. And, and so, and you know. So the word blessed in that regard.

David Pasqualone, Host: [00:54:25] We can do a whole other persona, just how to manage that. We will get to that to

Jim Porter, Guest: [00:54:30] what a jogger’s like with six balls in the air on fire. Did you ever get a break when you got five offers?

David Pasqualone, Host: [00:54:37] I have worked many years. Are salespeople. And a salespeople are awesome, but they can be a handful that view with 155 that’s quite the accomplishment right

Jim Porter, Guest: [00:54:49] there. They can, you know, usually I used to go over to the Dr. Horton. Periodically in, in a way, he opened the Pensko Christian college the same year I opened my real [00:55:00] estate office, 1974.

Yeah. And we were good friends cause all, all five of my children went from K four through K-12 in the Academy. And, and two of my, two of my kids graduated from there as well. Mark and Kim and, also, all of my grandchildren, Well, seven of them of the 13 went fromK , four through K-12 and two of them graduated from Pensacola Christian.

So we’ve had somebody in Pensacola, Christian in my family for 19 straight years. Wow. You have a lot of kids to be good friends with Dr. Horton.

David Pasqualone, Host: [00:55:38] Yeah, that’s a great school. I went there for college. I send my kids to the Academy and you know, I got to me, and I know it sounds crazy, it’s a lot less strict now,

Jim Porter, Guest: [00:55:48] but

David Pasqualone, Host: [00:55:48] even when I went to college, it was very strict, but it was a great strict, it was discipline and integrity and character, and I was more proud of graduating through the system.

That I made it, that I could handle that kind of pressure. Then I was of the degree. I mean

Jim Porter, Guest: [00:56:05] they agree it was great, but

David Pasqualone, Host: [00:56:06] could I could get that anywhere. But the education was top notch. The people, they were top notch and the, just the challenge, cause I came from,

Jim Porter, Guest: [00:56:17] you know,

David Pasqualone, Host: [00:56:18] I didn’t come from a Christian background, so to speak.

Not a lot of discipline in the home at all. no boundaries, no rules. And then like when we were reading the handbook, the things to

Jim Porter, Guest: [00:56:28] know,

David Pasqualone, Host: [00:56:29] my mom and best friend were laughing at me audibly, out loud, like, you’re going there, are you kidding me? I’m like, just shut up. Give me the book. I threw it in my suitcase.

I’m like, it’s not like that. I’m like, I’m like, they just put this so if they have to enforce it, it’s in the books, but nobody’s going to live like that. Sure enough, man. You get up at a certain time and you’re, it was like military. It was like going to West point in

Jim Porter, Guest: [00:56:50] a sense. Yeah, no,

David Pasqualone, Host: [00:56:52] it was great discipline.

And now in life I’ve got no problems going to work and following the rules because man, I made it through the fire. I can do anything now. Yeah.

Jim Porter, Guest: [00:57:00] Well, when, what you, what started the born ministry is, is Jensen. I’ve been praying that as we get older, we’ve seen so many older Christians, say I used to do this, I used to do teach Sunday school.

I used to go. So when they used to be in the choir, you know, and I, I’m the kind of guy that doesn’t want to be a, used to be. You know? Whereas if it take this, I’m 76. If this was a football game, according to reader’s digest, the average married man dies about age 76. that was few years ago. I read that.

And so at that time, I w when I was speaking, I would say, you know, if life is like a football game, I’m in a two minute warning.  I mean, most of this game is over for me as far as this or. No. And that’s a sobering thought. And, I said, I don’t want to be sitting on the bench. I don’t wanna be on the bench at the end of the game.

I want to be out on the playing field as long as I can play, you know, that’s how I am. I mean, I don’t want to sit on the bench. And I said, maybe the Lord will have something for us, Janice, as we get older that we can do, you know, and continue to do and all, and one day. the kids, Scott called me and he said, Hey dad, we’re going to go to a barn meeting of men.

In Alberta, Alabama. And I said, a what? Instead of born meeting. And I said, I’ve never heard of it. He said, well, I hadn’t either. He said, but a good friend of mine, a Christian Guy, invited me to come as his guest to a barn where they cook steaks and they have a guest speaker and they have some music.

And, he, and he said, so I told him I would go, but he was 29 years old, married with two children before the next board meeting over there. he had cancer and it came out of remission and he died. And he said, so in honor of Jim, his name was Jim sight. He said, in honor of Jim, he said, Mark and I are going to go over.

That’s my other son. And he said, would you like to do this? I said, yeah, I’ll go with you. So little that I know this was a life changing trip. So we drove over to Alberta and a heard Richard Goss. I still remember he gave his testimony a great vivid testimony. In fact, we had him as a born speaker after that, on the way home from that meeting.

Scott said, dad, we could do that up at your property. I live in the woods 22 miles out of town with a couple of lakes

David Pasqualone, Host: [00:59:20] and a bunch of alligators,

Jim Porter, Guest: [00:59:21] alligators. We had a picnic pavilion across the Lake, and, and Scott said, dad, we could have it in the Pickney pavilion and we could have a barn meeting called a morning meeting.

And I said, Scott, nobody’s going to drive 22 miles out of town to get a free steak dinner. Well, so we, he said, well, let’s just try to say, okay, never know. And this was the Lord fulfilling. And what year is this? This was a 2002. Oh dear. Okay. Yep. 2002 and he said, he said, let’s just schedule it and let’s just, just have, maybe, let’s just find some Christian guys.

We know. Let’s invite [01:00:00] them over and we’ll have a cookout and we’ll talk about doing this as a ministry. And he said, I’ll tell you what, I’ll get a judge. The guy that died, he said, I’ll get his wife and her children to come, and they sing and ask her if she would share her testimony. So we had a woman’s sticker at the firstborn meeting, and, and so Jim’s widow came and we had 24 men there and a picnic pavilion on the edge of the Lake.

And we, it grew. The guys all say, yeah, Mr. Porter, let’s do it. I said, all right. So we picked the second Thursday of every month, and we started. Then we’ve only missed a three, a two, 2004 I hurricane Ivan, 2005 hurricane Dennis. And last year, Valentine’s day fell on the second Thursday. And we had it on one of those days.

And it was a disaster because not many people came or guys just brought their wives, cause it was like their time out for a first date dinner for a date. And so we decided we’re trying to teach guys to be better husbands and all. And so probably scheduling a meeting on Valentine’s day is not a good idea.

So, so, so other than

David Pasqualone, Host: [01:01:05] those 18 years, only three misses and two are because of natural disasters.

Jim Porter, Guest: [01:01:10] Yeah. Man. That’s amazing. Well, no, we missed for hurricane Michael because they didn’t know where it was going to hit this past year.

David Pasqualone, Host: [01:01:17] Yes. They made a big deal about that.

Jim Porter, Guest: [01:01:19] That Pensacola was in the target and there was a major hurricane

David Pasqualone, Host: [01:01:22] and in turn and never hit us.

