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Rules of Competition in Business for Christians

In this teaching we explore the Rules of Competition in Business for Christians.  A humorous and biblically challenging look at what we believe and why about business, and life.

Originally recorded in the adult Sunday School class of Crossroads Baptist Church in Mobile on Sunday, September 21, 2014. Preceded the Everyday Soul Winning and Living the Victorious Christian Life presentation you can watch here.

Please note, when following along with the presentation notes attached below, the beginning of the audio recording is missing because I forgot to turn on the mic; my sincerest apologies. The recording starts on the fifth bullet point of the second slide labeled, “Who is This Guy?”

Truths & Lessons Included in this Presentation

  • Presentation Slideshow Outline & Notes: Rules of Competition in Business for Christians

Audio Presentation of Rules of Competition in Business for Christians

Special Thanks & Resources:

  • Crossroads Baptist Church, Pastor Aaron D. Smith


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