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Today’s guest leaves for college with the ambition to be taught everything he needs to know to be a success in his field. However, as soon as he gets to college, he immediately starts seeing the difference between the institution of higher education, and the love of learning. How some of his “friends” back home maybe really weren’t true friends, and how his own physical aliments turned into a life-long passion. From the laws of a traditional Italian-American home, to the laws of science, to the laws of the universe, this week we are going to take a look at and learn how we can harness that power and apply it to our lives. Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to the Dr. Victor Manzo story!



Dr. Vic is a Business Mindset Coach, Self-Mastery Expert, Podcaster, Author and Certified Pediatric Chiropractor. He has just written his third book, “Decoding the Matrix – Unleash Your Potential and Start Your Spiritual Awakening,” that will be available to the public at the end of May 2022. He is the creator and host of two podcasts, “The Mindful Experiment,” and “The Mindful Chiropractor.” Dr. Vic helps individuals transform their life, experience their potential and live their dream life without the sacrifice of time, money, health and family. He blends spirituality, universal laws, neuroscience, quantum physics and laws of the body to share, teach and inspire his clients to share with them the power of what they are capable of. Dr. Vic helps his clients through online classes, group coaching and one-on-one coaching.





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While we are very thankful for all of our guests, please understand that we do not necessarily hold or endorse the same beliefs, views, and positions that they may have. We respectfully agree to disagree in some areas, and thank God for the blessing and privilege of free will.

Full Episode Transcript

Victor Manzo | Growing Up Italian-American, Discovering Chiropractic Care, & Harnessing the Power of Universal Laws in Your Life

So what do wooden spoons, chiropractic care, and rugby have in common? Find out all this and more in this episode of the podcast.

Hello friends. Whether you’re a first time listener or you’ve listened to all hundred 50 episodes to date, I just want to introduce you to our friend Victor Manzo in today’s episode. We’re gonna start off having fun to talk about him growing up. As an Italian American and our cultures were so similar that it made me laugh repeatedly and brought up a ton of fond memories.

So you’re [00:01:00] not only able to join us, but kind of get into the mindset of what it was like growing up in that culture within America and what we learned from it. Also he’s gonna talk about on his journey as you listen through the entire episode, there’s gold nuggets that you can take and run with and apply to your life in his personal life.

He’s gonna show you how he left school for college. And started learning and growing and seeing the difference between the institution of higher education and the love of learning. He’s gonna talk about all sorts of laws of the universe and how we can harness that power and apply it to our lives, and how he became not only a chiropractor, but he has a specialty.

Pediatric chiropractic care. And then now he’s helping others, not only in the chiropractic sector, but he took the principles of starting a successful business, and now he’s helping others in all [00:02:00] sectors replicate that success. So this is a packed episode, Tons of entertainment, tons of great content. Get your pens and paper ready unless you’re driving.

And let’s enjoy this episode of The Remarkable People Podcast, the Victor Manzo.

Copy of EPISODE Victor Manzo: Hey Victor. How are you today, brother? Oh man. I’m doing absolutely amazing.

Thanks for having me out, man. Oh, it’s my pleasure. And our audience, I just told them a little bit about you and your story and what they’re in for today, but if you were to summarize just one of the things they’re gonna be able to walk away with when they listen to this episode, what’s a main message you want to convey to our audience?

The power always has and always will exist within you and nowhere else. Amen. Amen. And with that, let’s get started. For our new listeners, the format of the show is we go past, present, and future through Victor’s life. The good, the bad, the ugly, and [00:03:00] everything in between. So, Victor, at this time, where are you from?

What was your upbringing like? You know, parents in the homes, siblings, Chaos. Blessed. What, what? What was your, your from birth on. So I’m originally from a suburb in Chicago, known as Mars Park. I’m assuming by your last name that you’re probably Italian like myself. What, you know, Smith

So I grew up in a small little Italian community and you know, it was very tight knit. Everybody knew everybody. They, all lot of people came from, you know, migrated from Italy over and that was one, like very close, like collaborate naly down, I’m Naly down or from people from Naples. And so that was kind of my upbringing, being an Italian Roman Catholic.

I don’t think any Italian, well, maybe some Italian households are calm and relaxed and that I didn’t, I had the the normal fiery mother and [00:04:00] my dad was very calm, laid back, and relaxed. He was a man of few words. Rarely got mad. I think maybe twice I’ve ever seen him mad in my entire life.

Wow. That’s crazy. Especially for any Italian American. Exactly right. And so for me, one of the times I did that and the other time someone else did it got him mad and I was just, happened to be there . And it was so it was, it was interesting to see that type of patients, but I appreciate it because I learned from that and I, I take on that characteristics.

So, you know, he standard Italian’s a hot head and all these other things. And I remember in high school they’d be like, you know, talking to friends or girls or whatever, and they’re like, Oh, you’re Italian, you’re a hothead. And I was like, Mm, get to know me. You’ll see. And then they’re like, I was like, get to know me.

Like you’re not, you’re calm, you’re collective, you’re, you know, so forth. But yeah, but my upbringing was. Very, I, I came into this world on the wrong foot, literally, no pun intended there. If you look at the top of your feet, if you’re looking down at your [00:05:00] feet and you’ll see the tops of your feet, my feet, instead of being, these are the tops of my feet here.

Instead, if you’re watching the video they turned inward and they were coming up. So it’s almost like seeing the bottom of my feet. It’s called Club Foot, and I had bilateral club foot. They had to put me in a cast on one foot. The other one they’re able to work through. And so that set the stage for a lot of not fun things.

I mean, health was an issue. Air infections like crazy. And then at four and a half years old, thank God for the might of my, one of my cousins who was, I come from 20, I have 29 first cousins. And so one of them were babysitting me and I happened to almost die. I had bacterial meningitis where I for those of me, I know you get a real high fever very fast and you get seizures.

Thankfully, at the time, I lived like a little over a block and a half away from a hospital. She literally just picked me up, didn’t know what the heck was going on, and ran me into the emergency room. Doctor said if it was like another 10, 15, 20 minutes later, my brain would’ve probably I don’t think it would’ve fried based on what I know, but I would’ve had some permanent damage or not be here at all.[00:06:00]

So, little bit of a scary note there, but always having, you know, the crazy Italian lifestyle with the big family. Everything was family. So I had some friends, but it was mostly all family. That’s kind of how I grew up. And how many brothers and sisters? How many brothers and sisters? I only have, yeah, I only have one sister.

She’s four years older than me, and she is so she’s deaf. She’s the miracle baby in our family. And she taught me sign language before I was even speaking, which was, or talking, which was kind of cool. Nice. Yeah, I see. When I, when my nephew was born, it was seeing him at that age and he would start to sign, He couldn’t even talk right.

Fully yet. And he was signing and I, my mom’s like, That’s how you were, I was like, That’s so cool. Cause I don’t have a memory of that, but she, I was seeing it was very, very cool. So but yeah, I only have a sister, but my dad comes from a family of nine, so, and there’s a lot of family in there, so, but otherwise, I mean, it’s, you know, a big family, always getting together.

Had dinner at grandma’s house every Sunday, as much [00:07:00] as sometimes I wanted to and sometimes I didn’t. It was just, that’s just kind of the upbringing I had growing up. And I, I, you know, having good food, always mom cooked. I learned how to cook when I was six years old. Or started to, at least, I should say, I made my first gravy or those food may not know that’s a sauce, a tomato sauce at eight years old.

Cuz my family is, my family comes from a blue collar, so they had a work a lot. My mom had a, a business in the house and she did a fitness and fitness classes and so forth. My dad had a couple jobs and sometimes I go help work with, with him. So he, he would always tell me, he’s gonna show me what hard work’s all about so that I don’t like it and don’t do it.

He wanted me to be the polar opposite of that and I really app respect him for that. Cause that’s a steward. He was doing stuff even though he didn’t aspire, go further and cha, you know, grow in some ways. He, he was more focused on making sure I didn’t follow in those footsteps. And so, yeah, I started to cook at an early [00:08:00] agent.

It’s one of the passions I, I, I love to do to this day. Yeah. And growing up in that kind of culture, even though you’re American, you’re proud to be American. Having that Italian American background, there’s a lot of comradery and loyalty and family values that are just missing in our generation today, at least in my opinion.

I don’t know if you feel it same way or not, but I was really, really thankful. I grew up outside of Boston and I had not nearly as many cousins as you, but there’s just a different sense of community and family and, and just how the environment works. So, like you said, your cousin, she saw you sick, she takes you to the doctor.

I mean, just, just everybody works together, right? Totally. I mean, that’s, and that’s something that you don’t see as often in today’s world. I won’t say some of the family’s not as close as used to. I mean, some things just happen and life gets, you know, life happens and whatnot. And but it’s one of those things where those values are very instilled in me.

I [00:09:00] mean, my, I remember my dad used to tell me, You know, I only had one set of grandparents because my dad’s parents my, my grandfather, he passed away two, three months before I was born. And my grandmother passed about almost a year after I was born, just shy of it. And so I didn’t really have them. So he would always say, Appreciate the grandparents you have, because he’s like, I didn’t have ’em growing up.

And I was blessed to have, I was blessed to have great grandparents. And I had them until my great, my great grandfather passed away when I was 14, and my great grandmother passed away when I was 18. And even with them, he would be like, Embrace the time you have with them. And I was like, I don’t know.

What am I gonna, you know, I’m a young kid, so I’m like, What am I gonna do? You know, blah, blah, blah. And he’s just like, Go. So I remember one time he took me on a job there and he was gonna redo their carpet stairs and the landing. And he, my dad’s just, he’s a family guy. I seen it. He wouldn’t charge him anything, not make money off them.

He just did the work because he wanted to do it. And they would argue, they’re like, No, we gotta pay you. He goes, Just feed my stomach, then fill my stomach up, , That’s it. Just fill my stomach up. And so she’ll make a nice meal. But I greatly [00:10:00] appreciated him because I remember, I’ll never forget that day, I was 12 years old now, I don’t speak a lot of Italian, but I understand it.

And so my great-grandfather was here talking to me about him in the war in Italy and all this stuff. And I remember after I walked away and I got home with my dad and I said, Just thanks for pushing me to do that. I got to learn a story about him that I never knew. You know, I just never, you know, he had a whole nother life to him and I didn’t even know about.

And it was just fascinating cause I appreciate cuz two years later he wasn’t around and or three years later, it was 15 when I passed, he passed. And it was one of those things where I appreciate that. And the same thing with my grandparents. I kept such a close relationship with them. I remember even after, when I got outta chiropractic school, we can let life get in the way.

Right Here I am trying to be ambitious to start my own business and trying to figure all these things out. But due to my upbringing of that close knit, being an Italian family and families, everything I still would go to my grandmother’s house every Tuesday. To go have lunch with them. I always made sure I had availability every [00:11:00] Tuesday to go hang out with them.

And my grandmother always made pasta, vaul, . She would always make a little salad and I would just go for the salad and I’d just go for, you know, if she had some chicken or some sort of, they had some sort of meat and they’re the standard Italians, they ate around one o’clock, that’s dinner for them. And so I would always make sure I go hang out with them.

I’d be there for an hour. I had to leave cuz I had two, I had to go get to the office. And it’s just one of those things that I, I greatly appreciate and I’m looking forward to instilling that with my own kids. I’ll share with you beforehand. I just, I just have my daughter who’s 11 weeks this and a couple days.

And it’s one of those things where I really look forward to instilling the importance of family, the importance of the family unit, and embracing those things that’s, you know, some people take for granted in some way, shape or form. Yeah, I think that’s a great first talking point. The enemy, you know, saying there’s one God and, and there’s real evil in the world and he wants to break us up and divide us [00:12:00] and lose that kind of just order where it’s God and your family and our country’s showing it and all over the world, I think most of the countries are, are struggling.

So kind of as our first talking point for our listeners who have all different types of backgrounds, some of ’em got to experience a big family and that kind of camaraderie and loyalty, but for the ones you haven’t and they’re looking to be raised their family or to put good kind of habits in their life, what are some of the habits you’d recommend to them?

So the kind of habits to instill in their life or habits? Yeah. Like you said, like every Tuesday you go visit your grandma and it didn’t have to be exciting. Sometimes you didn’t want to go, Sometimes you didn’t want to go, but you made it happen. It was something that you made a conscious effort to do and then you benefited from it.

What are some of the other things with that tight family upbringing you learn that you’d wanna share with the. You know, besides, you know, the, I mean the biggest thing is just always you have to ignore some of the things that come up, cuz [00:13:00] family, you can’t choose ’em. Right? And so you’re not gonna all get along in some way.

And what that taught me though is to find common ways or commonalities that we can, what are the things that we can enjoy, right? Because you’ll have cousins so and so, and just like, Oh, this person’s always like this, here we go. And we learn to make it comedy in some ways. Like, you know, in a certain way, it’s like in the Mexican culture they’ll give nickname.

The nicknames are usually the polar opposite of what the name. So if someone’s a little overweight, they call ’em flack. And this is, I don’t know how that is now, this may not be accepted, so I’m just clarifying all this. This is, when I was growing up, this is what I saw a lot of cuz my best friend’s Mexican and I grew up with his whole family cuz they were across the street.

So I grew up with a very strong Mexican influence in me also. But I am Italian a hundred percent. But long story short, like if, if someone, if a kid who’s a little overweight, they don’t, gordito goo means fat in, in, in, in Spanish, but they wouldn’t call ’em fat. They call ’em flaco, which means skinny.

Skinny. It’s just a nickname, Right? So it’s just becomes that nickname. It’s like the cute little thing that [00:14:00] they do. Nothing offensive. It’s just a joke. And that’s just how you get your names. So we would, you know, we would do stuff like that, but in the sense of making it fun and light and just, you know, instead of in the world we live in today and you see it so much and you were sharing, this is recently like, you know, divisiveness and how we’re, so we can’t even have conversations.