Jim Porter, Guest: [01:01:23] It turned and it devastated Mexico beach and Panama,

David Pasqualone, Host: [01:01:28] and that’s, isn’t that crazy. I, I’m not from here, but I’m thinking it turns, it doesn’t hit us three hours away. Complete annihilation of certain areas. Yeah. And we literally got a drizzle of rain. It’s just crazy.

Jim Porter, Guest: [01:01:43] Thankfully we were on the correct side of it.

You know, being on the, on the West side of it, cause it’s the cyclone going counterclockwise.

David Pasqualone, Host: [01:01:49] The day after that hurricane, my truck got stolen.

Jim Porter, Guest: [01:01:52] It did.

David Pasqualone, Host: [01:01:53] Somebody stole it to take, to

Jim Porter, Guest: [01:01:55] work

David Pasqualone, Host: [01:01:56] in work. I mean, I know what happened. I don’t know what happened, but I know what happened. I had a nice workshop and it’s like gone.


Jim Porter, Guest: [01:02:02] I love that truck. So we,

David Pasqualone, Host: [01:02:04] you’re listening and you have my truck. I will not press charges. Just bring it back. That was my favorite vehicle ever and it was gone. No, it was gone. I, I’m, I’m, like I said, if I had a bet like my house, I bet like somebody took it to work out there or loot houses, I hate to say it, but it was a nice work truck.

It wasn’t huge value. It was just a nice truck, but that’s, that, that time was just chaos. I mean, the police were overwhelmed. Can I ask them to find my truck? It’s like,

Jim Porter, Guest: [01:02:32] Oh yeah, they had enough problems.

David Pasqualone, Host: [01:02:33] Yeah, no, you got life. You got raped, you got murder. I mean, let’s, let’s deal with, are things that matter.

Forget my truck.

Jim Porter, Guest: [01:02:39] Yeah.

David Pasqualone, Host: [01:02:39] So go on.

Jim Porter, Guest: [01:02:40] Well,

David Pasqualone, Host: [01:02:41] so you’ve got the men’s bar, me and you launched it first one.

Jim Porter, Guest: [01:02:44] Yeah. And, and we started a . It grew every, we literally had to increase in attendance every meeting. And it was amazing. And before we knew it, we were outgrowing the picnic pavilion. And so the guys, it’s all run by, there’s no, nobody’s paid, nobody gets a nickel salary or anything.

Even our bookkeeper is a, it does it as a, as a donation to the ministry. It’s amazing. and so it’s run 100% by laymen and volunteers. You have a board of directors, all Christian businessmen in the area and not businessmen. They’re all Christian, mature men from different churches. It’s not sponsored by any one church, which is good because, you know, we’ve had your pastor come seek, you know, we’ve had Hillcrest pastor.

We’ve had all of the pastor in the early years. We only use local people. We had no budget. We had no money. And, but it has grown to the point where, It’s still, it’s totally free. There’s nothing to pay or join, and there’s not a threat to any church. So the churches will like it to use that as an outreach ministry of their Nan so their men can invite people, come to the barn and

David Pasqualone, Host: [01:03:48] we wouldn’t step foot in a normal

Jim Porter, Guest: [01:03:50] church.

Yeah. Yeah. Who wouldn’t go to him?

David Pasqualone, Host: [01:03:53] I’ve gone a couple of times now with people that would never step foot in the church. But they heard the gospel and then what’s great, I don’t know if you’ve, I’m sure you realize this, but who knows? For me, as someone coming to visit and bringing a guest, not only are they being exposed to the love of God, but then we have a 45 minute ride home to talk about.

Jim Porter, Guest: [01:04:13] I never thought about that.

David Pasqualone, Host: [01:04:14] That’s, I mean, literally you said who would come out that far and as soon as you said, I’m thinking that’s perfect because we’re driving over having conversation. They’re engaging in this experience. And then we have 45 minutes to sit awkward or talk about it.

Jim Porter, Guest: [01:04:29] It’s beautiful.

Yeah. Well, we keep it simple. We don’t allow politicians, you know, and we don’t, we try to keep it real simple. We have gospel music. We have a beautiful steak dinner with baked potatoes and all you can eat. I mean, say, Oh, you can eat till we run out of food, but

David Pasqualone, Host: [01:04:46] in good quality food, it’s not chicken little leathery steak.

It’s great.

Jim Porter, Guest: [01:04:49] We’ve now had over, as of last month, we’ve had over 60, 60,000 people come to board meetings and actually a 3,535 [01:05:00] have a sign cards that they accepted Christ at the meeting. Man, praise notice. It’s been amazing. Really. We’ve seen a lot of, I mean, it’s, it’s just incredible how God has met the need because the financial aid grew in expenses.

And for a while, you know, I could afford to, to, if what the bill. And, and then we have a donation box. We don’t take up a collection, but there’s a donation box. The regular attendees are good about helping us, but it, it, it never would even begin to, now it’s about over 5,000 a month for, for the food and speakers, you know, cause we have to pay, we have world class speakers now, and they, they, we fly them in, we put them in a motel and, and we give them an honorarium in addition to their, travel expenses.

And, We’ll bring in the music from Georgia and Tennessee, and for the last two years we’ve been doing that. And so it’s, it’s expensive, but God is miraculously met. Every need is just, it amazes us every time. One time we had a board of directors meeting and I said, you guys, we have $3,000 in the kitty.

And at that time it was costing $2,600 just for the food, just for the food. And, I said, and Scott said, well, I’ve got 12 speakers lined up from all over the country to fly in. So do you want me to cancel every other one? And we’ll use the local people to save the expense of flight and you know, and and motel.

And the guys voted no. Let’s just trust the Lord. He’s, he’s met every need and unbelievably, within two weeks, we had a Christian businessman who lives 300 miles from here. Called and said, the Lord has spoken to me and said, find out how much it costs for the food, and I’ll pay for one year’s food bill within two weeks of that meeting.

David Pasqualone, Host: [01:06:43] And you never made it public,

Jim Porter, Guest: [01:06:44] never made it public, and it was incredible.

David Pasqualone, Host: [01:06:48] Jehovah jar. The

Jim Porter, Guest: [01:06:48] Lord was unbelievable. And, and he sent us a check. I did the math and figured out exactly what it costs for food at that time. It was a run 2,600 a month for food when that, cause I remember given that figure and he, he multiplied it by 12 and mails a check.

And so, you know, God has always met the needs they’re in just now. This will last in the last four weeks. a Christian business, in town who asked to be anonymous, said, I’ll give you $10,000 if up to 10,000 on match every donation that is earmarked special for your barn ministry. For, for, through the 31st of January.

And, and I’ll match it dollar for dollar. So if we get 10,000 donated, we’ll have 20,000 going into this new year. Wow. And, it was amazing. people sent checks into the very first minute they heard about it. And, and then I had a phone call the two days before the end of this month. I had a phone call and.

