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In today’s ultra-information age, we are constantly being bombarded with tips, tricks, and techniques from everyone and their grandmother (literally at times) on how to do do pretty much anything in life. In fact, we are subject to such an abundance of information  that we often get overwhelmed in our searches and lost in the noise.

Sometimes we are looking for simple advice and guidance to help us grow. Sometimes we have valuable information and responses to share with others that will help them grow. In either case, the big question today is, How do we stand out and be heard in a room full of noise?

You see, no matter what we are doing, learning or teaching, we should always be promoting our brand. Sometimes that’s a product, sometimes that’s a service, but all the time it is ourselves- Brand Me!

Saying that, here is an easy and FREE way to help you stand out from the crowd and better position yourself to be heard online. Use Gravatar!


So what is Gravatar?

Gravatar is a FREE branding tool that is easy to set-up and virtually maintenance free (Beginner level stuff so don’t be intimidated).

What it does is allow you to go to a single site to enter in your most up-to-date information, website, message, IMAGE, and so on, that will appear every time you post in most blogs, reviews, comments, and other websites that you engage in. This gives you an edge in standing out from the competition to differentiate and promote your brand. It also helps your organic placement slightly in Google and other internet search engines (helping you get higher on the page when people type in your name or business name- if that info is included in the Gravatar profile).

Since your image and information now appear beside your posts (instead of the standard traditional boring gray person silhouette/avatar), readers eyes will naturally be drawn to your comments first. Especially if you are smart and use a good image to get their attention.


How it Works

Once you set up your Gravatar account, your email address will be logged into a globally recognized system. Now, whenever that email address is seen online by a computer, the magic of technology will automatically (and almost instantly) associate your Gravatar info with that email placement.

For a better explanation, check out this FREE 2-minute video that explains it all.


So if you are interested in growing your organization, positioning yourself as the expert in your field, or simply trying to be heard, I encourage you to visit Gravatar.com today and sign-up for your FREE account to take advantage of this simple & easy competitive edge. Remember, if you don’t, your competition eventually will (if they haven’t already)!


PLEASE NOTE: I have no association with Gravatar, nor did I receive any compensation from them in any form to write this post. I only wrote it to help you. Enjoy!


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