If I mention one thing you don’t like, there’s a label on me and that’s the end of it. Right. And that’s why family structures won’t survive. I mean, look what happened with Covid. Covid destroyed so many families and you have to get past certain points. And I think when you have a family, especially a big family, there is a lot of opinions.

That’s one thing that probably annoyed the living crap outta me. Growing up, it wasn’t fun. I’ll be transparent about that cuz everybody has an opinion and everybody wants to tell you your opinion, whether you asked for it or not. It’s just the way it was growing up . But as I got older, I appreciated it.

I didn’t appreciate it Sometimes in the like, I’d be like, Oh, don’t, don’t mention this to this one or this person cuz then all of a sudden, you know, they’re gonna go on this rant and it’s gonna be the end of it. But, As I go older, I appreciated it because it [00:15:00] taught me to just be more open mind. I’m very open minded with so many things.

I’m rarely closeminded. You know, maybe my wife might say I am in some ways at least for my awareness. I know I’m very open mind a lot, but it allows you to be more flexible and have difficult conversations, and you’d be like, No, that’s cool. I love your point of view. That’s not my point of view, but that’s, that’s, that’s your point of view and that that’s great.

But that’s one of the things that, you know, I’ve, I would say one of the big things I learned from having such a big family and gathering, but discipline, comradery, you know, going beyond, you know, with just being there for people, like no matter what, like you don’t get, it’s unconditional love. It’s not like, Oh, they act this way, so I don’t like them.

It’s like, or I love them when they do this and I don’t love ’em when they do that. It’s no, I’m there for you no matter what happens. No matter what shows up. And that’s something that, I’m not gonna say I had that all around, but they, with, with within my inner little circle a family that I hung out with the most, that was, that’s how it was.

Like, it didn’t matter. They can say something, They could do something. Didn’t matter. I’m there for you. [00:16:00] We’re there here to support no matter what Joe’s up. Yeah. And if I’m just, from what you’re saying and from what I’ve experienced in life, it’s kind of like, you know, like, Okay, Uncle Joe, this is just how Uncle Joe is.

It’s not saying it’s right, but you just know what to expect from Uncle Joe. And you guys can have seriously passionate, hot conversations, arguments, even, but at the end of the day, you’re family and you agree to disagree and you move on. Right. And we’ll have, and we’ll have fun with it. Yeah. You know, or like some, or even like, we had a lot of family, me, friends of the family that would come around and you’ll, and people will know that’s so and so, and you know how he’s gonna get, or he, let’s say he’s a strong.

A liberal. This one’s a strong Republican, can’t stand and you just, you, you just go ride with it and you just, you get ’em all wowed up in a fun way. We’re all laughing, having a blast. Yeah. He’s maybe mad. Maybe I may get a irritated at times, but at the end there’s no judgment. Like you, like you said, it’s just, Hey, love, man.

Appreciate that. That was a We have a good times, didn’t we? Yeah. You’re still a son of a gun. Ah, I appreciate you too. You know what I [00:17:00] mean? Yeah. But it’s just having that, that time to just do that. The other thing my family is very known for is just having, and Italians are known for this, it’s just having a good time.

Right. And not letting little things get to us. And that’s like with holidays always used. Just look forward to it. Like, I mean, Christmas Eve, my mom, we usually, we had it at our house after a certain. 50, 60 family members coming over and it was just a blast. And, and we just have fun. We laugh and drink until four in the morning.

I have one of my great uncles drinking champagne. He’ll count how many bottles he drinks throughout the night. And you know, it’s just, we do just have fun. That’s what we cared about and we had a blast. And I think that, again, letting go of those things and just appreciating the moment or appreciating the time we have too, was something I really appreciated from my family and what I got from them.

That’s awesome. What a great example. And way to explain and yeah, if you’re listening and you can’t get in an argument or have a disagreement with somebody or talk about your viewpoint, there’s something fundamentally wrong. Like you gotta go back and be able to [00:18:00] openly talk and discuss through things.

You don’t have to agree, but you’re always challenging each other and making each other think. And you know, when people stop thinking, That’s when the problem happens, and that’s where the median and the propaganda sets in it. It controls your life. So being able to, whether it’s with family or outside people, you gotta be able to just be real, be you.

And that is something that talk into you. And hearing your upbringing, Victor, it’s, it’s it’s refreshing, you know what I mean? It’s, it’s enjoyable. So for your first, let’s say 18 years, then between your birth and 18, you know, you’re finishing high school, moving on with life, is there anything we missed in that time period that you’re like, Dave, this is significant to my story and where I am today?

Or do we just keep moving forward? That’s a great question. I mean, there’s so much other stuff that I didn’t share. I mean, there’s my, you know, the, the religion side upbringing, there’s the the emotional hardships that I went through just because I was, I [00:19:00] was very emotional as a kid. I’m, I’m, now they call that an empath where I never, under, this is the weirdest thing.

I couldn’t understand how I can, I can be feeling. I’ll walk into like a a dinner dance and dinner dances are basically, you have dinner and then you dance afterwards. And it was usually with the club, some of the clubs, they call ’em clubs, but they were like the club, the nadon, the people you know, again from Naples, the club Collabo collaborate es So those are people from collab and they’re just Italian clubs.

And then they host a little fundraiser and you have dinner and all that. And what was weird for me is I walk in feeling great and then I go past the table and I would all of a sudden be like, not happy. And then I go another table and I feel angry. And then another table I feel, and I’m like, Why is this happening to me?

And I never understood that. My parents didn’t understand that. Cause they’re like, Why are you so, you’re so emotional. Just, you know, whatever. And they didn’t know how to handle at the time. They weren’t at the, you know, the emotional intelligence wasn’t at the level where they can be like, Let me sit and talk you through.

Let me, well let’s walk through this together. It was more. You’re feeling in my mind like [00:20:00] you’re feeling that way. Go, go. You know, go, go until, figure that out or go in your whatever until you can get that, you know, figure these things out. And so that played a lot of role on me cuz that created a lot of, you know, self worth stuff.

And especially like in high school, I went to an all boys high school Catholic high school. And it was one of those things where I didn’t enjoy high school. You know, everyone says high school, sometimes the best years of my life. I sat there and was like, Nope. I just couldn’t wait to get through high school.

It was just not fun for me. I had a low, I had a low self-esteem. You wouldn’t have seen it if you saw me. But deep down I did. And, and just from, you know, again, from my upbringing and stuff with, with an Italian culture and you had the Roman, Roman Italian, Roman Catholic background, a lot of guilt and shame and so I was always cautious.

Guilt and shame out of an Italian family. Come on, . For everybody else in the world, that’s total sarcasm. If you didn’t pick up on. Yeah. And you had the Catholicism into it, and it adds a whole nother layer. And I, oh man, my grandmother was the best. I used to go rounds with my grandmother. I was the one who can [00:21:00] in my, I had such a good relationship with my grandmother.

I can swear at her, but I can never swear outta her at, at anger. So, and I’ve only did that one time in my life, and she knew the difference. And she looked at me and said, What did you say? And I said, I am so sorry. No, no, I’ll never do that again. I apologize. Oh my God. Now you may think my grandmother’s a big woman.

She wasn’t, she was four foot by the time when she passed, she was four six . But when she was, but when she was in her prime height, she was four 11. So not the, the tallest out of the tall. And I’m, I’m six foot to 40. So, and it was one of those things where it’s amazing when when your, your grandmother, that small can just turn with her tone.

I’ll be like, Yep. Sorry. Huh? Yes. I will never let that happen again. I apologize. That’s a real thing, man. That’s real. You know, it’s one of those things like, it’s, yeah, I dunno know how to explain it. Like you have my, well my grandfather, he was, you know, he was, his, his background’s a little interesting.

He was very he, he grew up, he was, you know, he was a little abusive with my, my, I wouldn’t say a little. But one of the things about him that was [00:22:00] great and I appreciated the relationship I had him was, I got older, is I was one of the very few that he can talk to and he would get emotional.

Here’s a guy who is straight up Italian, I mean, just as Italian as they. With the, with the anger and it was really distress. I mean, and some people, you know, some people judged them and I always was like, you know what? People don’t do certain things on purpose. Once they realize why they do what they do and where it comes from, they’re probably not gonna do it anymore.

He saw a dad who used to be his own wife and that was what sticks and stuff like that. So he, you know, his, his, his storyline just because it went down. Somebody said, Well, that still he should have learned. I’m like, You got, if you’re gonna be that way and, you know, point fingers and all this stuff and not understand where people are coming from, we can’t make change.

But one of the things that I, I really respect, you know, one of the things that we got older as, as as firm of a guy as he was, he really he got emotional with me all the time. I was that one guy he can get emotional with and my mom will always say, she’s like, I don’t know how he does that with you.

She’s like, He, but you’re the person he’ll talk to. I’m like, Yeah, [00:23:00] he’ll literally tell me how he feels about people. I was the one he would open up with and we had a very. Here’s again, and for those who don’t understand an Italian male, if there’s already a male complex that goes out in this country about we can’t show emotions and this and that, you add an Italian mix on the top of that, it, it’s, it’s very it’s even, even stronger about like, you don’t show emotions at all.

And this stuff, and for me to have that relationship with him was really. An eye opener cuz it taught me, again, teaching me things that, you know, you don’t judge from. How to, you know, what my grandmother went through and still loved them all throughout his life till this passing day. You know, that teaches you something, that leaves a mark.

But it might be going off on a tangent here, but no, no man. This show is just us talking and our listeners know that the longer they listen, the more golden nuggets are getting along the way. And sometimes you’re gonna say something spontaneously and like, Why did I say that? But it’s really gonna hit a listener.

We’re gonna get emails and you’re gonna see how you help someone, so don’t worry about it, man. But no, that, [00:24:00] we’ll probably get into that in your story, but it was probably that empath trait that’s in you, the gift that God gave you, but somehow you were pulling it out of him and he didn’t even realize, right.

Oh yeah. I was known for the guy who people would just open up to. Like they, I knew everybody’s like secrets, but I would never talk about any of them. And you learn early and my dad used to tell me, he goes, Your mouth is always gonna get you in trouble. He, No, and I was always, and eventually as I got a little older, I was kind of like, you know, if I said something and then I, I share something or whatever that I heard or this and that, not, not sure, you know, people, they confided in me.

And then of course somebody come back, Oh, you were talking crap on me. I’m like, I wasn’t talking crap out. And, and I was like, you know, I don’t want this drama. Cause sometimes in an Italian family families in general, but yet the Italian mix to it, it can be a little dramatic. And I’m being very sarcastic with that.

Yeah. And so, And it was one of those things where I lost my train of thought with the sarcas or with the, with the drama. But, [00:25:00] and anyhow, we’ll carry on. I forgot where I was going. No, you were saying how in an Italian home it can be very dramatic and a lot of intensity. And then you were talking about how people would confide in you, but you wouldn’t share anything.

But sometimes you’d be accused of something. It was damn path trait. So then, you know, but people would always come to me and share more of the opposite sex, you know, females would reach out to, would, would confined and stuff. And like, you just, you know how to listen. You just would listen to me, you get me, And I’d just be like, Yep.

And, and, but then again, you know, growing up in the culture of Italian men and so forth and, and growing up in that era, you guys didn’t share their emotions. We were, we were macho guys. You know, we work out, we show off muscles and body, We, you know, all these other things that we had, ego stuff that we did.

And so it was hard for me to I, I would connect easier with females than I would with males. Because of that trait. Yeah. So then move forward with your life. And you know, I’m laughing, We’re recording. I explained this briefly in the [00:26:00] intro. We’re doing a side by side recording. So sometimes if people are watching, they’re seeing me laugh.

It’s because it’s so easy to talk to you because backgrounds are similar. But I’ve got beat up twice in my life. Once by a four foot nine woman that was such a close family friend. I called her auntie my whole life and it was for something I didn’t even do. She thought I got kidnapped. And then when I showed up healthy, cuz my mom didn’t tell her my baseball practice location changed.

So I had to walk. I came in her house late, say, Oh, you’re okay. And she hugged. Crying. And then in a split second she snapped and I got the worst beating of my life and everybody was shocked and stood there and watched her. And then her six foot, like two husband finally ripped her off me. I had like hair missing, scratches down my face.

My shirt was ripped. But that’s my auntie Nancy and I love her. And if you’re listening to Auntie Nancy, Thank you. Cuz even though I didn’t do anything wrong, I probably deserved it for something else, right? I I, I [00:27:00] can, I can totally relate with that kind of stuff. I mean my mom, I always ju my mom makes, when I say this all the time, I’m like, Ma, you, I, I counted 18 wooden spoons.

You broke over me. She’s like, You know, it’s not nice when you say those kind of things. And I go, Listen, I ain’t judging you. I know what kind of kid I was. I probably deserved 99% of them. I mean, I was that type of kid. My dad had this wooden paddle in our, in their basement. They had oak wrapped around all the walls.

And, and the post that held up the second floor, they had it wrapped in oak. And my dad had this wooden paddle that was there and he would always say, This is an unbreakable wooden paddle you’ve ever get in trouble, you know? Well, you would never suffer. But I’ve never, I was never, my dad never raised a hand at me.

My mom was always one that took care of that . And there was, one day my mom grabbed it. I was aggravating the living crap out of her. And she goes to swing and I had my elbow up and she hit the perfect spot on my elbows. It, it broke the paddle. I could not wait for my dad to come home. I waited, I stayed up.

My dad worked nights from three to 11. [00:28:00] I waited for him to come home and I look, as soon as he came home, he’s like, What are you doing up, supposed to be sleeping? I said, I stayed up. Just to show you this paddle’s not is it, is breakable, and all. In the width of my dad. I go to bed, I wake up the next morning, the paddles up there, it’s duct taped, and I go, No thought it was, I thought I’d broke it.