Somebody said that, I, I’ve, sent you $450 through PayPal and at that point we had nine, $9,100 in. And then, so now we had $9,550. We need a 450 more to, to maximize that, that matching. And on new year’s Eve, I got a call from somebody from Fort Walton beach who has attended the foreign ministry several times.

And he said. Did you meet your goal? I said, we’re within $450 and I said, and several people have said, they’re going to send us something. We hadn’t gotten it, and the date is really 31st today. He said, I’m going to date a check today and send you $500. Praise God. So thank the Lord. So that was a blessing.

You know, we’re not in it for the money, obviously. You know, we spend it, you know, wisely in the ministry. Oh, absolutely. The Lord has just blessed it and we’ve, we’ve had good results. Has been good.

David Pasqualone, Host: [01:08:47] Money’s a tool. If we don’t have the tool. We can’t

Jim Porter, Guest: [01:08:52] make the machine work. You can reach more people if you, if you have it.

Yeah, you can.

David Pasqualone, Host: [01:08:56] Yeah. 3,300 men have trusted Christ because they were brought there and some of the bring was, I got a free steak dinner. I get to hear cool music and I get to listen to somebody. Interesting. That all costs money, but the fruit is just amazing. If someone does want to get involved and help, we have listeners all over the world.

How could they do that? Can I put in a link in the show notes for you?

Jim Porter, Guest: [01:09:19] Yes, that would be great. and we have a website, it’s called, actually, we’re working on it right now. It’s, it’s, it’s kind of, we’ve went off the air for a while and we’re just getting it back. Right. But it is the, men’s barn meeting.com.

David Pasqualone, Host: [01:09:33] Okay. Men’s barn, meehan.com. Yeah. And then  whatever we can find, I’ll make sure there’s a link to the proper working donation tab in the show notes if you want to get involved in this amazing ministry. again, just to repeat, it’s 18 years over 3000 men have trusted crisis or savior, or they’ve only missed three months because of hurricanes and natural disasters.

So this is loyal, dedicated people, not taking a dime. They’re using all the money [01:10:00] to love on people and reach them with the gospel. So, okay, so now you have them in his barn meeting. Let’s bring that to today. Where, where is the bargaining today and where are you going with it?

Jim Porter, Guest: [01:10:10] well, we, we outgrew the pavilion and the show you what kind of guys help us out?

one day the guys just showed up over there and they, they brought lumber and they said, let’s build a, a bigger deck. On, on the picnic pavilion and, extend the roof and sewing, hold more guys. And we did that and then we outgrew that. And then we, and we were between the two lakes. We have two lakes there.

We will between the two lakes. And we had tarps spread over the trees because in case of rain and one day a rainstorm came during a board meeting. And we probably had 200 people there. And, the, the blue tarps we had over there retained the water and collap own, you know, I’m on the tables at people and all, it was just horrible

David Pasqualone, Host: [01:10:58] and could actually hurt with all that water.

Jim Porter, Guest: [01:11:00] I know it, I mean, it was just not good. And they guys came to me, they said, Mr. Porter, we call it the barn meeting. We really need a barn. Would you, let us build a barn on the property? And I said, sure. And I said, how big you want the barn? They said, 40 by 80. So in that order, hold, you know, like 300 people.

So we, we decided we would do the barn. Well, I picked the spot and, I, I took my wife out and I said, Janice, I said, you want to see where we’re going to build the barn? She said, yeah. So we went out and, I drove her out on a little four Wheeler we got. And, I said, here’s where I’m going to build the barn.

I have it flagged. You could see the red flags around there with the corners of the barn. She said, you’re not serious, are you? I said, yeah, really? She said, no, you can’t be serious. I said, we are talking about that’s where it’s going to be. You see the markers? I put them out. She said, Jim, don’t take guys come early so they can walk around the Lake and some of them fish a little bit.

And we allow them to catch and release in the Lake. And she said, the sunsets over the Lake, it’s beautiful. She said, you pick the spot in the woods. They can’t even see the Lake. I said, honey, I’m in real estate. You can’t mess up the value of waterfront property by building the barn. And she looked at me and said, Oh, I must’ve been mistaken.

I thought we’d dedicated this to the Lord. Oh, guess where the barn is? Right where she said right on the Lake. That’s awesome. So the guys love it and,

David Pasqualone, Host: [01:12:24] that’s a good woman.

Jim Porter, Guest: [01:12:25] Yeah. Well, you know, hurricane Ivan, that was in 2004, and hurricane Ivan leveled the barn and we had just finished putting it, putting the pillars up and putting, all of the, we had 32 trusses.

And we rented a crane and we had a work day. It’s all done by volunteers. And the guys came and we, we had all the trusses up and everything, but the roof wasn’t on it yet to secure it. And I was in Alaska on a caribou hunt, and I heard on the radio a hurricane Ivan. Is is in the Gulf of Mexico, and I shot a caribou.

The guy landed to pick up my caribou, and I said to the pilot, I was 180 miles from the nearest nearest civilization, and the little plane circled around and landed to get the caribou, and I said, have you heard anything about that storm in the Gulf? He said, yeah. He said, this morning I was in Anchorage and they said something that’s supposed to hit a little place called Pensacola.

It’s a category five. And I said, Oh no. I said, I’m in a real estate business. We manage 600 houses, and I’m from Pensacola, and I’m from physical. I said, and we have a hurricane plan, and all vacations are canceled for my, my two sons and I, we each have 200 houses. We were responsible to get pictures of and notify the owners, and I said, can you get me out of here?

He said, not tonight. He said, I can’t carry anything else other than this caribou in this little airplane. He said, I’ll come back to mourn and get you. So I’m home. I’m in a tent that night, 26 degrees, and I’m thinking, what for wife and kids there just got through the worst hurricane that has ever hit Pensacola.

And then the next day he picked me up and flew me to Lake Clark. And I waited there all day and caught another flight to Anchorage. And the first front page of the, of the, the newspaper had a picture of the Pensacola Escambia, interstate 10 bridge collapsed with that tractor chair hanging over into the water and it showed a picture of a Marina that was

Completely demolished on hundreds of boats in it. And I thought, Oh my, that’s my hometown. And I’m here in Alaska. And it took me til Sunday to get home and I couldn’t even fly in here. Airport was closed for a month, but anyway, so we had to rebuild. The barn was funny. The only thing standing in that bill in that barn, it was leveled except all the, all the six by six posts down the two sides.

And the headers on them were standing. And th th the roof was [01:15:00] completely caved in. Crash, not official would’ve left. And my wife said, you know why that’s still standing? I said, why? She said, you were not here when they poured the Bay, this slab summit slab for the base. She said, but I went around and under each of those posts they had 1212 by 12 two feet deep under each post as a flooding.

She said, I’ve, I wrote a Bible verse and put it in a plastic bag and put it in there. And it’s under each of those posts. And that’s the only thing was left. That’s incredible. When you think about it. That’s awesome. That’s the value of a good wife to

David Pasqualone, Host: [01:15:37] wife. We’re facing a God that delivers.

