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Fallible Man Podcast |

One of the things all of us need in this day and age is resilience, the world always seems like someone is screaming about something. Some people find resilience through journaling, exercise, mediation or other means. A very large amount of people in the world find it though Faith and belief of some kind.

David Pasqualone is the host of the Remarkable People Podcast and a business man, but his story is something utterly remarkable itself. Born to a poor unwed mother in the late 1970’s, abandoned by his wealthy father at birth, raised in a dilapidated house with 6’ high ceilings that leaked when it rained, scarred from watching his grandmother suffer and slowly and painfully die from cancer, in fear for his life from insane family members convicted of murdering his great aunt that threatened him too, and the victim of other constant childhood abuses, David Pasqualone started life confused, scared, and feeling alone…..

We talk about David’s story and how his faith was the corner stone of how he survived, thrived and his purpose now. We touch on David’s business, wholistic wellness, being a tumor survivor, masculinity, resilience and much more on this week’s episode of the Fallible Man Podcast.


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