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Scrabble for Souls (SfS)



What is Scrabble for Souls?

Scrabble for Souls is God-centered, great commission-minded, family-friendly gaming tournament where 100% of the funds raised are sent to a missionary or special community action program via the local church. It’s a fun, clean, and engaging way to do life together and help the world around us.


Why Scrabble for Souls?

Have you ever gotten together with friends or family for a night of fun and entertainment and then looked back and asked yourself, “What profit did this night really bring? What am I doing with my life?” Well I have, and too many times. How often I’ve asked myself, “Other than not drinking, smoking, and doing drugs, what is really different about how we spend our time in comparison to anyone else in the world?” Saying that, the concept of SfS was born. SfS is truly a way to connect with real people on a deeper level while shifting our focus from ourselves to those in need around us- and all while having clean fun!

Get Together For Good Charity Fundraisers Scrabble for Souls
Get Together For Good Charity Fundraisers Scrabble for Souls
Who’s invited?

You are! For this first ever inaugural SfS event, the Hillcrest Palmer Connect Group and friends of David Pasqualone ages 12 and up are invited to come together and join us in not only celebrating Dave’s 40th birthday, but to do it in a way that honors God and helps our neighbors. So instead of getting together without a meaningful cause, buying presents that will break, and not remembering what we did two days later, we’re going to have a great time of fellowship with lots of food, raise money for a truly worthy cause, and be part of something bigger and more important than ourselves. We will be investing our time together instead of spending it!

Please Note: Seating for this special event is limited so reserve your chair today! Click here to register now with Eventbrite


When is it?

The first ever SfS tournament is Friday, March 3, 2017, from 6:30-9:30pm CST.


Where is it?

The party will be at Hillcrest Baptist Church, Heritage Hall, 800 E 9 Mile Rd, Pensacola, FL 32514


How does SfS work? 

It’s simple really. Here’s how SfS works and how the night will play out:

  1. Register yourself and family today to reserve your seat(s) as “Players”, “Supporters”, “or “Sponsors” below
    • “Players” and “Supporters” are to make a donation of any amount per person and bring a dessert, appetizer, or non-alcoholic drink for everyone to enjoy
    • “Players” compete actively in the SfS tournament as well as enjoy the food, fun, and fellowship during the event
    • “Supporters” watch the game play, cheer on their friends and family, or just sit back and eat and talk with friends while the tournament is going on. Also, some “Supporters” will help durring the tournament by keeping score, time, and hosting the official dictionary in case of the infamous Scrabble Challenge
    • “Sponsors” are not able to attend, but are joining us by giving financially through a donation of any amount
  2. We’ll all get together at 6:30 pm on Friday, March 3rd, and pray together to bless the food and the night
  3. After a few minutes of fellowship and eating, we’ll go over the rules of the Scrabble for Souls tournament, read a missionary letter to get us all engaged, and begin Round 1 of the tournament
    • All rounds are timed (36 minutes each), have four (4) players at each table, and a 60-second play clock for each move
    • The rules of the game are exactly the same as traditional Scrabble with one twist. Each Player is allowed to bring a missionary letter with three (3) words pre-highlighted (must be four (4) or more letters in length). Those are their “Power Words” for the tournament. Those words can each be used once a Round and will double the final score of that word play. So if a Player laid down their word on a triple word score that would normally total 44 points in traditional Scrabble, then with their missionary Power word used, their score on that play would DOUBLE to 88 points! So bring a missionary letter with you and pre-highlight those Power Words in yellow. Once the tournament begins you cannot change your Power Words.
  4. Once the round begins, Players will be playing, and Supporters will be… well… supporting, cheering, eating, and laughing with others
  5. At the end of each round, the player with the highest point total at each table moves on in the tournament. The rest of the defeated players get to watch, eat, and fellowship for the rest of the night
  6. Between rounds their will be a short break and then we will read another missionary letter
  7. After three rounds, one ultimate Scrabble for Souls champion will emerge and 100% of the monies collected will go to the tournament winners missionary of choice from the Hillcrest Baptist Church active missionary roster. A win-win-win for everyone! We have fun and play Scrabble to raise money, so the missionary can have more money to buy more tools to win more souls for Christ!
  8. At 9:30pm we clean up and go home after a fun, clean, and profitable night for Christ and His church


Get Together For Good Charity Fundraisers Scrabble for Souls

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Get Together For Good Charity Fundraisers Scrabble for Souls

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