Jim Porter, Guest: [01:15:40] So in 2008, we realized that, that when we have, what we call Sportsman’s night at the barn, where we got guys bring their.

Any trophies they want. And the show often from deer hunting or fishing or whatever, you know, we always doubled our attendance, so the boys said, dad, why don’t we buy a trailer and put world-class white tail deer mounts in it and take it to the churches? We’ll take the barn on the road. We’ll go to churches that are heading wild game dinner.

Which are very popular in the South. And and we’ll bring our dear collection and people, it’ll be a drawing card to get people who won’t go to a church service, but they would come and see these if they promote it. And so we started that. And it’s amazing how that has grown.

David Pasqualone, Host: [01:16:26] Yeah. I think your bio image you sent me, that was just a long stir animal.

How old? What was that.

Jim Porter, Guest: [01:16:31] Yeah. I’m trying to think of which one it was.

David Pasqualone, Host: [01:16:34] it looked like a giant elk or

Jim Porter, Guest: [01:16:36] the, the one it was when I shot. I believe so, yeah. There’s a picture. Yeah. I shot, I was this year the biggest deer I shot. That was huge. Yeah. But that, but, you know, and none of the deer on our display or because we make it clear that trophies are not trophies or fading memories.

You know, if you, if you have a trophy, it’s, it means a lot to you. Maybe your kids, but it’s. As you get older, one generation from now, a friend of mine called Ney, and this is what w where we, where we came up with this name. A friend of mine called me and he said, Jimmy said, I’m, I was a water skin champ for years.

He said, I have about 200 trophies in my garage getting dust on them. And he brought this up at a rotary club meeting and he said, do you know of any use we can have for these? I’d be glad to donate them. You can, you know, change the wording on it and put a different thing on this, on the trophy itself. he said, that, you know, I hate to see him just sitting in the garage, go on the waist.

And I said, can I have one for our ministry because I want to use that. I also have a Superbowl ring. a replica of a Superbowl ring because I have no, a football player that won a Superbowl ring and he sold that ring to pay for his divorce.  see, so everybody has a trophy of some type. And yours might be a lower golf score.

Yours might be a, a bigger fish and ears might be a bigger deer. It, there’s every, every field has, has a things you strive for, but you know, the real trophies are the change lives of men and women, boys and girls because of the blood of Christ. That’s the real trophy. And that’s, we have one trophy in our collection that my son found in a garbage can.

And, somebody was throwing it away, you know, they’d become meaningless over time.

David Pasqualone, Host: [01:18:23] And you call this ministry trophies are great

Jim Porter, Guest: [01:18:26] tropes of grace.

David Pasqualone, Host: [01:18:27] So out of the men’s bar, and

Jim Porter, Guest: [01:18:28] we didn’t kill any of these deer. These are, these are replicates of world-class deer. And people come from all over to see it.

They get in there and they, they see them in a church display and they’ll, they’ll call their friends on their cell phones. You’ve got to get over her. You’re not going to believe these deer serious trophies. They really are. We had 30 in one truck and we just gave that truck and all the deer to him, a guy that has a ministry and.

in Dalton, Georgia. And he takes it now and uses it up there. We have another, we have two of them ourselves that we use. We have a big one and one collection of, 22 deer and another one of 11 deer. And, and we take those to different places, you know, and, and any churches and all over the country.

Now, also, a friend of ours in Wisconsin started a ministry like that, and he now has trophies of grace Northern division, and he covers the North part United States. So we, it’s a unique ministry. It’s kinda neat.

David Pasqualone, Host: [01:19:23] And it just keeps growing and growing and growing,

Jim Porter, Guest: [01:19:26] you know? And same with barn meetings.

There’s at least six other places now that have more than many used that grew out of this one. It’s amazing. There’s one in Greenville that one started last month in Montgomery, Alabama. There’s one in a talk. next to, Memphis, Tennessee. No, next to Meridian, Mississippi, pun to talk to Mississippi.

And there’s one in Samson, Alabama. There’s one in Crestview. There’s one in Paris, Georgia, or Paris tense, Kentucky. So these are more ministries that people came here and they went back and started one side of their own. And I just sent some to, a packet of [01:20:00] information on what is the barn and all about how we operate.

I just sent it to someone, Just this week, I put it in the mail actually

David Pasqualone, Host: [01:20:07] to help them start

Jim Porter, Guest: [01:20:08] to help them

David Pasqualone, Host: [01:20:09] start it. And if you’re listening now and you have the means and the funding, and you want to start one, I’m sure Jim, you wouldn’t mind talking to him to help him start them

Jim Porter, Guest: [01:20:16] out too. Yeah, yeah.

David Pasqualone, Host: [01:20:19] Well, let’s do this. We’ve covered a lot of ground today and I’m so thankful for your time and we could keep talking. But I know that when we were talking in the past, you had some funny stories, you, you were sharing and you, I’d love to share maybe one or two of those of the listeners. What do you think?

Jim Porter, Guest: [01:20:34] A couple of foolish things that I’ve done in my life, and I know we all make mistakes and probably all everybody’s had a close call. When I was real little, we had a rug that we put new carpet in our house and we put the old rug outside. We used it as a wrestling and boxing match, you know, and my dad box a little one was in the army and he taught his kids to box.

And so Harry and I would, would box on that mat. Well, one day, one of friends were down there playing. Then we got the bright idea, Hey, roll me up in the rug. And I laid down on that rug and they rolled me up, my arms pinned against my body, and then they started jumping on both ends of it, and that’s the only time my life I’ve ever experienced a pure, pure, pure panic.

I couldn’t breathe and I couldn’t move my arms and thanks the Lord. My mom happened to look out the window and see what was going on and ran out and unrolled near. I probably could have died in a few minutes, you know, that was stupid. I also. One day we were playing now is on dead end street. Well, they sold the property behind us and they were building a subdivision and nothing.

Now in the South, we don’t have basements, but up where I was in, in New Jersey, they always dig a cellar or a basement, we call it. And and then build the house above that. So they have like a man cave or downstairs, something like that. Well, they had all of these in a row up there, and we had about two weeks of rain every day.

All day. And it filled up these basements with water. And so we decided, Hey, you know, we’ll have this room. Pools wasn’t there and swim and that basement. And I dove in head first and hit a cement block underwater, which knocked me out. Thank the Lord. Why didn’t it break my neck. You know, that was such a stinker, drown or blood always thing to do.

You know, I was unconscious. My friends pulled me out. I had a stiff neck for a couple of weeks, but that was . Well, one time I had a motorcycle and I was driving, on the, on the high speed train route between Philadelphia and New York. It went through a little town called a little crossing. It was called an Lawrence station that had a swimming hole there.

We used to go swimming there. Well, I was riding my motorcycle. through their line. And I really wasn’t old enough to be riding yet. I think I was like 15, had to be 17 in New Jersey. And, I, I wrote over to my uncle’s house and I was coming back and that we didn’t have crossing, arms that come down.

