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One of the most dangerous and destructive hindrances to living the victorious Christian life, or life in general, is having limiting or false beliefs.

While some false beliefs hold us back from fulfilling our calling and purpose, others lead us in the absolutely wrong direction and keep us lost. While others yet even give us a dangerously untrue sense of security and ultimately lead to our hurt and/or demise. Jumping on a trampoline with my children recently allowed us all to be reminded of these crucial life truths firsthand.

You see, the trampoline we were jumping on had a full enclosure (net) all around it. Out of the box, this net was new, strong, and secure. However, after a few months of playful wear, direct sunlight, and little fingers poking holes in it, the net had become very weak in places. So weak in fact that there were holes in it large enough for a persons arm to visibly go through in a few spots.

Seeing that the net had some obvious flaws, but wanting to enjoy the experience to the fullest, we proceeded to play some very active chasing games on the trampoline despite it’s condition.


Our False Belief

We thought that if we’d just be careful and avoid these general areas of concern,  all would be well. We were convinced that even if we did get too excited and fall into the net in those areas- no problem, all would still be well. We believed the net would catch us if we fell and protect us.


The Truth

Well, like all humans, we started playing and got consumed with the fun. We were laughing, and jumping, and running, and teasing one another; basically doing all the things you do on a trampoline as kids. We played different games that got more and more intense as time went on.

Now, as we all know, the more we are around or exposed to something, the more we get comfortable with it. When we are dealing with overcoming our fears such as public speaking or heights, this exposure approach is fantastic. However, when we consciously expose ourselves to dangers in life (physically, spiritually, mentally, emotionally, etc.), this is a terrible way to live. What we are essentially doing is desensitizing ourselves to the red flags inside of us that keep us safe and opening ourselves up to harm.

On the trampoline that day, the later is unfortunately the type of exposure we had. Even though we knew the net had some ‘small’ flaws that we could see, we believed it would keep us safe and from harm. However, we underestimated two critical key points:

  1. Our abilities to stay focused and in control
  2. The nets true condition beyond the seeing eye

Saying that, as we played Bounce Tag on the trampoline, my son lunged at my daughter in an attempt to tag her. He flew through the air like Superman, taking one bounce as he landed on his knees and turned in the air. Landing back first into the zipper door area of the net, in a single moment, everything suddenly slowed into a frame-by-frame Hollywood horror movie state.

My son whom I love deeply, was now facing us and trusting the net to catch him back first. As he hit the net with his belief that it would catch him, we all soon realized that this was a false belief and were struck with terror. We had placed our trust in a bad thing.

In a split-second, the entire seem where the netting meets the zipper ripped open and my son was hanging rear-end first outside of the trampoline. With my son holding on for dear life to a few loose threads as he feel backwards through the newly created opening, I was thankfully close enough that I was able grab one of his flailing arms mid-air and pull him back in by God’s grace. After a moment of awe, shock, and thankfulness, we were all suddenly aware of the truth- this net will not hold us. We had a false belief that almost cost us dearly.


What’s Worse Than Not Having a Safety Net?

So I ask you, what’s worse than not having a safety net? Something we can trust in and rely on to catch us when we fall in life?

Answer: Having one that is flawed, weak, a lie, or non-existent.

You see, it would have been better for us to not have had a net at all that day. For if we had no net, we would have been more aware of our surroundings, adjusted our activity accordingly, and would have put our trust into something true to save us. We would not have placed our trust and lives in that potentially fatal, false sense of security, lying excuse for a safety net. 


Bottom-Line Take-Away

We need to really examine and consider what we are placing our trust in. Not only in the physical areas of life, but in the spiritual, mental, emotional, financial, and all other areas of life as well. Because if we don’t carefully examine our safety nets, we may just place our trust in something false, assume it will be there when we need it, and fall in way that we may never be able to get back up again.


The Great News

The great news about this all is that you are reading this article right now!  Meaning, it’s not too late!!

You see, you are here right now, alive, and thinking. That means you still have a very important and distinct purpose in life or God would have already taken you home. So take some time today and examine each area of your life and see what you are placing your faith and trust in. What does your safety net look like?

If it’s not sure or true, get rid of it! Your life is too precious to waste!!

If it’s holding you back back, let it go! Life is too short to waste!!

You can do this. Now go out and get it done!

Helping You Ascend,
David Pasqualone


Scripture to Consider/Encouraging Verses on the Topic:

  • Psalm 118:8-9
  • Proverbs 3:5-6
  • Proverbs 14:26
  • Proverbs 25:19
  • 1 John 5:14
  • Romans 10:13
  • Philippians 4:13


Now What?

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