““Dave, this is incredible! Bo and I are seriously thrilled (with the Sales & Marketing Video Guide). Thank you!” — Christian Helms

“I love this guy and podcast! David changed my life forever with some of the questions asked and the perspectives given and gained.” 🙂 – Jerremy Newsome

“A 5-star value, service, and organization for sure! The fresh perspective and ideas Ascend brought to the table were so powerful and easy to apply, yet they never crossed our minds, or the minds of other agencies we’ve worked with (and paid) for years.” — Barry Lintner

Web Design & SEO


In today’s post-COVID, work-from-home, pandemic restrained society, it is more important than ever to not only have an attractive website, but one that is well optimized on the backside and packed with powerful code. We all need websites that will not only be easily found through our direct marketing and advertising efforts, but found organically in search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing when people “Google” for the products and services you offer online. The most important part?

how do I rank on page 1 of Google

You need a 5-Star Website Design Company that is able to convert visitors into sales.


That’s why our customers love Ascend. Our 5-Star Website Design Company and Marketing teams teach you to not only convert sales through the use of sound Marketing strategy and honest Sales psychology, but how to make life-long clients and friends (not just a one-time sale).

When You work with Ascend, your website is just one part of a custom and integrated Marketing plan for your success. From start to finish we design your new website with the end in mine (your ultimate goals, not just the short-term immediate ones). We start by reverse engineering a custom marketing plan for you, then set up the key metrics and benchmarks for you shoot for along the way, and then help you measure your progress while making any necessary changes needed to help you not only achieve your goals, but exceed them.

Adapt and Overcome! 💪😉✌


While we have dozens of happy clients that we actively serve today, and hundreds over the last 30+ years, here are just a few websites we recently created. For a list of more references, or organizations we’ve worked with in your specific industry, just ask and they are yours!

Strong Auto & Marine Repair

Strong Auto & Marine Repair


Vehicle Repair & Service Pensacola

TEL Staffing & HR

TEL Staffing & HR


PEO, Payroll & HR Organization

Ascend 2 Glory, LLC

Ascend 2 Glory, LLC


Sales & Marketing Consulting

Sales & Marketing Video Guide®

Sales & Marketing Video Guide®

A real world evaluation of your website