Then they had a guy standing there with a stop sign in the daytime and at night, a lantern and old guy. And, he was standing there with broad daylight. And he was on the other side of the tracks from me and he was standing there with the stop sign cause the train was coming and it was coming from New York heading South to Philly.

So I stopped it. I’m sitting there thinking, when that guy passes, when that train goes by, I’m going to do a wheel. He had see how close I can come to the caboose, which sounded like a fun thing to do as a kid.

David Pasqualone, Host: [01:23:25] It sounds good. It’s in your

Jim Porter, Guest: [01:23:25] head. So I’m racing the engine in the seconds that that caboose went was just about past me.

  1. Pop the clutch and did a Willie and shot across there, not knowing that there was a train behind it coming the other way, going toward New York. Oh no. And there was no way, no way to stop. And he, I don’t know how close he came to me, but it was closer to me from where I’m sitting from you and we’re saying like

David Pasqualone, Host: [01:23:50] four feet away.

Jim Porter, Guest: [01:23:51] Yeah, it was. It was unbelievable. It scared me. I was shaking so bad. I stopped and got off my cycle on the other side and the guard, he was almost. Draped over the stop sign. He’s, and I still remember his words. He said, what’s the matter with you kid? Don’t you want to live? And that was force. So you know, you do things thoughtlessly.

So I know everybody has experiences where they’ve had a close call or something. I’ve had more than my share. I think when I get to heaven, my guardian angel is going to be easy to be spotted, to be the one with no feathers. I had a one, I bought a new Ducati, Ducati motorcycle one time, when I was 17.

And, I wanted to show my buddies, and I knew they were the drive in movie theater and, I knew a shortcut to get to it. So I cut through a corn field, on a road, a country road through the cornfield. And I was going, it was dark. I was going way too fast and came to a 90 degree turn and went straight out into the cornfield.

I laid the bike over and slid out into the cornfield, and the next day I went, I shook me up, you know, and it didn’t hurt the bike. It just bent the fender a little bit. I went back the next day and I came within five or six feet of a telephone pole that I never [01:25:00] even saw until the next day.

David Pasqualone, Host: [01:25:01] And that’s probably why you missed it.

You know, wherever you look on a motorcycle is usually where you go. I didn’t see it. Now what about the T 28 story? I remember you talking to me.

Jim Porter, Guest: [01:25:11] Well, when I was a flight instructor, I taught, first my first couple of years teaching, I taught, close formation and we would fly. Two feet wingtip to wingtip and 10 feet step down and 20 feet nose to tail.

So you’re very close to the other pilot. Your two planes are real close together. Well. I was an instructor in the second tour pilot and, I was teaching in my, I had an Italian farm student, the guy from Italy, he spoke broken English now. And, he was one of my two students. The other guy was the guy in hand clip and caught from New Jersey.

And, we shouldn’t have been flying bad weather, real bad weather, but we were behind on students. We had to fly. So we were out and I was trying to find clear air to do all these maneuvers. You’re supposed to be at 5,000 feet. I couldn’t. Be at 5,000 I was down at 2,500 feet trying to stay under the the cloud layer.

And there was a storm also moving in from the Gulf, that bad storm and the squadron recalled off light. All of all solar SLU students except in my tube. And they, they said, cause I had to finish these guys. I had a double flight that day. It was 2.6 hours in the air and that’s a long time and a little T 28 airplane.

And for fuel. And so we’re flying and, the weather is deteriorating bad. they called me and said, Porter, how much more time do you need? And I said, I need another 20, 30 minutes to finish all the maneuvers that they had to finish that day. It was a Friday morning because the next day they were scheduled to fly across country by themselves in formation and they couldn’t go in unless they pass this check.

I was giving them pressure from

David Pasqualone, Host: [01:26:47] multiple sides. Yeah. Lots of things going on.

Jim Porter, Guest: [01:26:50] So they, I finished, they recalled all duels, all, all flights with both an instructor and a student in them except my flight. My nickname was Phantom. It was Phantom flight. They said, Phantom, stay out. Finish these guys and get in here.

We got this field’s going and go closed. So we finished and we’re heading in and we went instrument conditions in the entry channel, so we had to break off. We could not continue on. My students were not instrument qualified. They would have crashed. So we broke off. I called the squadron, I said we couldn’t get into the field from the entry.

They said, try the alternate entry from the North. Maybe the storm is moving from the South to the North. Maybe you can beat it into the field if you come in from the North. So I took my students up North and we started heading in. And, it, it was really looking bleak ahead. I could see, I didn’t think were gonna make it, make it, and I thought, I better cook, get close to him.

I was about a thousand yards behind him. Great. And grading them for their positions and all. So I added full power and I’m screaming up to them and they disappear in a cloud bank. And I called my lead and I said, a fandom one, can you still see the ground? He said, barely sir, and boom, like that. I was in it.

Zero visible. It’s like somebody threw a white. Blanket over the cockpit thing and and I knew my two students were two feet apart in that and I was going to hit them now within probably within 10 seconds, cause I had a 40 not closure rate, 40 about 50 miles an hour closure rate on him. So I was gonna I was going to hit him, so I completely shut my power down.

I activated my speed break. And, instinctively I hung a hard left turn. It was the worst thing I could have done for the students because it’s, it’s very difficult to, to have a flight turn into the wingman. If you turn away from your wingman, then he can stay with you. But when you turn into him, he’s now got it.

You’re coming toward him. It’s, it’s, if you’re a pilot, you understand it’s difficult. And so I really should have turned right and had them turn left. But mine came instinctively. I didn’t want to hit him. I just hung a hard left, which turned out to be a blessing cause I turned into the heart of the store and they turned out of it.

And so they were okay, but I’m talking to them, telling them to go back to the J oil field where we just passed over and orbit until I joined them and I forgot while I’m talking to him, I’m in a hard turn. I probably was upside down at that point and I forgot my speed break was down and my airspeed is just dropping off.

And I got vertigo, which is a disorientation and you don’t know if you’re upside down rights. I know that you can’t read your instruments. In fact, my roommate in in flight school was a flight instructor. And was killed with the very same thing. He had vertigo in a storm. He, Oh, he came out of the storm upside down and couldn’t pull out, and they killed both him and a student.

And he was in our wedding. My wife and I was wedding, but I was in deep trouble and I could not get the airplane out of the situation. I added, I’d raised a speed brake. I added power at mile timbers, spinning like a clock going down. And I just knew that, you know, I got a, I didn’t have to bail out, so I looked at my altimeter [01:30:00] and I was too old to bail out.

I was already past a thousand feet. And this parachute in this plane, you don’t inject. You have to jump out and pull the ripcord it takes 300 feet to open.

David Pasqualone, Host: [01:30:09] Yeah,

Jim Porter, Guest: [01:30:10] no, he’s jumping out and hitting the ground without your parachute open, you know, Mustang, the airplane. And so I did the only other thing I know to do, and that’s pray.