So go. So I can relate. I’ve been there. I, I, like I said, I I, I tell my mom all the time, she hates when I shared us. I’m always like, Mom, I probably deserve, if anything, all of them. I know what kind of kid I was. And it wasn’t always like a bad kid. I just yeah, I just drive my mom nuts and, and she loses, you know, everyone has a certain breaking point.

And back then that was the kind of thing, the way it. Yeah. And Vic. Vic, you’re listening to Victor’s story. You’re seeing me and him, we both, you know, the Bible says, spare the rod, spoil the child. The blueness of a wound cleanses the way evil. I personally believe if you’re not spanking your child, it’s abusive.

Right? You talk to him when you can, but there’s a time where we need discipline. And both me and Victor, you’re seeing two Italian American, [00:29:00] Italian men who are so thankful we got beaten in and know we deserved it. So don’t spare the rod. Ladies and gentlemen. Use it. And what’s funny is, again, if you’re watching this, my mom, I think every Italian home had not just the wooden spoon they’d pull out when you did something stupid, but they always had that special paddle hanging on the wall has a constant threat, right?

Can you think of one Italian home, Victor that didn’t have that? There was always that one thing, there was always a, a paddle or something that people were like, Oh yeah, when that comes out I’m in trouble. Nope, I am not letting that happen. Or it was out in the open, like this said, the paddle was right out in the open in our basement.

We lived in our basement. And so it was one of those, like the, I think, what is it, Italians, most of the time they always had, they lived in our basement and they had the sweet, beautiful kitchen upstairs. My parents eventually got to that point where they got the upstairs remodeled and then I was like, Why are we still cooking in the basement?

And we have a brand new kitchen upstairs. And it wasn’t until I came back home from Arizona State where I kind of enforced the eing of that kitchen to make it happen. Nice [00:30:00] man. Alright, so now you’re 18, you’re growing up. Where do you go from there in your. Yeah, I went I decided to make a big move in life at 18.

I, I just wanted to get away. I was ti as much as I, I loved the family and the tight knit stuff and everything I grew up with, I had to see a different world. And so when it came to college, originally I wanted to go to computers. My dad was kind of enforcing, he’s like, Get into computers. That’s where the money is, that’s where the future is.

And he wasn’t wrong. That’s where it was, but I didn’t wanna do it anywhere near home. And so I chose to go on a flight three and a half hours away to Arizona State. And that’s where I decided to go to school. They were the top like two or four in the United States in Computer programming or computer.

Yeah, computer science. And I was like, I’m gonna go there. I was big in the baseball, so I was like, I’m gonna try on for the baseball team and see if I can get on and just enjoy life. And that’s where. My whole world shifted. What I thought was just, cuz one of the things about growing up in such a big Italian [00:31:00] family in that kind of culture, in that community of being around a lot of Italians is you think life’s, you get fixated and conditioned that life’s a certain way and it’s just, this is what it is.

And you don’t understand that there’s a whole. Cycle. The whole wheel of other people, different cultures, different society, different upbringings. And that opened up my whole world to have, you know, friends from different ethnic backgrounds and get to learn their culture. Cuz I was very intrigued. I was like, I wanna learn more, you know, people from India or you know, with the religion that’s different.

What’s the religion like? I wanna learn about the religion. What about, you know, I have a friend who’s Buddhist, Wow, Buddhism, I wanna learn about Buddhism. So it opened up my mind to, to so many more different things than just the, the Italian culture. Cuz growing up in an with, in an Italian, Roman Catholic society background and so forth, is that you couldn’t ask really a lot of questions about Catholicism.

Like I would get judged. Like, you don’t question. And I was like, I’m not questioning, it just doesn’t make sense. And some of the things that’s being taught, well you [00:32:00] don’t, that’s the, you know, the devil’s work. You know, they want you to question. And I was always like, I never got a straight answer and sometimes priest will get upset with me.

And I was like, I just, I just have questions. Just some things don’t make sense to me. And it wasn’t until that age 1819. Where I didn’t have that like tell to tell me I can’t do something anymore. And I was like, at the point where I’m like, I can go study any religion I want. No one’s gonna tell me no.

I’m out here in Arizona. I’m, I’m, I’m challenging myself to get uncomfortable, to be away. Cause I even have family members who are like, Oh, he’s moving away from sh from his mom. He’s a mama’s boy. He’ll he, he’s gonna come back. He’ll be back in, in four months max. And I hated that. But it also, what they didn’t realize, again, I remember I said I grew up with a lot of opinions, but I learned to cultivate opinions and, you know, the sweetest revenge of success.

So I was like, Okay, keep judging me. I’m gonna show you how I, I’m gonna do this. So yeah, I ended up, I didn’t make the baseball team by the way. 150 guys. I came down to me and someone else, and they wanted since I didn’t have a, in high school, there was, you know, a couple things came up. [00:33:00] I let some stuff get in the way.

I didn’t really was that much of a star and the high school team. And so since I have a hi, I had no history, the coach was like, Where do the number two, number three baseball team in the United States? He goes, We don’t take risks like that. I was like, Come on, you tell how fast that run yourself, but while I hit you, see how strong my arm is.

I’m like, Give me a shot. I’ll prove it to you. And they’re like, We don’t do that. I was like, Dang it. But I ended up playing rugby though. I went to the rugby team. They had a club. And I remember a guy on my floor in my dorm, he was from Chicago, and he was just like, Hey, why don’t you come and play rugby?

You’re a big guy. You seem like you’re pretty fast. You look strong. He’s like, You’ll probably like, you ever play? I was like, I never played rugby, but I played tackle football you know, with my friends since I was like 10 years old, so I’m assuming it’s something similar come out for our practice. I said, You know what, I, I didn’t, I didn’t get any conditioning in this week.

I was like, or this, this, this, it was like Thursday. And I’m like, I didn’t get any conditioning this week. Well, I’ll go work out with you guys. He’s like, Yeah, come for a workout then. All right, great. Two and a half hours later, I, I couldn’t walk that [00:34:00] well after the workout after that. And I, I loved it. I was a cool sport and I didn’t realize, you know, I only knew rugby as, Oh, that’s a hard sport.

No pads, this and that. Yeah, it’s like 90% mental. It blew my mind and I was like, I could play. And the coach was like, You wanna play? Well, we’re gonna, you know, you can try to get on the A team. I qualify for the beat team cuz the guy ahead me was playing for the last three years and he was a beast and.

Had a lot of fun, but that’s 18, 9, 19 years old is where I had other things show up. So I was always in health and fitness. My mom again was a fitness instructor, so understanding what health was was something that health to me, based on what I saw, was you eat right, He take supplements and you work out.

That’s literally what I saw my mom done, my mom do, and she was in great shape. When I go to her classes, sometimes we’d be at the local civic center, we play basketball and stuff, and then I just go up to meet my mom and I see her class was ending. I always kind of see the same thing, similar, you know, people are [00:35:00] working out and they look in great shape and they look healthy.

They’re, you know, vibrant and healthy. So I was like, Wow, that’s health. Well, at 19 I started taking new, studying nutrition at 16 years old, just learning new things and wanted to get whatever I can as best as I can. And long story short when I went to Arizona State, though every month my health was declining.

Every month I had new things showing up. So here I am. I’m, I’m, I’m, I’m working out four times a week. On top of that, I have two practices a week of rugby at two and a half hours each, and I have games on the weekend. One game, sometimes two. So working out, this is pure enjoyment. There’s no scholarship, it’s just cuz you loved it.

Nope. Yeah, they didn’t give us scholarships. We were fighting for ’em. I don’t even know if they’re still like that now, but it was, yeah, it was just, it was just a club to go hang out and meet some guys and Hannah and they were great. I had a blast. You talk about comradery, it gave me that a little bit of that Italian feel of that close knit kind of family cuz that’s what they, they took me in and you got guys from South Africa, you got guys from Korea, you got guys from England and [00:36:00] Scotland and all these different parts of the world.

And we’re all playing rugby together for one purpose and just, you know, having each other’s back no matter what. And so I was like, Man, this reminds me of a home a little bit. So they gave me that feel while I was there. And but yeah, health was just not getting better over time. And I started to get a little worried after the first year.

I, I remember I told my mom and I’m like, Hey, I think I got some blood disorder. I got way too many things going on. Doesn’t make sense. Like I had acne on my back, Never had acne before. Cold sores, every seven to 10 days, new ones coming up, sensitivity to light headaches. No matter how much I slept, I was tired, like exhausted.

I was always bloated and just so many other things going on where I was just, I was a little scared. And so long story short, mom was going to she got the appointment but took like a month and then like four days before the appointment came up, she’s like, Why don’t you go see Dr. Frank. Part of my story I didn’t share was that I used to go see a chiropractor when I was a kid and for bedwetting issues and resolved around 11, 11 year, 11 and a half years old.

Well, [00:37:00] I was like, Well, if he can get me in tomorrow or the day after, I’ll go. And she’s like, Okay. Calls, boom, he gets me in. Get the meeting. He hasn’t see me in a while. Long story short, when I went back to get my whole report, he literally looks at me. He’s like, Okay, I can help you with all your symptoms.

You’ll be gone before you go back to school, which is about two months. He’s like, You’re gonna have to stop playing rugby. I was like, What do you mean stop playing rugby? You told me at at nine years old I couldn’t play organized football and now you’re telling me I can’t play rugby. I was like, What’s going on here?

And he’s like, You have scoliosis. He goes, All that compounding, you are gonna do some damage that you may not ever be able to repair back from, and that’s fine. I said, Ideal, fine. I’ll stop playing rugby. Which was not fun because as I shared, That was my, like Italian family away from home. And then all of a sudden he’s like you know, but you’re gonna need chiropractic care the rest of your life.

I’m like, Deal. It’s my health. I don’t care. Let’s make it happen. What I didn’t expect, now you understand, I’ve been working out like crazy playing rugby. I’m eating not that bad for a college student. I wasn’t eating bad per se compared to the average. I didn’t drink much. I was most, [00:38:00] like, most of the time the designated driver, which a lot of American, you know, people I was hanging out with couldn’t understand why I didn’t choose to drink much Like you afraid to drink?

I’m like, no, you probably haven’t had drinking around you your whole entire life. I had my grandfather force some wine to me ever since I was like nine years old. So I’ve been around the alcohol in my life and I think that’s a big difference in American culture where parents may hide it and not do it in my culture or our culture.

I mean, my grandfather, my, my grandfather, every Sunday he’d gimme a little bit of wine and I could choose if I wanted or not. And then my dad sometimes would, sambuka, would, you know, the ice after it was all done, he’d be like, Here. Taste it. And what I didn’t realize they were doing was, is keeping me exposure to it.

So it’s not restricted that way. I would have less of a desire to want it to, to this day. I barely drink five drinks in a year. I just don’t have a des I mean, my dad’s, I don’t even drink homemade wine anymore. That’s a whole nother story. But but you know, it was one of those things where so yeah, I’m doing all these things and I’m not in the greatest shape of my life.

I [00:39:00] go under chiropractic care for two months. My symptoms are all gone. I go back to Arizona State, I’m sitting there going, Man, maybe I don’t wanna go into computers anymore. I think this chiropractic thing’s really calling me out. I waited another month and all of a sudden about three and a half months in, I get into the best shape of my life.

I went down to 10% body fat. Eight. I had an eight pack on my abs. And I’m just sitting there going, What the heck? I was a beast in the gym, more putting more weight up than I ever had in my entire life. And I was like, How’s this happening? Like, how’s this immense growth? How am I getting in the best shape ever?

Now I’ve been, and I’m thinking about all the things I did. Nothing changed except chiropractic. And that’s when I was like, You know what, man? This is something I wanna do. If there’s so many more people are way worse off than I am. They can use this and need to hear this. And so that moment, I remember I reached out and I said, Dad, I’m, I’m, I’m parents.

I’m, I’m coming home. You guys hope you guys are okay with that. I’m gonna go to school at the University of Illinois and Chicago and then I’m going to switch to business and I’m gonna become a chiropractor. And they were like, you know, hey, you know, they’re supportive. My parents are always supportive, [00:40:00] but they thought it was because of a girl that I was talking to at the time also.

I was like, that may have like, been maybe an extra little push to go home, but I was like, I was going home regardless cuz I was like, I gotta pay this big bill for Arizona State. Which was not cheap back then. I was like 24,000 a year, which that’s nothing now compared to what they charge. And I was like, it’s probably like a hundred thousand now though.

It’s crazy. And I was like, I’m gonna pay that bill and then I gotta go to chiropractic school on top of that and pay that bill. And on that, cause I mean, again, we’re blue collar so we don’t have nowhere the funds to cover any of these things. So I was like no, I’m gonna go home and try to save as much money as I can as I go through this process.

And so I ended up going After a year and a half, I ended up going back home and starting that whole journey. Now once you got home, I found that like when you leave a tight knit community like that, even though you’re leaving to pursue God’s will for your life and to better yourself, there’s a lot of people who feel abandoned [00:41:00] and then when you come back, they’re almost like told you so, or bitter or angrier.

Oh, you think you’re better than us when you came back. You’re smiling if you’re watching camera. But so I’m guessing, did you experience that as well when you came home? Sadly, yeah. It was, it was an eye opener for me. Like I hear, I am a guy who had a gazillion friends and tightknit family and you know, all these things and I come back and I’m at the victor that you knew anymore.

I’m at that fun, outgoing. I was more serious about my life because I had a, I got on a mission to, again, I, I always say my parents blessed me by showing me what I did and want in life. They did that in many ways, financially, physical work, I have no problem doing physical work. It’s actually my stress reliever.

