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Podcasting Made Easy: How to Launch a Successful Podcast in 8 Weeks or Less +COACHING!

Group & 1-ON-1 Training

With David Pasqualone, Host of the Remarkable People Podacast

Ready to Start Your Podcast?Watch this short video 1st…

Video breifly shows and explains what the class is, isn’t, and what you can expect.🤠

What this class is…

  • Teaches you how to start an interview or solo/monalogue style podcast in 8 weeks or less
  • Shows you how to launch on a realistic budget from home
  • Saves you months of research, trial & error, frustration, & money
  • Encourages you through group training and private coaching
  • Gives you the resources you need to succeed in podcasting today, and tomorrow through a lifetime subscription to our growing library
  • Keeps you focused, on-task, and accountable
  • Helps you make your dream of podcasting a reality in 8-weeks!
What this class isn’t…

  • Not a video cast, audio only
  • Not for drama podcasts (most of the fundamentals are the same, but the actual episode coordination and production are very different)
  • Not streamlined (this inaugural class is like us, a work in progress. 😉 While the information and experience is solid, the organization and presentation of the material is ever changing and being refined. We learn and grow together here!)
  • Not for the lazy (podcasting is a lot fun, but also a lot of work. You need to be committed. You can do this💪, but you need to want it!)

Let’s GO

Start a podcast!

Professional Results. Beginners Budget.


Basic OUTLINE & Details

Weekly Small Group Training, "How to Launch a Podcast in 8-Weeks or Less" begins Thursday, May 7, 2020 at 7:30pm - 9pm CST

Remote Sessions with Screen-share Conducted via Zoom Meetings

Private, 15-30 Minute Weekly Coaching Calls for Accountability & Guidance

Limited Email Support for Mid-Week Questions that Come up Along the Way

Lifetime Membership to our Podcasting Library and Resources

Powerful Checklists, Recommendations, and Discount Links Included!


Podcasting Made Easy: How to Launch a Successful Podcast in 8 Weeks or Less + COACHING!

This podcasting course is unique in that it goes from zero to hero in only 8 short weeks. Plus, it includes private 1-on-1 coaching!

We start with the basics and work through all aspects of your podcast that you’ll need for a successful launch. We even cover all the technical geeky stuff like audio editing, transcription, and other important post production tools and tricks. Everything you need to know to launch your own interview or monologue style podcast is in here. We provide the knowledge, help you work through the challenges, and suggest the tools, but you make it happen! 😀


  • Eight (8) 30-minute Private Coaching Sessions
  • Eight (8) Small Group Seminars with Q&A Time
  • Podcasting 101- The Basics and Foundation
  • Developing Your Podcasting Vision- Your Purpose & Why
  • Identifying Your Target Audience & Sponsors
  • Choosing the Right Equipment, Software, and Platforms
  • Identifying the Best Podcast Hosting, Third-Party Services, and Tools
  • How to Strategically Structure Your Podcast
  • How to Attract, Record, and Interview Great Guests for Great Quality Episodes
  • Post Production Magic: The Tools & Tips of Editing
  • Lessons I Learned the Hard Way So You Can Have it Easy
  • Website Strategy & Integration Techniques
  • Marketing Your Podcast on a Shoestring Budget 
  • Guest Relations 
  • And More! (Really, there’s a lot more this class will cover🤩) 

So if you’re ready to share your story, heart, and time with the world, want to launch your podcast in 8-weeks or less, and are looking to do it with a group of like-minded people and have a lot of fun along the way, Sign-up now!



We help you clarify the Why, What, and When of Your New Podcast.


Matching you and your budget to the right equipment, software, and solutions.


How to record, edit, and promote quality podcasts.

How to book great guests, help people, and make money doing it with sponsors!


This is a one-time opportunity to enjoy our personal one-on-one coaching, small group sessions, and lifetime podcasting resources for only $300. Future groups will still receive an amazing value, but the course will never be $300 again.

This special rate is only for the inaugural class as we develop the program and resources together. After that the price point will be increase. Still totally worth every penny, but much higher. So stop thinking about launching your podcast and seize this tremendous opportunity to start DO’ing!

Remember, there are only 10 seats for this inaugural podcasting class.🚀 ARE YOU ONE OF THE REMARKABLE 10? 😉

What You Need to Get Started

The Reality of starting something great

I’m sure you’ve heard statements like, “Every journey starts with the first step”, “Anything worth doing takes effort”, and, “If it were easy, everyone would be doing it”. Well, podcasting is no different.

Before you take that first step, you need to understand that it is going to take hard work and effort to obtain your podcasting goals. Podcasting is totally worth it and super fulfilling, but you need to be mentally prepared for this ahead of time so you don’t fall into podfade (when the initial excitement of podcasting ends and the reality of the workload kicks in, podcasters often quit from discouragement before the seventh episode).

Our goal is that you start your podcasting journey with a balanced perspective and realistic expectations so you not only avoid podfade, but thrive podcasting for years to come! 🙂

With that said, here’s a short list of what you’ll realistically need to get started podcasting in 8-weeks:

  1. A positive, can-do attitude 🙂
  2. A long-term mindset
    • Podcasting is a marathon, not a sprint
  3. A computer and reliable internet connection
  4. Money budgeted for one-time costs such as a mic, headset, intro/outro music, and artwork
    • This could be as simple as your phone mic and earpiece, or as elaborate as professional grade equipment. We’ll go through the options in the class. Starting investment could be near zero to thousands of dollars. For most people though, “the average” investment is around $200 to get a solid start.
  5. Money budgeted for ongoing monthly costs such as podcast hosting, recording tools, and some marketing
    • Again, your investment can range here from $20 to you-name-it, but “the average” starting monthly budget for a new podcast is somewhere around $100 for these types of services
      • This is why we teach you how important sponsors are. Podcasting isn’t about the money (although it can be highly profitable), but money is a necessary tool you need to accomplish your goals. We’ll give you tips in this class on how to structure your podcast so you are attractive to sponsors who will pay to promote on your show.
  6. Time. Podcasting is super fun, enjoyable, and fulfilling, but it takes time. Depending on the frequency, length, and editing needs of your podcast, just plan on spending time with it. Like any new business or relationship, the more time you spend together, the stronger it becomes. 🙂

Have I scared you off yet? 😉 Hope not! Want to be real though.

If you’re still interested in learning to podcast and launch your show in 8-weeks or less, keep reading! 🥳


If you’re ready to share your story, heart, and time with the world, want to launch your podcast in 8-weeks or less, and are looking to do it with a group of like-minded people and have a lot of fun along the way, follow the orange arrow and sign-up now.

Remember, there will only be a maximum of 10 people in this inaugural podcasting class.🚀



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Podcasting Made Easy:

How to Launch a Successful Podcast in 8 Weeks or Less!

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