And why didn’t I do that first? Yeah. You know, save me a lot of grief. And, and I, I just hit my mic button, inner cockpit so I could hear it. And I just said out loud three words. I said, pleadingly loud. I said, God helped me like pleading. And you know, it instantly, miraculously in no doubt it was a miracle because, there was no way I was going to pull out of that.

And, I looked out the left side of my cockpit and it was like a flash of light and dark night, you know, and then it’s going like a lightning bolt or something towards at night. I saw the ground, then it was white again, but it cured my vertigo. I knew the ground was out to my left and I was very close to it, so I knew I was, I was on my a wing, my right wing up my left wing down vertical.

And so I knew what to do. I will write to correct it. And my gyro scope, which is an instrument that tells you your wing position, in the airplane, it had been tumbling because I think because I was upside down, but it settled down and I could now see my wing position and my vertigo was cured once I saw the ground.

But again, instantly it was white again, so I couldn’t see it anymore. But I didn’t have vertigo. So I, I got my wings level. Added power. And I said, thank you Lord. You know how many times? And I pulled out of it, I’d watched y’all Timoner went down to 300 feet, which is very close

David Pasqualone, Host: [01:31:38] to the

Jim Porter, Guest: [01:31:39] length of a football field from the ground.

Way too low in an airplane. Yeah. And trees are higher than that. Just kept going down down cause you don’t pull out or something like that. Instantly it takes a while to get flying. And I watched it and it went down to 300 feet and then started to get gradually climbed. And I said, thank you Lord. And, and it was, it was a very emotional thing for me.

Not then, cause I was, adrenaline was pretty high right then and I was feeling pretty good right that point. And I said, thank you Lord. I’m not turning, I was still in the storm. I’m not turning until I see blue sky and sunshine. I don’t care where I come out. I didn’t know what direction I was heading.

I came out at Crestview, which is about 50 miles away at 5,000 feet. I broke out of the storm. And I took a look at that beautiful sunshine blue sky, and I thought, Oh Lord, you’re going to have to help me with this. I got to go back down through it to get to my students. And I did, but I didn’t have vertigo, so I flew instruments and went down.

I called my student and I said, a fandom one, a what altitude are you, and where? He said, I’m orbiting Watertower. It’s a January oil field inJ , Florida. at 900 feet. He said, I can’t go any higher. The, my tails in the, in the clouds, I said, is your, your wingmen with EAC? Yes, sir. The poor kid was panicked.

He had a radio failure, and so he could, he didn’t have a clue what was going on, that Italian kid, but he did a great job flying the airplane. we communicated with him on that flight with, hand signals, Navy teaches hand signals

David Pasqualone, Host: [01:33:04] for exact in situations like that?

Jim Porter, Guest: [01:33:06] Well, mainly it’s for combat. If you have radio silence, you have to be able to signal to your other airplanes what you’re doing at all.

And so they had already had that, and so that was good. So I joined them and our problems weren’t over though. We, we were low on fuel. Now the field was closed. Squatter said, Continue to orbit and we’ll call you with instructions. 20 minutes goes by. They called me back and said, we got permission for you to shoot an instrument approach into North Whiting, and I said, done.

Can’t do it. My students cannot shoot an actual instrument approach. I said that they’re not instrument qualified. They haven’t even had our eye training radio instrument training yet, and they said, okay, you got a problem. Then you tell us what you’re going to do. Now we’re getting real low on fuel, so I call all the airfields around the air force base and.

Hurlburt and Fort Walton, I called them Ellison had a helicopter field back then and I called them. They were closed. I called the Bates in the immobile, they were closed. I called TESOL air force base in Biloxi, Mississippi, and they were in Gulf port and they were closed. Everything was shut down on the coast with this storm, and the squadron called me back and said, ah, we just got permission for you to fly to Montgomery, Alabama and land at natural air force base.

I said, a wonderful, but we don’t have enough fuel. I got low fuel warning lights now except we cannot make Montgomery. So I said, what about the field in Bruton? It’s a little North of where we were. Maybe the storm hadn’t gotten there yet, you know, and it’s in the woods at Bruton. It’s where we just haven’t touched down and take off.

You don’t stop there. And they said, you can’t go to Bruton. The field’s closed. I said, what was the weather. And how long ago did you close it? They said, we closed it 15 minutes ago. And, the crash, they said the weather with marginal VFR marginal that you could land and, but [01:35:00] nobody’s flying. So we closed the field.

I said, well, I’m going to go there. They say, you can’t, the crash crew wasn’t there. I said, I don’t need a crash crew. I need a runway. So yeah. So we went there and landed. I declared an emergency and we went there. Stayed all day until the told the storm passed. And then we flew back home and I walked in the house that night and my wife said, what’s wrong with you?

What happened? Why you look sick or something? I said, honey, I said, I almost got killed too. I almost was in eternity today. Now, the neat thing I was saved, I would have gone to heaven. But you know, you never know when your time’s up. Here I am having a great time being a Navy pilot and all and.

Instantly facing it, a life and death situation. Now, a lot of people don’t, don’t have second chances like that. I was already a Christian. I know if I’d have passed away then I would’ve, I would’ve been in heaven. But I looked at my wife, she was pregnant with a little girl then, and I thought, you know, I almost didn’t get the raise these kids pretty sobering thought.

You know, but the word was good. And, it got me through that

David Pasqualone, Host: [01:36:00] and he is getting,

Jim Porter, Guest: [01:36:00] he is, I used to lecture my flight students before a flight and I would, I would write on the chalkboard three things. I’d say one, two, and three. I said, all decisions in your life are, are boiled down to three things. You know, when you think about all other decisions are minor, what you’re wearing today is a decision.

What you know, what time you got up is a decision where you’re going to decision everything is a decision. But some decisions are major and one of them is your relationship with your creative. What is your relationship with a horde? That’s number one. There is nothing on the planet earth. More important than that relationship.

And number two, if it’s in God’s will that you marry, choose the right person. That’s something you pray about and make sure that that is, that’s a major decision in your report. And number three is how are you going to occupy your time that God gives you on this earth? Your vocation or advocation? What, what are you, how are you going to use your time?

That’s another thing. And then I would, I would, the Navy guys, I would say, guess what number the three are? And then I would put number three, Naval aviation, and then, but I would introduce them to the fact that, that they need to think about their spiritual condition. Number one, that’s more important than anything on the planet.

I often use that Australian and, and what was good to me, I was able to lead. as an El Salvador students, the ward one night I had on the back of my helmet, right at your own risk. I’m leaving at the rapture. Everybody got the airplane in the back seat would ask it. Why? What does that mean?

David Pasqualone, Host: [01:37:30] So explain to the audience what is the raptured

Jim Porter, Guest: [01:37:33] raptures and what we’re looking for.