My wife knows when I get stressed out, I’m like, Let me go chop wood for four hours straight. Let me go work on a project. I have to do physical labor cuz it’s just instilled in me. But yeah, when I got back, it was a lot of hard stuff that hit. [00:42:00] I started to see things that I didn’t want. Like I started to, I, I would say I judged, I would use that word.

I’d be transparent with that because I wanted to have people in my life who support me and, and but have deeper relationships. And I’m not saying I didn’t have those before, but I started to evaluate things. I was looking at things from a different lens. I’ve been gone for a year and a half. And it is like when you come back, like all those friends I have, they weren’t really friends.

They were all just all the vi back. Okay. It wasn’t like, Hey man, vi back, let’s hang out, let’s do this, let’s do that. It was just like, Oh, he’s here. You know, whatever. I was like old news. A lot of my, some of my cousins would call me an old man. I was a 40 year old man, and I was just like, I don’t get it.

I’m trying to make a better part of my life. Like, what’s the, you know, here I am trying to, I don’t wanna be the stigma of, of what the cont conditioning of the family is. You know, I know I understand things later on, but this is why I’m sharing here. But I just was like, I’m gonna make a, I’m gonna make something myself, and if I have to sacrifice and lose people along the way, then that just means I weren’t meant to be a part of the path.

They were there at a certain point in my life. And they’re [00:43:00] not to be later. You hear the story all the time. People come in your life for a reason, or was it a se reason, a season or a lifetime? And well some along those it’s, but anyhow, it’s gonna be short term, midterm, or long term or your whole life.

And I had to embrace that, and that taught me a lot. I mean, I had a lot of guilt already hitting me because I was being called selfish cuz I was known as the people pleaser. So I would do it, drop everything to help anybody in the family. Then all of a sudden it came to a point where I was like, I can’t help.

I’m sorry, I got a lot going on. What do you mean you can’t help? Or my grandmother again, my grandma is the best with guilt. Love her, rest in peace with, you know, that. But she was the best. She’d be like, What do you mean you can’t come over and blah, blah, blah, blah. You don’t wanna see him anymore, blah, blah.

And I was like, Oh, here we go with your freaking top story. It’s not because of that. But yeah, it was, that was you hit it on the ha nail in the head with that. And it was something that it took me back. I, I, I had to go through some, some, some un not fun things to start to realize, you know, who do I really want my [00:44:00] life?

Or who’s really meaningful and who’s really there for you? You know, And that was a eye opener for me coming back because you get to see who are really the people that are there for you, for being there for you and who are the people that aren’t. And the only way, and I, and I always say this, if you really wanna know who’s there for you start a business and see who helps support you grow your business.

That is the easiest way to know if someone comes, you know, and they, Oh, I wanna get a deal because such and such have a business. I was always, you know, willing to help in some way as much as I could. But at the same token, I, I also was like, but I also have to run a business and, you know, help support myself in some way.

I’ll help in some way, but I can’t, you know, oh, they expect it for free. Or maybe when I was under care, you know, I’m getting a little ahead of myself in the years, but from a chiropractic standpoint, but it was one of those things where you start to really, you see the truth in that, and it, it sucked because here I am thinking tight knit, close knit, all these things, and then I come back and nothing’s changed except me.

But then I’m the one who’s the problem and I was just like, [00:45:00] Okay, something’s gonna have to give here. I gotta, I gotta find new friends. I gotta find new this because I, I, I’m looking to strive and I’m looking for people who are willing to wanna do the same thing. It wasn’t that I was judging in any way, shape or form.

It sounds like I was, but I was looking for, Deeper relationships too. I wanted more real, authentic, and I’m not saying I didn’t have some of that before, but yeah, you leave and come back. It, it, it was a change in a lot of ways and it was a, it was a, an adjustment I had to figure out how to do in that process.

Yeah. And for our listeners, if you haven’t experienced this yet, or if you’re going through it now, or maybe you’re gonna go through it what Victor’s talking about is real. When you have a circle, you know, especially within America, the first teen, first 18 years of our life, you’re born into your family for the most part.

There’s always exceptions. And then you’re forced to go to school, which is a broken system, and you’re just with the same crew that you’re kind of forced to be with. But then when you go to college or when you move on and start a profession or [00:46:00] career, you start getting to make your choices. And what Victor had to decide was who the people that are legitimately were there for each other.

And who are the people who are just, you know, I hate to say this, but they’re just in the background. But then there’s a balance because your family member is like, This is what gets me. That really upsets me. You can have the most flawed family member in the world, but they’re still family. You know what I mean?

If you have somebody who’s a drug addict and they’re in your family, you don’t support the habit you, but you support the human. Now, if that same person was your neighbor, then yeah, there’s not that same kind of bond and and even responsibility to help them. But when you have family, it is different. You don’t let them abuse you.

You don’t let them beller you. You have to put, you have to put healthy boundaries. But when it’s all happening, you have to protect your relationship with God and yourself and then help where you can. That sounds like you were struggling at that point when you came back to [00:47:00] figure it out. So for our listeners, Vic, what are some tips you have for kind of sorting through and figuring out which circle people belong in in your life?

The easiest thing that I did, and I started to pay attention to this, is let your body tell you, because your body’s like the most advanced technological system that’ll ever exist in humanity, human, human aspects. There’s a feeling, and I always tell, I heard this and I started to apply it to my life, is like when you’re with someone, whether a friend, family, whoever, how do you feel at the end of it?

If you feel drained, they’re draining you. It’s, it’s not something that’s, they’re not giving energy into the relationship. If you feel what you know, well, if you feel drained, you’re gonna notice it. If you feel energized, you feel great or feel good about yourself, that means there’s a mutual, you know, it could be two things.

There’s another cause. Sometimes the person who is taking the energy, you’ll feel good about it. But if you usually, normally feel good being around that person, That’s usually an indicator that’s someone you wanna be around. [00:48:00] And, and I knew this, but I still didn’t apply it because I was like, Man, I’m gonna be cutting out a lot of people and if I, I love being around my family and, and still to today, I love them to death.

But I, in that journey, in that process, I was very like really starting to apply this in my life and was like, Okay, I’m just gonna start using this. And it’s not that I sent anything to them, it was just all of a sudden I’d be like, Okay, I’m gonna start distancing myself a little bit just because I’m feeling drained and this, this is not good for me.

And, you know, and if it’s, if I continue to feel this feeling what does that mean? Now I know as I got older, I understand why you wanna do that because. If you keep draining yourself, you don’t have energy to create what you want in your life, then you don’t have energy to create your dream life or help to take care of whatever that may be.

And when you don’t have that there, or if you’re stuck in a certain place, this is why they, you always hear the five closest people to you. You average amount, that’s who you are. I agree with that to a certain degree and I disagree, but there are some laws that can support that on that. But the whole purpose is that [00:49:00] imagine you’re going to being around people that drain you all day, you’re gonna be exhausted and you have to refill your cut back up.

So then you could take the energy to go ahead and focus on what it is you want to create for yourself. And that was a big, again, I wasn’t taught this, so I had to learn. Even my mom would be like, You know, are you sure do it? And I’m like, Hey, this is just where I’m at right now. Like, if I’m making mistakes, I’ll own ’em later.

I have no problem doing that, but I have to do this. I just feel like, again, being an empath, I could really feel like I could feel someone’s intention right off the bat. Most people can do this anyhow. Or you can feel the depth of the relationship or where they see it at and. When I didn’t feel that, that tight knit bond, then I was just like, Man, I don’t, This is not for me.

I want that cuz you’re asking for something better. You want something deeper, you want something more real. And it comes to that point that it’s either you’re gonna accept what is, and you’re accepting lower standards than what your standards are. Or you’re gonna say, you know, I’m gonna raise the bar and this is what I, my standards are, and this is my boundaries.

Here’s where I’m gonna hold things at and this is just what I wanna have. [00:50:00] And the question to ask yourself is, are you, do you feel like you’re worthy to have that? And this is, is it really worth you to do that? It’s not fun. Any change that you wanna make in your life for the better usually isn’t fun.

It’s just part of the way life goes. But there’s, it’s always greater when you get to the other side. I know that for myself, I don’t regret one decision that I made, and that’s 17, 18 years ago, 19 years ago. And I’m very, I’m actually so happy that I did did that because I think it helped me with my career and everything else that I’ve been doing.

Yeah, and I, I completely am tracking with you and to our listeners, think about what Victor’s saying and pray about it. And again, you know, family members, you may, they’re your family, you tolerate ’em, but there’s boundaries like, Hey, I love you, grandma, but I’m gonna go for the day. I’ll see you next Tuesday.

You know, she goes too far. But then at the same time, if you got buddies, you hung up with high school and they’re just pulling you down, or they just wanna waste time and hang out, and you’re trying to build your business. It might just be, Hey man, I love you, but I, I got a different [00:51:00] role and mission and I wish you the best, but I, I just gotta move forward.

And you just gotta make those hard calls. And what you were saying, Victor, too, you know, that take the five closest friends or the 10 closest friends that’s been proven in almost every aspect of life, even if you don’t, you know, believe in this, the person who might be teaching that, what they’re saying as a whole, I mean, just take financially.

If you take the, your 10 closest friends, average out divided by 10, that’s probably your income. . I mean, it, it is. Dave was oh man, my mind just blanked out. Dave Ramsey. Dave Ramsey talks about that all the time. You know, if you want to be a millionaire, why are you hanging out with people who are on welfare?

Because that mindset now, again, welfare. I’m not making fun of anybody on welfare. I grew up on welfare, but the true. Role of welfare was to help people during hard times. And when good times come, you get off it and move on in life and you help other people. Cinderella man was a fantastic illustration of that, if you’ve ever read the [00:52:00] book or watched the movie.

But the problem with American welfare is people live on it and they get this mindset, and it’s not black, white, green, or purple. It’s a cultural mindset that’s wrong. It’s dependent on the government. It’s waiting for handouts. It’s not moving forward in your life. So that was the point I was trying to make.

And Vic, you just raised your, what were you saying? No, I agree with you. I love the movie Cinderella, man. It was a great movie. Yeah. But so inspiring. And even though he is from New Jersey, it was still great.

Well, I wasn’t gonna add add to your point cuz you, you brought up a memory and I remember when I was 20 19, 20 years old, one of my friends he was a Filipino guy. Unfortunately, he passed away when I was 25. Loved him to death. We were close in high school. And then of course I was very judgmental about people doing drugs of certain sorts.

And I was just like, I don’t associate myself with that. I regretted it and I apologized later on, but he would always tell me, Dude, you, you attract drama in your life. You love drama. [00:53:00] And I was like, Dude, I don’t like drama. Freaking drives me nuts. He’s like, But you keep attracting drama. Like, look what you do in here.

Look what you’re doing here. And I was, I, I didn’t realize how I was creating that. And that’s what was a pivoting point in my life. I was like, I don’t want no more individuals in my life who create. That was like a standpoint that I had. And I just slowly over time was like, Okay, this person’s bringing way too much drama.

And they’re like, I, I just can’t. I just can’t. That’s just it’s, it’s, you know, or we go to, I go hang out with some cousins and, you know, one’s getting pissed at somebody else that they don’t even know, and they, they get into a fight and it’s just like, Dude, how we’re, we’re not young anymore. We’re not stupid and young.

We’re getting a little older, 23, 24, 25. It’s like 26. It’s like fighting is, that should be over with now. Like, if you’re going to places and, and causing trouble and wreck this, I don’t want nothing to do with that. That’s just not my life. And so that was kind of a big, like, again, what is it? Something that you don’t, you know, you declare that you don’t wanna have for yourself, and you just gotta stick to it.

It’s not fun, It’s not easy, but like I said at the end, at the end, it’s so rewarding. Yeah, a hundred percent. [00:54:00] So now you’re back at home, you’re gonna work and go to school for chiropractic. Where does your life go from there? Yeah. So I it’s about 23 now, and I’m or gonna be, was I gonna be 23 now?

I was gonna be 24. So 23. I’m, I, I decided to as I decided to become a chiropractor, I was gonna get, I was looking to go to school, so that was my next big step. And just like I moved away for was, excuse me, Arizona, I was gonna move, I was potentially gonna move away for chiropractic. And this is where I started to learn to trust my intuition.

At this point, I was very intuitive as a kid until about 12 years old. And then I kind of put that down to be more accepted. You know, we do this as children. We wanna be, we want to feel accepted, so sometimes we let things go because I can read people so easily where they’re at, their move date, what they’re focusing on, and all this other stuff.

Sometimes I’ll be like, Hey, you okay? Everything all right? And I’m fine. I’m fine. So after hearing that like a [00:55:00] thousand times, I was like, Okay, maybe it’s just me, But I remember I was gonna go to school in Iowa, which is like three hours from Chicago where I, where I lived. And I was like, That’ll be close.

I’ll still be farther away, but still close. And then last minute I hopped on a plane to Dallas to go see a school and I was like, This is home. And I went to Dallas for chiropractic school and that was a whole experience in itself. To again, go. Now I’m considered at, you know, I’m in a graduate school.

Here we are to become a doctor of chiropractic. And just a whole different aspect of my life. Still striving to learn as much as I can about myself, but this time I took it on. I did it like on steroids. I was learning as much as I possibly could, not only in chiropractic, but in every facet of life to.

Try to heal from past traumas. I was, I, I did a lot. I was in my early, early, early twenties. Late, late night, late, late teens, early twenties. More than anything, I started to look at the conditioning of current parents and what they [00:56:00] pass on uncondition. What they don’t realize. They are, they do. And I was trying to break through all these habits and patterns to just heal myself.

And I was on a whole healing, learning journey as much as I could to spark that in me while also going to chiropractic school in the mix of it all. In that short period of. Now when you say the parents, are you talking about learned behavior? Are you talking about hereditary traits, Sins of the father?

