In today’s article I’m going to share my personal notes from my weekly MINDstyle MAKEOVER Mentor Training Session. The information shared in each session I have acquired over my life’s journey as a Keynote Speaker, Storyteller, Author, and ACE Certified Health Coach that has aided my clients and countless audiences across the U.S. and West Indies.

 ***Disclaimer*** That being said, I am not a Medical Doctor, Psychiatrist, Mental health counselor, nor a Pastor. Consult with your Doctor(s) first before considering applying any of the suggestions shared in this article.

It was in my  teenage years I started to become more aware of some very disturbing things about why many people come to Christianity. The main reason I kept hearing was the belief that once they accepted Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior–all their pains would go away. When that doesn’t happen one of three things takes place…

  1. The person gets angry with God and may even threaten to stop believing in Him IF their life doesn’t improve.
  2. Or They condemn themselves for not being a ‘good’ enough Christian and think they are being punished when bad things happen to them.
  3. Or they may literally walk away from God all together saying, “Hey, I gave it a shot. It’s just not for me.”

The truth of the matter is, we were never promised a life that was all smooth sailing.

In fact, Jesus Christ says in John 16:33, “These things I have spoken to you, that in me you might have peace. In the world you will have tribulation: but be of good cheer; I have overcome the world.”

In today’s article I am going to reveal to you…

✅ What Pain actually is

✅ 7 things that’ll cause you to repeat painful experiences

✅5 ways to use pain to PROPEL you towards success

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Before I do, allow me to share a little bit of my story with you.

Growing up on the small island of St. Thomas, USVI, I would often dream of far off lands that I would travel to and experience how others lived then later return to my country and inspire my people to adapt what I saw to stimulate growth and birth more opportunities for our economy.

My Desire…

There was ONE place that I knew if I got there I could make ALL my dreams come through. That place I desired to get to more than anywhere else was, AMERICA! When I learned that this was a desire both my parents (my Mom more than my Dad) shared, I knew it was bound to happen sooner than later.

The Wall…

The wall we kept running into was Daddy’s parents not wanting him to leave St. Thomas, because they wanted him to help with their business. My Dad did not want to disappoint his parents nor did he really want to leave St. Thomas either. He went along with his parents wish for him to stay and would say to my Mother that it would be best to wait a couple more years when the money was right before making the move to the states.  A couple of years drifted by and we were no where closer to making the move.

My Epiphany

My Epiphany came when I turned eight years old. I was standing at the top of the hill at Peace Corp Elementary outside of my third grade classroom alone. There had been a lot of tension building up at home since I was six years old. Since Hurricane Hugo hit in 1989 things had never been quite the same. Both Daddy and Mommy had a lot on their plates. Mommy handled the pressures with grace; but Daddy would lose his temper and take out his stress on us. Things became so chaotic at home, I grew more leery each day that I wouldn’t live to see my 13th birthday. That’s when the light bulb switch turned on showing me how much power I held within to make up my mind to not allow for any situation–good or bad– STOP me from living the life of my dreams. I promised myself that day at eight years old that if I made to see my thirteenth birthday I would be relentless in pursuing and fulfilling my dreams no matter what!

The Plan

My plan was to  continue seeking God’s face to discover my purpose of why He created me so I could fulfill my God given destiny. In the meantime, I kept my grades up in school and continued to work on character building to become a person of integrity even when it wasn’t popular.

The Conflict

Chaos at home worsened. To where it threatened the safety of everyone and I realized something had to be done to stop the madness. I cried out to God multiple times asking for help. When no answer came I desperately turned to his enemy Satan for a solution. Which of course was a VERY BAD idea! What happened next shook the living daylights out of me! …and I will tell all of what happened  in my upcoming book SECRETS, The Book of Destiny

The Achievement

The good news is by the grace of God I was rescued in that very dark moment. It wasn’t long after this occurrence I learned that my Mother made plans for us, my three other siblings and I, to move to America. What was even better,  we were going to arrive on the year I turned thirteen!

The Transformation

By time we arrived in America, my mind had already been conditioned to not let difficulties intimidate me, but use it to drive me to overcome the obstacle that got in my way. I began to look at every storm, every challenge, and every obstacle as my friend who came to only make me the best version I was BORN to BE.

Life for me has been far from easy, but it’s because of the powerful principles I learned along the way I now know how to use pain to push and propel me forward to success.

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Now, let’s first define what pain is. I’ve broken it down to mean these three things…

  • It is a indicator that you are alive
  • It lets you know something needs to be corrected
  • Most importantly, it is an opportunity for growth

Before I reveal how to use pain to propel you forward, it is important to be aware of these seven things that could cause you to stay stuck and repeat painful experiences!

What not to do…

  1. Talk about your pain to gain pity from others
  2. Repeat the same story with no desire or openness to change
  3. Allow your pain to become the vain of your existence
  4. Allow pain to give you an excuse to remain the same
  5. Let pain make you afraid to try again
  6. Let pain be an excuse of why you’re afraid to try something new
  7. Allow pain from past experiences silence you from speaking out or to face a challenging situation.

Now if you have found yourself doing any of the above, don’t worry you’re not alone. I was trapped by all of them for a very long time! I also experienced a major decline in my health on top of it! Great news is, I came out of it and you can to! Keep reading to find out how.

Here’s the 5 ways to use pain to PROPEL you towards success:

  1. Acknowledge the reality of what’s happening presently or what has happened in your past. I.e. whether it’s your health, unhealthy relationships, emotional eating, addiction,
  2. Admit to needing help and seek out wise counsel.
  3.  Apply the help immediately and repeat until the pain  no longer overpowers you.
  4. Seek out opportunities to help others overcome the same pain you got help to overcome.
  5. Face that painful experience that you went through with the attitude of gratitude recognizing that it only came to make you better.

Here are 3 Extra Bonuses:

  1. Build up your Self-Esteem by getting to know your Creator
  2. Forgive Yourself
  3. Forgive those who hurt you

If you struggle with forgiving yourself and others my HER 30 Day Healing Journal and the HIS 30 Day Healing Journal provides a simple and effective step by step guide with uplifting quotes and daily mind shifting exercises that will walk you through the three phases of forgiveness to get you on the path of healing. To order your copy of the 30 DAY HEALING JOURNAL, click here (it’s the 4th and 5th button).

Did you know Secrets Give Pain POWER over your health?

Do you have a Secret you don’t want anyone to know of…?

Often times the pain we’re experiencing are from secrets we’re too afraid to bring to the light. Suppressing those secrets can eventually destroy your mental, emotional, and physical health.

In my upcoming book SECRETS, The Book of Destiny it shares my true story of secrets I’ve kept of physical and verbal abuse, sickness,  addictions, and much more and how I overcame them all! Here’s what you can expect from reading SECRETS The Book of Destiny:

  1. Debunk the myths about family secrets being taboo and reveal the truth behind why it’s important to forgive…
  2. Expose the plot of darkness that‘s working to destroy you and your family and what you must do to not succumb to it.
  3. Lastly, it will Reveal the 7 Secret Keys that will help you successfully overcome any obstacle and fulfill your God-given destiny.

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