The return of Christ in the clouds to the dead in Christ. Those that have accepted Christ will be caught up and, and go to heaven. And, those that have died before us will be raised from the dead as it are. Christians would go to heaven and it’s gonna to happen. And the rest of the people who are going to be left here and this earth is going to go through a difficult time with the influence of Christianity removed from it.

No one will return after that. And, and rule every nail bow one day, everyone will recognize the Christ as the King. And, that’s, that’s his reign. But, but that was a neat thing on my helmet cause it gave me an easy way at opening,

David Pasqualone, Host: [01:38:17] opening a conversation.

Jim Porter, Guest: [01:38:18] I had that on there for like seven years. I printed it in a print shop actually.

I worked in a print shop in college and I, and I’ve friended that. Yeah. So what the word was? Good man.

David Pasqualone, Host: [01:38:30] So you’ve had an interesting life chain. So you’ve, you go through. You go to college, you join the military, you get out Realty teaching, you go through, you want to, like you said, the average life. The Bible talks about 70 80 years.

You’re right there, 76 years old. You’re, you know, I looked at you and I’ve known you. I thought, you’re healthy as a horse. You’re just going to keep moving forward to God. Takes you home. And then you just shared some information with me. You want to, so we went through your past, we went through kind of the present and then where you’re going and what kind of running between.

Let’s, let’s start

Jim Porter, Guest: [01:39:02] there. Where are you today? Well, in 2017 I went in for an annual physical and the doctor said, you’re in great shape, Jim. You look good and you feel good and everything. So see you next year. And as I’m walking out, he said, ah, by the way, have you ever had a scan, a body scan? And I said, what do you mean?

He said, well. do I need one? And he said, no, but you know, you, you get one free when you’re at your age. I was 73 at the time. And he said, you get one of one free, one in your lifetime under Medicare, and they’ll do a body scan and just to get a look at your organs and things to see how things are going.

And I said, well, if it’s free, yes, I me up. So I did. And I went in and had an ultrasound done. And the doctors called the end and my wife and he said, you have an aortic abdominal aortic aneurysm, which could be life threatening. Wow. And a very serious, if that fat ruptures, it’s [01:40:00] like a flat, like a tire on the car and gets a balloon in it.

It’s a weak spot in your blood vessel. Why isn’t the main artery in a, in my, just pulling my heart and, he said, I’m going to send you to a specialist. He might want to operate out in the what, but. So he did, and I went to a specialist. The specialist said, I don’t really trust the ultrasound. I want to get a better picture.

I’m going to get you a CT scan. So I go in for a CT scan to determine the exact size of it, because if it reaches five centimeters, it’s considered life threatening. and he, he looked at it and he called me and he said, well, your CT scan shows that it’s a 3.25, so it’s nothing to worry about yet. It will grow as you get older as normal.

He said, we’ll monitor it every six months and if it gets close to five, we’ll do a stint, which is fairly routine procedure now. And, cause if it ruptures, you’re basically dead in a very few minutes.

David Pasqualone, Host: [01:40:52] Yeah. It’s very short period. Yeah.

Jim Porter, Guest: [01:40:53] And unless you’re right in the hospital, you just don’t have a chance.

David Pasqualone, Host: [01:40:57] Oh, we just interviewed a guest I was telling you last week. And Danny Colby from Canada, he had an aneurysm, massive in surgery and open heart surgery. They found it completely separate, so they were able to save his life. Yeah. So that’s like you said, it’s instantaneous or how God orchestrated that is amazing.

Jim Porter, Guest: [01:41:15] That was, and for

David Pasqualone, Host: [01:41:16] them to find it, you’re walking out thinking you’re healthy and that those like, Hey, did you ever have this done? Let’s go. We just think, you

Jim Porter, Guest: [01:41:21] know, I really did feel great and my strength is good in, in a, you know, I don’t hurt anywhere and all, and now I got an, I got an aneurysm. Well, he said, but, I discovered something that’s more concerning.

he said, did you know that you have a pretty large tumor in your bladder? I see. Great day. No, and he said, I’m going to refer you immediately to a, to a doctor, to, to take a look at that because he said, I think you need to have surgery right away. So I went to, to another doctor and he confirmed that it was cancer and it was the size of about a golf ball, just a little smaller and a golf ball.

I said between him, gumbo come ball and a golf ball. He said, pretty good size, but it was not metastasized and it was . All contained within the bladder. He said, I can’t believe you didn’t have any symptoms, no pain or anything like that. I said, no, nothing. He said, no, it’s amazing. He said, I’m getting to get it out right away.

So he did. It’s a, it’s called a low grade, transitional cell carcinoma. And, he said, the unfortunate thing is, he said, I’ll take it out, but they tend to grow back. You can’t, you can’t hardly prevent them. So he took it out and, and, gave me a treatment and that was fine. And when I was in a lot of pain for awhile there, and then I went back in and, for the checkup after a surgery and he said, Oh no.

He said, you’ve had a reaction to the medication we gave you. And I can’t even tell the condition of your bladder. So in about another four weeks, come back and I’ll take another look and see if you’ve got any, any more tumors. So I got through that, went back in. And, and he told Janice, and I said, I think you may have between 16 and 18 new tumors growing.

And we saw them on the, on the TV screen. It was not a good sight. And, so he scheduled surgery. That was amazing. There. He, he’d discovered those. And, they had a kid, he said, we’re going to schedule that as soon as possible. And within three days, I was in surgery. That was a Wednesday. And on Friday they cut, they operated.

And it turned out there were 12. new tumors growing. It wasn’t 16, 18, but it was a bunch.

David Pasqualone, Host: [01:43:28] When you do

Jim Porter, Guest: [01:43:28] something, you do it right, bro. It’s like a flower garden down that has some, maybe that stuff they put in there with fertilizer, you know,

David Pasqualone, Host: [01:43:35] but you’re still, other than the reaction to the medicine, you’re still feeling strong.

I said, Oh

Jim Porter, Guest: [01:43:39] no, it didn’t hurt nothing. I mean, the day after surgery, I’m back to normal. You know? It’s amazing. And, so then, I went in for a checkup later and there were three more, and they took two, two of those three words. Malignant. So I’ve had 15 tumors taken out, but you know, the last one was March a year ago.

and so my next appointment will be a March 18th. And, and I feel great again, you know, but they could be grown, but I’m not worried about the work. Gave me peace about that, you know, I said, Lord, you know, if I’ve got some unsaved world once I’ve been frame for, for a long time, and if more people would get saved by my gum, I would rather go.

Then, then if, if more people would get saved by my staying, I’d rather stay. You know, we’re all going to be there one day and it’s not that far away. You know, in the spectrum of eternity, even a hundred years, there’s nothing, we can’t even comprehend that the, it’s not within our mindset. We can’t, it has no beginning, no ending.