What are you referring to there? All the above. All the above. All the above. Like what’s the conditioning, what’s the, what’s the, an ancestral curses, what’s the things that like limiting beliefs when it comes to finances? I didn’t realize that’s a little later in my life when I started my own business.

But like, what are the things that passed down? What were great? But at that time I was focusing on, okay, what’s the things that aren’t great? What’s the things that I have to work through I didn’t get, or invalidations or you know, you name it. In that period of my time, cuz I was really seeking the heal, I mean this move effect, I mean when I moved away to Arizona State and my, when, I’ll never forget that day.

I’m walking, I’m [00:57:00] outside at my dorm. I’m literally telling my parents I will see you later. And this is the first time I’m totally alone, you know, without my family. That was hard. But for some reason the Dallas one hit me hard. It didn’t hit me when they left. It hit me cuz I got there a little too early.

And I didn’t know anybody. So I’m basically like, okay, I’m in another city. I don’t know anyone. There’s one person, but he’s busy with family. And it just, I remember crying and I was calling, you know, I was just like, I don’t know. I don’t know anybody. This is not fun. This is not what I expected it to be.

But that I had to, what I learned in that process was how to be okay with me. And it wasn’t just in a week or two, this was, you know, it took some time. Cuz a lot of times people, you know, are afraid to really get to know within, like, sitting with themselves. You know, I was, it’s hard for people just to sit with themselves.

And this was the first time in my life where I was kind of being forced to do that and I didn’t have no cushion or a safety net where I had family there. Cuz again, I always had [00:58:00] family around and I didn’t have any of that. And it was one of these times in my life I had to learn how to be okay with being alone, which was actually, I didn’t realize at the time of fear of mine.

And so that was kind of the, the journey beginning of the journey process with that. And you aren’t blaming your parents, and I think our listeners know that. But just to be clear, when you look back in your past to see how you are the way you are today, there’s a lot of learned behavior we get from our parents, or I think you phrase it, curses or sins of the father, Sins of the, the past that come to us.

But we’re learning so we can change and move forward and grow and break those bad habits and and curses so our children don’t have them. And we want to just become better men and women. That’s what Victor’s talking about. He’s not blaming his parents. He’s just saying, Okay, I’m like this. Why am I like this?

Oh, now what do I need to do to change me? Correct. [00:59:00] Exactly, man. That was, that was, that was the premise of everything. To re And my mom felt like I was blaming her, but I was like, this is just what it is. Like this is the process. This is what, this is just what happened, you know? And now I have to, I want to figure this out in some way, shape, or form.

So I, I did this and I was motivated by that, or inspired, I would say. I wanted that freedom, that emotional freedom. I wanted to be able to have a level to where I didn’t have this anxiousness, I didn’t have all these different things, all these, you know, people pleasing, never feeling, not being good enough, having a low self worth.

I was just tired of it. And I wanted to know how can I transcend it? How can I break through some of those things so that I can become more confident within myself, have a more, a better self worth, and to really be the creator that I’m designed to, or to choose the life I wanna have and make that happen.

And that’s the work that I was going through. I mean, I, I did stuff like Landmark Forum and [01:00:00] I remember at 24 I called my dad and I apologize and told him I’m sorry that I, in high school, I was, I I gave you a rough patch and I blamed you for a lot of things. I wrote this in one of my first books and saying how perception can really mess with you.

Cuz when you think you’re, when you get stuck in something, you think that this is the problem and you’re not taking a step back to see the bigger picture. Cause I remember in the Landmark Forum they were saying like, Yeah, you know, and, and your, you know, your dad might say, you know, I told him, I said, My dad’s never said I love you.

And so they’re like, We might get it. So here I am spilling my heart out. Tell him I wanna have a better relationship with him and this is what I want. Dad, can you commit to this? Here I am. I’m, I’m in tears on a phone from Dallas calling my Italian father, who’s a man who doesn’t, he doesn’t express emotions.

And I’m sharing with him my heart and I’m like, Yes, would you accept this and this and that? And he’s just like, Okay. And I’m like, All right, great. Well that’s done. I didn’t know what else to do. So I’m like, Right, Dad, I love you. And you know, I go, I love you. And he just goes, All right, I’ll talk to you later,

And I was like, [01:01:00] No, . Yeah. And then there is something to that generation, like they want to say it, they do feel it, they do mean it, but it’s just, they were taught if it comes outta their mouth, it’s weakness or wrong. So it’s tough when you have that, especially when you’re in, when you have emotional, that’s one of your gifts.

It’s it’s even harder, right? Oh yeah. I mean, and I, you know, there’s a lot of things I used to get real mad at my dad about, but then as I got older, I, I learned that I had to again, see it in their way, like how they were upbringing, what, how do they express love? Cause I started to learn people express love in different ways.

This was before I read the book, The Five Love Languages and all the other books I’ve studied. But it was one of those things I’m like, his way of showing his love is being there whenever you need him. And he, when he got older, he was more like that. But the way he was when I was younger was financially, if anything came up and I, I needed something, he’ll figure out some way, like whatever that was, that’s just how he showed his love.

[01:02:00] As I’ve gotten older, he does it more now in actions and he’ll just, you know, my dad has been there for things I needed for from office to homes or whatever. He will always be there no matter what. And when you can step back and really, and this is, I think this is where a lot of healing came from me, and I always tell this to a lot of people, like, if you could take a step back and just, you know, when you look at people and individuals, you know, that we, we all express love in different ways.

And if we can understand to, and this is why I say love is understanding. Because if you can just understand where the person comes from, you can love them more. Cuz then you have unconditional love cuz you, you, there’s no condition. You understand how they work, you understand their inner workings, their inner world.

And that’s what I had to do. My, my dad to really heal is to see him in a different light and landmark forum and other things I did through Spirit. This is where I started tapping into spirituality. This is where I started studying energy medicine. This is where a lot of my spiritual growth came from. I was doing, you know, learning about how to heal with the hands.

And [01:03:00] so, I don’t know if you’re familiar with this or not, but you ever heard the Malo? I don’t like the dumb, the, the Italian Malo. Like you’re a dumb malo. The Italian, the Malo, The evil eye. Yep. The Italian one. All right. So you, you’ve heard it before, right? Yeah. I’ve heard the term used, but it’s always, I always heard in the tent like the con, like you’re a dumb malo, like you’re an idiot.

this is a little different. So the Malo is like when someone puts a curse, Okay. Okay. So they give you the evil eye. And my grandpa, cuz when I was doing energy medicine here again, you understand my catholicism’s coming in. Energy medicine is actually the devil’s work based on where I was raised. But I felt, when I was in chiropractic school, I got really upset that my chiropractor who got me into it, it was very philosophical.

Chiropractic has philosophy and it has art and it has science and, but the problem was, is in the first year and a half of chiropractic school, you learn the exact same stuff a medical doctor does. And I was really bothered by this. I’m like, Well, I gotta study microbiology and biochemistry and like [01:04:00] this.

I’m never gonna use this stuff. This is not anything exciting about chiropractic. And the philosophy classes I was learning that they called philosophy was basically just the history of the chiropractors that started in the, you know, the developer and the founder and so forth and had to memorize all the four wives and all these other things.

So I got a little bothered and So, but I wanted to understand healing at the lowest level. And the coyo created chiropractic, DD Palmer. He taught he was a magnetic killer, which is very similar to Reiki. He also was very, he talked about tone, and he was very very metaphysical in the work of what chiropractic is.

It’s kind of a lost art in our profession, but it’s one of the things where I was like, Okay, I’m not gonna learn this in school, so what can I learn this from? So I studied, I started, I found out about Reiki. I became a reiki master in trainer. I studied about 12 different energy techniques. But coming back to the Melo, the way that works is when you have a curse or you know, people are saying something bad about you, you get a headache.

Like it’s a headache right in front of your head, sometimes puts pressure on your eyes. And my grandfather was trained [01:05:00] to remove it. It’s a special blend of prayers that they use and they can sense my grandfather cuz I was going in the energy work and I’m going old up here. Someone in my family has to do energy work cause I, I, it has to, Why am I interested in this?

And so I’ve never really, I, you know, it’s one of those things where I started to look back and my great, my grandfather did it, my grandmother did it, my great grandparents did it. Or I think my great grandmother did it. And you can only learn, I don’t know why this is, you can only learn on Christmas Eve at like 11 or 12 o’clock at night on the I.

Why? That is, I have no clue. But I never got the chance to learn it. But with what I realized when I learned Reiki is I was like, Oh my God, I already do this. Like I already, you know, if someone had a headache, I could put my hands on their head for five minutes and take ’em off and they have no more headaches.

And I started to go, What is this energy thing? And how does energy work? Healing work? Cuz I, again, coming from a background that’s devil’s. I was breaking that barrier and breaking that belief and saying, Maybe it’s [01:06:00] not, maybe it’s something else, but I wanna pursue this, I wanna learn more about that. And that’s how I got into studying energy work.

And it kind of like inspired me to learn more and go deeper into it. Not only the main reason why I was cuz I wanna understand healing from the deepest level possible, which is energetic. And what I got out of that was spiritual truths and, and discovering more the power of who I am learning universal laws and the fabric of life in some ways.

And it was it was very uplifting and freeing. So a lot of my healing was happening at that time because I was breaking barriers, breaking oak conditionings that I was told to do and not do, and starting to live my truth in one way or another. Nice. And yeah, for our listeners, we have people from all sides of the spectrum, but for all of us, when you’re hearing Victor talk, don’t get all freaked out because all truth comes from God.

The Bible’s a hundred percent true. And in the [01:07:00] Bible it doesn’t maybe use all the same phraseology, but there’s energy and there is things that we don’t understand. And if you go all the way one side or all the way the other, it’s crazy. But if you stay balanced, there’s a hundred percent truth. Like you reap what you sow.

And you know, as a man, think if so is he, and there’s so many verses in the Bible asking you shall receive that. I don’t fully understand it, but I know there’s some truth to it for sure. So what victor’s going on as a journey, trying to find where the truth is in this and you know what’s obscene or what is devil worship, but what’s real?

Because I know people who. Followers of Christ, they love the Lord and they know about the energy and they use that for good. So again, you could probably do a much better job of explaining this, but sometimes we’re in this closed box, like you said, your family was Roman Catholic. And it’s like, what?

That nope. Gone evil. And I’m not saying ever get involved in [01:08:00] the cult or ever play with that kind of stuff because that will hook you and bring you down to a bad, dark place. But when it comes to the gifts that Victor has that God gave him and he’s using them for good and studying them more, I don’t personally see anything wrong with that because God gave it to us.

So if that helps at all, or if you wanna expand on that thought Victor, cuz there’s a lot of people, as soon as they hear energy healing or they hear, you know anything to do outside of a conventional box, they flip out and like click shut off. So how would you communicate with those people? Yeah, you have to, The science supports it.

So there’s science out there. A lot of times I’m known as the guy who bridges the gap between spirituality and, and, and, and science. Because your, there’s a technique in chiropractic called best, which is known as biogenetic, energetic synchronizing technique. And in their research, what they found out is our fingers have polarities to ’em.

So your the thumbs are neutral. And then I forget which I think the left hand it’s negative, positive, negative. Positive. The [01:09:00] right hand’s, positive, negative, positive, negative. And when you use these two points, you create circuitry in the body. You create healing into certain ways, in certain forms, and so forth.

That’s really the essence of what it is. It’s just when we do, like when you, if you just take your hands, if you go really fast and just be like Mr. Miyagi, and you just goes real fast with his hands, and if you just take separate ’em, you’ll feel like a buzzy feeling in your hands. That’s energy. So we have energy around.

And even in the Bible, if you look at what Jesus did, he healed by his hands. That it’s, it’s just knowing how these principles work and what they do. But a lot of times, again, you hear energy work or you hear stuff like this and it’s like, Wait a minute. No. And depending on where your, you know, your upbringing may be it’s one of those things, but it literally is just understanding energy in the essence of we are energy in some way, shape, or form.

Just like when I studied, like I was learning auras and people like auras, what’s aura? Auras don’t exist. And I. Borrows do exist. I’m like, What do you mean? I could see ’em, I could show you. And then they’d be like, Oh, that’s that woo. Crazy stuff. Right? But, and now as I’ve evolved and learned more [01:10:00] because I’m a left brain, right brain guy, so I love the right side of my brain.

That’s the after I thinking energy work, emotions, empath, all that great stuff. But I also know that we live in a very left brain dominant world. So I always look for science of something to tie the connection to say, Well, if you don’t like this, well, here’s the scientific way. So like, some people when I talk about auras, they’re like, Oh, that’s, that’s way too out there.

All right. Just call it a bio atomic field. It’s the same thing. It’s just a scientific term that they discovered. It remember, came out. Yeah. And there’s hundred percent. No, I didn’t mean to cut you off. There’s a delay. I apologize. But there’s like, you can take science, not government science, real science, and you can turn the frequency and there’s like, do you ever see a sand table?

Each frequency makes a shape. That’s real. That’s how God created the world. I don’t fully understand it. But that’s not hocus pocus. That’s the world God made. Now, when I was 18, I got a tumor. I was sick for years, but they [01:11:00] finally found a tumor. I had took it out, grew back, took it out again, grew back, gave me radiation, I’m dying, dropped to 135 pounds.

And then I heard about this chiropractor who did something and back then it was like hocus pocus and it was called cra, Contact Reflux Analysis. And I remember going to him and I’m like, I looked him right in the eye and I said, Hey man, I’m not, I’m fine with dying. I really am. I said, But I really don’t wanna suffer.

But if it’s God’s will, I will. So I’m just asking you straight up, is anything you’re doing have to do with the Ult or Satan or any kind of demonic worship? Cuz if it is, I’d rather. But if, if not, let’s try it. And he walked me through it. He showed me some bio verses. He talked about what he was doing, and he was explaining it as energy, and it’s the world God made and the stuff he did.

I’m like, Man, I don’t understand it. But you know what happened? I start again better. [01:12:00] He pointed out what was wrong, what I needed, and cut out all dairy, all sugar. I started getting better. Slowly but surely. And now, you know, 25 years later, I’m fat and healthy. There we go. Right? So I don’t have to understand it all, but I do know that it does work.

So as you’re listening to Victor pray about it. Think about it. And there’s, there’s a lot more, You know, the Bible says we’re not struggling and wrestling with the things seen. It’s the things unseen, right? The dark places, the wicked rulers. But there’s also so much we don’t understand that God does and protects us every day that surrounds us.

And then he puts the Holy Spirit inside of us and there’s so much, there’s more power inside one Christian. There is evil in the whole world. So I’m tracking with you. I just wanted to make sure we took a break real quick to talk to our listeners, cuz there’s some people, they are just taught like you were as a kid.

That is wrong if the, if the priest doesn’t say it, you know what I mean? It’s just [01:13:00] like, it’s it’s wrong if the priest doesn’t do it, it’s wrong when a lot of the stuff the priests do that’s not in the Bible. Baby, read your Bible. So so, so let’s pick up and keep going with your story. So you’re in school, you’re learning, you’re growing, you’re seeing, there’s things outside of the world and nature and science that God made.

So where does your story go from there, Victor? Yeah, if you mind, I’ll just share one thing to help with everything I’m sharing is that Yeah, yeah. Like electricity. We don’t, we don’t know how electricity works per se, but we don’t know how to utilize it. Yeah. Right. We don’t know how, I mean, yeah, it’s free flowing electrons, but how the heck does that work?

I, we know how to use it. It’s the same thing when it comes to energy world doing energy work and stuff like that. It’s like, or even like some stuff that I got into with coaching, it’s it from an energy perspective, it’s like, yeah, I don’t know. Half that stuff. I, I, I’m, how that all process, I didn’t create it, but I know how to utilize it and that’s, that’s the difference there.

But yeah, in chiropractic it was, it was a fun very, it was, it was the pivoting point in my life to, I remember when I was 12 years [01:14:00] old, I told my mom when to figure out this thing called life. So I was crazy. And the reason why I mentioned that to her was because I, I didn’t understand why some people suffered, some didn’t.

Why I didn’t have a lot of things, but I had other family members or friends who had every single toy game console, all the 50, 60 games, all these different things. And so I was like, I’m gonna figure this out. So in that journey, I started, this is where my foundational principles started of really just getting a grasp on, on life and, and breaking, you know, coming from, again, Roman Italian Catholic family, I’ve read the Bible twice, all these different things, and then looking and learning and saying, Well, where’s the truth?

In other words, that cross over where are things that I can, you know, that’s, there’s one aspect of it, but I can learn it in something else and just help deepen my, my, my, my studies in that and so forth. And that’s where, you know, again, Fun times, but it was, it was again, a time for me to discover me and let my mind run wild.

I started to learn that I love learning learning. I, I wasn’t, I I never really cared about school. My day used to always be [01:15:00] like, You don’t get straight A’s. You should get straight A’s. I, I cared less about any straight A’s. It doesn’t have the motivation. I just didn’t, School was never, I mean, I always tell people I don’t like school.

And they’re like, You went to become a chiropractor. You had to like school . Nope. Didn’t like school, didn’t like chiropractic school either. It was fun. I mean, I love the people I met. I love some of the teachers I had. But the, the whole process, you have to understand the conditioning of school. School loses creativity.

It takes creativity outta people because it’s so standardized. And it’s one of those things where we naturally don’t learn that way. We learn vastly different than how school is. We go against life, and I don’t wanna make this a ran about school, but it’s like when you look at school and life, you know, life you go and do and then you learn from it.

School is you learn, then you go do, then you, then you take a test and it’s like, that’s not how life works. And the best learning I’ve ever had, I had an organic chemistry teacher do this. He actually helped me cause I became a teacher at one point for just a small semester. He would, we go into the classroom now, organic chemistry.

I was like, Oh man, everyone say organic chemistry is one of [01:16:00] the hardest classes you’re gonna have to take in undergrad. And you literally would walk into the class and he goes, Okay, he hands out this piece of paper and he goes, Go ahead and fill that out. And you work with a partner and answer all these questions.

And then after you guys are fully done, we’ll give you 20, 30, 40 minutes, whatever you need. And then I’m gonna lecture off everything afterwards. And I was like, this is so weird. Normally you learn and then you do the homework later. So I was like, All right, I’m gonna go with this. Long story short, I never had a study for any of his classes.

Not one. This is organic chemistry, one of the hardest ones. And I got straight A’s and all this, I had, I had him for chemistry, I had him for organic chemistry, Chemistry one and two and one and two. And I, I got straight A’s on it. And the point of the lesson I’m trying to share is that a lot of times when, cuz when you’re going into things, you’re gonna, you’ll find gaps, you find things you don’t understand, you’re gonna do some research and then you hear someone explain it the second time it gets absorbed easier into you through that process.

So, I dunno why I’m going off on this tangent, just felt like I had to. But but the school system, so yeah, it, it, it, you, it was one of [01:17:00] the things where, while I was in school though, I learned early on that I wasn’t gonna learn chiropractic at school. Now, this may sound weird to a lot of the listeners, I’m going to chiropractic school to become a chiropractor, but yet I know that I’m not gonna learn chiropractic while I’m in.

Because you have to, there’s, there’s organizing bodies that say what a chiropractor needs to learn. It’s called the, the CCE Chiropractic Continuing or Chiropractic Examiners. I forget what the first see is, but long story short, So I was a, a workshop junkie. I would go to every workshop possible. They had free workshops once a month from a supplement company.

I go to every single nutrition workshop there was. I learned so much there. It, I would, I would, any money that I had saved cuz we get our student loans and then we had a little excess for cost of living and so forth. I would save up that money and I would pick out all the workshops. I think I went to like 40 paid workshops while I was in school.

Yeah, I imagine the interest on that now. But it’s one of those things where, [01:18:00] I knew that if I really wanted to be a great chiropractor and learn it, I had to get out. I had to go outside the school system to do that. And it sat, don’t get me wrong, I had great teachers. I’m not bashing the school or anything.

I, I loved the school for, it was, I had a lot of, I had a great mentor there. One of the presidents of the, the president of the school took me out to lunch and my second trimester which was a game changer for my life. But it was one of the things where it was just, I even asked him, I’m like, Why are we learning things that is not gonna benefit us?

And he literally told me, It’s cuz of the credentialing. You have to, we have to give you guys a certain amount of classes in sciences in order to be credentialed to a credentialed school to have you graduate as be a doctorate of chiropractic. So I’m like, Huh. It’s not even about being the best chiropractors and learning what really chiropractic is.

It’s fulfilling something else that doesn’t even serve us. So that was kind of push in there. But again, I was, I was just learning. I mean, I was learning and experimenting. I was being a kid again. And you have to understand my background growing up as I shared a little bit about it, I didn’t share this part.

Like I didn’t have a dad that [01:19:00] let me really experiment. You know, he was ca I was called a dreamer and I was somebody that, you know, I couldn’t really just let my imagination run wild, let me just learn. And so when I got into chiropractic, I had no limits on that. After I broke through some limiting beliefs, I was able to just soar and learn as much as I can.

And I soaked that up and I’ve been like this ever since. And it’s just one of those things. I love to learn new things of any way, shape or form to help me be a better human being for the world. And it, it, it was a joy to go through chiropractic school. I learned a lot. I fought some resistance as I got into energy work cuz chiropractors, it was, some of my classmates thought that doing that kind of work wasn’t chiropractic.

And we would go back and forth and it wasn’t fun, but it is what it is. But I used to teach energy. And teach people what energy really was, how this affects the body, how do you notice the difference? And a lot of that. So it was a lot of fun. That was, that was chiropractic school in nutshell. Nice. So now between there and today, [01:20:00] where did your life go?

What the, what’s the journey been like? So, yeah, I mean, I got outta school and the chiropractor who got me into it all wanted to potentially have me work for him. We were talking on and off while I was in school, and I went to venture into that. My family was kind of, my dad was kind of like going, okay, my dad didn’t, My dad still at that point in my career, gaining outta school, didn’t understand why I became a chiropractor.

Just didn’t, he didn’t, you know, he just didn’t, didn’t, he couldn’t put two and two together, so he wasn’t really accepting of it. He wouldn’t say that verbally. My mind. And before you go on, how old are you? If you want me asking, are you in your thirties, forties? How old are you? I’m 26. No, you’re 26 then.

Yeah. How right now? Yeah. 39. 39. So when we were growing up, I’m 45. Chiropractors were not like insurance didn’t cover chiropractors. They weren’t considered real doctors. They were like, Oh, that’s a bunch of crap. But yet people I know who went to [01:21:00] chiropractors got a lot of benefit that the medical doctors weren’t giving them.

So you were growing up in that fold when it wasn’t even acknowledged by medical science as a worthy profession. So I can see why your dad being more traditional is like, you know, you’re wasting your time and money. There’s no truth to it because that’s what society said. Because if, if the medical doctors healed everybody, they wouldn’t be making money, right.

Exactly. I mean, my mom’s been going to a chiropractor since I was one years old, and she’s still under chiropractic care 38 years later. But yeah, my dad, he just didn’t understand it. He didn’t understand chiropractic, you know, and all that. And that was fine, but he really thought I should go work for him.

My, my dad, he was kind of like a friend of a family, like the chiropractor we knew, we had family members, or we call ’em family members. They’re just really good friends of the family. But we had crossover, like some of them, them and my dad’s friends were also his cousin, so like he knew his whole family and everything.

So [01:22:00] they, you know, they’re PIs in other words, or for those who don’t know what that term means, it means country men, which is like Italians who are know each other. They’re, they’re close friends. Or they just become, they’re just considered himself friends already. But it’s so my dad thought, Oh, he can work with them.

He’ll help mentor me and all that. But when it came to sit down, it just, we just didn’t we didn’t hit eye to eye with things. And I, I had a coach at the time. I was very ambitious. I hired a coach like four months before I graduated. To get chiropractic down the business down and know what I need to do.

And so I had a vision and I wanted to run my own vision and my dad was like, Oh, they didn’t like that. Kind of a setback me choosing not to work with him. And then it was about a six month journey. I had some hiccups. I had an investor who was interesting investing in me, and then last minute he backed.

Thankfully I had a clause in the lease where I can, if we didn’t, if me and the the landlord didn’t agree on some things after this point then we can just, the, the contract dissolves automatically. And [01:23:00] thankfully there, I mean, we didn’t do this intentionally. There was some things that they were very, like, controlling of how our office can be decorations.

We had to have high end stuff. I’m like, Who are you to tell me I gotta go spend $10, $8 a linear foot for trim when I’d just rather go put some rubber stuff on and be done with the day? So we, thankfully we didn’t agree. It all didn’t work out. But I’m, I’m four months, five months after in, you know, after chiropractic school, don’t have a business.

I have mass amount of debt and I, I was kind of paralyzed. So thankfully there was a doc who, who she paid it forward. She actually had a doc help her out when she first started, gave him really low rent and gave him an opportunity of a lifetime. I found a doc who let me rent out her 1600 square foot space when she wasn’t there first three months or only $300 a month.

Second three months was 600 and then, then it was gonna be I think it was like nine. It was like six, Yeah. 600 and then no, 600 for six months. And then the last three months was like 800 or 900 bucks. And I looked and I’m like, Holy cow. I got a whole office space, I got [01:24:00] tables, I got, you know, hold everything I need and she’s only gonna charge me that much.

So it gave me a little bit of a link leaping pad to jump and get my business started. Cuz again, I didn’t have any money. I bought, I tried to start out at my parents’ house. I, I got a table, I bought some diagnostic equipment and I, I you know, I had a system I bought and I was like, Okay, I’m just gonna put this on credit card.

Everything’s gonna work out. Cuz I was that ambitious. It didn’t work out. I had a struggle. I had to try to, I was trying to pay those things off, plus everything else. And this was right after, you know, 2009, I graduated 2009 in September. This is right after the recession and rock October. So what started to happen, you know, I’m trying to start my business.

April I, April, 2010, I start to get an independent contract deal where I can work out of this chiropractor’s office. I’m like, okay, great. We’re sharing expenses where I’m helping her with the rent by, you know, she’s giving me that low fee. But at the same token I’m trying to build a business inside a business, which is actually a lot harder than you think.

Cuz I can’t put a name on anything. I can’t have any of my [01:25:00] stuff there, you know, in the sense of I’m another chiropractor there. And so I really wasn’t really on my own, or even I would even call it starting my own business. I just had a space where I had to do a lot of extra leg work, try to get people to come and but anyhow, long story short, I mean, things were going good a year, year later, I was able to grow outta that business, but money wasn’t coming as well because student loans were the banks weren’t being friendly.

They were like, You gotta pay full amount. There’s no, no, no cut, no discount. So I used to joke around and say, I have a house with a mortgage, but I don’t know where the house is and I don’t own the keys, but I have to bill coming every month. And it got to a point I wasn’t growing the business fast enough and I was contemplating on going bankrupt, but I was like, I don’t want to go bankrupt.

Here comes my, the one thing I didn’t wanna have happen, I saw financial struggle growing up. I didn’t want to have that in my life. The one thing that I was trying to do everything right to make sure I didn’t get there. And it came to a point in my life where it took me a year to make the decision where I was like, I’m officially gonna go bankrupt.