We can’t comprehend it. It’s a God thing. And, so it’s really important that we, that we, occupy our time here. And do what we should do and have a relationship with the Lord. You know, I often tell people when I speak, I say, you know, I encourage you to take what’s called the mirror test. Mirror test is, instead of just shaving in [01:45:00] the morning, gentlemen or ladies, when you’re putting your makeup on, look at your eyes, look at yourself in the mirror, and what you see right now is how you’re going to be three years, five years, 10 years from now, except you have age.

But you’re basically going to be the same person, your personality, your thoughts and things, except for three things. The people you meet, the places you go, and the books you read. Now with the computer age, it’s also any material you take in, not just books, but the people you may hang around. Good people hang around.

People that bring out the best in your people, that, that they bring out, the better in, you know, when you’re with them and you bring out the better in them. Hang around. Good people. Cause that’s one of the three things that influences who you are and the places you go. Don’t go to sleazy places. Don’t go to places that you shouldn’t.

You know where you should go, where you shouldn’t. And so go to good places. And number three, take good, good material. It’s sad that, the junk tits available now, the internet is wonderful, but it has a dark side too, and you’ve got to avoid that. Do wholesome, go, go to wholesome places, read wholesome books, wholesome things.

and, that’s my advice on that.

David Pasqualone, Host: [01:46:14] That’s good advice. We are what we eat, right? We are

Jim Porter, Guest: [01:46:18] as garbage out.

David Pasqualone, Host: [01:46:19] Yup. Yup. Mentally, physically, spiritually, financially. We are what we, yeah. Well, I want to ask you this question and I think you will be fine with it, but I hope I don’t offend you at all. We’ve talked with Ray, you’re 76 years old, right?

You have an aneurysm that’s, or a a problem that could rupture at any time. Sure. Statistically, you know, you’re aware. you know, life statistically is close to very close to wrapping up for you. Like you said, you’re in your final two minutes.

Jim Porter, Guest: [01:46:47] We’re either in a two minute warning or a sudden death. I’m not sure which we’re in a ballgame on Hulu near the end.

David Pasqualone, Host: [01:46:54] Exactly. All right, so this is no, I could die today. My kids could die. The listener, we could die today. We have to be prepared.

Jim Porter, Guest: [01:47:00] It’s appointed unto man wants to die,

David Pasqualone, Host: [01:47:02] but I’m thankful. I truly mean, I’m thankful that we can be friends and I’m thankful you’re here today and we have this moment together, this recording.

As long as I keep paying the bills on my credit card, it’s going to stay on the internet. Is there anything you want to say to your wife, to your kids, to your family, to your foster kids, to the world, to our listeners? Is there anything, any closing thoughts that you want to leave with them?

Jim Porter, Guest: [01:47:24] Yeah. A closing thought for me would be, Make sure that you keep your priorities right. You know, as a Christian, you need to stay in the Bible. You need to read a Bible, you need to pray, and you need to conduct your life that, because in a way that would cause others to want what you’ve got. You know, you, we need to make sure, and I need to make sure that I can run around, Howard at people horrified when you’re hear cursing and things like that.

But listen, we’re in a world that is controlled basically by Satan. And they’re the salvation. The Christian has an advantage. We know who wins in this battle we’re in. We know Satan’s gonna lose in the long run, but we’re in a battle here and spiritual battle, and those of us who have accepted Christ as our personal savior already know where our eternal destiny is going to be.

We should live our lives so that we can reach those that we care about. Those are specially friends, family, loved ones that we can reach them for Christ. somebody gave me a book several years ago. I was speaking in a, in a meeting in Texas and a guy gave me a book and, it’s, it was, it’s called, praying.

intercessory prayer. And I read that book and I got convicted about my prayer life. My prayer life was very shallow. And, he, he pointed out in that book how important it is that we pray consistently for those that we care about, that we’re trying to win to Christ, and if, that they will, because a person can’t get saved unless the blinders are removed from their eyes.

The, the Charles Spurgeon, the great theologian, the Christian wrote many books and he said that I was raised in a Christian family. He said, and I don’t recall ever hearing the gospel presentation. Of how to get saved. He said, I know I did. I had to have, he said, I went to a Christian. I went to church all the time.

I had a Christian family and he said, and yet when I accepted Christ, I could have sworn that was the first time I ever heard the gospel message and that you hear other people give that same testimony. I went to a Baptist church as a little boy. Every Sunday for, I had a row of pins hanging on my shirt that I was all proud of for perfect attendance.

But my mom, that didn’t go. They made us go. But I was all proud of that. But you know what? I don’t recall ever hearing the gospel message until the day my dad came home and shared it with me. and I accepted Christ. And I could [01:50:00] tell you all the final ref stories and things, and I’m sure that probably some of those teachers had to have mentioned the gospel story.

But. My eyes were blinded, my ears were winded. I couldn’t hear the, unless the Holy spirit opens a person’s eyes. You cannot talk them into becoming a Christian and you shouldn’t try. We need to pray that people will be receptive to the gospel and that God will open their eyes and ears and that they’ll see their need of Christ until they see that need.

You can’t brow beat them. To win them. And yet our job here on earth, the only reason God leads us here, heaven, heaven is our home. We’re just passing through here. It’s a little test. And so we need to be cognizant of that. And our lives should be a testimony that someone was looking at and say, I want what that person has.

And then their heart is open and ready. And that’s a result of prayer. W we, we, covered your prayers in our barn ministry and we pray for, we have a great week coming up, next Thursday night, week from tomorrow, and we’d been praying that the word will bring the right people, that they’re ready to hear the gospel and receptive, and that our Christian friends will, will invite people to come to that.

And, it can be life changing.

David Pasqualone, Host: [01:51:14] Absolutely. And it really is seeing it on pitchers and hearing about it and experience it are so different. So if you can get a chance to get down to Pensacola, you have a thousand reasons to come to Pensacola, but you check out the men’s barn, meaning, if you can give, if you’re able to give and keep that funded, not so we can give money to friends, but so we can give money to people to hear the gospel and know God and not spend an attorney in hell.

Well, Jim, is there anything, you have an amazing or remarkable life. Is there anything we missed today that you’d like to hit on before we park?

Jim Porter, Guest: [01:51:48] I think we covered a lot of it. It’s been an honor to be part of this. Thank

David Pasqualone, Host: [01:51:54] you. No, I thank you sir. I

Jim Porter, Guest: [01:51:56] appreciate

David Pasqualone, Host: [01:51:57] it. Well, to our listeners out there, I hope you enjoyed the episode.

If you have any questions for Jim, we’ll have a link to him in the show notes, how you can get in contact with him. Do you have any questions for me? if you can rate and review our podcast, we’d really appreciate it cause the more reviews, the more people will listen. The more people listen, the more they’ll hear the truth.

The more they hear the truth and more will help them grow. And it all is to help and to glorify God. So we love you. Thanks for being here today. God bless. And like this slogan says, train for life. Catch you later. This is Dave with the remarkable people podcast. We’ll see you soon.

Jim Porter, Guest: [01:52:35] The remarkable people podcast.

Check it out.

the remarkable people podcast. Listen, do repeat for life.




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