Because I got to a point in the business where my personal was dragging me down [01:26:00] and I did everything on credit cards, tried to make things work, and I, with the student loans and everything else, if I could have got a break on the student loans, I could have made everything work. But unfortunately the, they weren’t giving in and I had to make a choice.

And so I was like, either I let go of my vision and dream of running my own office for now, or I let this go, It gives me a little bit of breathing room. And then God, I was like, I’m, then I can serve. If that’s what I’m meant to do, then that’s what I’ll do. And so I ended up doing it and long story short, I never looked back.

The business started to flourish, things started to grow. And I was able to, this is the, the now at this point in my life, I’m looking back cuz I understand everything happens through me as I am. So wherever I’m vibrating at, wherever my. You know, this is right. I’m using universal laws and so forth, and I’m going, So I created that in my life.

Why is that? Why’d that show up then? And so I started to self reflect on that and I saw how, where the power, how much, where your mind is, where energy flows. I, I started to [01:27:00] see how in my own life where I was putting my focus and my focus wasn’t on growth and abundance and all that, my focus was on trying to pay the bills every month, trying to grow the business and seeing the lack of my business.

And what happens is, is when you, wherever your mind or your focus goes, energy flows. Wherever energy flows, manifestation is gonna grow. And so that’s gonna become your reality. And that’s what was starting to, that’s what I realized in that moment. And so I was like, Wow, that’s a, you know, I didn’t just figure this out overnight, but it, it took a, a process and I sat there and I go, Holy Kyle, this is, this is, this is something that I’m never gonna, I’m not gonna let this happen ever again because I understood what caused it and created it.

It wasn’t the credit cards, it wasn’t the student loans not being friendly and all that great stuff. No, it was me. It was my mindset that was attracting that into my life. And that came a huge pivotal point in my life because from there like I said, my business started to grow. I doubled, then I went tripled.

And then three year, two years, I, I, I, I I tripled and I had almost six times in [01:28:00] profit growth. And, and it’s not about the profits, I’m bringing that up, but it was, I started to see within myself the impact I wanted to make in the community. Money. The money I made was just showing me a reflection of the impact I had in my community.

And it was able to shift that mindset and to get focused on what really mattered. And that was a huge shift in my life because I started to focus on what. Basically got me excited to live what gave me something that I could leave this world with. Cuz you can accumulate all the money in the world.

You ain’t taking that with you. Not happening. No one has. And no, I don’t think it, it’s in the physical realm, so it never will. But it’s one of those things that I wanted to take other things that meant something to me that I know that when I passed and transition, I can take all that with me. Yeah. And I wanna kind of have a fork in my questions here.

It’s like, I wanna go two directions. So let’s do the quick one first. I personally don’t believe in debt. I avoid debt like the [01:29:00] plague. I have debt on my home because it’s really an investment. But other than that, I don’t want to be in debt. And I try to teach, hopefully I’ve taught my kids that hopefully my clients, I help with that.

And some people are wired where they think I have to go in debt to start a business. I know I didn’t, I know my clients don’t. And we can go large scale or small scale. So for you, you’re talking about your story and the pressure I put on you and the burden and the distraction that debt was looking back now for people who are thinking about starting a business who are in debt.

Do you think it, and you can disagree with me, but do you think you should avoid debt like the plague and find other ways and wait till God provides, or the universe or whoever someone calls it, or do you think there are times, you know, when you leverage debt, what’s your opinion on that right now, Victor?

You know, it’s one of those things I would say it depends on, I guess it depends on the business you are. Like I have, I start, you know, I have a, a [01:30:00] coaching business I started up on as a side business while I was in having my own, my my chiropractic office, it was $0. I did it with no debt whatsoever. I think as like as a chiropractor, you know, it’s one of those things where you are gonna, you’re gonna need a table , you’re gonna have to find a table somewhere.

You can build one, you know, but you’re gonna need your certain amount. I always say, what’s the, like when I give any business advice, I always say, what’s the bare necessities that you may need? Or, you know, because even if you wait, you could wait till you have the money. That’s one thing, like if I look back at my journey, I wouldn’t have did the purchases I did, I would’ve just said, You know what, I’m just gonna get a table and I’m gonna find a use table.

I’m gonna find a chiropractor and I’m just gonna let it come to me. Right? Like, God, universe, all, whatever you like to call it, it’s going to bring that to me in some way, shape, or form. And as I get older and the more I practice with these things, you could even choose, like, you can say, Hey, I wanna get this table for free.

I’m gonna let that show up. And. And it does, You know, I’ve worked, and it does, I’ve had a [01:31:00] client, a client that wanted to have a, a bike, and it was like a seven, $8,000 bike. I’m like, Holy cow. And, and I was like, Well, what is, what would be an ideal thing for you if you want to track that into your life?

Like, what would be a cool, like, Oh my goodness, I can’t believe this happened kind of a deal. She goes, I get it for free. I said, Okay, put that out there. Put that out there and see what happens. And she thought I was crazy, and then all of a sudden it showed up. I’ve had this happen with business and people tripling and doubling, tripling their profits, not doing anything new, not doing, I did this in my own business.

I, I grew my business without having to put more money into it because of that. But I just, again, coming back to the death thing, I, I don’t, I think it’s. You can leverage other people’s money. There’s things you can, there’s many different schools of thought there, but I also believe it depends on what industry you’re kind of getting into.

Like if I wanna have an I, you know, an IV clinic with vitamins and so forth, I’m gonna have to get those, somehow fund those things in some way, shape, or form. But like I was starting my own business when I was having an investor. I, I didn’t have money and I didn’t wanna put my, I did [01:32:00] put myself in debt a little bit, but the investor was going originally cover that cost plus everything else for me because I was already trying to invest.

So that way I was at, paid off that debt, and then I would’ve had money to, for capital for op, you know, my, my, my operating costs and so forth. To manage for six months. So that way, then from there, I had to start paying him back. And I was like, Yeah, six months. I had a couple deals on the side that was gonna gimme like access to like 15,000 email line.

And I was like, okay, that, that I should at least get 1% maybe interested in that. And that’s saying they’re all gonna come. I said, even if I get 0.001%, that’s a good start. And so I hope, hoping I’m answering the question in its full detail. Yeah, no, no, no. I just want people to recognize that debt brought you a lot of pressure and a lot of stress and it actually kept, like you said, once you started doing your passion, not only were you helping people and you felt fulfilled, but the money flows.

And so many people are convinced to borrow. And the Bible [01:33:00] says the borrow is servant to the lender. And what’s our government in America trying to do? They’re trying to enslave everyone by getting them to borrow, borrow, borrow, borrow. So they’re your master, they control you. And I just know in my own personal life that okay, like people make fun of me for driving old cars.

But you know what? I don’t have to worry about if somebody puts their feet on my dashboard, I don’t have to worry about if a shopping cart racks into it, I don’t have to worry about it. If I wanna smoke a cigar while I’m driving my nice old truck, I can do what I want and I have freedom and enjoyment and I don’t care what other people think about me.

Cause I’ve had people say, What do you, why don’t you buy a new car? I’m like, Cuz I don’t want to. Why go in debt? Or why waste money that I can use for something else? So when people are starting a business, and I coach so many people and they’re like, Oh, I gotta get this loan, I gotta get that. And I’m like, Why?

Why do you need to do that? Could you buy a used table? You know? [01:34:00] Or if it’s a big, they’re starting a, a large company that has a big initial investment. You don’t have to get a loan. You can get investors. There’s a huge difference. If the business goes belly up, you don’t have to pay that money back.

Investors know what they’re getting into on a loan, just like Victor said he went to school, got a loan, and the bank’s like, I don’t care. They’re just gonna be hounding you and putting pressure on you, and you’re gonna be spitting blood. So just think about alternatives, pray about alternatives. But now talk about I again, I don’t want to go all the way left or all the way, right?

We want to find balance, but whether you call it the law of attraction, whether you call it the secret, whether you call it manifestation, you really can, you know, asking, you shall receive. You can talk to God and tell ’em what you want, and he will bring it to pass if it’s in his will. So talk about how you learn that lesson and a little bit of how it works.

Yeah, I mean it was, I can’t remember all [01:35:00] the quotes nowadays, but from looking at just the Bible itself, right? Cuz I was looking for, as I learned this, I was like, okay, where are some of these things at that show up? Like, is it in the Bible? Is there stuff in there? You reap what you soul, right? You when it comes to looking at how to, you know, why is, you know, why is vision so important in, in, in an individual creating their life?

Well, proverb 29 18 says you know, the people without a what a vision will perish. You know, vision’s very critical. Well, why is vision critical? Well, that, this is where I started asking questions. Cause I’m like, well, how’s the universe? You know, from what they say, the universe, you have to communicate in images and feelings.

That’s kind of how the communication pattern works. That creates electromagnetic fields and that electromagnetic field becomes more of attraction to pull it into your life. That was good in all dandy, but I needed some more concrete science stuff too. Again, cuz I shared it in one way. I was very right brain spiritual, all that stuff.

And I was sharing religion on from scripture, from the Bible, from the Hindu [01:36:00] scripture, from Buddhism polling stuff. And yet people were like, That’s woo woo stuff, or that’s out there. No, that’s all this stuff. I was like, okay. Got into the world of quantum physics, I started understanding quantum physics, what it’s proving when it comes to consciousness, what it’s proving when it comes to how to live life in the fabric of life.

And I was like, Holy cow, this is, This sums everything up for me. So when someone says, you know, law of the universal, the universal law of law of vibration is basically, Nicolas said, I think it was just shy of 1900, but let’s just go in 1900 or 1905. It was in the beginning. He said, If we start to look at the universe as vibration, energy, and a frequency, then we would, what we will do in just one, we, what we will accomplish in the last 10, 10 years or 20 years will happen all in one year.

Now what does that all meet? He, we understand that science has proven and shown now that the universe is made up of all. What is energy? Well, energy is just, it’s a, it’s a, it’s it’s, consciousness is another word for it, if you like to say. It’s a living, you know, aspect of it. [01:37:00] So when we look at quantum physics, there was a study that came out called The Observer Effect.

And what it did is it showed that how we see something when, you know, as a Bible says you’re seeking, you shall find how we see something is what it’s going to, how it’s gonna show up in your world. Now that’s not what the study showed. The study was looking at light and seeing, is it in a wave format or is it in a particle particles, The physical, you know, it’s in the physical realm wave format.

It’s in a nonphysical. You need sensors to be able to pick it up. And so what happened was is the light goes through this thing and all of a sudden you see it in a wave format, but the scientists aren’t looking at it. As soon as the scientist goes a look, it would go from wave and shift to particle.

They’re like, Holy cow, this is particle now. And then they go look away, and they meant you’ll fade back into the wave. And they did this again a zillion times. And what that meant was, is that. How we see something. What we believe, what we project to see into the world, what you see in your mind’s eye that is what your [01:38:00] experience is going to be in life.

And that’s gonna have a vibrational point. So when we talk about the law vibration, well there’s, there’s so many things that have come out. Our body’s a tool that you can use. In 1960 ish, I think it was 66 to be exact Dr. Goodhart came out with something called Applied Kinesiology. It was muscle testing.

You can actually test a muscle on the body, and the electromagnetic field shift on your body is going to either tell you it’s a positive, good thing, or a negative. So we can get yes and nos answers from this. This has all been scientifically proven. We are your body. You can do it just from finger rubs.

You create every time you hit something that’s not true. Your body creates this micro moisture, which creates friction from the sympathetic nervous system. So this is all science stuff that’s be able to prove these things to kind of support that. But to go outside of that, there was a great book. I highly recommend everyone if you wanna understand more about energy and how energy works the influence of, again, remember, it’s, it’s, we, we understand how to utilize it.

So there’s a book called The Water The Hidden Messages of Water [01:39:00] by Dr. Masudo Moto. What they did is they looked at water structure, they put love on there, they said love to it, and then they flash froze it really quick and they looked at the chemical structure of it. And when you looked at love, it was a beautiful hexagonal, hexagonal form, which is a very high good structure of water.

We absorb it more, It helps our body detox and all these good things. But it was very crystallized, very beautiful. They did the same thing with hate, and they did the fast freeze. They look at it very disorganized, no crystallization form at all. Now this is water. How the heck is that happening? Right? They took that further and they did this with music, different ranges of emotions you know, pictures, all these different stuff.

So there’s a hidden message in life that we can utilize to understand more deeper truths in some way, shape or form. We’ve done this with I’m, I was gonna share something else. I went blank in the middle of that [01:40:00] with proving. But anyhow, but, so looking at that perspective, this is where, again, coming back to the law of vibration, the law of vibration states, wherever you are at vibrating at is the only experience you can have at that moment.

And so here is water changing its chemical structure in the midst of what we project to it. Imagine what a thought does. Because a thought we have proven, now we know that a thought is actually, it’s nonphysical. We know that, but we also know that it has an electric, it’s electric, it’s electrical in, in, in, in, in its science form.

When you add a thought and you tie an emotion to it, now you’ve created an electric magnetic field. We’re able to prove this and they could do this with special scans in the brain and so forth to, you know, look at what fires up and so forth in this process. So now all of a sudden we know that when we have a thought and we tie in a motion to it, you’re creating an electromagnetic.

Electromagnetic fields or vibration. It’s another, it’s a scientific term for vibration. And that vibration creates a certain aspect, a certain thing. And this is why from just water. They’d done [01:41:00] experiments with plants. They took a plant, they put two plants next to each other. And there was kids that would show up and they would tell this one plant, I love you.

I love you, I love you. I’m so happy you’re here. I’m so blessed. You know all this. This is why prayer works. Cause we have the right intention. Prayer works. So they said, Love to this one plant. The other plant they said, I hate you, wish you would die. All these other things. They fed it. The same thing, the same soil, the same nutrition, the same everything.

Everything was constant except that one difference, four days. The one plant that got love vibrant, the one plant that didn’t was wilting. They’d done studies on this to go even further. Again, setting intention, the power of love and so forth. Love oversees nutrition for an infant. If an infant does not have nutrition, you, you can keep it skin to skin with a mom with love and intention, all that stuff.

And it helped them to survive. There was babies that were going to die and they had a mom held skin to skin contact and it gave them opportunity to live. I mean, that’s how [01:42:00] powerful love can be. And this is, this is energy and as essence, So when we’re going back to again, law vibration, these are things that are just, they’re fields that exist that we create, we’re emitting.

And then the law of traction will come next. Because again, like I said, vibration, you only experience where you’re at that level. It’s the same thing like you were talking about the sand when it’s called sematics. And so what you’re doing is, is you’re, you’re suiting a certain frequency and it gives you a sacred a sacred jam geometrical f figure that those are vibrations, those are frequencies.

Each frequency shows a different reality, a physical aspect that shows up. That’s the same thing when it comes to this. So law of vibration leads to law of attraction that’s gonna attract into your life. It’s gonna pull into your life what you’re vibrating at. And then manifestation only happens when it goes from nonphysical to physical when you actually are seating in your life.

Just like when they turn on that frequency, there’s the vibration. Law of attraction sand’s gonna get into, it’s gonna bind to a certain structure. Right? And then when you, when it’s finally there, it’s in the physical form. And that’s what we can see. I hope I kinda explained all that. [01:43:00] Yeah, no, I think you did an excellent job.

And our listeners can, obviously, we’re gonna get to the end. They can reach out to you, they can do more research on the topic. We gotta be our own advocates. We gotta, you know, study to show that self approved working on to God being not to be your shame, rightly vying the word of truth and going back to love loves the most powerful force.

God is love. And when Jesus was here, what’d he say? Top two commandments. Love God, love th neighbor as I self. That’s, that’s love. That’s the frequency. That’s the energy. That’s, that’s what it’s all about. So take us through your, the rest of your story, Victor. So now you’re learning all this, You finish school, you’re starting your business, you’re going to the school of hard knocks on top of the school of chiropractic care.

We’re, bring us from there to today. Yeah. So after I hit my financial peak about five, six years in I was burned out. I was every four to six months I was hitting burnout. But I thought when I hit that, I hit that level of, you know, financial success, I’d [01:44:00] be fulfilled. And I was the opposite. I was not satisfied.

I looked at my wife, she worked in the office with me, and I looked at her and I’m like, I don’t know if I wanna continue doing chiropractic. I mean, this is what it is. I feel like I’m always going uphill. And, and she’s just like, you know, for you to say that, that’s kind. I’m like, I know for hearing that, for me, that’s, that’s rare.

And I was like, you know what if we do this, what if it’s not that? What if it’s just we are not aligned with what our truth is? What if I’m not aligned to what I really wanna do? So I took a really hard look at my office and when we, when her and cause my wife ran the office, I was just, I was the chiropractor.

I always joke, I’m like, my wife runs everything here. I’m just the chiropractor. She tells me what to do and I just keep running around. But long story short, I really had to sit with myself and I really did some deep soul seeking and I was like, you know what really gets me excited? And so I remember, you know, universal, God will always provide, it’ll show up in many ways.

So I kept seeing things on pediatrics and I was like, Yeah, I remember when I was in chiropractic school, I was with the pediatric club, I was really excited. But something happened there to just really, the [01:45:00] head person of it really kind of turned me off and I just went away from it and I never went back to it.

And I was like, you know, pediatrics, maybe I, I’ll be, I might be interested. And then I kept seeing stats of how sick our children are getting, you know, I think 53, this is back then, 53% of children are, are, have some sort of chronic illness. And I was like, This not on my watch. ADHD is on the rise. Autism be one out of two by 2032.

I was like, this isn’t happening on my watch. If I can do anything, I’m gonna shift there. Cuz I feel I was like, these kids, these moms need to need to understand. They need. I was more looking at the moms and and I say moms just because eventually, most nine, even in my office, 99% of the time I was working with moms when we came to kids.

But I shifted my practice and I said, You know, if we’re gonna make this change and we’re gonna really stick to what’s true for us in this office, we’re gonna have to let go of some patients because it just didn’t fit the model. And so we took a 40% hit on purpose. And I got really purposeful. I stopped learning.

I was learning 80, I was reading 8,020 books a year. I was doing everything I was told to do in business. I was listening to podcast. I was, [01:46:00] I was, I was watching videos, doing workshops, reading all the time. And it was one of those things where I didn’t listen to music and I was just being so hyper focused.

So yeah, I got to my result. But at the same token, I, my marriage could have been way better. Not that we had problems. We could have strengthened it by, by Sure. A lot. My health was on and off. I would have back issues showing up from time to time and, and whatnot. I mean, my mindset wasn’t as sharp as I like it to be.

I wasn’t always in the up step beat mood. And so all of a sudden I’m like, You know what? Forget everything I learned from I’m not gonna continue learning at this moment. I’m gonna let. God, whatever you wanna call it, they’re gonna, it’s gonna guide me and pull me to what I need to learn. I’m gonna life teach me, and I’m gonna use everything I know, neuroscience, quantum physics, spiritual truths, all the stuff that I’ve studied all these years.

I’m gonna trust the process and just trust that. Here’s what I know about universal laws, is that as long as I focus on my vibration, I just know I have a vision, and as long as I focus on my variation, that vision will eventually come to me and. I [01:47:00] practiced that and did that a year and a half later. I mean, well, in the first six months I only had 5% patient volume with pediatrics.

Pediatrics means age zero to 17. And six months later on, my 48% did nothing new, didn’t change anything in the office, you know, I didn’t do anything. I just, my, my intention totally changed. So then I started to practice that and at that point, 2017, 2018, I started to go, You know what? I’m tired of hearing the business model because what we here in business, you gotta grind, you gotta hustle, you gotta put in the sweat.

Equity, you have to sacrifice your time, health, love, and family. You know, you have to put in hard work, you have to put all this hard effort. And I was just like, this is backwards to how nature works. It’s backwards to how the body works, that’s for sure. And even, even parts of how the universe works, even from the physical or you know, from the physical side.

And so I was like, there’s, there’s, I’m like, I wanna look into, Helping entrepreneurs create their dream life effortlessly. I wanna, I, cuz I did that. I never, from that moment on, when I made that shift in my life, I never had to worry about my [01:48:00] business ever again. I didn’t have to worry about the next thing I had to do.

What, what is the next process? Cuz I’m not saying it was all just, I mean, I never had a negative year ever, but, or like one year less than the other. But one of the things I, I, I, I was always like, man, what’s the next thing you gotta focus on? How do I keep this momentum going? And instead I sat back and was.

It’s gonna come to me. The idea, the thought circumstance, the partnership, whatever’s gonna show up. God, I always just joke. I say, God created the day, created the earth, the earth in six days, the heavens and the earth in six days. I’m like, so for what I need in my life, I think he can he’ll he, he he’ll be able to figure that out for me.

He’ll bring something very glorious for me. So I just started to go in that process and it was amazing how my life just continued to grow. We started to expand. We had a deeper, deeper practice. But not only that, my relationship with my life got the best we ever had. We had, you know, our, our communication, I always say our business really taught us how to have a better marriage when we were both, when we finally made this shift.

My health, I never had a back issue ever since [01:49:00] 2017. I haven’t been burned out since 2017. I’ve been more fulfilled, more passionate, more excited at everything I do. And so from that experience of my. And everything I know about health, I was like, business owners need to know this. And this is where I started to shift gears and I started coaching with entrepreneurs.

I’ve been doing that for the last three ish years. And you know, this last year in this in January is the moment where I went full time. I moved from Chicago, Illinois. I went to Knoxville, Tennessee, something my wife and I would wanted to do for the last four years. And we finally did it. We wanted to start a family and we knew that if we did stay in Chicago and had a family, we would never leave.

Again, you’ve heard back backstory of how big of a family I have. Although I’m not as close to a lot of my family members, but my mom and dad are my, they’re my heart and soul. And it’s one of those things where you, you, I, I I, from that moment in my life to go after a bigger vision of mine and try to make that my reality now and that is having a bigger reach.

Because as much as I [01:50:00] had a big practice in Illinois, when you look at the reach of the influence, how many people, I was really helping. It was, it wasn’t at the level where I would be like, Oh my God, I’m really making a huge dent. Even in just in my community, it was less than 0.01%. And I was just like, I’m not, how am I really shifting and helping the world in some way, shape, or form, But I can feel like I can do more in a different capacity as being a coach.

And it is, and I’ve been blessed. I did that cuz half my clients are chiropractors and when I’m working with them, especially some of them that focus on family wellness, pediatrics, pregnancy and all of that, I can pour into that more. And I feel like my part, little part of me is helping them, being part of them in their journey.

So that’s kind of what has summed me up to this process. And it’s, it’s be, even with Covid hitting, I remember when Covid came out just to kind of tie up to how this all works, you know, and not letting go. My wife was worried. We, we might, we could have, we almost, we potentially could have been shut down, but I knew we weren’t going to be, cuz we’re primary care physicians as chiropractors and [01:51:00] so, When it happened, the lockdowns came in Chicago.

Our business for that first month took a 40% hit. And I looked at my wife and I’m like, We’re good. Everything’s gonna be fine. It’s all gonna work out. All of a sudden, so and so referred something to where I was like, it was a program on like, you know, Facebook ads. And I’m like, I’ve never done Facebook ads, but might as well do ’em.

People need help right now. We really looked at why we would do ’em. But anyhow, long story short, three months later, we broke records in our office. And again, I, I never, my wife was always like, You’re so calm about this. And I’m like, It’s gonna go be perfectly fine. Like, everything’s gonna work out the way we wanted it to.

Just gotta sit back, be patient, and trust the process. Nice. So that kind of bled into the next section. We transitioned from where you are today into where you’re, I mean, from your past to where you are today and where you’re heading. Before we move into where you are exactly today, where you’re heading, how can our listeners get ahold of you?

Any special offers you want to put out there? Is there anything between your birth and today, Victor, that [01:52:00] we missed or are we ready to move forward? I think we’re ready to move forward. I’m trying to think if there was anything else. I mean, you know, it’s funny when you start talking about your pastors things you can remember off the top of your bat and then we just start to talk.

You’re like, Oh yeah, forgot about that part. Oh yeah, I forgot about that part. But no, I think we had a lot of good points in there. I think we’re good to move forward. Awesome. So if somebody wants to reach you to learn more, maybe connect for coaching, what’s the best way for them to get ahold of you?

Yeah, my, my website’s my hub, so it’s empower your reality.com, right at the top right corner. I have if you, if it resonates with you, if you’re looking to create your dream life effortlessly or you’re, you’re struggling or there’s a challenge you face and you just can’t break through, or you wanna get your results a little faster, I do a free call, 30 minutes.

I dive into learning all about you and I’ll give you some action steps at the end, and then if I know I can help you, I’ll share how I can do that so much more. I do have some free resources on there. I have a free ebook on the power of visualization, sharing some really cool studies on how our mind can really [01:53:00] manipulate matter.

It’s really cool. This is like just starting to, like, it even baffles me as being a chiropractor, how we can. Our muscle size is just from visualization, but that’s a whole thing in there. And then on the bottom left, if people like, or if you’re on social media, you wanna connect with me, I’m on Facebook, Instagram TikTok and LinkedIn.

I do post about four to five times a week. A videos of things like what we’ve been talking about here a little bit that you can find me and so forth. Excellent. And I will put links to your contact info on your website and the show notes. The ladies and gentlemen, you know, just whether you’re an Apple or Spotify or YouTube, just check out the show notes and you be able to get ahold of Victor.

So Victor, thank you so much for your time today, brother. You truly are a remarkable man. I’m glad that we are now friends and had this time together. Before we go, any final words of encouragement to our listen. Always know that God, universe, whatever that label you like to use, label it, you know, whatever that energy is [01:54:00] that you put a name on, it always is there to support you.

Cause if you look back at your life, everything always worked out the way it was supposed to. It always worked out for the greater good, at least. And that’s a lesson that I wish I knew sooner, is just be patient more. As I get older, I’m way more patient now to some degree. My wife may disagree on here and there, but trusting that process and knowing that the, there’s always good coming to you.

You just gotta stay open to it. That’s the only reason why sometimes we don’t see it. We get caught in our fears like I shared earlier with, with going bankrupt and stuff like that that causes that. But if we stay open and mindful to it, you’ll see that there’s always a blessing on the other side that always for the greater good and it’s always there to support.

Yeah, I couldn’t agree more. The Bible says in Romans 8 28, all things work together for good to them that love God, those who called according to his purpose. And it’s true, man. God makes everything good and love, and he wants us to have a perfect full life. And Saan is the manipulator, the liar, the deceiver who comes in and not only causes chaos, but then tries [01:55:00] to blame it on God.

So what Victor said, this has been fantastic. Thank you. And ladies and gentlemen, like our slogan says, Don’t just listen to this great content, but do it repeated each day so you can have a great life, not just in this world, but more importantly, an attorney to come. So I’m David Paone. This is our friend Victor, and we wish you only the best, share this episode with your friends and family so they can benefit too.

And Victor, I just wish you only good tis, and if I can ever help you in any way, my friend, please don’t hesitate to ask. I appreciate your brother. Thanks for having me on, and, and the feelings are mutual, so anyway, I can just let me know. Oh, absolutely. All right, ladies and gentlemen, go start applying this and check out our next episode.




Victor Manzo | Growing Up Italian-American, Discovering Chiropractic Care, & Harnessing the Power of Universal Laws in Your Life
Victor Manzo | Growing Up Italian-American, Discovering Chiropractic Care, & Harnessing the Power of Universal Laws in Your Life